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Husafell Canyon Baths Review & Tips

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Imagine a place where you could enjoy the stunning beauty of Iceland without any distractions. One such spot is Husafell Canyon Baths. It is located in western Iceland and is home to two hot pools that have been built using sustainable technologies. 

The surrounding landscape here will make your heart sing – it’s out of this world! Husafell Canyon Baths opened its doors in 2019, and it is still sort of a hidden gem in the country.  

Tips for visiting the Husafell Canyon Baths Iceland

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Enjoy a lovely soak in a hot pool surrounded by remote Icelandic wilderness in Husafell. 

There is a hike, stunning views of mountains, canyons, and glaciers, and an authentic Icelandic tradition presented to you in the most sustainable way. 

What are the Husafell Canyon Baths known for?

Husafell Canyon Baths is a man-made geothermal pool in Iceland. It is located in the Icelandic highlands less than two hours from the capital city of Reykjavik. 

They are one of the most stunning hot pools in the country surrounded by nothing, but pure wilderness tucked away from the crowds. 

Pools in Husafell

These baths were built to be environmentally unobtrusive, while also being sustainable! 

Husafell Canyon Baths exhibit the Icelandic way of wellness in the most natural way possible. 

In and around the baths area, there are a lot of things to do including visiting other geothermal pools and waterfalls along the Silver Circle route (more on that below). 

Where are the Húsafell Canyon Baths in Iceland located?

Husafell is located in West Iceland, about 132.2 km or 82.14 miles from Reykjavík. It will take you about 2 hours to get there. 

The area is a part of the Icelandic Highlands, and the Canyon Baths belong to the greater Husafell recreational area. 

Husafell Canyon Baths

The exact address is: 320 Húsafell, Iceland Iceland

You can also visit the Husafell Baths along the Silver Circle guided tour. This full-day tour includes sightseeing at various historic spots, particularly of Icelandic saga heritage, and combines waterfalls visit as well. 

You can view more details about the tour here

What are the costs to visit? Husafell Canyon Baths Price

A visit to the Husafell Canyon Baths is not free. In fact, access to the complex is not possible without a guide or a guided tour.

But don’t let it disappoint you because Husafell Baths make for a precious private experience in Iceland! 

Husafell Canyon Baths
Beautiful Husafell Canyon Baths

I will share my entire experience below, but for now know that entry fees to the Baths are 9,900 ISK per person for a 2-hour window, and it includes the following

  • Entry with a guide
  • Towels
  • Shared changing facilities 
  • Transport to and from Hotel Húsafell

Unlike the other lagoons near Reykjavik, the Canyon Baths have a set ticket for every visitor and no add-ons like masks or drinks are offered. 

But you do have access to a fully functioning washroom and a dedicated changing area.  

Husafell pools and the changing area on the right
Husafell pools and the changing area on the right

If you were to book a full-day tour of the Silver Circle route, the same amenities are offered. 

Note that the cost of the ticket stays the same, regardless of the time of day or year of your visit. They might have some offers during Valentine’s Day or for couples depending on the promotions calendar. 

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Are reservations needed to visit the Husafell Canyon Baths Iceland? 

Yes, reservations are required for the Husafell Canyon Baths. 

There is no reception or welcome desk at the Baths. The guide picks you up from the Husafell Hotel or Húsafell Activity Center and brings you to the pools. 

Locked area of the Husafell Canyon Baths
Locked area of the Husafell Canyon Baths

So a booking has to be made ahead of time. 

Husafell Canyon Baths are not crowded, and it will probably never be full of people as the access to the pool area is limited and monitored by a guide. 

How to get to Husafell Canyon Baths in Iceland? Transfers and tours that include Husafell Baths entry

As mentioned, the Husafell Canyon Baths are located in west Iceland. The best way to visit the Baths is on your Icelandic Highlands road trip stop, from Reykjavik. 

If you are renting a car, a stop can be pretty easy based on your Iceland itinerary

Girl at the Husafell Canyon Baths Iceland
Enjoying the warm waters of the Husafell Canyon Baths

Remember that you will have to book a time slot for a visit. No access is provided without a guide. 

Access to the baths will be for 2 hours, and it includes pick and drop off from the nearby Husafell Hotel – where you can stay overnight or park your vehicle. 

The presence of a guide or a “tour” is not intrusive, in fact, a visit to the Húsafell Canyon Baths is one of the best luxury tours to take in Iceland for couples!

If you are not renting a car, join a guided tour to stop at the Canyon Baths. This way you can explore waterfalls and historic sites as well. 

Here is a day tour to the Silver Circle route with an entry to Husafell Canyon Baths that I booked. 

View from the pool waters of Husafell Canyon Baths
View from the pool

When you book a tour, the tour agency will inform the staff of your arrival time, and you will be let in. This is usually after the sightseeing along the Silver Circle is completed. 

The baths are not super crowded, and it is big enough to accommodate guests – so even with a tour, you will be able to enjoy a nice time!  

After spending time at the Baths, you will be hiking a bit to see more waterfalls in the area. 

Without a Silver Circle tour, you can book a separate entry ticket with a guide to the Husafell Canyon Baths. (But you will need a vehicle to get to the pickup area). 

Unlike popular Golden Circle tours, the newly coined Silver Circle route is an offbeat place to explore in the western part of the country.

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What do you need to bring to visit the Húsafell Canyon Baths Iceland?

Bring your swimsuit, that’s number one. They will provide you with towels and slippers if requested. 

Here are some additional items,

It is important to wear comfortable hiking shoes when you head to Husafell. There are a series of steps that lead you to the bath changing area and because of the natural terrain, expect loose rocks, and uneven surfaces near the pools and the changing rooms. 

What is there to do at the Husafell Canyon Baths? Amenities and more

Husafell Canyon Baths allow you to take in the goodness of Icelandic geothermal waters in the safest and most natural way possible. These are traditional stone bath styles. 

Girl at Husafell Canyon Baths
Pure bliss: Husafell Canyon Baths

There are two hot pools of varying temperatures – of about 30-41°C degrees (86-105°F). The surroundings are absolutely beautiful and different from Blue Lagoon or the newly opened Sky Lagoon. 

Changing room 

When in there, you do have access to a shared changing area. But don’t worry, it is never crowded. And the place is locked for access to the guests who paid for an entry. 

In the complex, you will also find a washroom. There are no lockers, but as the access is closed you don’t have to worry about losing your items. The guide is always around. 

Hikes, pools and the changing rooms (on the right)

Other than soaking in the pools, you can enjoy a short hike through untouched landscapes and sites of the Okjokull glacier and Langifoss (waterfall).

Note that other than washrooms and changing rooms, there are no drinks or swim-up bars. Whatever you bring to the pools, needs to be packed and brought back – leave no trace. 

Hotels near Húsafell Canyon Baths and the area

Here are some of the accommodation options when visiting the Canyon Baths,

  • Hotel Husafell: Located very close to the Baths is the Hotel Husafell. I visited the hotel and it is beautiful and perfect for a night in the area. You will be within a short drive to hiking trails including the lava caves. Plus you can be easily picked up and dropped off from the Baths. Check out prices and availability here
  • Fosshotel Reykholt: Another spectacular property in the wilderness with views is the Fosshotel Reykholt. It is located at the historic site where Snorri Sturluson pool is (about a minute’s walk). You also have access to an outdoor pool for yourself. The nearby Krauma Spa is 7 km or 4.3 miles away. You can book a stay here

Húsafell Canyon Baths Visit: What to expect on your visit to Husafell Canyon Baths? 

The tour begins with a pick-up at the Husafell Activity Centre or Hotel Husafell.  

So once you arrive at the Husafell Hotel or are at Húsafell Activity Center (part of the Silver Circle tour) you will be transported in a minivan, escorted by the guide. 

Husafell Activity Centre pick up stop of the Canyon Baths
Husafell Activity Centre: This was our pick-up for the Canyon Baths

The ride is for 15+ minutes, and during this time the driver will educate you on the Canyon and the landscape around it. 

Once you arrive at the parking lot, you will be provided with towels. 

From the parking lot, you will have to walk a bit to get to the entrance gate of the Baths. Your guide will lead you all along the way. 

View of the steps (taken from the below)

The Baths area is locked and is private, so the guide can only let you in. 

This is where the magic begins!

As the gate is unlocked, you will have to take 64 steps down to the canyon baths. These are proper stairs and are well-maintained. 

When you go down you will be welcomed to the amazing views of the rugged landscape! 

Getting to Husafell Hot Pools

There are some uneven and inclined spots here and there, so be very careful and wear comfortable shoes. I am not a hiker, but it was easy to get there – no issues, plus the guide was super helpful (and friendly)!

Once you are at the pool area, you will find changing rooms on your right. You can change into your swimwear and then get into the pool!

As mentioned there are two hot pools, and I recommend soaking in both. 

Our guide mentioned that one pool is warmer than the other, however, I found both to be wonderfully warm and cozy – not too hot or cold, just right!


After time at the pool, we embarked on a short 10-minute hike to the Langifoss. This is a two tiered waterfall that you can view from the cliff top or a viewing platform.  

From the platform, you will hike another 5 to 10 minutes through the Icelandic forest and out to the spot where the guide had parked the minivan.

My honest review of the Husafell Canyon Baths in Iceland

I have never experienced anything like the Husafell Canyon Baths. 

I have enjoyed and loved my time at the Myvatn Nature Baths, Secret, Blue, and the Sky Lagoon – but this was different. It was au natural, calm and very beautiful. 

At the Husafell Canyon Baths

You must have seen such hot tubs elsewhere, maybe in the US and Canada or even in Iceland, but most of them will require hours of hiking. I don’t hike lol, so this was a great experience minus the sweat!

There was no mud mask or 7-step ritual at the Canyon Baths, but this was incredibly peaceful and lovely in its own way. 

And everything is so sustainable and locally sourced. The on-site bathhouse (changing room) is made from salvaged timbers from the area. 

Husafell Baths
Storage at the Husafell Baths

Inside you will find hooks that are repurposed horseshoes from a nearby family farm.

The bath pools are constructed locally and are placed on the canyon floor in the midst of nature. 

These baths are hot-spring-fed pools and are designed to blend into the environment seamlessly using the traditional methods that Iceland is known for. 

The pool resembles the Snorri’s Pool or Snorralaug – the hot pool that belonged to an Icelandic saga writer, dating back to the 10th century. 

Snorri’s Pool

Photography Tips for Húsafell Canyon Baths

Photography is easy at the Husafell Canyon Baths, as it is not super crowded. Although I didn’t use a full-length tripod, you can as long as you are careful. Keep in mind the surface is uneven. 

I used my DSLR and cell phone to take photos in and outside the pool. When you use your cellphone I recommend getting the following

I used the mini tripod to take photos and videos with a self-timer. The tripod holds the cell phone tightly and you can leave it on the rocky areas outside the pool to frame yourself and take photos. 


This tripod kept my phone completely dry, and I was able to go hands-free when needed. Plus the guide is always there if you need a hand. 

Things to do in and around the Husafell Canyon Baths

When planning a trip to west Iceland or in Reykjavik you can visit the Canyon Baths in a day. Plus there are options for an overnight stay here as well. 

The private tour of the Baths area also includes a short hike to Langifoss, which is part of the glacial meltwater on the site of the dormant Okjökull glacier.


Here are some of the other natural attractions that you can include on your visit,

  • Deildartunguhver: This site is home to the most powerful geothermal spring in Europe
  • Krauma Spa: Located near the hottest geothermal springs is a beautiful pool and spa called the Krauma. It is a relaxing space and a nice alternative to the Blue Lagoon or the Sky Lagoon
  • Reykholt: Visit the historic site of Reykholt to learn about Icelandic sagas
  • Hraunfossar: This is one of the stunning waterfalls in Iceland flowing through lava
  • Barnafoss: This is a smaller waterfall located next to Hraunfossar
  • Langjökull glacier: You can enjoy guided tours of the Langjökull glacier – ice walks, hikes, etc
  • Vidgelmir: This is a lava tube in the Icelandic Highlands and a guided walk can be booked for this as well

If you are not renting a car, opt for day tours from Reykjavik that include all the above stops.

Here is the tour to book, it includes all of the above except the last two. 

Note you have to choose between the lava walk or Husafell Canyon Baths on a day tour

Tips for Visiting the Husafell Canyon Baths

We will round up some of the travel tips for the Husafell Canyon Baths below,

  • We recommend making reservations ahead of time as you will need a guide and transportation to the baths area.
  • You can book it online here or as part of a Silver Circle guided tour.
  • Although the pools are open all year round, depending on the weather conditions and snow on the ground access may be closed.
  • Remember to wear comfortable hiking shoes.
  • You don’t have to take a shower before entering the pool.
  • Leave no trace.
  • Bring a swimsuit, a towel, and a dry bag to carry the wetsuit after. Swimsuits can be rented at the Husafell Hotel for a fee.
  • Take off your jewelry before getting into the pool.
  • For taking photos, bring a waterproof pouch for your phone or a mini tripod
  • You can choose to stay overnight at the Husafell Hotel to enjoy a more immersive experience of the Highlands and the Husafell area. 

If you need a packing list for Iceland you can check out our top picks from Amazon 

Husafell Canyon Baths Iceland FAQ

Can I visit the Husafell Canyon Baths if I don’t know how to swim? 

These are two small pools and no swimming is necessary. There are rocks at the bottom, which could be slippery but the pools are shallow. 

How much time does it take to visit the Canyon Baths?

The recommended time is 1.50 to 2 hours. This is the duration of the private tour at the Baths as well which also includes changing and a short hike.

When is the best time of day to visit the Canyon Baths?

Early mornings or evenings are wonderful, especially after a day of sightseeing and hikes. 

Note that this place is not crowded (they have a limited people capacity of 16 guests).

When is the best time of year to visit the Canyon Baths?

Anytime. However, I would avoid crossover months like March or early April when the Baths can be inaccessible.

Is photography allowed at the Canyon Baths?

Absolutely, it is allowed.

Is there luggage storage available at the Canyon Baths?

There is no designated luggage area. But you can keep your backpacks in the changing room (no lockers though) or at the Husafell Hotel with a request.

Should you visit the Husafell Canyon Baths?

I 1000% recommend visiting the Husafell Canyon Baths. It is truly set in a wonderful location in the Icelandic Highlands, surrounded by nature. 

Everything is locally sourced and sustainable. And as the access is by a private tour only you can book the space entirely for yourself – for a couples getaway or a photo shoot. 

The warm waters of the pool will engulf you and take you to a relaxed state of wellbeing, after all this is the centuries-old wellness technique that Icelanders are proud of. 

Husafell Baths are clean and natural. When compared to public and unmaintained swimming pools in Iceland, these baths are better and safe. I highly recommend it. 

I visited the Baths on my solo trip, I am hoping to bring Salil along with me on our next visit 🙂

Husafell Canyon Baths are not just a place to relax and enjoy the scenery, they also provide an environmentally sensitive way of bathing. 

The pools themselves were built with sustainable practices in mind – making them one-of-a-kind among their stunning landscape!

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