Waskesiu – Prince Albert National Park

Waskesiu – is a town by Lake Waskesiu, situated within the Prince Albert National Park in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Its a great location for camping, picnic and to enjoy some fun under the sun. The park is open all year around, but May to September are most preferred months to visit. Facilities within the park include souvenir shops, small grocery stores, a gas station, a laundromat, restaurants, hotels and motels, rental cabins, camp grounds, three marinas, many beaches, picnic areas, tennis courts and lawn bowling greens.


Our Journey started from Saskatoon. Saskatoon is connected to all major cities in Canada by air as well as by road. The drive from Saskatoon to Prince Albert National Park is about 2.5 hours. Add an extra 20-30 minutes to get to Waskesiu town. There is an entrance fee at the gate of the National Park

Journey from dawn to dusk ~ We started early morning from Saskatoon. It was raining heavily as we drove to Waskesiu. The roads were paved with lush greenery all around. The prairies look heavenly when its pouring.



We entered the National Park and passed through cottages and cabins by the park entrance.

We parked our vehicle for a stroll by the Waskesiu Lake. We visited Waskesiu in late June and it was bustling with tourists.

I could not wait, and just went in to wet my feet and enjoy the summer breeze.


More views of the lake.


There are many eating options, including ice cream parlours, chinese food places within the Park.

Here are some of the other things we saw/visited at Waskesiu including glimpses of wildlife.


Evening came and we camped inside the park. We chose Beaver Glen Campground. Its located on the east margins of the Waskesiu town site. It has electricity in half of its 213 sites (no water or septic hook-ups) including washrooms with hot and cold water and showers, central septic tank service and drinking water.

Our Tent at the camp site

The night was cold and chilly. It rained for a few hours too during the night.

A big MUST: Please carry your woollies ~ touques, sweaters, scarfs, blankets, gloves 🙂 will be every useful!

Next day, the morning came. We had some breakfast and watched the sunrise.


Thereafter we took the same road back home. Back to Saskatoon. This time without the rains.


More About Waskesiu, in Prince Albert National Park:

  • Prince Albert National Park is located in central Saskatchewan, Canada and is located 200 kilometres north of Saskatoon. Saskatoon has an international airport, well connected with all major cities in Canada and outside
  • Waskesiu is a town within the National Park, with all amenities including lodging, food, camp sites, theatre
  • There are scenic drives to the park and in and around the area. The Narrows Road along Waskesiu Lake’s southern shore, Lakeview Drive or Scenic Route #263 and Highway 264 to Kingsmere River to name a few. The drives are surrounded with forest and lakes. The ecosystems of Prince Albert National Park are lush and productive. During the warm, humid summers there is abundant insect life and numerous fungi, sustaining a remarkable diversity of boreal birds and other wildlife. There are many lakes and rivers creating wonderful water systems for a variety of waterfowl.
  • Activities to do in the Park:  Boating, fishing, hiking, picnics, canoe, swimming, biking, animal and bird-watching, aurora-watching, golfing
  • Info on campsite:
    • Beaver Glen Campground located on the east margins of the Waskesiu town site has electricity to half of its 213 sites (no water or septic hook-ups), washrooms with hot and cold water and showers, central septic tank service and drinking water.
    • Red Deer Campground is located to the immediate South-West of Beaver Glen in the Waskesiu town-site. This site has power, water and sewage hookups at each of its 161 pull through sites and is designed for large trailers and motor-homes. There are no open fires are allowed at Red Deer.
    • The Narrows Campground has washrooms with cold water and no other services. Sites at The Narrows are First Come First Served.
    • Open fires are allowed at campsites (Excluding Red Deer Campground), after payment for a “fire permit” (fire permits are not required in picnic areas).
  • Read about National Park Fees here
  • Keep yourself up-to-date on Whats New in Waskesiu/Prince Albert National Park here

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