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Lisbon Photography Guide: 21 Best Lisbon Photo Spots

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Need a Lisbon photography guide? We got you covered! The stunning capital city of Lisbon is a photographer’s paradise. The hilly capital has medieval and vintage white corners, larger than life monuments and statues, red roofs, and amazing viewpoints of the city and the blue sky and waters. So here are the 21 best Lisbon photo spots that you shouldn’t miss.

Images and glimpses of Best photo spots in Lisbon photography tips
Best photo spots in Lisbon: Photography tips

We have included all these places on the Google map below so that it is easier to track and get to the locations. As a bonus, all the things to do in Lisbon for photographing can also be done for free.

If you are taking a day trip from Lisbon to Sintra, you can capture the Pena Palace and more. We left that out of this list as this one only captures Lisbon. Learn how to incorporate a day trip to Sintra Pena Palace below

21 Best Lisbon Photo Spots: A Lisbon Photography Guide

Lisbon Photography Spots

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1. Santa Luzia Viewpoint 

Located on a hilltop in Alfama, the Santa Luzia viewpoint offers stunning views of the Tagus River and the surrounding areas. Here, you will find the Church of St. Lucy (or Santa Luzia), which is the headquarters of the Order of Malta in Portugal. 

Things to do in Lisbon in 4 days

You will love to visit the terrace to admire the city views and hang out by the small cafe. There is also a bust of Lisbon historian Júlio de Castilho, located at the centre of the terrace. 

This viewpoint is surrounded by bougainvillea and cute white pergola shades. You will find a nice pool as you walk down to another terrace welcoming you to more views of Alfama’s terracotta rooftops.

The viewpoint of Portas do Sol is also located nearby. 

Location: Largo Santa Luzia, 1100-487 Lisboa, Portugal

Costs: Free

Tips for capturing

  • City views from Santa Luzia and Portas do Sol viewpoint are amazing. Look for a spot away from the terrace end, and closer to the entrance area – it is usually less crowded
  • The pool is a great spot to capture your subject with bougainvillea, the cool buildings, and the surroundings in your shot
  • Great for sunrise and sunset photos

2. Rua Augusta Arch – Triumphant Arch 

The triumphant legacy of Lisbon lies in overcoming the devastating earthquake of 1755 and rebuilding a new and better city – a city that is resistant to seismic waves. 1755 Lisbon earthquake was felt even in Paris and it wiped out thousands of lives and living quarters.

In order to celebrate the victory of this resilient city against natural calamity, this triumphant arch was built in 1855.

You can capture amazing shots of the Rua Augusta Triumphal Arch from underneath the arch, across the road, or from the Praça do Comércio plaza, where the arch is located (on the north end).

Rua Augusta Arch

Location/How to get there?:  Rua Augusta Arch – north end of Praça do Comércio Plaza. Commerce Plaza can be reached via trams, buses, tours, or by car. Many tram services start or end at the Commerce Plaza.

The nearest Lisbon metro stations are Baixa-Chiado, Rossio, or Cais do Sodre, just 10 minutes west. (R. Augusta 2, 1100-053 Lisboa, Portugal)

Costs: Free to view from outside 

Tips for photographing the Rua Augusta Arch

  • The Rua Augusta Arch is huge, like over 30 metres high. So trying to capture it from a distance is a good idea. That way you will capture the moody vibes and the arch along with the statue of King Jose I, which is actually located in the center of Commerce Square.
  • The road that leads to the Rua Augusta Arch is also a great capture, in the evenings when there is street entertainment going on, or cafes are lit up

3. Praça do Comércio 

The Praça do Comércio plaza is a beautiful square to capture as well. The bright yellow pavilions – which house restaurants and offices today – look beautiful in the evening. The central figure or statue of King Jose I along with the Rua Augusta arch at the back makes for a stunning capture.

The Tagus River at the southern end of the Praça do Comércio or Commerce Plaza is also perfect for photographing golden hour – sunset views.

As a busy square, the Praça do Comércio is also perfect for capturing the iconic Lisbon tram and the Rua Augusta Arch at the backdrop.

Commerce Square in the evening

Location/How to get there?: The nearest Lisbon metro stations are Baixa-Chiado, Rossio or Cais do Sodre, just 10 minutes west. 

Costs: Free

Commerce Square in the evening

Tips for photographing the Praça do Comércio Square

  • Wide-angle lens to capture the entire plaza and everything in between
  • Perfect for capturing the sunset on the Tagus River (and for taking a stroll). You can also stay in a Lisbon Airbnb with views of the Tagus River
  • Photoshoot tip: Also great to capture all the iconic landmarks of Lisbon in one spot
  • The bright yellow pavilions, restaurants, and food photography can be composed well at the Praça do Comércio plaza

4. Iconic – Tram 28 for Lisbon photography spots

Yellow trams in Lisbon are not just for pretty photos but also serve as a lifeline of the city – transporting passengers. You can capture them in front of important landmarks in the central and historic parts of the city like Chiado, Baixa, Alfama, and Rossio.

Lisbon tram and many more Lisbon photography spots for your trip
Best places to take pictures in Lisbon

If you wish to capture yourself or someone with the tram, it’s better to head to a station where the tram stops for a few minutes and waits for passengers to embark (or disembark).

We took this photo when we disembarked the tram at the last stop in Alfama and the operator was waiting to let other passengers in.

2 days in Lisbon at Chiado Square

Location: Various

Costs: Can be free – from a distance. Or a tram fee of 3 euros or unlimited with the Lisbon Card.

Trams 28 in Lisbon

Tips for Lisbon Tram photo spot

  • Try capturing the tram with iconic landmarks like the Lisbon Cathedral, Rua Augusta Arch, or at an inclined near Miradouro das Portas do sol
  • Capture during daylight hours, in the midst of the hustle-bustle of the city center
  • Keep in mind, this site could be busy during peak seasons from June to July

5. Elevador da Bica or Bica Funicular

Lots of amazing photo opportunities when you take the Bica Funicular up from the Cais do Sodré neighborhood. Full of colorful lanes, shops, and decorations, this funicular is said to be one of the prettiest and is listed as a Portuguese National Monument. 

Shot in Bairro Alto
Shot in Bairro Alto

The funicular crosses the Bica neighborhood and covers Bairro Alto. 

If you are walking, consider following the stops in and around Bairro Alto for photos. The narrow streets and the tram view make for an epic Instagram photoshoot. 

Location: Rua de S. Paulo 234, 1200-109 Lisboa, Portugal

Costs: Free

Tips for capturing

  • This route is great if you wish to capture the vibrant streets
  • The funicular slows down at several points allowing you to capture it in action, or even strike a pose in time
  • In Bairro Alto, you will see the funicular enter via a gateway – this is a great spot for a unique perspective! 

6. Oldest historical quarter in Lisbon – Alfama district and neighborhood

Alfama is the oldest neighborhood in Lisbon. It is filled with narrow lanes and requires an uphill climb, so wear comfortable shoes. While in Alfama ensure you capture the narrow lanes and views of the popular tourist attraction – Castelo de Sao Jorge or São Jorge Castle, and Se Cathedral or the Lisbon Cathedral.

Mayuri wandering through the Lanes of Alfama

Location/ How to get there? : Alfama neighborhood/district. Take tram 28 from the city center to reach Alfama. Or book this walking tour.

Costs: Walking in Alfama is free. But entry to São Jorge Castle costs 8.50+ euros. Se Cathedral is best captured from outside and the cost is free.

2 days in Lisbon

Tips for visiting Alfama and Alfama photo tips

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes. Alfama requires an uphill and downhill climb to capture the street nuances and buildings
  • If visiting the São Jorge Castle, start early morning or later in the day to beat the crowd
  • Need a photo of the tram and the Se Cathedral? You just have to wait patiently like 10-20 minutes and you will find one passing by, minus people or other cars in your frame

7. Capture street art of Graca: Lisbon Instagram spots

Both Alfama and Graça are located at a height in Lisbon, offering amazing city and river views. The quiet neighborhood of Graca is less visited than the ‘oh-so-popular’ Alfama. It is considered such an offbeat neighborhood to visit during your trip to Lisbon.

Mostly a residential quarter, this is a must-visit if you love street art and murals. 

Location/How to reach: Tram 28 through Graça to Alfama 

Costs: Free

Girl admiring Lisbon photography spots and art
Lisbon photography spots and art
Street art Lisbon photography spots
Street Art Photo Spots Lisbon

Tips for capturing street art in Graça

  • There are tons of places to capture street art in Lisbon. As you wander through Graça, you will see some of the finest, but eclectic street art creations 
  • The neighborhood is not super crowded, as it is less touristy. So once you have explored Alfama, you can easily wander through Graca
  • Comfortable walking shoes are a MUST

8. Lisbon Cathedral

The Lisbon Cathedral is every photographer’s delight! It is the oldest, largest, and most important religious center in Lisbon. The Sé, as it is called, is a Roman Catholic Cathedral and it first opened its doors in 1150. 

Girl at the Lisbon Cathedral

The cathedral was built in the Romanesque style and is framed by two bell towers, which gives it a unique appeal. These towers look like a fortress and we recommend capturing both in your shot! 

Location: Largo da Sé, 1100-585 Lisboa, Portugal

Costs: Free

Tips for capturing the Instagrammable Lisbon Cathedral

  • Take a shot at the Cathedral from the opposite side. There are tram lines zigzagging in front of the Cathedral, so please be careful as you compose your shot
  • The Cathedral + tram = perfect Instagram shot. You have to be patient to capture both at the same time (minus crowds)
  • When photographing people against the backdrop of Lisbon Cathedral, it is important to make sure that they are far enough from the building so that its prominent features don’t get missed out. This can be easily achieved by standing further back and using a longer lens
  • Use the tram lines as leading lines, lower your camera to the ground, and take a shot > with the cathedral raising high up!

9. Miradouro das Portas do Sol

One of the iconic and easy spots to capture red roofs and the river in Lisbon is the Miradouro das Portas do Sol. Located in the Alfama historic district, this spot can be seen in many Instagram accounts, and rightly so. You can’t go wrong at any angle here.

The Miradouro das Portas do Sol is a viewpoint and as it’s popular, expect a lot of crowd at all times of the day. There are cafes and restaurants near the viewpoint as well, that keep people coming and going.

Location: Largo Portas do Sol, 1100-411 Lisboa, Portugal

Costs: Free

Tips for Miradouro das Portas do Sol

  • It is easy to capture the views from the Miradouro das Portas do Sol, at any time of the day regardless of the crowd. So pick a spot, but visualize what you have in mind – sunrise or sunset – you choose
  • To capture yourself or if you are photographing someone with the views, try to arrive early when there are fewer people around

10. Bairro Alto neighborhood 

A popular hangout area, known for trendy restaurants and bars – Bairro Alto is mentioned as the must-visit spot in all Lisbon travel guides. But we say, walk the lanes of Bairro Alto in the morning when it is quiet and capture the colorful lanes and the stunning tile work on various bars and residential buildings.

Bairro Alto Lanes
Top photo spots Lisbon: Bairro 

Not as great as Porto, but close.

Location: Bairro Alto district (Upper district). Restaurants back alley (R. da Barroca 110, 1200-051 Lisboa, Portugal) for some cool photos!

Costs: Free

Tips for capturing Bairro Alto

  • For tiles and building photos, visit in the morning, before noon hours
  • For capturing nightlife, visit in the late afternoon-evening hours
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes to wander the lanes
Doors and Tiles Bairro Alto
Doors and Tiles Bairro Alto: Instagram spots in Lisbon

11. Chafariz do Carmo

Located right outside the Carmo Convent is a large square and a fountain. This monumental drinking fountain dates back to 1771, and is called the Chafariz do Carmo.

Take a unique shot at the fountain, and capture the vibes of the square and also the church. 

Location: Largo do Carmo 27, 1200-092 Lisboa, Portugal (right outside the Carmo Convent)

Costs: Free

Tips for capturing the fountain 

  • Capture the fountain with the church in its backdrop
  • Stand by the fountain, and get your photographer to take a shot from the opposite site
  • Use the water flow, or the fountain designs to create a foreground, and/or leading lines – depending on where you are taking a shot

12. Miradouro da Senhora do Monte

To capture panoramic views of the entire city, look no further than the Senhora do Monte viewpoint. This is considered to be the highest point of the city and is perfect to capture the orange rooftops and miles and miles of those…..

The name of the viewpoint is derived from a glass-encased image of the Virgin Mary. There is a chapel dedicated to St. Gens, and wonderful spots to sit back and take in the ambiance. 

This is also one of the most peaceful spots to admire the city and the Tagus River. I personally enjoyed it so much.

The views from here are amazing and quite different from the Santa Luzia Viewpoint!

Location: Largo Monte, 1170-107 Lisboa, Portugal

Costs: Free

Tips for capturing Instagrammable shots from the viewpoint

  • Capture the beautiful Mount (Senhora do Monte) and her chapel (founded in 1147) on-site
  • From the viewpoint, admire the church of Graça and the castle + Tagus River
  • Plan to visit early morning or for sunset shots to beat the harsh sunlight 

13. Marquis de Pombal and Parque Edward VII

Marquis de Pombal or Marquis of Pombal Square is an important roundabout in Lisbon. An uphill climb from the square, via lush green pedestrian lanes, takes you to Edward VII Park for some stunning views of the Pombal statue facing the river.

Pombal Square - 3 days in Lisbon Itinerary
Marquis de Pombal

Location: Parque Eduardo VII, 1070-051 Lisboa, Portugal

Costs: Free

Tips for capturing Marquis de Pombal and Parque Edward VII

  • Perfect spot to capture a variety of shots from the busy roundabout to Pombal’s statue with planes in the background. And from the Parque Edward VII, capture the waters and Pombal statue downhill
  • Mornings and evenings are perfect hours to create some magic with these areas
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes to walk uphill  

14. Santa Justa Lift – Lisbon photography spots

Who thought a lift could be a piece of artwork? But it is, in the heart of Lisbon. The Santa Justa lift was set up to allow people to move from a higher level of Carmo ruins (or Carmel Square) to the lower level of Baixa.

Junta Lift in 3 days in Lisbon Itinerary
Junta Lift

The lift was designed by Gustave Eiffel’s apprentice. Yea – the same Gustave Eiffel who created the Eiffel Tower. Now there is a LONG line up to get to the lift. But it is only 5 euros to get up there and click stunning photos of the city.

But the beauty is to capture the lift itself, isn’t it? So skip the dishes, I mean lines, and capture the lift from Baixa lanes.

Santa Justa Lift Lisbon - Lisbon Photography Guide

Or get to Carmo Convent and then from a little corner you have the lift on your right and the red roof buildings on your left. Or wear a bright dress and walk in front of the lift.

Santa Justa lift from the shopping street

Now, who shines brightly – you, the lift, or the dude playing music!

Location: R. do Ouro, 1150-060 Lisboa, Portugal

Costs: 5 euros to get to the lift. Outside views: Free

Tips for capturing the Santa Justa Lift

  • If you are getting onto the lift, capturing city views will be amazing
  • The lift will always have people, that’s a given. So get creative with capturing the lift with people
  • You can get endless shots – of the lift itself, from a distance with lanes, cool details, and more

15. Belem Tower – Lisbon photography for Instagram Spots

The beautiful Torre de Belem against the south Tagus River is breathtaking. There isn’t much to see inside the tower, but everything in and around it makes it so romantic and mesmerizing.

Torre de Belem - Lisbon photography spots
Torre de Belem

The Belem Tower was built in the 16th century to welcome people to Lisbon Portugal. This limestone structure has been taking Instagram by storm.

To best capture the Belem Tower, you don’t have to pay for a ticket. You can take stunning pictures from afar and from either side of the tower. But if you have time on your hands, for sure, go in and enjoy the breeze from one of their terraces.  

Belem Tower Lisbon photography spots
Belem Tower Lisbon photography spots

Location: Av. Brasília, 1400-038 Lisboa, Portugal. Use the Belem – Cascais train line or Tram no 15 to get there. 

Costs: Pay 5 euros to get in. Outside views are free

Tips for capturing the stunning Belem Tower

  • Sunsets are beautiful at the Belem tower
  • Wear red, pink, green, or any bright color to stand out from the white tower
  • Cool ways to capture the tower, without getting inside are from the side banks of the river Tagus.

16. Mosteiro dos Jerónimos – Jerónimos Monastery

Together with the Belem Tower, the Jeromerios Monastery is a recognized as UNESCO World Heritage site. Jeromerios Monastery together with the lush gardens makes for a perfect picture.

The interiors of the monastery are more like a castle with beautiful cravings and a maritime museum.

Maritime Museum Lisbon

The beauty of the Jeromerios Monastery can be captured both from inside and outside (with the gardens).

Location: Praça do Império 1400-206 Lisboa, Portugal

Costs: 10 euros to enter the monastery. Chapel is free

Tips for capturing the Jeromerios Monastery

  • Go after 5:00 pm, when the crowds die down at the Jeromerios Monastery, and practically no lineups

17. Monument to the  Discoveries – Padrão dos Descobrimentos 

To celebrate the maritime and sea discoveries of Portugal, the Monument of Discoveries was created for the World Fair of 1940. The white monument of Discoveries captured along with the blue skies and river makes for a stunning composition. Trust me, no editing is required.

If you are lucky, you can include yachts docked at the port.

Monument to the Discoveries - Lisbon photography spots

Location: Av. Brasília, 1400-038 Lisboa, Portugal. (Santa Maria de Belém)

Costs: Free

Tips for capturing the Monument of Discoveries

  • Daylight is better to capture the various faces craved at the Monument of Discoveries

18. Cruise Port of Lisbon

The Port of Lisbon photography spot can create stunning compositions. There are yachts, hungry hippos (that take you to the river), a ferry, the Belem Tower, bridges and so much more. So many ways to capture and use your photography skills.

Cruise port of Lisbon Photography spots
The cruise port of Lisbon

Location: Doca Jardim do Tabaco Terminal de Cruzeiros de Lisboa, Av. Infante Dom Henrique, 1100-651 Lisboa, Portugal

Costs: Free

Tips to capture the Port of Lisbon

  • The port area is NEVER super busy. So you will find a quiet corner to capture the waters depending on your photographic mood
  • Of course, sunsets and sunrises are beautiful over water and this is no different

19. Ler Devagar at the LX Factory

Located in LX Factory, Ler Devagar is a bookshop. Its walls and shelves are stacked with books of all kinds, which makes it a unique photo backdrop. 

The bookstore has two floors and a small coffee shop. There are no entry fees to enter the LX Factory or the bookshop!

Keep in mind, the LX Factory is not located in the historic city centre; rather it is closer to Belem and is a perfect stop when you visit Belem Tower and the Jerónimos Monastery.

Location: R. Rodrigues de Faria 103 – G 0.3, 1300-501 Lisboa, Portugal

Costs: Free

Tips for capturing

  • Compose a shot capturing the high wall of books and the ‘flying bicycle’ 
  • At the LX Factory, you will also find a lot of cool photo spots

20. 25 de April bridge – Ponte 25 de Abril

If you have heard that Lisbon is compared to San Francisco sometimes, this bridge might be the reason why. The longest suspension bridge in Lisbon is filled with modern architectural and historical facts.

25 April bridge best lisbon photo spots

The 25 de April Bridge looks like the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. It was built to connect the communities of Lisbon and Almada. 

The bridge is called the 25 de April Bridge because, on 25th April, Portugal opened a new chapter in their long history – they got rid of their 50-year dictatorship (through the Carnation Revolution).

25 April Bridge from Belem


Costs: Free (toll 1.80 euros northbound traffic)

Tips for photographing the 25 de April bridge

  • The 25 de April bridge is best captured from a distance like the port or while traveling towards Belem, near the Monument of Discoveries area
  • You can also capture the Sanctuary of Christ the King statue from one end of the bridge.

21. Pink Street – Lisbon photography for Instagram Spots

Last but not least, the pretty pink street in Lisboa has gotten all the attention lately. This pink street is located in Rua Nova do Carvalho in the Cais de Sobre district – pretty close to Chiado.

The Pink Street - 3 days in Lisbon Itinerary

The pink street was a red-light district once upon a time and today a stretch of pink-colored lane attracts tourists. Pink Street also has great bars and restaurants in the area.

Location: R. Nova do Carvalho, 1200-372 Lisboa, Portugal

Costs: Free

Tips for photographing the Pink Street

  • It is hard to capture the street without people during the day. If you are okay with it, snap away
  • To capture yourself or someone on the pink street, the “walking away” pose is better. I was staring at the pink street, and it kinda looked weird on our first trip, so we didn’t feature it here before, but……we went back 🙂 (and got that Instagrammable shot with umbrellas)
  • You can get the street empty in the morning. Even the street cafes don’t have their menu stands outside before 09:00 – 10:00 am  

Lisbon Photography Spots – Map

Where to stay in Lisbon

Whether you are planning to stay in Lisbon for a day or more, here are the top 3 places to consider,

  • Hotel do Chiado: Located in the historic center, this luxury hotel is only a 5-minute walk from Rossio Square and Castelo de São Jorge. You can book rooms with the views of Tagus River and nearby areas. Book your stay here
  • São Vicente Alfama: Another centrally located hotel, São Vicente is super close to Miradouro da Senhora do Monte and the sites of Alfama. It is a 4 star property with a lovely terrace (with views, of course), and a restaurant on-site. Check availability and book your stay here
  • LX Boutique Hotel: This guesthouse is located in the Cais do Sodre neighborhood and is pretty affordable. By staying here, you will be close to TimeOut Market, Bica Funicular and enjoy the river views, nightlife, and Fado music. Book your stay here

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So that’s a wrap, these are some of the best Lisbon photography spots to capture this beautiful city that has completely stolen my heart. We love to photograph cities, but if you are traveling solo or wish to capture group shots you can hire a local photographer in Lisbon! 

Travel Tips for Portugal and Europe 

Pin: 21 Best Photo Spots in Lisbon: Lisbon Photography Guide

List of Lisbon photo spots to visit. Guide to Lisbon photography
Lisbon best photos

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