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Brussels in One day Itinerary – Best of Brussels in a day

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Need the perfect Brussels in one day itinerary? We got you covered with essential tips and an easy to follow Brussels in a day guide.

Brussels was a pleasant surprise for us. When we booked our trip to Brussels Belgium, we didn’t think much about sightseeing here. We were happy with our week-long stay in the city and were impressed by how accessible it was to other cities and countries. But our one day in Brussels itinerary turned into a lifelong appreciation for the city.

We stayed in Brussels for 7 days and have selected some of the finest spots for Brussels in a day itinerary. 

Brussels in One day Itinerary – Best of Brussels in a day

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How to spend one day in Brussels itinerary

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One day in Brussels Itinerary: Things to do in Brussels in one day (Snapshot)

  • The Brussels Cathedral – St Michael and St Gudula
  • Royal Palace of Brussels
  • Palais du Coudenberg 
  • Brussels/Belgium Tourist Information Center
  • Mont des Arts Gardens or Kunstberg
  • Grand Place/Grote Markt
  • Houses of the Grand Place
  • Brussels City Museum at the King’s House (Grand Place)
  • Manneken Pis Statue & Jeanneke Pis
  • Anspach Shopping Brussels
  • Comic Strip Walk and Belgian Comic Strip Center Museum 
  • Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert 
  • Rues des Bouchers

Brussels has so much to offer – from the medieval Grand Place to the European Union Headquarters to comic history to tasting Belgium chocolates, waffles, and beer. 

Girl in Grand Place Brussels 2 day itinerary
Grand Place Brussels

The scientific inventions, the comic revelations, and its European Union dimensions – everything adds a unique charm to the city of Brussels (boy, that rhymed). We have also included additional sightseeing for 2 days in Brussels if you happen to extend your stay (like us). We were surely smitten by the city.

In Brussels, we found Europe at its finest. These are the top things that you SHOULD definitely do in Brussels in a day.

Quick Tips – Make the most of one day in Brussels

We stayed in Brussels for a week and totally loved it. This one day in Brussels Itinerary is exactly what we did on our first day of exploration of the city. The majority of the popular tourist attractions in Brussels are located in the central part of the city and that’s where we recommend spending most of your day.

  • Arriving in Brussels – Brussels is served by Brussels Zaventem Airport (also called Brussel-Nationaal / Bruxelles-National), which is located in the northeast part of Brussels. In order to arrive at the city centre from Brussels Airport, you can either take a bus, train or a taxi.
  • How to get to Brussels City Centre from the Brussels Zaventem Airport?
    • The cab fare will cost around 50 euros. Airport Taxis can be reserved online for 85 euros.
    • Brussels car rentals can be arranged for at the airport. Hertz, Avis rental offices are available at the airport.
    • The train ride from Brussels Airport to Brussels Central Station takes around 18 minutes and costs 12.70 euros. From the Brussels Central station or Brussels Midi, you can take a bus or train to your hotel. The nearest train station to Grand Place is De brouckere Metro Station.
    • STIB Airport Line is a public bus network (Line 12 and 21) that operates from the airport to many other stops in the city including Brussels Central Station. Line 21 will take you to the Grand Place area (last stop) on weekends. Tickets cost around 4.50 euros.
    • De Lijn bus company operates a shuttle transfer service. Tickets are around 3+ euros and take about 40 minutes to reach the city centre area.
  • Brussels is also well connected via road and rail networks in Europe. There are high-speed trains (Thalys) available from Brussels to other countries like Amsterdam in the Netherlands (2 hours or less) and Paris in France (1.50- 2 hours).
  • Where to stay in Brussels? If you are visiting Brussels for a day or a short trip, then stay in the Brussels city centre area for better access to sightseeing spots. We stayed at the easyHotel Brussels City Centre – it is a low to mid-budget hotel, very clean and chic. The rooms were not very big, but the staff was friendly and we scored the accommodation for a great price in a central location. Book your stay at the easyHotel Brussels City Centre

One day in Brussels Itinerary – What to do in Brussels for a day?

Start your day bright and early at the Brussels city centre (1000 Brussels). Head to one of the cafes located by St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral for breakfast – waffles (of course) and a latte.

If you are interested in exploring the Atomium Park or mini Europe, we recommend taking a hop on and hop off sightseeing bus in the morning and checking off those areas first, and then returning to the city centre to explore further. Brussels Sightseeing Hop on hop off bus tours start near St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral and the bus tour loop is for 1 hour.

These are not guided tours but are a really convenient way of exploring the city from the city centre to the downtown area and outskirts (like the Castle of Laeken – the official residence of the king of Belgium). Book your 24 0r 48 bus tour here

Here are the things to see in Brussels in one day,

The Brussels Cathedral – St Michael and St Gudula 

St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral are twin cathedrals located in central Brussels. The two Roman Catholic cathedrals co-exist, as the co-cathedral of the Archdiocese of Mechelen- Brussels.

The cathedral was built in Gothic style and it actually took three hundred (300) years to complete.

The cathedral is made up of a stone quarry and looks stunning from the outside. The interiors of the cathedral are equally stunning with many marble alabaster altarpieces and baroque style pulpits. The stained glass windows date back to the 1500s and the church also has an organ with over 4000 pipes. 

Truly an iconic landmark, the Brussels Cathedral is the main Catholic church of Belgium.

Price: Free for the Cathedral, 1 euro for the Archaeological site

Address: Place Sainte-Gudule, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Royal Palace of Brussels 

The Royal Palace of Brussels is the official palace of the king and queen of Belgium, located in central Brussels. The palace is also known as Palais Royal de Bruxelles (in French).

The Royal Palace was built in neoclassical style and is very stunning to look at, adorned by the Belgium flag on top.

Royal Palace of Brussels in one day. Girl in red at the Royal Palace of Brussels
Royal Palace of Brussels: Explore Brussels in a day

The palace is located in the southern part of the Parc de Bruxelles (Brussels Park) in the high part of town. The Royal Palace is no longer the residence of the king and queen.

Currently, it serves as an official palace and an administrative seat for the Belgium monarchy. The palace has staterooms where royal receptions are held and guests of the royal family are hosted here even today.

The official residence is located on the outskirts of Brussels – at the Royal Palace of Laeken.

The Royal Palace is not open for visitors all year round. It is only open from late July to the beginning of September every year Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays).

Price: Free (including the visits to the Palace from July to September)

Address: Place des Palais – 1000 Brussels

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Palais du Coudenberg 

The Palace of Coudenberg (Palais du Coudenberg) was the seat of governance for about 700 years under countless kings, dukes, and monarchs extending the southern side of the Netherlands to northern Belgium.

Palais du Coudenberg Brussels Itinerary
Palais du Coudenberg

The name Coudenberg is derived from the small hill, on which the castle was built. For years, no one knew about this palace. In the 18th century, when the Royal Palace was built, the castle of Coudenberg was buried underneath it and the areas in and around it were almost leveled.

With recent excavations, historians and visitors are now taking an interest in the Palais du Coudenberg. The palace hosts temporary exhibitions and guided tours are available as well.

Price: 7 euros for the site visit (1-2 hr). Open Tuesday to Friday from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Address: Place des Palais 7 – 1000 Brussels

Brussels/Belgium Tourist Information Center

The Brussels/Belgium Tourist Information Center is located very close to Coudenberg Palace. The information center building is really pretty and I loved the stairway leading to the office.

From the tourist office, if you continue walking away (opposite side) from the Coudenberg Palace, you will find yourself surrounded by Flemish architectural buildings.  You will soon find a beautifully manicured garden called the Mont des Arts Gardens with a central statue.

Mont des Arts Gardens or Kunstberg

The Mont des Arts is a beautiful park and a historic square located between the upper and lower parts of the town of Brussels.

Due to its location, the square offers stunning views of the city and its gorgeous Flemish buildings. On bright clear days, you can even see the Atomium from here.

Mont des Arts Gardens or Kunstberg towards Grand Place
Mont des Arts

Mont des Arts or Kunstberg literally means hill or mount of the arts.

The Garden of the Mont des is surrounded by the Royal Library of Belgium and the statue of King Albert I stands tall in the square.

Price: Free. Open 24/7

Address: 1000 Brussels

Grand Place/Grote Markt

The Grand Place or the Groke Markt is THE iconic landmark of Belgium. It is located in the heart of Brussels and is considered one of the most important squares in the country. So this tourist spot should be included in your Brussels one day itinerary.

Grand Place Brussels Belgium
Grand Place in Brussels in one day itinerary

The Grand Place is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Following the induction of the Grand Place to the UNESCO List, several decrees were passed for the protection of the heritage by the City Administration of the Brussels-Capital Region.

You will be completely mesmerized by the stunning gold ornate designs on all merchant and guild buildings at the Groke Markt.

The Grand Place is a living testimony to the success of Brussels’s mercantile class and its resilience in the face of destruction, under the hands of King Louis IX and rising to grandeur as a rich European nation. 

There are three main structures that make up the grandeur of the Grokt Markt. They include – the town hall, King’s house, and the houses of the Grand Place. This place is opulent and speaks volumes of the grandeur of Belgium architecture. 

Houses of the Grand Place

The buildings that you see when you step into the Grand Place are actually a replica of the original Grand Place guilds. Those guilds were built in the 1690s and they were built in stunning Italian baroque designs with gold finishing. As you take a stroll along the square, you will find separate blocks of houses.

Grand Place Brussels. Brussels Belgium things to do in one day itinerary trip. Explore the Brussels Belgium grand place, comic strip, royal palace, try Belgium waffles and other food! Get some Brussels Belgium photography tips and spot ideas for your trip
Grand Place

Each column of the house (built in Flemish style) was an incorporated merchant office. Some of the notable ones include – the House of the Corporation of Bakers (built in 1696), House of the Corporation of Greasers (1644), House of the Corporation of Carpenters (1644), House of the Corporation of Boatmen (1697), House of the Corporation of Tailors (1697), Corporation of Painters (1697), etc. There are also private houses that are restored.

Did you know that in 2010, the Grote Markt was rated as the best (number 1) square in Europe to visit!

Price: Free

Location: 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Brussels City Museum at the King’s House (Grand Place)

Originally built as a bread house, the King’s house at the Grand Place had undergone several demolitions and renovations to later become a seat of administrative importance. Thereafter the bread house became the Duke’s house.

When the same Duke became king, the now stone building came to be known as the King’s house. The Museum of the City of Brussels is located in this building.

Price: 8 euros for adults. Group and guided tours are also available.

Location: 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

You may like this tour: Brussels Walking Tour

Brussels Town Hall

The town hall at Grand Place is the only medieval building that exists in its original form at the Groke Markt.  The Townhall is also the focal point of the square.

The town hall was built in different stages during the early part of the 15th century and hence when you look at the architecture closely, you will find that it is asymmetrical. Asymmetry is evident with the tower not built exactly in the middle of the building and neither sides of the tower are symmetrical.  

Brussels Town Hall Grand Place
Brussels Town Hall

This town hall reminds us of the new city hall in Marienplatz in Munich (minus the singing clock). Currently, the Town Hall houses a significant portion of municipal offices. It is embellished by a bell tower which is the most iconic structure of the square.

Price: Free

Location: 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Manneken Pis Statue & Jeanneke Pis

The Manneken Pis is a weird tourist attraction in Brussels. It is weird because it is a statue of a “little boy who is peeing” into a fountain. This statue is a replica of a similar bronze sculpture from the 1600s. There is another bronze statue, called the Jeanneke Pis, which is Mannekin Pis’s female counterpart. 

Manneken Pis - Little boy peeing in a fountain Brussels Itinerary
Manneken Pis

There are many legends and stories associated with the Manneken Pis which has made him quite popular. The Manneken Pis is located southwest of the town hall, it is located two blocks behind the town hall. 

The Manneken Pis is a local hero and the people of Brussels love him so much that they dress him up in different attires all year around. 

Price: Free

Location: 2 blocks behind, near the Town Hall (Manneken Pis). Jeanneke Pis is located in an alleyway, from the Manneken Pis

At Grand Place, there are horse-drawn carriage tours available to explore the city centre. These tours cost €44 and take about 30 minutes. It is a great way to celebrate this historic square.

Horse Carriage Rides at the Grand Place
Horse Carriage Rides at the Grand Place

If horse-carriage is not your thing, take a stroll around the buildings and do some souvenir shopping or eat your heart out.

This area in and around the Groke Markt is lined with souvenir stores and restaurants. We enjoyed live music as we walked through the narrow lanes.

If you are hungry, now is the perfect time to rest your feet and enjoy Belgium Frites with sauces. Frites in Brussels are served in a similar manner as in the Netherlands. So they are in a cone and you get to choose from a multitude of sauces. Keep in mind, that sauce charges are an extra .50 cents or so.

And I can’t eat anything without sauce so tried a bunch of different ones (in different food stalls). The curry sauce was my ABSOLUTE favorite.

Anspach Shopping Brussels

As you walk away from Grand Place and towards the nearest train station (De brouckere), you will be welcomed to a shopping complex, called the Anspach Shopping Centre. If you are looking to purchase clothes, bags, or any accessories – this is the place.

The stores here carried trendy and fast-fashion labels (European labels for less.) They are like your Forever XXI of North America, if you know what I mean – super trendy.

Comic Strip Walk and Belgian Comic Strip Center Museum 

Did you know that Brussels is home to the comic stars? I mean there is an entire lane, filled with murals of Tin tin, Spirou, and the Smurfs. They are also everywhere in the city.

Belgian Comic Strip Center Museum 
Belgian Comic Strip Center Museum

The Belgian Comic Strip Walk is a lane full of murals in Brussels city centre. There are about 55 murals. It is definitely a treat to the eye and makes for a great photography location. Brussels loves Tin tin and it is evident in the form of blonde hair graffiti which can be found everywhere in the city.

There is a comic museum dedicated to the colorful world of comics called the Comic Strip Center. There are exhibitions, art displays, and information and reading rooms at the Comic Center. 

Price: 10 euros for adults and 7 euros for visitors between 12-25 years (Open all year round)

Location: Rue des Sables/Zandstraat 20 (The nearest railway station is Brussels-Congress)

Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert 

 Saint-Hubert Royal Galleries is ABSOLUTELY stunning. It was really hard to believe that this was a shopping complex. This gallery dates back to the 1850s. The interiors of the hall are gorgeous and look like a grand palace.

There are clothing stores, confectioners and chocolate shops, and cafes located inside.

Galeries Royales Saint Hubert - One day in Brussels Itinerary
Galeries Royales Saint Hubert – One day in Brussels Itinerary

If you would like to capture some beautiful images of the mall interiors, arrive early (before 08:00 am) or after 09:30 pm, when the stores are closing.

The Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert is on the UNESCO “Tentative List”, due to its cultural importance.

Price: Free

Location: Rue des Bouchers 5, 1000 Bruxelles

Rues des Bouchers

There is a popular tourist lane (Rue des Bouchers) near the Galeries Royales Hall. It is filled with multi-cuisine restaurants and local specialties. Some restaurants have neon lights, with interesting signs and prices.

Rue des Bouchers
Rue des Bouchers

By interesting prices, I mean, you will find something for dinner from 4 Euros to 80 euros per person, depending on your choice of restaurant.

Restaurants have their menu and specials (with prices) on the door, so you can select wisely. (Check out what to eat in the Brussels section below)

The Rue des Bouchers area is alive and kicking into the later hours of the night, so a perfect place to sit back and enjoy Belgium beer and a meal after a long day of sightseeing.

Location: Rue des Bouchers 1000 Bruxelles

If you staying at the City Center, this area is very close by and is completely safe to walk down at night as well. Train stations are also located nearby (De Brouckere)

Tips for Brussels Itinerary 2 days 

If you happen to stay in Brussels for another day and wish to explore more of this heritage city, then we have some recommendations for you. For Brussels Itinerary 2 days, venture out and away from the City Center and explore other landmarks from the Atomium Park to the Brussels Stock Exchange. 

Atomium Park 

We referred to Atomium Park earlier. The Atomium is a landmark building in Brussels and is very unique in design. It was created for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair (Expo 58) and is now a fully operating museum.

The Atomium in Brussels
Atomium in Brussels Itinerary one day

When you see the image of the Atomium below, you will know the name Atomium is very apt – the structure resembles the molecular “atom”. Oh Brussels, how cool!

Mini Europe 

The Mini-Europe is a miniature park located at the foot of the Atomium. The mini-Europe has reproductions of monuments in the European Union on display. It represents around 80 cities.

Laeken Palace Brussels

The Castle of Laeken is the official residence of the King of the Belgians. This is where the royal family resides. You cannot visit the palace as it is off-limits to the public. The palace lies in the Brussels region, about 5 km north of the city centre in the municipality of Laeken.

National Basilica of the Sacred Heart

The National Basilica of the Sacred Heart is a Roman Catholic Minor Basilica located in the Koekelberg neighborhood in Brussels, Belgium. The church was dedicated to the Sacred Heart. The church has two towers and two museums.

National Basilica of the Sacred Heart
National Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Marolles Flea Market  

Marolles is a flea market located at Place du Jeu de Balle, Brussels. This place has quite a bit of history actually. In the good old days it was called the “Old Market” (or the “Vieux Marché” in French) and was intended to serve as a playing field for “balle pelote” players in 1853).

Today it is a popular flea market in Brussels. About 450 merchants work here every day of the year, selling some vintage-y items to collect and take home from your visit.

There is a glass elevator or lift that goes from Place Poelaert down into the Marolles. You can see Brussels city views from this lift.

Downtown Area of Brussels

Brussels has the largest number of European Union offices, including the European Parliament building in the Leopold Quarter.

Parc Léopold or Leopoldspark

Parc Léopold or Leopoldspark is a public park located within the Leopold Quarter of Brussels, adjacent to the Paul-Henri Spaak building, the seat of the European Parliament.

Halle Gate 

The Halle Gate is a medieval fortified city gate of the second walls of Brussels. Today it is a museum and belongs to the Royal Museums for Art and History in Belgium.

Map – One day in Brussels Itinerary

First time visitors travel tips – One day Brussels Itinerary

You do get a good taste of Brussels by exploring the above sightseeing spots. If you are planning to extend your stay, you can take day trips from Brussels to explore more of Belgium as we did, it is easy to explore Bruges, Antwerp, and Ghent from here.

Here are some handy tips for your Brussels 1 day itinerary for the first time visitor

Travel Documents/ Belgium Visa

Belgium is part of the Euro Zone – Schengen agreement. Schengen visas are acceptable in 26 European countries and have to be applied ahead of time before arriving in Belgium. Learn more about Schengen visa application here (Schengen visa doesn’t apply to London, United Kingdom)

Brussels Grand Place
Brussels Grand Place

Using this visa, passport holders from non-visa exempt countries can visit neighboring countries like France, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. Non-visa-exempt countries include India, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Saudi Arabia to name a few. 

Visa-exempt countries – US and Canadian passport holders will be required to apply for online travel authorization from January 2025. It can be applied online and the authorization slip or email will arrive in 24-48 hours. For right now, passport holders can travel without it and can stay in a Schengen zone for 90 days for tourist purposes.

Travel Insurance is essential for Schengen Visa applications. We recommend that you always insure your trip should plans, change or in the event of medical emergencies. Get travel insurance quotes for your trip here

Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport is located in the northeast part of the city. There are multiple ways to reach the city centre from the airport including cabs, trains, buses, and renting a car yourself.

Typically, it would take 20-50 minutes to arrive depending on your mode of transport.

Transportation in Brussels

Local buses are convenient to explore within the city. Bus fares are 4.50 Euros. You can also purchase a day or weekly pass depending on your length of stay.

Transportation in Brussels day trip itinerary

There is an STIB transit pass available, which is a cost-saver if you are planning on using this network extensively. It also includes free entry to sightseeing attractions. You should keep the ticket throughout the train ride. Get your card here

Brussels has a strong rail network, within and outside of Belgium. Internal trains are called SNCB and they connect from Brussels to Bruges, Leaven, Namur, Ghent, and other towns and cities in Belgium.

Trains are also available from Brussels to neighboring areas. This includes both high-speed and regular trains.

The trains are safe and clean. We took train journeys from Brussels in the second class compartment and they were comfortable and clean.

Read: Should you visit Brussels or Bruges?

Official Language in Brussels Belgium

There are 3 official languages in Belgium – French, Dutch, and German. Due to its close proximity to the French, German, and Dutch borders, you will see landmarks in dual or triple languages.

Oh, Bruxelles Midi = Brussel-Zuid = Brussels South Station (they are the same, just different languages)

Where to stay in Brussels Belgium
Where to stay in Brussels

Where to stay in Brussels?

For a short stay, up to a week or so, staying at a central location will be really convenient for sightseeing, taking trains, shopping, and eating. We stayed at the central location (at the city centre) and there are hotel options for all budget levels.

Here are some of our recommendations –


Hotel Hilton Grand Place – Located close to the iconic Grand Place, the Hotel Hilton Grand Place is a great location to be in. This is a luxury hotel with good hospitality and grand rooms. The hotel has fitness and banquet rooms. It also has big rooms for families. Book your stay at the Hotel Hilton Grand Place


Hotel NH Collection Brussels Centre –The NH Collection is a vintage hotel, dating back to the 1920s. It is situated in a great location and conveniently close to Grand Place and other sightseeing areas. The hotel property has clean rooms, with modern amenities. They are welcome pets (Pet friendly). Book your stay at the Hotel NH Collection Brussels Centre


EasyHotel Brussels City Centre – Located in a prime area, EasyHotel Brussels is a budget accommodation option. We scored a good deal on this hotel and would highly recommend it. The rooms were small but clean.

Friendly staff and super helpful. Great location – quick access to the train station, grocery, sightseeing. Book your stay at the EasyHotel Brussels City Centre


Euros are used in Belgium. You will also find credit cards and debit machines are common. At the train stations, we found that most places had credit card slots, and some accepted bills/coins.

Budgeting for Brussels

Generally speaking, Western Europe is expensive in terms of food and accommodation. But we found Brussels to be a tad cheaper than Paris or Amsterdam.

  • Our hotel cost us less than $100 a night
  • Most of our food was bought from the grocery store (salads, bread, and other baked items, drinks, ice cream, sandwiches). We spent 10 euros on a meal for the 2 of us, by grocery shopping. And the food was good actually, including dessert.
  • Bus or train tickets cost 7 euros per person (return) – public transport
  • We did book day tours or trains to nearby cities/countries and that cost was about $60- 120. We were all booked ahead of time and online.

When is the best time to visit Brussels?

Busy Tourist Months – The months of June through August are busy tourist months with a lot of summer festivals and outdoor activities. The weather is warm and sunny. It is also a busy season bringing in a lot of visitors to the country (so prices of hotels, and flights will be costly)

Off seasons is during spring and fall. The weather is NOT too warm or cold. Springtime is from March to May and the fall season is in September and October. You can score great hotel deals and tours around this time. Also fewer crowds in tourist areas.

The winter months are from November to early February when the temperature drops and gets cold. November and January may not be that bad price-wise, but December is the prime holiday month.

Christmas season – Christmas time is a GREAT time to be here and explore the holiday markets and joy. Usually, flight tickets could be expensive around this time but Christmas Markets and light events make it worth it!

Click to read: Guide to best places to visit in winter in Europe.

We visited Brussels in September – fall and offseason. You can expect it to rain every now and then during this time (and probably throughout the year). But it didn’t hinder our everyday travel plans.

Packing Tips for Brussels – What to wear in Brussels?

Here is our Europe essentials list.

Based on the weather, of course, there will be slight changes in the packing list for Brussels. Here are some of the key items to carry. We have also included weather exceptions

In terms of everyday clothing, Brussels is not like Paris, it is actually a very chill and relaxed place – so you can wear casuals or even shorts while exploring Belgium. The people of Belgium are open to tourists and we never had any experience with unfriendly or unwelcomed stares during our stay here.

What to buy in Brussels – Brussels Souvenirs

Let me share what we bought and how MUCH I love it! So Salil bought me a nice red sweatshirt/hoodie with Belgium written on it. I love that hoodie so much. One of my favorites. We also bought some fridge magnets and Belgium Chocolates back home.

So here is what we recommend purchasing in Brussels

  • Belgium Chocolates, Sugar bombs (sweets with cream filling like raspberries)
  • Comic books and related items (Tin Tin souvenirs)
  • Arts like local jewelry, interior décor items, lacework
  • Belgian Beer and Cigar

What to eat in Brussels

There are tons of delicious things to eat in Brussels including popular Belgian street food. Belgium Waffles are amazing (unlike the waffles we have in North America), frites and sauces are delicious.

What to eat in Brussels Grand Place
What to eat in Brussels

If you have a sweet tooth, you will be sugar heaven! Desserts, Belgian Chocolates, and truffles, macarons, ice cream are yummilicous. I think I put on some extra pounds on my 7 day stay here.

Baked goods are equally delicious and you can try choco-twist, cherry cream cheese croissants, and other items from local bakeries or joints. Train stations have a line of bakeries and coffee shops so you will never go hungry.

Here is a quick cheat sheet for you

  • Belgian Waffle – There are 2 types of waffles that you can try in Brussels. The original Brussels Waffles ‘gaufre de Bruxelles’ (rectangular and less sweet, I like this kind) and Liege Waffles (round and sweet).
  • Mussels and Fries – Moules-Frites are a popular dish in Brussels. It is mussels with fries like the name suggests and it is made in white wine or other sauces.
  • Meatballs – Meatballs are very popular here as well
  • Flemish Stew – This is a POPULAR comfort food – a stew made with meat and Belgian Beer smothered to bring in rich tastes.

If you would to experience a little of everything, then try a Food Tour in Brussels. These are half-day tours, lasting 3- 4 hours or so whether you can try local cuisines with a guide in tow. Book your food tour here

There are tons of 1-2 hour Belgian chocolate-making workshops. If you love to cook and would want to experience a cooking class or workshop, try this tour.

Conclusion: Is one day in Brussels enough? 

This is a common question, “can you see Brussels in one day?”. The answer to that is – yes and no. When we were planning our Brussels itinerary, we were only allotted one day. And in all honesty, some of the city highlights are located very close to each other like Grand Place and other attractions in the city center area. These iconic Brussels attractions can be explored in a day. 

The second half of the day can be utilized in exploring the Comic Strip or if you prefer, take a Hop-on and Hop-off sightseeing tour to visit other attractions in the city. Two days in Brussels will definitely be more comfortable and you can explore more of what the city has to offer. 

So yes the highlights of Brussels can be explored in one day, but in-depth exploration of the entire city needs additional time. 

We hope you found this post helpful in planning your one day Brussels trip and itinerary.

Additional Resources Belgium and Europe travel 

Here are additional Itineraries and travel guides for European cities

Pin – 1 day in Brussels Itinerary – What to see in Brussels in one day?

One Day in Brussels Itinerary
One Day in Brussels Itinerary
Brussels Belgium things to do in one day itinerary trip. Explore the Brussels Belgium grand place, comic strip, royal palace, try Belgium waffles and other food! Get some Brussels Belgium photography tips and spot ideas for your trip #brusselsbelgium #traveltips
One Day in Brussels Itinerary

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