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ToSomePlaceNew is a European travel website encouraging travelers to see more of the continent in less time. We share tips on itinerary planning with day trips, practical information, and a destination guide with a cultural and historical lens.

There are so many wonderful cities, small towns, and beyond on the continent that deserve to be explored!

And if you plan things right, it doesn’t matter if you have one or ten days in a European destination; you can make the most of your trip. 

Let us show you how ♥︎

We are Mayuri & Salil.


We are expert travel content creators and bloggers who have been exploring since we were little! Currently, we travel full time, and focus on exploring more of Europe (and Canada)!

With a ton of traveling experience – domestically and internationally, having moved from India to Canada, we make travel work by planning, researching, and splurging on the right things!

We take pride in making the most of our trips. Trust us, we explore a lot in one day, which for most travelers is worth three days of the visit.

It’s not that we rush through things—we pick the best spots ahead of time (through research), book attractions ahead of time (no waiting), and also include our downtime/fun time in between.

We are mid-range budget travelers. We love a combination of high and low price ranges. We never compromise on sightseeing and safety, which means we take travel insurance, book reputed hotels (in safe areas, mostly near transport or attractions/city center), and splurge on cultural, food, and historical guided tours (we are both history nerds).

Having said that, we book flights during the off-season (mainly) to beat the crowds or three months in advance (to save on airfare). We also work full-time, so planning helps.

Plus, we never pay baggage fees because we travel only with our carry-ons (and I use a lot of packing cubes). Trust me; I can fit seven dresses, two pairs of pants, one faux leather jacket, five blouses, two sets of nightwear, one extra shoe, and cosmetics in one 40 L backpack for a two-week trip. Oh, and don’t forget my beret, hat, and hair ribbons for photos. Yep!).

Traveling with a carry-on is so liberating!

See, as soon as we land in a new city, I am like a kid in a candy store I got no time to sit and chill, we got to explore (thank God for Salil, he shares the same enthusiasm as me).

Creators of tosomeplacenew

To Some Place New - Travel Content Creators

Now, a little bit about us. If you have not noticed the “author’s box” already, let me introduce myself. I am Mayuri – the primary content creator and writer for ToSomePlaceNew, and I take care of all the pre & post-content planning, social media posts, and related resources. 

My better half (also the gentler one) is Salil, who lovingly takes all of my pictures while I adore the Eiffel Tower or stare at the waterfalls in Iceland.

And we are together here at “tosomeplacenew”.

ToSomePlaceNew was born in late 2015, when I decided to document our travel journeys on the blog. That small step led to many more journeys and articles being written and shared as we kept on exploring this wonderful world.

READ: Our Travel Philosophy

Salil and I are originally from India. But we never knew each other back home. 

He lived, studied, and worked in the western part of India. I am from the north eastern state of Assam (in India), and have studied in New Delhi and Chennai. 

Both of us LOVE to travel and enjoy exploring new places, good food, and great company. 

Salil and I met in Canada in 2009, when we left our lives in India and moved to pursue higher education.

We got married in 2016 in the beautiful Canadian Rockies and this was just the beginning of our mega wanderlust adventure. Currently, our travel saga includes Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

From Our Travels

Why this blog – tosomeplacenew?

We share first-hand experiences from our travels, especially when navigating European countries (as a POC, on a Canadian Passport). As far as Europe goes, we have explored 75% of the continent!

We have also spent extended periods of time in different countries (including lived in) Portugal, Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia.

I was inspired by Dalai Lama’s quote, which led to this travel blog

“ Once a year go some place you have never been before

And that became ToSomePlaceNew. 

ToSomePlaceNew - About Us


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