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Best Iceland Guided Tours for any Budget or Season

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The very best Iceland guided tours handpicked to suit every traveler’s needs. Whether you like adventure tours or city walking tours, we got you covered in this guide.

In our recent trip to Iceland, we utilized guided tours to explore the beautiful landscape and the natural wonders of this country. A lot of interesting Iceland tours to choose from and you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t have an international driving license or never driven on snowy roads, these tours are the way to go. Yes, you can explore Iceland without renting a car. So, let’s check out what are the best guided tours in Iceland.

Best Iceland Guided Tours for any time of year

Pin for Best Iceland Guided Tours
Best Iceland Guided Tours for all seasons

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

For ease of understanding and selection, we have divided the article based on the best Iceland tour varieties. The tour listing also includes budget options and we have tried to include as many variations and combos of tours as possible.

Iceland Guided Tours

  • Classic Day Tours IcelandGolden Circle tours, South Coast, Reykjavik Sightseeing (all year)
  • Iceland Winter ToursNorthern Lights, Ice Caving Tours, Snow Mobile Tours
  • Adventure Tours IcelandGlacier tours, Lava tours and Icelandic Horse riding tours (all year)
  • Special Tours Iceland – Food Tours, Photo tours & Game of Thrones tour (all year)
  • Multi-Day Tours, including Iceland to Greenland Guided Tours (all year)

A majority of the tours mentioned in this post are via GetYourGuide. This is the tour booking agency that we use for all of our travels. They have a great selection of tours, and their website is super user friendly.

Once you book a tour, you will receive the tour information via email. They will send a reminder a few days prior to your trip, and you can manage all the bookings via your GetYourGuide account. 

Should your travel plans change, you can easily cancel the tour and request a full refund, if canceled 24 hours in advance. We have been booking with them for years, and never had any problems!

Why take guided tours in Iceland?

Guided tours in Iceland are not intrusive at all. We have taken tours during our recent trip to Iceland and we really enjoyed it. Our hotel was located in downtown Reykjavik and pick up and the drop was a breeze.

The tour operators would require you to start 30 minutes prior to the start time. They will pick you up from bus stops and bring you to the BSI terminal, which is a central bus station in Reykjavik, from where they will take you to the destination.

The buses are equipped to handle unpredictable weather and road conditions. On your guided tours, you will be accompanied by a driver and a host. All tour instructions come from the host aka tour guide.

The host lets you enjoy the sightseeing spots on your own (in short they don’t babysit or do they tell you what to do, which is great). They take you to the spot, leave you there (for a specified period of time) so that you can enjoy it.

If you take a specific tour like an ice cave or lava cave tour, you will meet a guide at the cave who leads you in the entire tour (for your safety and information). Visitors are led in small groups. You cannot take these tours by yourself, a guide is essential.

Golden Circle Iceland Tour (Cost: $60 – 120 USD approx.)

Geyser part of the Golden Circle Iceland Tour
Golden Circle Tour

The Iceland Golden Circle tours are one of the most popular tours, which you should not miss. The tour covers a UNESCO World heritage site (Thingeviller National Park or Þingvellir National Park), geyser (Strokkur and Geysir Geothermal area), and one of the beautiful waterfalls (Gulfoss) in Iceland.

The classic Golden Circle tour takes about 6 hours to complete. Most tours start in the morning – 08:00 am or 09:00 am and a few tours also commence in the afternoon at about 02:00 pm.

Other than the classic route, many tour operators in Iceland also offer add-on tours like Secret Lagoon, Fontana Wellness Spa, or Northern Lights Tour (winter season only).

Why should you take this tour?  

  • It is an ideal day tour, for approximately 6 hours from Reykjavik
  • One of the cheapest tours starting at $60 USD and above
  • Activity Level – Easy. Fits every traveler
  • USP – You can see 3 natural sightseeing spots in one day and also customize the day trip to the Golden Circle by including one of the add-ons to make the most of your short trip of Iceland.

Book your perfect Golden Circle Iceland tour below




South Coast Tour Iceland (Cost: $85 – 120 USD approx.)

Black sand beaches in South Coast Tour of Iceland
Black sand beaches in South Coast Tour of Iceland

The Iceland south coast tour explores the Solheimajokull glacier, two gorgeous waterfalls – Sejlalandsfoss and Skogarfoss, and takes you all the way to Vik.

Vik is the southernmost community of Iceland with 271 residents. You will also witness the beautiful Reynisfjara black sand beaches. This tour takes about 9 – 11 hours to complete and they start in the morning. You can also include a Northern Lights tour.

Why should you take this tour?  

  • Day tour from Reykjavik takes approximately 8-9 hours
  • One of the popular tours in Iceland.
  • Village of Vik is scenic and there is a factory outlet for IceWear clothing located.
  • Activity Level – Easy
  • USP – Reynisfjara black sand beach and the basalt creations. So many movies were shot here.

Book your South Coast Tour below

Reykjavik Iceland Day Tours (Cost: $40USD – 70 USD)

The capital city of Iceland – Reyjkavik – should not be ignored on your trip. The downtown city is hip & vibrant and there are many ways to explore the city. During winters, you can opt for a hop-on and hop-off sightseeing bus tour. And summer months, it is perfect for a walking tour.

Hop on and Hop-off Sightseeing tour passes are valid for 24 hours and are a perfect way to cover all the sightseeing attractions that Reykjavik has to offer. These buses operate at any time of the year.

Views from Hallgrímskirkja church- Cheap and free things to do in Reykjavik

Why should you take a tour of Reykjavik?  

  • We know that Iceland is a nature paradise, but don’t ignore Reykjavik
  • Explore downtown for its unique historical tales from Vikings to current day economic boom
  • Activity Level – Easy (options for bus tours or walking tour with a professor)
  • USP – Colorful downtown streets, Tallest church – Hallgrímskirkja, our favorite – the Pond.

Book your Reykjavik Sightseeing Tour below

Reykjavik is a perfect base to embark on various day tours from the capital city. It is a convenient way to explore Iceland without a rental car. Most of the popular day tours from Reyjkavik include






Ice Cave Tour Iceland (Cost: $ 185 USD+ approx.)

Winter tours in Iceland are a treat. Northern lights, that are a natural phenomenon can be seen in Iceland during winters and there are many tours available to witness the aurora borealis. Other winter tours include ice cave and glacier hiking tours, snowmobile tours, etc.

Chase waterfalls & northern lights,soak in geothermal spas, meet horses & pluffy sheeps & explore Reykjavik's colorful lanes in your 3 day Iceland Itinerary
Gulfoss Waterfalls

Iceland Ice cave tours are one of kind in the whole world. Due to the existence of many glaciers and volcanoes, Iceland is rightly called the land of fire and ice. And when in Iceland, consider walking inside a glacier and experiencing nature at its finest! In Iceland, ice caves are also called crystal caves as the interiors shine like a crystal or a diamond.

Good to Know about Iceland Ice cave tours

The ice cave tours can be undertaken in winters only. During summers, due to warm temperatures and melting snow, ice cave tours are not possible. Ice cave tours available from mid-November to March.

Activity Level – Easy. The ice cave tour is about 2-4 hours and you will be walking on ice (so wear sturdy shoes). Not climbing on ice or anything. All tours are led by a professional guide.

There are only 2 places in Iceland, where you can take an Ice Cave tours  – Vatnajokull National Park and Langjokull Glacier Park.

  • Vatnajökull National Park (located 5 hours from Iceland), a natural ice cave. It can be taken as a multi-day tour from Reykjavik, not as a day tour. In this recommended Ice Cave tour, you will experience a super jeep drive to Vatnajökull which is also Europe’s largest glacier. BOOK HERE > ICE CAVE TOUR AT VATNAJOKULL NATIONAL PARK


  • Langjokull Glacier Park is a man-made ice cave and it can be done as day trips from the capital city. Day tour from Reykjavik – 10 hours
  • At Langjokull Glacier Park, you can explore the ice tunnels during summer as well. (ice tunnel experience is not the same as ice caves)
  • At the price of the full tour, it includes National park entry and a guided tour of the cave. Equipment is provided as well. 

Book your Ice Cave Tour below

Northern Lights Iceland Tour (Cost: $ 45 USD+ approx.)

Aurora borealis or Northern Lights tours are one of the most popular winter tours in Iceland. These tours start between 08:30 pm to 10:00 pm from Reykjavik. They last around 3-4 hours.

The very best guided tours of Iceland handpicked to suit every traveler needs. Whether you like adventure tours or city walking tour, we got you covered.
Northern Lights Iceland

Northern lights can be witnessed between 11:00 pm – 3:00 am during the months of October to February. Keep in mind, sighting northern lights is weather dependent. Most tour agencies will either refund your money if the Northern Lights tour is canceled or they can arrange for a free tour the next day.

Reykjavik Sightseeing – one of the best Iceland tour companies provides you with tripods and also takes pictures of you during northern lights sighting. (you get to keep the photos for free)

Book your Northern Lights Tour below

Snowmobile Tours in Iceland (Cost: $250+ USD)

Another popular winter tour in Iceland is riding a snowmobile and exploring glaciers and caves. Add that under a northern lights sky and it is pure magic!

One of the most popular snowmobile tours is on the Langjökull Glacier. This tour takes about 8 hours and it excellent if you have already explored the Golden Circle route. You will drive through snowfields and enjoy some breathtaking views.






Good to Know about Snowmobile tours

  • You will need a valid driving license to operate the snowmobile
  • Kids are allowed to join in as passengers
  • Iceland snowmobile tour includes a drive to a glacier (from Reykjavik) and 1 hour guided tour on a snowmobile.
  • Although it is a winter activity, some tours are available in the summertime as well. During summer months, you can watch the midnight sun
  • Snowmobiling on top of the Eyjafjallajökull glacier is a great option for first-timers and can be done in summer as well.
  • Winter snowmobiling months are from October to February. Summer snowmobiling months are from May to August
  • USP – You get to ride a snowmobile and explore some of the finest landscapes in Iceland

Book your Snowmobile Tour below

Iceland Snorkel Tour – Snorkeling between tectonic plates (Cost: $125+ USD approx.)

NOW, this is a pure bucket list adventure for you. Snorkel at a point where the tectonic plates meet. Yes, the tectonic plates of North America and Europe meet at the Silfra Fissure in Þingvellir National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

In this 3 hour tour – in the southern part of Iceland, you will snorkel where the tectonic plates of 2 continents drifting apart, with a certified PADI dive guide.



Its a small group activity tour and all the amazing underwater moments and amazing colors of the glacier will be captured on GoPro. You will receive the GoPro photos for free – keep them as souvenirs. 

Drysuit and other snorkeling equipment are provided. Hot drinks and cookies at the end of the experience to keep you warm and fuzzy as you walk through the national park. 

BOOK THIS RECOMMENDED TOUR > 3-hour snorkel tour between the tectonic plates of North America and Europe

Iceland Glacier Tour (Cost: $80+ USD approx.)

Imagine walking (or hiking) on a sheet of ice, on a glacier. Well, that is possible with Iceland’s Glacier tours. These tours are fun and for everybody – young and old. These glacier walks are led by experienced and certified glacier guides. 

Iceland Glacier Tour


The main glaciers of Iceland are Snæfellsjökull, Drangajökull, Eiríksjökull, Langjökull, Hofsjökull, Tungnafellsjökull, Vatnajökull, Mýralsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull and Sólheimajökull.

These glaciers are located in the South or in the Midlands of Iceland. And because of weather conditions –  snow falls and stays there rather than melting away.

Glaciers in Iceland, occupy only 20% of the landmass today. Vatnajökull glacier has been rapidly shrinking.




Good to know about Glacier Tours

  • Glacier tours can be walking, hiking or climbing tours
  • Glacier walking tours are available all year round.
  • Activity Level – Easy to Difficult, depends on the tour you choose
  • USP – The glacier landmass keeps changing every year, so it is definitely worth visiting. Also, it’s not every day that you get to walk or explore a glacier
  • Top Recommended Tours: One of our favorite winter tours is a breakfast to dinner sightseeing exploration of the southern coast of Iceland to Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon – outlet of the largest glacier in Europe. From your hotel in Reykjavik, as you take the road trips you will be transferred to the southern coast and the dramatic Glacier Lagoon with floating icebergs and stunning views. We will come face to face with the glacier outlet and walk on the surface. Check out this tour here > JOKULSARLON GLACIER LAGOON TOUR 

Book your Iceland Glacier Tours below

Lava Cave Tour Iceland (Cost: $65 – $405 USD approx.)

There are about 130 active and dormant volcanoes in Iceland, making it one of the most volatile habitats on earth. The infamous eruption of Eyjafjallajokull in 2010, brought a lot of media attention. Today there is a volcano study center located near it. 

Volcano Katla is the most dangerous volcanoes in Iceland and it is located not so far off from Eyjafjallajokull. You will probably see it when you drive or take a tour of South Iceland. You will also notice that the landscape on either side of the road from Reykjavik, is full of black lava and no trees at all.

The very best guided tours of Iceland handpicked to suit every traveler needs. Whether you like adventure tours or city walking tour, we got you covered.

Currently, there are 30 active volcanoes in Iceland. Lava tours are one of the popular tours to take in Iceland. These tours are led by a guide and there are different activity levels available. Site of the lava guided tours is dormant volcanoes like Raufarholshellir (located 30 minutes from Reykjavik), Hallmundarhraun (in west Iceland), or Thrihnukagigur.

Good to know about Lava Cave Tour Iceland 

  • Lava fields tour can be taken all year long
  • During winters, there are ice sculptures and icicles created all over the lava formation
  • Activity Level – Easy to Difficult, depends on the tour you choose
  • The “easy” lava tours involve walking over lava and on bridges. It is normal for an hour or so. There will be beautiful lightning inside the lava tunnel, making it great for pictures
  • The “difficult” lava tours are more intense. It lasts 3 hours or so, where a guide takes you to the depth of the volcano. It is usually dark, muddy, uneven ground, and claustrophobic. So not recommended if you have knee or back issues or if you are pregnant.
  • USP – Whether you take the easy or intense tour, the inside of the volcano and its geological history is definitely interesting.

Which Lava tour to take?




  • Raufarholshellir Volcano – It is located 30 minutes from Reykjavik. This is the 4th largest volcano in Iceland and is easily accessible from Reykjavik. Both easy and extreme tours are available here including pick up and drop off from the hotel.
  • Thrihnukagigur Volcano – Only operated from May to October every year. This is a moderate to difficult hike, where you will be taken to the bottom of the volcano, descending at 120 meters (or 400 feet). 
  • Hallmundarhraun lava field – It is located in west Iceland. The lava tube where a tour occurs is called the Vidgelmir cave. This volcano is one of the largest in Iceland. Both easy and extreme tours are available here.

Book your Lava Cave Iceland Tours below

Icelandic Horse Tours (Cost: $85 -150 USD approx.)

Icelandic horses are very handsome and so I do recommend that you meet them! Although I have not taken the horse riding tours myself, I did some research about the condition of the horses and the stable where they were located.

The very best guided tours of Iceland handpicked to suit every traveler needs. Whether you like adventure tours or city walking tour, we got you covered.

Hafnarfjörðurn is a countryside located 10 minutes from Reykjavik. This place has a stable and this is where horse riding tours are undertaken. 

Horse riding tours are family-run businesses and they do take care of their horses.  The actual horse riding is for 2- 4 hours (half or full day) and you will be stopping along the way in your tour. These tours are quite popular with tourists. If not horse riding, you can still visit the stable to meet Icelandic horses.

Book your Icelandic Horse Tours below




Iceland Food Tour (Cost: $105+ USD approx.)

To eat out every day in Iceland is expensive. But don’t miss out on their delicacies. Over 360 species of fish are found in Iceland – making it a sea-food lover’s paradise. Not only that the vegetables grown here are organic, so don’t miss out on those either.

Food tours in Iceland allow you to enjoy a hearty meal in the traditional Icelandic way. Include traditional lamp soup, dark rye bread (made by baking in hot geysers), dry fish, and many more items for your meal.

Icelandic beer is not so famous, but if you are a beer fan, you got to experience this yourself. There are microbreweries in Reykjavik. The alcohol content in these beers is less than 5%.

Food in Iceland Tours
Food in Iceland Tours

Good to Know about Iceland Food tours

  • Food tours last 3-4 hours and operate in Reykjavik downtown areas (half-day Iceland Tour)
  • The official drinking age in Iceland is 20 years
  • USP – Food is expensive in Iceland and with these guided tours you get to sample quite a few delicacies with a good price

Book your Iceland Food Tour below




Iceland Photo Tours (Cost: $990+ USD approx.per group of 4)

It is a dream to capture the beauty of Iceland in a camera lens. Iceland Photo tours conduct one to multi-day photography tours and workshops across the country. Iceland photography tours are guided and led by a lead photographer and instructor.

Depending on the package you use, there are inclusions like pick up and drop off and hotel stays, etc. Only exclusions are food and drinks.

Waterfalls in Iceland Guided Tours

Good to know about Iceland Photo tours

  • We understand that this is not for everybody, especially due to the pricing. However, the price quoted is for each workshop and includes up to 4 people
  • USP – You get to capture the amazing landscape of Iceland and also explore like you normally would (2 for the price of 1)
  • Photography Iceland tours are conducted with an experienced photographer who not only knows the landscape of Iceland aesthetically but also from a safety stand-point
  • If interested in photography, Iceland Photo Tours conducts these tours exclusively
  • Browse and book your packages here

Game of Thrones Iceland Tour (Cost: $120+ approx)

Don’t hate me if I say I have not watched any Game of Thrones episodes. But if you have and you like it, then add this tour to your itinerary to Iceland. This is a full-day tour to the Þingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park.

I was definitely impressed by the National Park when I visited, as part of my Golden Circle tour Iceland. What is different in this tour is that you will explore the scene locations and sort of meet the “characters”. The tour lasts for 8 hours.

Game of Thrones Locations in Iceland: Guided tours

Good to know about Game of Thrones – Iceland Tours

  • Full-day tours from Reykjavik.
  • The main site of the tour is Þingvellir – Thingvellir National Park.
  • What is exclusively covered in the Game of Thrones are the filming locations
  • Book your Game of Thrones Iceland Tour here

Iceland Whale Watching Tour (Cost: $80+ approx)

Iceland’s coast is a great place to see nature and that includes whale watching. Skjálfandi Bay is known for its rich wildlife, including numerous types, shapes, and sizes of the whale. 

In this whale watching tour, you will climb aboard a traditional Icelandic oak boat and experience a traditional whale watching tour from Europe’s whale watching capital at Húsavík. You will see acrobatic humpback whales and giant blue whales.

This is wild nature and therefore unpredictable, but chances of seeing whales in their natural environment is very high almost 97- 99%. After whale watching, you will sail back to Húsavík harbor and enjoy the stunning scenery with a cup of hot chocolate and a traditional Icelandic kleina (twisted donut). 

RECOMMENDED TOUR > 3 Hour Whale Watching tour from Husavik 

Iceland Multi-day Tours (Cost: $450 – $2000 approx)

All the tours listed above are one day or half-day Iceland tours. Many tour companies in Iceland offer a combination of these tours along with accommodation as a “multi-day” tour. They range from a minimum of 2 days to a maximum of 8-12 days or nights stay (with an option to explore Greenland as well)

Multi-day tours in Iceland
Multi-day tours in Iceland

Why choose Iceland Multi-day Tours?

  • Don’t worry about pick up and drop off every day
  • Well planned and guided tours, with safety and comfort in mind
  • Better value for money
  • Hotels and breakfast meals are provided
  • In some tours, local flights are included in the price
  • You can also visit Greenland – another country – as part of the multi-day Iceland tour
  • Most of the tour options highlighted below are small group tours

RECOMMENDED TOUR > We highly recommended this 6-day tour of Iceland. This tour takes you from Reykjavik to the Golden Circle route and the south coast (with all the stunning waterfalls) one day 1. Followed by the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon and Vik – the southern tip of Iceland.

Day 3 is exploring the east Fjords, where you will be road-tripping the coastlines and hiking to see the Hengifoss waterfalls.

Day 4 is exploring everything up north of Iceland. Driving through the wilderness and reaching Akureyri in the North. After exploring the stunning landscape and waterfalls, soak in the hot pools of Myvatn Nature Baths. 

Day 5 is all about adventure – whale watching tours at Dalvik, enjoy a team BBQ at the sea, drive through a fishing village, and stop at the Trollaskagi peninsula. The final day, explore the western part of Iceland. Hike up the Grabrok crater, explore the Deildartunguhver hot spring, Barnafoss and Hraunfossar waterfalls, and the historic site of Reykholt, before arriving in Reykjavik in the evening. BOOK THIS 6 DAY TOUR OF ICELAND. 

Book Iceland Multi-day Tours below

Iceland Greenland Tours (Cost: $1850 – $2500 approx)

By now, you must be thrilled about all that Iceland has to offer. Whether Iceland is your final destination or a stop-over to other European cities, these tours won’t disappoint you. If you are looking to visit a different country from Iceland, then consider exploring Greenland. There are multiple options for tours to Greenland from Iceland.

Best guided tours in Iceland

Good to know about Iceland Greenland Tours

  • From Reykjavik, you can catch a domestic flight to Greenland
  • Reykjavik to Ilulissat, West Greenland is 2 hours duration
  • Greenland tours can be undertaken as a standalone or as an add-on to 3-12 day Iceland multi-day tour
  • If you require a Schengen visa to travel to Iceland, then remember the same visa is NOT applicable for Greenland. You will have to apply for a visitor visa from the Danish embassy from your country of residence, before arriving in Greenland (no visa on arrival). Find about Schengen Visa here
  • Guide to Iceland conducts tours to Greenland from Iceland. Check it out here

Best Iceland Tour Companies for Guided Tours

Tourism is booming in Iceland and there is no shortage of tour companies here. By now you would have realized that the landscape of Iceland is beautiful yet unpredictable.

The tour companies are licensed to take you from point A to B and assist you in exploring Iceland safely and comfortably. In downtown Reykjavik, you will find a lot of tour agencies, in case you need any help or have to swap or cancel any trip.

The very best guided tours of Iceland handpicked to suit every traveler needs. Whether you like adventure tours or city walking tour, we got you covered.

In my experience, they have been very accommodating with any situation. Iceland Tourist board offices are located in Reykjavik as well for assistance. I have added a tourist map in the next section of this article. Feel free to take a screenshot or save it, for when you travel to Iceland.

Here is a list of top 6 Iceland Tour Companies

Reykjavik Sightseeing, Reykjavik Excursions, Iceland Tours, Arctic Adventures, Guide to Iceland, Grayline.

  1. Reykjavik Sightseeing
    • I have personally experienced Reykjavik Sightseeing tours and would highly recommend their team of hard-working professionals
    • Very prompt in responding to your queries. Well priced and variety of packages are available (close to 40 tours)
    • I enjoyed their Northern Lights tour – love how they provided us with tripods and took our pictures!
    • Free Wifi and USB ports available inside the bus
    • Website: Reykjavik Sightseeing
  2. Reykjavik Excursions
    • USP – Reykjavik Excursions is easily located in the Reykjavík–Keflavík Airport (Fly Bus).
    • You can book your airport and Blue Lagoon transfers with them. (For Blue Lagoon, you still have to book a package online, this is just a transfer)
    • Free Wifi and USB ports available inside the bus
    • Website: Reykjavik Excursions
  3. Iceland Tours
    • USP – Ideal tour operator for Iceland multi-day tours
    • Their website allows you to reserve a tour with 20% deposit
    • Iceland Tourism packages with multi-day options come with a free whale-watching tour
    • Website: Iceland Tours
  4. Arctic Adventures
    • USP – Ideal for all of your Iceland Adventure Tours like volcano tours, ice caving, glacier hiking, and snowmobile tours.
    • They offer day tours as well as multi-day tours
    • Iceland Adventures offer small group tours or private tours
    • Website: Arctic Adventures
  5. Guide to Iceland 
    • Guided day tours and options for multi-days in Iceland
    • USP – They offer guided tours to Greenland
    • Website: Guide to Iceland
  6. Grayline 
    • Guided day tours are offered
    • USP – Games of Thrones tour is offered
    • High on accessible tourism in Iceland, also one of the oldest tour companies in Iceland
    • Website: GrayLine

Iceland Attractions Map for Iceland Tours Offered

A tourist map is always handy. This map included here is just to give you a general sense of where tourist attractions in Iceland are located (direction wise). When you arrive in Reykjavik, you are in the South-western part of Iceland. Find a pinned and free downloadable tourist map of Iceland here

Start booking – Best Guided Tours of Iceland

Who should take Iceland guided tours?

  • Anyone, as the group tours are not intrusive at all
  • Visitors on a stopover (or layover) in Iceland
  • Short trip itineraries – You can make use of your limited time in Iceland, by maximizing on sightseeing rather than parking fees or GPS

Important things to remember for Iceland Tours

  • It is a good idea to book online ahead of time for most tours, as they get sold out.
  • If you book from the same tour operator or book multiple tours, you will receive some discounts.
  • Don’t print vouchers. As long as you have your email or provide your full name, you are good (they think of the environment first)
  • Tipping is optional (most hosts don’t expect a tip. They do like online reviews)
  • Other than the guided tours inside ice caves and lava tunnels, the natural sightseeing spots like the black sand beaches or waterfalls and geysers are not guarded, so please use your judgment and caution when accessing them.
  • As always wear the right clothing and respect nature.
  • Wear your seat belts when you are on the bus. It is mandatory.
  • Time – Be cognizant of time. The weather changes a lot here and is unpredictable and the tours are weather dependent. If there is a storm in the evening, a late morning or afternoon tour may be canceled. In the event, tours are canceled, money is refunded.

We highly recommend Iceland tours for exploring the beautiful natural wonders. The landscape and weather of Iceland change a lot and it can be quite unpredictable. Traveling with a guide and in a well-equipped vehicle will ensure your trip is safe and you see the BEST of what Iceland has to offer.

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