Place: Canmore, Alberta

Country: Canada


This picture is breathtaking. After weeks of work and meetings, this morning with the “3 sisters” back-drop helped me to rejuvenate 🙂

Canmore is 20 minutes away from the Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Its located in the beautiful Canadian rockies and its popular for the 3 mountain peaks also called the 3 sisters. Unlike, Banff there is no entry fee in Canmore (year 2015).

It offers great outdoor activities- hiking, yoga activities, rock climbing and much more. I love this place for its scenery and its a great place for taking long walks in the down-town area. This place has great dine out options, offering all cuisines and a decent (read: relaxing) night life.

  • Easiest way to reach Canmore via plane is through Calgary International Airport. By road – from Calgary is about 2.5 hours.
  • Its a perfect weekend getaway from Calgary and/or Edmonton.
  • Summer months are usually the busiest and if you don’t book in advance you wont get good options for stay. Other then resorts and hotels, this area is surrounded by many motels (the rates shoot up during summer)

Itinerary :

Graffiti – Canmore


We took a road  trip from Edmonton and reached Canmore in 5.5 hours.

There are many restaurants to choose from including Mediterranean, Indian, Continental to name a few. We chose an Indian Restaurant – Spice Hut Indian Restaurant. This place has great decor and awesome food.

We drove around the town and tasted local food and relaxed in roadside cafes during the day. Our trip coincided with the “Canmore Uncorked Food and Drink Festival“. This festival happens every spring, around mid April.

In the evening, its a good idea to drop by a local pub, listen to music and grab some beer. Or relax in a hot tub. There are a few hotels offering hot tub options in Canmore area. We stayed at the Falcon Crest Lodge – its considered one of the best in town.

The next morning was mesmerizing. We got a great view of the three sisters mountains from our balcony. Then we drove to a nearby Tim Hortons for a hot cuppa steeped tea.

Morning @ Canmore

There are many breakfast options in Canmore. We relished local cafe food as well. Stop by Rocky Mountain Bagel Company, Summit Cafe for teas (Vanilla Tea, Black – my favourite!)

After food, its time for some hiking.

Other then hiking, there are yoga places, rock climbing sites and great photography sites/points.

Must Visit for : Laid back life, hiking activities, good life-good food, weekend rejunevation

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