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Mayuri is the founder & editor of ToSomePlaceNew. An Indian-Canadian globetrotter, she has traveled to over 100 cities and 35+ countries.

Mayuri has a graduate degree in History and is an MBA. She loves traveling the world, capturing historical nuances, and discussing that over a cup of coffee with her husband, Salil. 

She currently resides in Edmonton, Canada, and plots travel plans to Europe, the Americas, and beyond. 

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For the LOVE of TRAVEL

Mayuri is an avid traveler. From exploring Indian cities and UNESCO sites to moving to Canada solo, she has embraced travel with open arms since she was a young girl.

Moving to Canada in 2009 opened up career and travel opportunities for her, as she made Canada her new home. She has lived and worked in 3 Canadian provinces and explored numerous cities, towns, and parks in between (soft adventure in Banff and the Canadian Rockies is her specialty – ebook). She also frequently travels to the USA.

The European continent is her absolute favorite. Being a History graduate she always dreamed of checking off those places that she once read about, in books. Today she is happily traveling to Europe with her husband and checking off her bucket list!

She considers herself as a bit of an expert in the European travel sphere.

– Mayuri has traveled to Europe on an Indian and now Canadian passport (ask her about applying for a Schengen visa on an Indian passport from Canada).

– In 3 years, she had explored 21 European countries, while keeping a full job. She is a planner and crafts efficient itineraries to cover the most in a short period of time (perfect for business travelers or active explorers).

– Her travel plans involve a lot of historical sightseeing and cultural experience (talk about destination education!). In 2019, ToSomePlaceNew was awarded one of the best blogs to read about Brussels, Belgium!

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