Road Journey from Saskatoon to Winnipeg

There is always something adventurous about road trips, something spectacular ~ the wind that touches your face, the lovely music in the background, oh and the excitement for the next pit stop.

Saskatoon to Winnipeg  ~ 486 miles or 782 km

Saskatoon > Yorkton > Langenburg > Portage La Prairie > Winnipeg

Destination: Winnipeg

We drove from Saskatoon to Winnipeg and it takes about 8 hours 10 mins by car and we used the Yellow-head highway route.

A special aspect of driving through the Prairies is the relaxing and serene drive. The road can be a great place to sit back, drive and relax.

We started from Saskatoon at 9:00 am in the morning. In about 3.50 hours we reached Yorkton. This was our first pit stop.

Murals – Yorkton, SK

We reached Yorkton at 12:30 pm

Time for some coffee and sandwiches. Yorkton is a small town in the province of Saskatchewan, with population of around 15,000 (census 2011). The image above reflects the beautiful heritage murals across the town, depicting the life of by-gone days.

Our second pit-stop –Langenburg.

Canadian flags lined up, oh Canada, you are beautiful!


Langenburg lies on the Yellowhead Highway (Highway 16) in the southeastern part of the province, 15 km west of the Manitoba border, at the junction with Highway 8. The nearest city is Yorkton located 70 km northwest along Highway 16. The current population stands at about 1,100.

We reached Langenburg at 2:00 pm (Straight driving from Yorkton to Langenburg is roughly 55 minutes)

Langenburg, SK

I reserve junk-food/fast-food eats for my road jouneys 🙂 So in Langenburg, we stopped at A&W restaurant for Root Bear and Chubby Chicken 🙂 (hope I get no chubby!)

Other than the fast food chains, there are a lot of fine dining options as well like Kitchen Chef, Golden Bowl, etc.

After lunch we headed to Portage La Prairie. This town is in Manitoba. It takes 3.25 hours to reach Portage La Prairie from Langenburg.

Portage La Prairie : On the Road

We reached Portage La Prairie at around 6:00 pm.

It was evening. Outside the window, the sun was setting. Being closer to the border, there are shops and gas stations lined up. There are also open fields, beautiful country side…… long winding roads, my music, tea and the view outside

Sun Set: Picture from Moving Car

There are a few amazing things to look out in Portage La Prairie. World’s Largest Coca-Cola Can, Splash Island Water Park, Island Park to name a few.

We did a quick stop, filled the gas tank and some tea into our bodies 🙂

We are now pretty close to our destination ~ Winnipeg. We reached Winnipeg, at around 8:00 pm and headed to our Downtown Hotel Radisson.

Road journeys (near or far) are always beautiful. The night before is always exciting! Pack and wake up to start the journey, no work emails and no deadlines. The sun shines, grab coffee/tea/juice and play some music and head to your destination!

What else makes road journeys unique? Share your thoughts!

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