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12 Best Airbnbs in Iceland: Cabins & Cool Experiences

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Ever since the word ‘Airbnb’ came along, travel has been transformed from being something once dreamed of, into a reality. While we once had the option of either luxury living in fine hotels or packing up our bags for a backpacker, Airbnb has given the world an array of incredible stays. Airbnbs in Iceland are no exception to the rule.

Booking yourself an Airbnb here allows you to travel to this far-away land at a reasonable price. And they don’t only come with a good price tag. Airbnbs offer an array of amazing stays in cottages, guesthouses, or cabins in Iceland. With a fully equipped kitchen in almost all vacation rentals you can surely save a lot on food!

If you’re wondering where to stay in Iceland, look no further! This guide takes a look at the top Airbnbs that the country has to offer. With options fit for budget-finders, families, couples, friends, and the likes.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. As an Airbnb Associate, we may earn a small commission when you book through these links, at no extra cost to you.

3 Top & Best Airbnbs in Iceland: Charming & Unique Accommodations

Nónsteinn Farm Stay

  • Farm stay in the countryside
  • Close to attractions on south coast
  • Perfect for couple or 2 friends

Harbour View Grindavík

  • Harbour views, romantic
  • Close to airport, Blue Lagoon, nature
  • Perfect for couple or 2 friends

Downtown/rooftop view

  • Romantic rooftop spa views
  • Located in the heart of city in Reykjavik
  • Perfect for couples, groups, large family

Did you know it would only take about 12-13 hours to drive around the entire continent of Iceland? When it comes to planning a vacation in Iceland, you can stay in one of the many charming Icelandic villages.

Whether it’s an Airbnb in Reykjavik to explore the colorful streets, a quaint cottage in Iceland’s countryside or along the Ring Road, or a stay in glamping igloos on Airbnb – there’s a place for everyone.

Best Airbnb in Iceland: Nónsteinn Farmstay

While there’s always the chance to book yourself a luxury stay in a hotel, how often do you get the opportunity to experience the Icelandic countryside? Situated in Nónsteinn, this unique stay features an Iceland cabin that shows off the Northern Lights, nature, and fluffy white snow. 

Photo Credit: Airbnb

This cozy cabin has all the essentials for daily living. With a queen-sized bed, small stove, fridge, and microwave, you’ll feel right at home! If you dare, brave out the cold and relax in a comfortable chair and enjoy the landscapes.

The perfect place for a couple, or two friends, this cabin is in close proximity to incredible outdoor experiences. Although you have the feeling of being alone and secluded in Nónsteinn, you’re actually in the perfect spot for seeing the natural wonders in Iceland. Nónsteinn is located about an hour from Reyjkavik and is close to all the attractions on the south coast of Iceland.

Plan trips to the water caves for guided underwater tours, hike to the lava fields, and visit the black beaches. Whale watch, gaze at the mountains, and end off your days by visiting the wonderful restaurants.

Airbnb Vik, Iceland: Cozy Cottage at Reynisfjara Beach South Coast

You can’t go wrong with booking yourself a cozy cottage, overlooking Reynisfjara Beach. Just a short stroll and you’ll find yourself at the shore, marveling at the impressive rock formations situated on the beach. After some exploration, you’ll come across hidden caves and crevices. 

Photo Credit: Airbnb

With space to sleep four guests, this cottage is an ideal option for treating the family to a beach vacation. Or head to Vik with a bunch of your friends, to explore the surroundings and make lifelong memories. 

When you’re not soaking up the views from inside the cottage, a 5-minute drive will lead you into Vik town. Take a stop at Sudur Vik restaurant or visit Icewear to purchase some local Vik Wool. 

Skógafoss is one of Iceland’s biggest and most beautiful waterfalls. By booking a stay at this cottage, you’ll be only 30 minutes drive away to witness the incredible fall.

Budget-Friendly: Akurgerði Guesthouse

Guess what? You don’t have to skimp out on a good location, clean stay, and comfortable surroundings because of a price tag. This private room in an apartment proves that, with the entire top floor to yourself.

Photo Credit: Airbnb

The one-bedroom room features a balcony that’s perfect for sunset, ocean, and mountain views. You’ll also find a piano for your entertainment. 

Although there isn’t room for homestyle cooking, you can skip the fancy meal and just head straight to the sauna, steam bath and jacuzzi. 

The light and bright apartment is breathtakingly beautiful, and from your bedroom, you can look out over the treetops. You’ll also be treated with a large shower and bath, making your stay ever so comfortable. Rooms start at $50+ USD per night, check availability below. 

Götuhús Sea View Apartment

A real paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts keen on discovering the best hiking trails, landscapes, and wildlife found in the country. With your own private wooden deck, gaze right out onto the ocean, with uninterrupted views. From the balcony, you have the chance to see seals and an array of seabirds. 

Photo Credit: Airbnb

While being cozy, the entire apartment is also modern and homely, kitted out with everything you’d need for a stay in Iceland. Enjoy fast internet, a collection of books, and an array of classical music CDs.

Given that this apartment is facing the North Atlantic Ocean, there are plenty of opportunities for fishing and wildlife viewing. If you’re lucky, you may encounter a few humpback whales. It’s also situated at an ideal spot to see the Northern Lights above the sea. 

When you’re not soaking up the views from inside, take a trip to Snaefellsnes National Park, where there are numerous hiking trails for all levels. 

Harbour View Grindavík by Blue Lagoon

Imagine waking up to the views of the Blue Lagoon! The Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular attractions in Iceland. And one of the best Airbnbs in Iceland is this cabin. Designed for two (1 bedroom, sitting area), with stunning views of the harbour, a staycation here is a must.

Photo Credit: Airbnb

From the cabin’s patio you can enjoy the amazing view and northern lights at night in winter. 

The cabin and the harbour are only 5 minutes away from the Blue Lagoon. And within a short drive are volcanic craters, black sandy beaches, hot spring areas, and the Keflavik Airport

Airbnb Reykjavik, Iceland: Private Room with Rooftop Spa

Reykjavik is the most popular town in Iceland, and by booking a stay at this guesthouse, you have quick and easy access to downtown Reykjavik. This funky, 1930’s style Icelandic townhouse has been transformed into a modern, elegant, yet cozy boutique guesthouse. 

Photo Credit: Airbnb

With five rooms available to rent, guests can book a stay with a large group of friends and family. Room number 2 and 5 feature canopy beds, private balconies, and their own private bathroom. As it’s an ideal base in Reykjavik, you can do a lot of your exploration in the city. 

All rooms have easy access to the lounge, for some downtime, and the dining room with free Italian brewed coffee. As well as easy access to the rooftop spa, which is great to use no matter if it’s freezing cold or fresh and summery.

Charming Room in Poets House in Selfoss

Whether you’re staying in Iceland for an extended period of time or looking to have a spacious stay, a house can be a fantastic option. This is a historic house that’s been recently transformed to celebrate its beauty, and you’ll have the entire top floor to yourself.

Your private bedroom is spacious and charming, with a wood-framed super king-size bed, for an extra peaceful night’s sleep. In case you are traveling in the summertime with the midnight sun, there are blackout curtains. Just remember to set the alarm to wake yourself up in the morning, it can be too tempting to sleep past noon!

The house is located just a 5-minute walk away from buzzing cafes and restaurants, where you can splurge on local beers or feast on your favorite food. There are plenty of stores worth exploring, too. As well as a newly refurbished swimming complex, where you’ll find a steam room, sauna, indoor and outdoor pools, hot tubs and even cold tubs.

Fossatún Camping Pods

Looking for a unique stay in Iceland? Why not try spending a night in one of these luxury glamping pods. You could always spend a week in one of the other Airbnbs we’ve mentioned, and spend your last few days in one of these modern-day igloos.

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Each pod is fitted with a comfortable sleeping space and mattress, big enough for two. Don’t even worry about the cold, as the pods are well insulated and have electric radiators, lights and sockets. And in true Icelandic style, visitors have access to hot tubs, along with a shower and communal kitchen.

The pods are in a great location for traveling to some of the country’s most cherished sites and areas. Like the Golden Circle, the Lava Falls, the Ice Cave, and the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. There’s also a restaurant on-site for grabbing a late breakfast or late afternoon snack.

Beautiful Eidsvallagata 101 in Downtown Akureyri

This studio has recently been renovated in 2018 to create a beautiful and cozy space. Suitable for two people, you’ll have your own kitchenette to cook up whatever comfort food makes your heart happy. 

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Each morning, wake up with a cup of home-brewed coffee from your own machine or boil a cup of tea to warm up during the cold nights. The studio has a spacious living room, fitted with a couch and TV, for travelers who like unwinding with their favorite Netflix show.

But don’t get too comfortable on the couch. The studio apartment is located within walking distance from downtown Akureyri – it is only a 5-minute walk away, which hosts an array of quirky, trendy, and traditional bars, restaurants, and cafes. If you’ve had enough of being indoors, you’ll be close to Eidsvollur, the public park, and Akureyri Botanical Gardens. 

Mountain Queen Angelica: Private Room

Book a stay at Mountain Queen Angelica to enjoy good hospitality, incredible views, a great location, and private rooms in the tranquil Icelandic countryside. 

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Wake up each morning with panoramic views of the green pastures and landscapes, including the gigantic freestanding rock Drangurinn. These views can be enjoyed with breakfast, which is served between 8:00 am, and 9:00 am.

Your room will be on the second floor. However, the first floor has a spacious, cozy living room where visitors can relax and meet new people. Guests have access to all essential cooking items, dishes, stoves, and a microwave.

The farm on which you’ll be staying is only 4km from Skógafoss waterfall, which is well worth visiting. You’ll also find an array of excellent restaurants, with the closest one being right next door. 

Austurey Cottages – View of a Lake and Mountains

As a change from ocean view cabins, this cabin is built next to lake Apavatn in Iceland. Newly built, these show off views of the surrounding mountains and lake. 

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Being completely private, you won’t even need to see people – if that’s what holidaying is all about for you. The cabin comes with a Nespresso machine, kettle, toaster, a simple kitchenette with the basic kitchen utilities, and an induction plate. So you won’t even need to leave the front door.

Enjoy sleeping in a queen-sized bed with a fluffy duvet or sit back in the living space to soak up the views. Maybe even watch something on the flatscreen TV. There’s also a private verandah for your enjoyment, with a gas barbeque for a proper holiday experience. 

A Piece of Paradise in West Iceland

If booked, this charming house is entirely yours to enjoy as you please, and a fantastic option for friend and family stays. With space to sleep six people, there will be plenty of adventuring done and memories made inside the house. 

Photo Credit: Airbnb

With its large verandah, enjoy the mountain views, stargaze and catch some sun rays. There’s a large dining table to savor home-cooked meals and wholesome breakfasts. 

Stykkishólmur area is a fishing and tourism town, and you’ll be situated just 10km from the town center. There are a number of restaurants, stores, and museums to explore. And of course, don’t forget to taste some locally caught fish. 

Fantastic Iceland Airbnb Excursions

Iceland has a lot more to it than many of us think. With so much outdoor beauty, natural wonders, and adventure trips, booking an excursion can help you experience Iceland in the best way possible.

Find out the Best Airbnbs in Iceland for your trip. Choose from cabins, studio apartments with amazing views to coolest experiences here!

Aurora Northern Lights Hunt & Photoshoot

One of Iceland’s biggest natural phenomena that attracts people from all parts of the world is the Aurora Borealis. However, the lights are a natural occurrence and aren’t always a guarantee. This Northern Lights tour offers two tries to see the spectacle and provides a spectacular experience. 

And once you’ve found them, get ready for an incredible photoshoot with the lights, mountains, and lakes as your backdrop. You’ll also learn how to take your own unique shots of the lights. 

Northern Lights in Iceland Chase waterfalls & northern lights,soak in geothermal spas, meet horses & pluffy sheeps & explore Reykjavik's colorful lanes in your 3 day Iceland Itinerary
Northern Lights Iceland

Silfra Tectonic Snorkeling

Book a small, personalized tour with an experienced guide to explore the Silfra fissure underwater. Don’t worry about not having any experience in terms of snorkeling. Your guide has your safety in mind and will do everything to help you have a successful underwater venture.

Learn about these two tectonic plates that join the North American and Eurasia plates. It’s a truly remarkable experience that shows off the clearest water in the world. Finish off the excursion with warm drinks and snacks.

Horse Riding in the Lava fields

Dress up warmly and get ready for a horseback ride through the Icelandic countryside. The stable manager will saddle you up with a horse that fits your level of riding experience and comfort, even if you’re a novice rider. 

To Conclude the Best Airbnbs Iceland

While Airbnbs vary, there’s bound to be one that enhances your experience in the land of fire and ice. Whether you’re looking to cozy up next to the fire, stargaze on the verandah, or be in the midst of nature for outdoor adventures, there’s something just right for you in Iceland!

Finding an Airbnb sounds like an easy task, but it can be overwhelming with so many incredible options. Hopefully, you’ve gained a feel of what you’re looking for with this extensive review. 

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