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Let us help you plan amazing and time-efficient travel itineraries by:

  • Making the most of your visit, every time
  • Use our pre-selected sightseeing spots
  • Get photo – inspired by stunning landscapes and landmarks
  • Practical information to get you travel-ready
  • Samples to help you pick your favorites for the upcoming trip

This is the ULTIMATE road trip planner for the Canadian Rockies with sightseeing spots and is geared towards hikers and non-hikers with accessible spots and tips on how to get there! 

This is a comprehensive road trip guide with easy to adapt mapped out itineraries, leaving out any guesswork!  

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What is included?

Detailed road trip itinerary, starting from Calgary to the Canadian Rockies with stops 

✔ Includes Banff National Park 

✔ Lake Louise 

✔ Canmore 

✔ Yoho National Park 

✔ Jasper National Park  

✔ Sightseeing options in Calgary and Edmonton

✔ 5+ Itinerary samples

✔  Short Banff highlights itinerary

✔ Detailed 10-14 day itinerary, covering all the highlights of the Canadian Rockies and more

✔  Plus driving checklists and packing lists

✔  With best photo spots and all-season travel tips

✔ GPS coordinates and 5 custom maps 


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✔ FAQ answered from real travelers

✔ The FAQ includes additional road trip itinerary like Calgary to Vancouver (and vice versa) or Seattle to the Canadian Rockies Itinerary: with another set of 5+ road trip samples

2nd BONUS:

 A printable bucket list of all the stunning locations in the Canadian Rockies. Check them off and keep them as a travel souvenir!       

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Why listen to us?

  • We have been exploring Banff and the Canadian Rockies for the past 9 years
  • We have explored as a tourist when we were new to the country and never stopped. Now we are glad to be living so close to Banff and Jasper
  • Experience in Banff:  We explore like a local, but always plan like a tourist – so we know the best time to score hotel deals, and craft itineraries based on travel time on hand. We have done one-day trips from Calgary and Edmonton to Banff and Jasper and have also stayed for extended trips to feel at home!

If you need a readymade itinerary for Banff or the Canadian Rockies – this is it!

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  • The road trip itinerary will fit all – hikers and non-hikers but is geared towards non-hikers
  • The eBook doesn’t include in-depth information about hiking trails, they are mentioned as part of the road trip spots
  • No paperback option available, the ebook is in PDF format for instant download
  • The guide starts with arrival in Calgary, with road trip stops in Banff National Park, Canmore & Lake Louise (ideas for a day trip or overnight stay), Yoho National Park, Jasper National Park, and Edmonton. The itinerary samples included in the eBook are in a table as well as in a list format, with stops and GPS coordinates, so that you can save the page or grab a screenshot of your favorite stops (for personal use only, not for reproduction)
  • Note: We have not included a stop at the popular Peyto Lake in this edition, because the lookout area is closed until winter 2020. The lower parking lot, restrooms and access road will close in spring 2020 until winter 2020.
  • Some of the information contained in the eBook can be found across many posts on this website. However, the eBook is a more practical way to read and refer to the information when preparing for your trip. It also contains itinerary samples, maps that are unique to this guide and GPS coordinates to help you plan and navigate
  • The guide does not contain any hotel or restaurant recommendations, except for the most popular hotels like the Fairmont hotels in Banff and Lake Louise are mentioned. I do indicate the closest towns/areas with accommodations and amenities.

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