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Prague in March & April + Things to do in each month

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Prague is one of our all-time favorite cities in Europe. The old world charming lanes and architecture, amazing food and beer and just the city vibe just melts our hearts. Our first visit to Prague in March was so unforgettable. In this post, we will share all the amazing things you can do in Prague in March and April, with essential planning and packing tips to prepare for your trip.

Prague in March & April + 15 Things to do in Prague in March & April

Prague in March April
Prague in March April

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Our experience and how to use this guide:

We visited Prague in the months of March and April as part of a guided tour and later stayed back to experience the city (+ day trips) on our own. In this guide, we have shared our sightseeing tips with up-to-date events, and our tried and tested packing list.

We will begin with weather-related insights, followed by practical tips to help plan your trip! Use our guide to gather all the information in one spot.

Get the ultimate guide and things to do in Prague in March and April. Check out the Easter markets & explore the city highlights minus the crowd.
City of Prague Prague Views in March

Prague in March & April temperatures and weather 

Spring arrives late in the capital city of Prague Czech Republic. In early March, you can expect colder temperatures and occasional snow or flurries.

Old Town and the Prague Castle area still look magical with the light snow drizzle. Just remember to carry a warm cardigan, scarf, or a light jacket to beat the cold.

Views from Prague Castle
March Prague: Prague views

Evenings in Prague in March will be quiet and chilly as well – this can be a blessing for some, who are looking to enjoy a nice, relaxed European vacation in a charming historic city.

Prague in late March, will be warming up to the spring weather and there will be festivities on the streets with Easter, St Patrick’s Day, and other seasonal activities. As the weather warms up, you can expect daylight increases and more sunshine sparkling in Prague. 

In 2024, the Prague Easter markets will be open every day from 16th March to 7th April 2024.

The good thing about visiting Prague in March and April is that there is very little chance of rain or precipitation and clear skies are the typical forecast for the month. The average temperature in March ranges from 10 degrees Celsius to 2 degrees Celsius (high/low). 

Prague old town
Prague Vienna and Budapest Luxury Tours

As the weather proceeds to April in Prague, the city is warmer and it feels like spring is in full swing. The average temperature ranges from 17 degrees Celsius to 7 degrees Celsius (high/low). 

Prague weather overview – Here is what the temperature looks like in Prague in March – April and all year round.

Prague Weather March and April | All Seasons
Winter Months from December to February 5 degrees Celsius (41 F) to – 1 degree Celsius (30.2) [high/low]
April –  17 degrees Celsius (62.6 F) to 7 degrees Celsius (44.6) [high/low]
Summer Months from June to August 26 degrees Celsius (78.8 F) to 14 degrees Celsius (57.2) [high/low]
Autumn/Fall Months from September to November 20 degrees Celsius (68 F) to 4 degrees Celsius (39.2) [high/low]
Autumn/Fall Months from September to November 20 degree Celsius (68 F) to 4 degrees Celsius (39.2) [high/low]
Weather Source: NOAA

Tip: The Czech Republic, like most states in Europe, observes daylight saving time in March, where the time springs ahead by one hour.

What to Pack for Prague in March & April 

Prague in March is not super cold like the winters, but it can get chilly in the evenings, especially in early March. When you are visiting Easter Markets or taking a river cruise on the Vltava – wearing a warm cardigan, jacket or scarf will come in super handy. 

In mid April, you can easily ditch the warm clothes and carry summer outfits, but a light jacket is always handy. It is not uncommon to see overcast skies in early April, however, snowing at this time of the year is very rare  

So here is what you must pack for Prague in March and April :- 

  • Light jacket or trench coat – A nice jacket or trench coat will be super handy in Prague to just throw on and go about your day. Don’t take anything super bulky or a winter jacket. Follow spring fashion and carry a light jacket. (Waterproof is better if visiting in April) Click here to buy my favorite lightweight waterproof coat
  • Denim or faux leather jacket – I took my faux leather jacket to Prague and it was apt for mid mornings. If you are staying in Prague for an extended period of time, you can switch between the trench coat and the leather jacket. Check out this leather jacket from Levis 
  • Light cardigan – Especially for people who are always cold like me, carry a warm cardigan or a pull-over. I wore mine all day in Prague and layered on with a faux leather jacket in the evenings. I am in LOVE with this merino wool cardigan – check it out here
  • Comfortable walking shoes – Comfortable walking shoes are a MUST in Prague. Prague is one of those cities where you will enjoy walking (a ton). So pack a comfortable pair. I prefer shoes to booties at this time of the year. Here are two of my all time favorites  –
  • Day pack or a purse – Don’t forget to add a day pack or a purse. Both these items can pack a ton of things – from wallet, small cosmetic pouch, camera to a light cardigan and a water bottle, when you are out and about exploring. Ensure you keep your bag/purse close to you when you are walking the Charles Bridge area – it is known to be a pick pocket’s zone. Check out this anti-theft travel purse and this day pack for travel which will store your essentials.


Prague Hotels Guide

The city of Prague is made up of 22 districts. If you are visiting Prague for a short period of time, stay in the heart of the city – close to sightseeing attractions and activities.

As Prague in March is an off season, you can expect great deals on hotel nightly rates. This is a good time to choose luxury accommodation (as it is shoulder season) and pay less for more. 

Where to stay in Prague

Tourism in Prague in April picks up a bit, but it is still not the prime PEAK season. 

Praga 01 or District 01 will be the best neighborhood to stay in Prague as it is located close to attractions, and restaurants and has easy transportation access. 

Within Prague 01, there are 3 areas –  Staré Město (Old Town), Malá Strana (Little Quarter or Lesser Town), and Hradcany (Prague Castle district) – all are great options to stay. Read our guide to where to stay in the Prague city with guide to hotel reviews and Prague hostels

Luxury Hotel Price Range: $300-500+ USD

  • Four Seasons Hotel Prague – A gorgeous 5 star hotel, TOP Rated in Prague
    • Great location
    • Luxurious vibes and beautiful rooms
    • Hotel amenities include an Italian restaurant, gym centre and spa on site
  • Aria Hotel Prague – Amazing 5 star hotel in old town.Originally a theatre
    • Close to sightseeing spots like John Lennon wall, Franz Kafka museum
    • Hotel amenities include fine dining, roof top bar and terrace 
    • Popular with couples 
    • Great city and river views of Prague
    • Instagrammable hotel

Mid Range Hotel Price Range: $120 – 300 USD

  • The Emblem Hotel – A 5 star hotel offering standard to deluxe rooms
    • Great central location, standard hotel rates start at $160 USD+
    • Hotel amenities include an upmarket restaurant, hot tub and outdoor pool
    • Located a few steps away from Staroměstská metro station 
  • Boutique Hotel Constans – A 4 star boutique style hotel, popular with couples
    • With warm and cozy vibes, this hotel is located a 5-minute walk from a tram stop, close to tourist spots
    • Free breakfast is offered. Fine dining and bar on-site

Budget Hotel Price Range: Less than $100

  • Lindner Hotel Prague Castle – Laid back hotel set in a Medieval monastery
    • Beautiful rooms and a large courtyard
    • Hotel amenities include a traditional Czech restaurant and bar, spa with gym and sauna
    • This hotel is pet friendly 
  • Grandior Hotel Prague –  4 star hotel located in the new town(this is in District 2)
    • We included this hotel as it is available for great value and is close to the metro tram and subway station
    • Polished, nice, and clean rooms

15 Things to do in Prague in March & April

1. Explore the historic old town of Prague 

The historic old town of Prague is a MUST visit in every season, and March and April are no exception. In fact in March when we visited Prague’s old town, it was beaming with activities, but it was not super crowded.

March is a good time to take pictures of the old town without the constant flow of tourist groups (which you will find LOTS in peak seasons).

Beautiful Prague in March
Beautiful Prague in March

Wander the historic town center at your own leisure or take a guided walking tour.

Here is what you should check out – start out at the Astronomical Clock in Old Town Square and Kinksy Palace, then stop for some sweet treats and continue to the Charles Bridge. 

Restaurants in and around the old town are beautiful to sit and watch the world go by. Because March is still pretty chilly, you won’t be able to sit outside/patios at this time. Many cafes do have a covered patio –dining area with heaters inside, for you to stay warm and toasty!

Old Town Prague in March
Old Town Prague

April is when the weather warms up and it is your ideal spring time in Prague and you will start seeing more crowds on the streets. 

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2. Go Easter egg hunting in Prague’s Easter Markets – Velikonocni trhy

If you are planning a trip to Prague in March, and it is around Easter, then you are in luck. You can explore Prague’s traditional Easter markets, go Easter egg hunting, or bring back some home and indulge in their festivities.

Easter Markets Prague
Easter Markets Prague Festival and more

Easter is an important festival in Prague and Europe in general. The city will be decorated with Easter paraphernalia and markets will be set up. There is an observation bridge at the Old Town Square which is also decorated with branches of birch trees, ribbons, and flowers.

Two of the most popular Easter Markets in Prague are located 5 minutes away from each other. They are in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. In these markets, you will find traditionally painted Easter eggs (called kraslice in Czech) and souvenirs for purchase.

In 2024, the Prague Easter markets will be open every day from 16th March to 7th April 2024.

Here is where Prague Easter markets are held –

  • Easter Markets in Old Town – Pretty Easter market set in the historic center with views of the Old Town Hall and the square
  • Easter Markets at Wenceslas Square – Wenceslas Square is located 5 minutes away from the old town and it is another venue to explore Easter markets
  • Prague Castle Easter Market – Another historic venue and this is open for longer – from 16th March to 7th April 2024
  • Republic Square at Havel’s Market – Havel’s Market holds a smaller Easter market
  • Easter Market at Prague Castle – This Easter market is held in front of St. George’s Basilica (Prague Castle) and is open from 16th March to 7th April 2024

3. Head to St Vitus Cathedral for Easter Mass 

Visit the Vitus Cathedral – the seat of the Archbishop of Prague – to join in the Easter mass. 

The best sightseeing guide for your trip to Prague - a day by day activities guide, with travel tips and experiences for your Prague 2 day Travel Itinerary
Church Interiors Prague 

4. Take a special walking tour of Prague 

As we said, Prague is a GREAT city and best explored on foot. There are guided tours for the old town, Prague castle district and so many unique tours like ghost and legend tours.

In March and early April, you can expect fewer people in group tours and they are perfect to explore hidden gems and popular attractions in the city. Remember to wear your comfy shoes! 

Prague Castle Views from Old Town
Prague Castle Views from Old Town
  • Walking tour of Prague Castle – Explore the Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, and many hidden gems in a 3-hour walking tour. Learn more about this 3 hour walking tour 
  • Ghosts and Legends Walking tour – Explore the spook-ta-cular side of Prague in this evening walking tour of Old Town. Check out the tour here
  • Go on a Jewish Quarter walking tour – Learn about the Jewish heritage of Prague’s Jewish Quarter, by joining an informational 2.5-hour walking tour. (Note: In April they are closed on April 1st 2nd, 7th, and 8th days of Passover) More about the walking tour here

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5. Eat Czech comfort food 

Czech cuisine is delicious. In March, you can still enjoy some of the popular winter foods in Prague like traditional potato soup. But regardless of when you arrive in Prague in March or April, try any (or all) of the Czech classic dishes in Prague.

The best sightseeing guide for your trip to Prague - a day by day activities guide, with travel tips and experiences for your Prague 2 day Travel Itinerary
Relishing a Chimney Cake at the Old Town Square
  • Chimney Cake or Trdelník– Chimney cakes are quite a thing in Prague. It is a baked item filled with a cream filling (or two) and is super delicious, without being overly SWEET-SWEET. The shape of the food is spiral and round – like a chimney. You will find tons of places in old town Prague serving chimney cake or Trdelnik.
  • Goulash – Goulash originated in Budapest, but I should admit I LOVED the goulash in Prague. It is a thick beef soup, served with potato dumplings. Goulash is pretty filling on its own and you won’t need another helping for that meal. Try it at Restaurant Mlejnice in the old town Prague. 
  • Vepřo-knedlo-zelo – This is a platter of roast beef and bread dumplings. Try it for lunch or dinner. 
  • Grilované klobásy – Try this snack on the go. This is a grilled sausage tucked into a roll and served with sauce. You will easily find food stalls offering this in Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square.

There are many street food festivals held in Prague in April. 

Everyday Prague - experience local markets, lanes #prague
Everyday Prague – experience local markets, lanes #prague

6. Take photos at the Astronomical Clock minus the photo-bombers

Located at the helm of Old Town Square is the Prague Astronomical Clock or Prague Orloj. This is one of the MOST popular attractions in Prague and is free to view and watch the clock figurines dance every hour.

A medieval astronomical clock – it is the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world. It is not uncommon to see newlyweds trying to capture a romantic shot in front of the astronomical clock – yes that’s a thing!  It is as iconic as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, here in Prague. So the deal is that in March, it is not super crowded.

Astronomical Clock in Prague in March
Astronomical Clock in Prague in March

See, and we didn’t have to try too hard or wait too long! 

7. Go on a river cruise on the Vltava river 

The Vltava River makes Prague so charming and picturesque. There are many river cruises available to take on the Vltava River, starting from sightseeing tours to lunch and dinner cruises.

If the temperatures drop a bit, it is a good idea to get on a Vltava River cruise sit inside, cozy up, and enjoy amazing city views from a covered boat.

Vltava River in Prague in March
  • Sightseeing Cruise of 45 minutes – Hop on this 45 minute sightseeing tour via river cruise. On this cruise, there is an audio narration of the sightseeing attractions, all from the comfort of the covered yacht. This is perfect to cozy up inside and see the city from the river. Book this tour here
  • Vltava River lunch cruise – This is a 2-hour cruise on the Vltava River, with a delicious buffet lunch on board whilst taking in the city’s iconic landmarks. Learn more about this tour here
  • Dinner cruise with live music – An evening full of Czech music and night lights, this 3-hour dinner cruise will win you over. On this tour, you will see all the historic monuments illuminated after dark while sipping some beer or wine and feasting from a menu of international and Czech food. Book this dinner cruise here

8. Attend Febiofest – Prague International Film Festival 

‘Febiofest’ is Prague’s International Film fest that happens every year in March/April. And the venue of the film festival is the Cinestar in Old Town Prague.  

This year’s dates are yet to be announced.

9. Join the six-day Irish Music Festival in Prague 

Can’t be in Ireland for St Patty’s Day? No problem. Join Prague in their celebration of St Patrick’s Day in this 6 day long Irish Music Festival.

This event happens every year in March and the music festival showcases Irish dances and traditional folk performances at the Caffey’s.

And of course, Irish bars in Prague are open and many places celebrate the festival with a “St. Patrick’s Weekend special” or “St Patrick’s Week long extravaganza”. 

10. Drink some mulled wine, while there is still time

Mulled wine is a popular drink in Europe during Christmas. In March in Prague, you still have time to drink some mulled wine (yes that rhymed).

In the old town, you will find cafes offering – Svará, which is hot mulled wine along with hot chocolate and hot cider, which are festive delicacies.

The best sightseeing guide for your trip to Prague - a day by day activities guide, with travel tips and experiences for your Prague 2 day Itinerary #Prague
Old Town Square Prague

It is okay if you don’t want to indulge (or re-indulge) in Christmas traditions at this time of the year, but Czech beer is something you shouldn’t miss on your trip.

The Czech Republic manufactures beer in the Moravia region and they are easily available in the city, even in the grocery stores and they are pretty cheap. If you prefer, take a beer hopping tour here

11. Go on day trips to neighboring countries and cities 

Prague is an amazing destination to keep as a base city to explore other Eastern or Central European countries. Keep in mind the cities in and around the Czech Republic will experience a similar temperature to Prague. Budapest can get a lot of rain in March if you are planning to head there. 

Of course, you can go on day trips within the Czech Republic to explore more of the country. Here are two of our favorite day trip options from Prague in the Czech Republic 

  • Kutna Hora – Kutna Hora is only a 1-hour train ride away from Prague. The city of Kutná Hora is popular for the two UNESCO heritage sites – St Barbara’s Church and the Cathedral of our Lady at Sedlec. You can book a perfect half day tour from Prague to Kutna Hora here
  • Cesky Krumluv – Český Krumlov is the second most popular destination in the Czech Republic after Prague. This place is ideal for a full day tour and is popular for the Český Krumlov Castle. You can reach Český Krumlov from Prague in 3 hours by train or book a guided tour here
  • Terezin Concentration Camp Tour –  Another interesting half-day tour idea is the largest Czech concentration camp of World War II. At the Terezin Concentration Camp tour, you can visit the site of the Jewish ghetto, and the town school (presently a museum) with an expert guide. Pick-up and drop-off are included as well. Click to book this tour here

12. Soak in Prague city views in March and April

Prague city is split into two towns – the old or lesser town/ Mala Strana (which is the historic city center) and the new town. And there is also the Prague Castle which is built on a hilltop.

So you can imagine there are TONS of options to soak in Prague’s wonderful medieval cityscape – of bright orange-y rooftops and the Vltava River.

Charles Bridge in Prague in March - April

Here are four of our favorite places in Prague for taking in city views –

  • From Charles Bridge – Ionic and historic bridge, offering great views of the city and the river. 
  • From Letna Park – Letná Park is a large park on Letná hill, it offers amazing views of the old town.
  • From Astronomical Clock tower – You can climb the top of the astronomical clock tower for a small entry fee and see all the hustle-bustle of the old town square and beyond. Grab your entry tickets here
  • From Prague Castle grounds – From Prague Castle, you can see the Charles Bridge, vineyards, and city views. 

13. Spend time at Prague’s many museums and exhibitions

To learn more about Prague’s history and its past, visiting a museum or seasonal exhibitions are a great idea.  As March and April are off season, museums will be less crowded and have little to no lineups. 

Get the ultimate guide and things to do in Prague in March and April. Check out the Easter markets & explore the city highlights minus the crowd.
  • Museum of Communism – For history nerds, get in-depth insights into the communist period in Czechoslovakia at the Museum of Communism. Get your entry ticket here.
  • St Nicholas Church Belfry Tower – Visit Belfry tower to learn about Second World War, and spy activities that took place during the Cold War.
  • Jewish Museum – Visit the Jewish museum to learn about the Jews’ bitter-sweet history in Prague. There are about 12,000 gravestones inside the Old Jewish Cemetery and spend time exploring Holocaust Memorial inside the Pinkas Synagogue.
  • Franz Kafka Museum – A tribute to the eccentric Czech writer – Franz Kafka. 

14. Prague Farmers Market in April 

Farmer’s Markets in Prague is quite a thing and they begin springing up in the city in April in a variety of different locations from the old town to the Vinohrady neighborhood and even the riverside. 

Lanes of Prague old town
Lanes of Prague old town

15. Watch a show or a concert at the State Opera House in Prague 1

The State Opera in Prague is one of the most important music scenes in Europe. Located in Prague district 1 it is one of the prime stages of the National Theatre in the country. Watch out for their spring concerts for March and April here

Conclusion: Why visit Prague in March & April?

We really had a great time in Prague in March and we hope you are equally excited to visit this beautiful city in spring. Here are some reasons why you should visit in March and April: 

Views of Prague in March

Prague in March and April is considered a shoulder season

Prague in March is considered a shoulder season. Prague is known for its Christmas markets and in March the major hangover of the winter is gone, and it slowly moves into a slower- normal space of life.

This is a great time to explore Prague’s prime attractions – like the Charles Bridge, the Astronomical Clock, or the Prague Castle. You can expect fewer crowds on the streets and in these landmarks, making it easier to take photos or explore at leisure.

The same holds true for Prague in April as Easter celebrations flow into this month. 

Luxury hotels for less – Prague in March

Being an off-season month in Prague, you can expect to get a good deal on accommodation. If you have fancied staying in the lesser town or old town near the historic city center – no better time than March to book a stunning suite for yourself!

Search for Prague hotels Prague deals

Celebrate Easter in Prague in March & April

Exploring Easter markets is a great attraction in Prague and Europe in general. Prague Easter markets are set up and open for two weeks before Easter and one week after the Easter weekend. In most years, Easter markets are open through mid-April. 

If you wish to experience traditional European markets from the United States or Canada, try planning your trip to Prague around the Easter holidays.

Prague Restaurants in March
Prague Restaurants in March: Prague March travel guide

Fewer crowds but more festivities in Prague in March

Not only Easter markets, but Prague opens its doors with many festivities in March. There are film festivals, art exhibitions, and special tours that are organized in Prague, to keep you busy.

We hope you enjoyed our tips and experiences for visiting Prague from March through April. Have a fabulous spring break in one of our favorite cities! 

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Pin: 15 Things to do in Prague in March through April 

Prague in March
Visiting Prague in March

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