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Traveling to discover local cultural nuances is just a fascinating experience in itself. It is so hard for us to remove the historical perspective from any destination we visit.

So we bring in history and cultural tits-bits to make your trip itinerary more rewarding.

You can count on us for making history easy & interesting.

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City Breaks

Enjoy cultural city breaks from Europe, Canada & beyond. Include all the prime landmarks in your itinerary, & make the most of your visit!

Culture Tours

Guided tours are a great way to explore a destination. Talk to a local expert & learn about its history & culture. In turn, help small businesses.

Heritage Sites

Guide to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, museums, & landmarks that you must visit in your lifetime; from Chichen Itza to Old Havana!

What if you could…travel with a PURPOSE

The name ToSomePlaceNew was inspired by Dalai Lama’s quote,

“ Once a year go some place you have never been before

Dalai Lama

Let’s travel and explore this wonderful world authentically. Talk to the locals, visit a historical site, relish culinary delights, wander old towns, and photograph unknown lanes….

Come back with fond memories, and empowered with education about the new place you visit

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Our Top Picks for History & Cultural Experience

Sarajevo Old Town


Bosnia, Europe

World War I Site, Balkans culture, History of Ottomans, Yugoslav period, Sarajevo Siege


Cuba, Americas

UNESCO Site Old Havana lanes, Spanish influence, Cuban history, RUMBA | Offbeat destination

At the Commerce Square Lisbon 2 day itinerary guide


Portugal, Europe

Maritime history & Age of Discovery, Fado, Pombal architecture | Affordable Europe vacations

Travel Tips for Morocco


Morocco, Africa

World’s oldest medina, souks, stay in a riad and enjoy a hamman | A culturally immersive getaway

Take a Humayun Tomb history tour in your Delhi trip to learn more about the Mughals and their architecture and their indelible impact on India's past


India, Asia

3 UNESCO Sites, and sprinkled with Mughal architectural gems. India’s medieval & modern history

Exploring the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza

Mexico, Americas

UNESCO gem dating from around 600 A.D. to the 1200s. Get to know Mayan history and their civilization

World Heritage Sites

There are a total of 1,121 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (869 cultural, 213 natural, and 39 mixed) across 167 countries (June 2020). Countries with most sites are China, Italy and Spain.

How many have you checked off?

Start your wanderlust endeavor with UNESCO Heritage Sites, and learn about each site/destination as you travel this wonderful world.

Grab a FREE UNESCO Heritage List

Free copy of all the 1121 UNESCO World Heritage Sites for you to keep. Get inspired, learn about rich cultures, architectural gems, history, and natural wonders.

UNESCO stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. World Heritage Sites all over the world are designated by UNESCO for having cultural, historical, scientific or other forms of significance. Today there are over 1100 sites all across the globe. 

If you are unsure where to go next, this UNESCO List will be handy to craft your future travel plans

A World Heritage Site is a landmark that has legal protection by the international convention aka UNESCO. There are many attractions that are open to visitors, and some that are also in danger.  

Part of UNESCO’s charter is to preserve the natural, cultural and historic sites to allow everyone to visit, enjoy, and learn from them. Many countries have a long list of sites that combine several elements of cultural heritage criteria, ranging from majestic natural beauty (like the Grand Canyon National Park, USA) to important architectural and artistic history (the Historic City of Salzburg Austria, Gaudi’s works in Barcelona or Cultural Landscape in Sintra Portugal). 

All of the UNESCO Heritage sites reflect the rich history and hence they need to be preserved at all costs. When we travel, it is essential to practice sustainable tourism by respecting local culture and customs. Let’s leave no trace – litter or damage when we visit these destinations (no any destination for that matter). It is important to continue to visit sites and contribute to the local economy. 

We book guided tours with locals (usually walking tours) to learn more about the site and help local businesses. Anytime we visit and pay for a ticket, it helps towards the site’s repair and renovation.

You can also donate at various UNESCO Sites and projects to help support the cause and preserve our heritage!

we can work together to “encourage international cooperation in the conservation of our world’s cultural and natural heritage” to preserve our world for ourselves and future generations.

UNESCO’s World Heritage site