My Instagram Story: Part 1

This post is not about generating more likes or followers or engagement on Instagram. To be honest, I am very small in Instagram world. I am an account who is still learning and yearning to grow further.

This blog is my creation. Nothing about this blog pressurizes me or forces me to do something that I don’t like. I love to write and love to share about my travels – after-all, I love to travel. In this blog, I can be creative – write my thoughts, give travel tips (which I like) and also share my own travel itineraries and reviews.

One of my recent travels Back from Banff National Park, Nov 2017

The blog came first and then came Instagram. I started with mere 20 followers – I didn’t even include my friends or known circles. It started with my pictures and a few random hashtags and a few followers who wanted to do “f4f” aka follow4follow.

Well, I didn’t know that. For me Instagram was just sharing of pictures and of course good pictures with perfect captions. My ideal captions were, “Prague, March 2017” or “Chichen Itza, September 2017”. This gave me a sense of pride and happiness that “yes, I did it. One thing off my bucket-list” OR “Yay, I traveled so much”

Then, something changed. One of my friends added me on Instagram. He commented how the picture was not tilted right. And I noticed how I should be improving and editing my pictures. (Of course, I was disappointed with such a comment.)

At that time, I was at 80 followers, 6 hashtags and average of 55 likes a picture. And that friend unfollowed me. I was heartbroken. I thought, “was I that bad”?

It took me a few days to come to terms with it. Then I started observing editing styles, “follow-unfollow games” (yes games) and seeing accounts with 10k+ followers. I was like what is this?

I only have 399 friends on FaceBook, 10k+ followers, wow that is a huge number!


I wish to do something within the travel domain. I have worked with Tourism Boards before. However, I could not find anything in my current situation and hence blogging came in to picture.

I did realize Instagram-mers work with Tourism Boards. And I started to focus to improve my content. I took up Instagram lessons. I learnt about hashtags, editing photos, cohesive feed, engaging captions (and paid to take those lessons and don’t forget the paid apps to edit photos)

Around this time, I also started engaging in travel Instagram pods. A pod is something where people like and comment on each others pictures. In doing so, I ended up engaging and connecting very well with one of the fellow travel accounts. We were a group of 5 Instagram-mers. After a few months, one of the travel accounts decided to call it quits from the group and ended up just un-following my account. I don’t know why but I took it to heart. I understand its a serious business, but I thought even within the pod people appreciate each other. (Especially when you interact with that Travel account outside of the pod too)

I just felt that my work is not up to mark at all. Of zero value.

I took a lot of pressure of improvising my photo edits, changing my hashtag variety and only posting images if they are cohesive. And…… also following accounts which were not my genre, just to keep them engaged to mine. Also constantly checking who un-followed me that made me feel worse.

Currently, I have 2800+ followers. I have followed Instagram-mers who really inspire me and I interact with them on a daily basis. Its not a numbers game for me. But I do really wish to work with Tourism and travel agencies – anything to keep me within the travel sphere. That’s why all of this started.

I continue to travel and exploring this beautiful world. I will continue sharing my passion with people who love to follow along. I may not be perfect, but I am genuine and on any day if you wish to sit with me with a cup of coffee and talk travel – I am there!

PS: I just came back from the Canadian Rockies and it already feels like Christmas in here <3

Instagram: @tosomeplacenew



  1. I really enjoyed reading your Instagram story. Instagram can get really overwhelming. I have a little account (bit over 1k followers), once I was trying hard to get new followers, like spending a lot of time with liking and commenting others, posting every day in the accurate time, changing # etc and I got so annoyed by that. I have got some new followers but I was feeling like it is a complete waste of time. So I took 2 weeks of insta break. And now I am posting when I feel like, sometimes every day sometimes once in two-three days, I am mixing my feed with personal photos (I was kind of bored my always travel & Prague theme) and enjoying it again. If followers will come, they will come because they like my photos and stories. If not, I am not gonna kill myself 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing your post. I am done with the stupid follow/unfollow game on Instagram. Either I like an account and follow or I don’t. I hate huge accounts following me with the idea of me following back and then they unfollow a few days later. That is just so stupid. I am concentrating on other channels now rather than on Instagram. Keep up your work and your style and don’t get frustrated about this silly game 🙂

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