Jasper – Natural Beauty!

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Place: Jasper National Park

Drive from Edmonton to Jasper

The journey from Edmonton to Jasper is about 4 hours (3 hours and 50 minutes). Starting from Edmonton, the first stop after an hour is Entwhistle, followed by Edson (in another hour) and then finally Hinton. Hinton is one hour away from Jasper and its a great option for accommodation during busy summer months.

Here is the glimpse of the Canadian Rockies as we entered Jasper.


Jasper has a lot of private accommodations available.  By private accommodation, I mean “approved” stay at people’s homes, which I thought was pretty unique. They must be incredibly cheap and is a great option if one is looking for longer vacation/stay.

This is Down-town Jasper

Downtown Jasper at Sunset

Such a beauty!


  • Day 1 : Drive from Edmonton to Jasper National Park. We reached in the evening. We were able to catch wildlife on the roads and great mountain sights. We strolled in the down-town area and opted for a relaxed evening after the long drive. In the evening, we saw the sun beautifully sinking behind the mountain ranges.
  • Day 2: I visited this beautiful in the fall of 2015 for Thanksgiving. The fall morning was crisp and perfect for Chai and snacks! (The other Paw Bakery Cafe, Downtown Jasper) So the second day, after breakfast we covered a few scenic spots in and around Jasper National Park.
The Other Paw Bakery Cafe, Jasper

Athabasca Falls – This beautiful place is located about 15-20 minutes from Down town Jasper




Great place to hike, pose for pictures

Maligne Canyon and Lake (Picture Below) – Canyons are about 12-15 minutes away from Down-town. Very scenic and interesting area. The lake’s waves beats the rocks and walls of the hills to create beautiful craters over the years!

Maligne Canyon
Maligne Canyon
Maligne Canyon

Pyramid Lake (Picture Below) is located 5-7 minutes drive from the down-town area. There is resort in the vicinity as well. This is the prettiest area in Jasper to unwind and admire the natural beauty of the Rockies



Very close-by is Lake Patricia (Picture Below). It has a resort as well with boating facilities


If you like nature and all activities around nature like hiking, climbing, camping, etc. then Jasper is a great place. Not to mention this place has a calming effect due to the natural surroundings.


Jasper has the decent eating areas. You will also find fast food chains like Subway, KFC, Tim Hortons, etc. Within the National Park domains you will also find an Indian restaurant and pizza and local burger joints .

Canmore or Jasper

I liked Canmore better due to its lively down-town area. Its a great place for evening and morning strolls, coffee bars. It boosts of natural beauty too, without the entry fee. Banff National Park is close to Canmore as well

So what’s your pick? Banff, Canmore or Jasper? Let me know

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