Hello and welcome – ToSomePlaceNew. We are so glad you are here. 

ToSomePlaceNew was born in late 2015, when I, Mayuri decided to document our travel journeys on the blog. That small step led to many more journeys and articles being written and shared as we kept on exploring this wonderful world.

Our Travel Philosophy 

What is ToSomePlaceNew all about? Short answer is that it is all about travel and exploring more of this world. 

This was my annual goal to travel to 2 new destinations each year (and way back in 2010 when I, Mayuri started my professional journey). 

The name ToSomePlaceNew was inspired by Dalai Lama’s quote,

“ Once a year go some place you have never been before

And that became, ToSomePlaceNew

Salil joined me in this zest for travel and our travel-love story has continued to grow.

Our Travel Resources

Our travel itineraries and guides are super easy to follow and are filled with practical tips, historical information and destination inspirations to make the most of your travel days.

Our primary focus

Our primary focus is to help travel enthusiasts who are pressed for time, but want to travel more. 

We help you get there, by doing all the research work for you, based on our experience and hacks we have learned along the way.

Our blog 

Our blog is based on 3 C’s – city, culture & history and carry-on (traveling) 

C for Cities – We primarily cover and explore cities (small or big, off beat or popular). Practical information from visas to airport arrival, transportation and other tips.

C for Culture and History – It is so hard for us to remove the historical perspective from any destination we visit. So we bring in history tits-bits to make the trip itinerary more rewarding. And you can count on us for making history easy & interesting. Add the cultural nuances to it – food, language, clothing and more.

C for Carry-on – The last “C” has two parts. We LOVE our carry-ons and exclusively travel with carry-on (never pay baggage fees ever!) and it is so liberating to land in a new city and run and explore (no waiting at the baggage claim). We share our packing guides and general travel gear we love.

And secondly, all this to help you “Carry-on” traveling and not let work, time or school stop you! (get it, carry on traveling).

Places we have explored

Europe Travel 


Exploring Europe is not only our passion, but something we are good at. We travel to Europe a few times a year all the way from Canada and make the MOST of our visit by exploring multiple countries at a time. 

We choose a city with a great transportation network as a base and then we venture on day tours or take trains. By taking day tours and using public transport, you can make the most of your trip and cover multiple destinations without being tired or jetlagged.

Our Europe travel guides are filled with necessary local and practical tips plus historical background to give you the city or the destinations perspective before your trip: because we think it’s important to understand how and why the city exists – the way it is. We bet you will appreciate each destination a little more, if you know their struggles and victories over the centuries. 

We have traveled to Europe on Schengen Visa, without travel visa (visa exempt) and come 2025 via ETIAS – our tips have got you covered here.

Our European travel saga will continue till we explore all of the 44 countries (and you can expect our Europe Travel list to be a little longer, over time).

Canada Travel 

When we are not flying over the seven seas, we are busy exploring our backyard. Canada is beautiful and our travel posts and pictures will show you how to explore more of this paradise.

We lived in 3 different provinces so far (and a few cities) and we utilize our weekends and work trips to make the most of travel time at home!

You can count on us to give you the best Canadian itineraries, of small and big cities. That’s why we have a dedicated Travel Canada section on our blog.

Travel Canada

USA Travel 

With the USA being next door, we sometimes hop on a plane (or bus or drive) across the border to explore more of our neighbors.

City breaks or weekend getaways are our absolute favorites for the US. And like always we add a day trip or two to explore more of the destination. Read our USA Travel adventures here.

Americas Travel 

If not the USA, we try to switch up and visit other countries in the Americas. In the Americas travel, we focus on the history and cultural visits, followed by an all-inclusive resort type of travel. 

Mexico and Cuba were our top picks with tons of history and we had a blast!

Other travel destinations

We have recently started traveling to Africa and plan on adding more of Asia (apart from India Travel) in the future.

Travel Gear and Packing guides

Through our blog, we also share our tips and gear that we have used in our travels. They range from backpacks to jackets, and destination-specific and generic packing guides and long flight survival kits

If you LOVE to travel, you will find something valuable on our blog to help you! 


Happy Travels!