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45 Things to do in Canmore: Travel Guide & Itinerary

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Canmore is a resort town located in the Canadian province of Alberta. It is located within the Bow Valley and offers amazing views of the Canadian Rockies from every possible part of the city. If you are looking for the best things to do in Canmore Canada, we got you covered. This article is a well-rounded Canmore travel guide written by a frequent traveler (we have been exploring Canmore since 2011).

Things to do in Canmore Travel Guide + Tips

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Canmore is our favorite as it’s a pedestrian-friendly town. The town centre or the “Main Street”, which was a residential road before has some of the oldest architecture in town. Now you can find the main street lined with amazing shops, cafes, restaurants, and galleries.

Much of the Canmore area has been designated a wildlife corridor that allows animals such as bears, cougars, wolves, and elk to move between habitat patches. Living so close to Canmore (we live in Edmonton – about 4 hours away) allows us to make this place our go-to location for quick weekend getaways.

View of town of Canmore Kananaskis Country
View of the town with mountain view

Here are some travel tips for Canmore 

Travel Tips Canmore: Guide to Canmore Canada

Nearest Airport: Calgary International Airport is closest to Canmore. From Calgary, Canmore is about 1 hour 10 minutes by car or airport shuttle. It is located 20 minutes from Banff National Park.

Canmore is technically part of Kananaskis Country. It is right outside of Banff town and national park boundaries. 

Commuting in Canmore: Canmore town is best explored on foot, and bikes. To get to Canmore you will need to rent a car or arrive by bus. Local public transportation exists for you to use, and it is completely free. Ride the Canmore Local (Route 5) via Roam Transit. It runs from the Cougar Creek area to Three Sisters and operates seven days a week. 

Where to stay in Canmore: Being a resort town, there are a lot of accommodation options in Canmore. You can book a hotel, motel, or hostel. Hotel room rates range from CAD$ 79-350. During peak seasons, it’s advisable to either plan ahead or plans to stay in Calgary or Kananaskis country.

Chalets and hotels in Canmore
Where to stay in Canmore

Best Time to Visit Canmore: The best time to visit Canmore is from June to August and December to March. If you love nature and love to spend time outdoors – camping or by the lakeside, visit Canmore when the weather is warm and welcoming. 

(Consider the Canmore hotel rates, when booking during peak seasons). If you love to ski and enjoy playing with snow, visit Canmore in winter, when it’s very beautiful too.

Good to Know: You have access to amazing views of the Canadian Rockies, from any part of the town – from a fast-food chain to a hotel balcony to any parking lot and we think this makes Canmore very special.

Also, you don’t pay any park fees to visit through or stay in Canmore (you can thank us later :)).

𝗡𝗼𝘁𝗲: A Kananaskis Conservation Pass is required to visit K country parks (it is not a national park entry fee that you need to pay for Canadian National Parks like Banff or Jasper). This pass can be purchased online or at one of the visitor centres. Day-use passes cost $15 CAD per vehicle while an annual pass, which can be used 365 days from its date of purchase, is $90 CAD per vehicle. No pass is required for Canmore. 

Popular Canmore activities include horse riding, rafting, hiking, fishing, rock-climbing, canoeing, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, bird-watching, windsurfing, and of course camping.

Guide to road trip through Alberta Banff Jasper & Yoho National Park

Suggested long weekend Canmore Itinerary 

Canmore is perfect for a 2 day or 3 day weekend. Here is what you can do,

  • Day 1: Start from Calgary. Visit Bow Valley Provincial Park in Kananaskis Country, enjoy some falls, lakes along the way before arriving in Canmore in the evening. 
  • Day 2: Explore the Canmore town highlights. Wake up for breakfast, stroll the Main Street, and then head to the Policemen’s Creek, NW Mounted Police Barracks museum, check  a few galleries. Head to the Canmore Engine Bridge and then enjoy the Bow River trail. Dine at Spice Hut Restaurant, followed by drinks at the distillery.
  • Day 3: Set aside a day for hikes (Grassi Lakes, Ha Ling, or Grotto Canyon trails). Not into hiking? Visit Kananaskis Nordic Spa. Other options include activities at the Elevation Place or Nordic Centre Provincial Park (winter)

Things to do in Canmore in summer – Places to visit in Canmore Activities List

So here are the amazing things to do in Canmore for summer

Admire the Three Sisters mountain peaks

The Three Sisters is the name given to a range of mountain peaks in Canmore, Alberta. The mountain range has 3 peaks and hence the name “three sisters”. 

View of 3 Sisters in Canmore
Three Sisters, Canmore Banff

The 3 peaks are individually marked for and known as the big, middle, and little sister, and each stands for – Faith (Big Sister), Charity (Middle Sister), and Hope (Little Sister). They are stunning to look at and can be viewed from most parts of the town.

The name Three Sisters was given by Albert Rogers, who was an American surveyor. He called them so after a storm left a heavy veil of snow on the northern face of all three peaks. This was made official in 1886 by George Dawson. 

Be sure to check them out when you are driving into town. Try to book a hotel suite with views of the Three Sisters during your stay in Canmore.

Check out the historic Canmore Engine Bridge

Canmore Engine Bridge is a cool attraction in town. This bridge was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) in 1891 and was originally built to serve a coal mine nearby. 

Canmore Engine Bridge in winter
Canmore Engine Bridge

The bridge is remarkable and noted for its rare vertical end posts. At the top of the end posts, you will find plaques reading T. B. Co. 1880. From one end of the bridge, you can see stunning mountain views, and the beautiful Bow River flowing underneath.

There are branches where you can sit and relax or just walk along where the river flows. This historic bridge is meant for pedestrian traffic only. 

Note: Do not try to jump off the bridge as it is not allowed. Fines are imposed if caught jumping.

Enjoy the Bow River Loop Trail

From here you can embark on an easy Bow River Loop Trail, whilst soaking in Rocky mountain views, and enjoying the gushes of the Bow River. The color of the river is mesmerizing in the summer and winter and looks super turquoise(y) blue as it is glacial fed. 

Bow River Loop in the winter
Relax after the easy hike

You can enjoy an easy hike of 1.2 km (1.2 mile) and on this route, you can also cross the pedestrian bridge (by Riverside Park). You can easily enjoy this trail at all times of the year. Be mindful of slippery surfaces in the winter and early spring months. 

Head to the Grassi Lakes Hike Trail

One of the stunning hikes in Canmore is the Upper Grassi Lakes trail and the Grassi lakes trail loop. It is a 3.2 kilometres trail (or 1.9 miles) and is great for hikers of all levels. During summers the waters are turquoise blue and it is stunning. 

Grassi Lakes

During winters, certain areas of the trail are still accessible and can be used for hiking.

Children can be taken on strollers and dogs are allowed (on lease). The Grassi Lakes is also a popular rock climbing area.

Three Sisters Pass – for advanced hikers

Three Sisters Pass is a challenging 5 kilometer (3.10 mile) moderately trafficked out and back trail. This trail features a waterfall and is used for hiking, rock climbing, and snowshoeing. 

This trail is best used from May until October. Keep in mind that the route is not well marked, and requires advanced hiking skills. 

Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on a leash.

More Canmore Hiking Trails – Canmore Trail Network

Canmore maintains over 70 kilometers of the trail network. It is really a paradise for trail lovers – with easy to difficult levels, all accessible within the town’s boundaries.

Some of the popular trails include

  • Benchlands Ridge Trail And Hoodoos: Benchlands Ridge Trail And Hoodoos takes you on a scenic walk along the Benchlands Trail crossing over a bridge and the Trans Canada Highway. It is a short uphill climb until you see Benchlands Ridge trail. This ridge offers uninterrupted views of the mountains and the town of Canmore below. This trail rewards you with the sight of hoodoos at the end. 
  • Three Sisters Pathway: Three Sisters Pathway is another pretty easy walking and hiking trail of 6.7 km long (4.1 miles). There is some elevation gain on this route. It follows the Bow River downstream towards the village of Three Sisters Mountain and welcomes you to open meadows and forest and of course mountain views along the way. This trail is also great for riding bikes. 
  • Larch Islands Interpretive Trail: Larch Islands Interpretative Trail is an easy 3.50 km (2.10 mile) trail. It starts at the end of 15 Street near 11th Avenue. In this route you will walk along the river and then enter the footbridge onto the Larch Islands Interpretive Trail. You can easily cut this walk short, but stay on the main trail, and follow signs for exit. 
  • Grotto Canyon Hiking Trail: Located close to the hamlet of Exshaw you can enjoy the Grotto Canyon hiking trail at all times of the year. It is beginner friendly and an easy hike for 4.2 km (2.6 mile).Hike through the forested areas until you find the Grotto creek bed and then follow up to the river. In the spring and winter season be mindful of slippery surfaces and water levels. 
  • Ha Ling Peak: Ha Ling Peak is a 7.24 km (4.5 mile) out and back trail located near Kananaskis. The trail route is rated as difficult, and features amazing views and a lake. It is accessible year-round.
View of Ha Ling in the winter
View of Ha Ling in the winter

Policeman’s Creek – Easy Hikes Canmore

The Policeman’s Creek boardwalk is one of our favorite spots in the town of Canmore Alberta.

The Policeman’s Creek is a short hiking trail located very close to the Main Street of Canmore. There is a wooden boardwalk that runs through the creek, connecting the main road to a residential block. 

Canmore is a great alternative to staying in Banff. Amazing views of Canadian Rockies from anywhere in the town-site. This article features a quick guide to Canmore, Alberta
Policeman’s Creek

We have visited this easy trail at all times of the year, and it never ceases to fascinate us. It’s a beautiful spot and you can photograph amazing shots of the Canadian Rockies.

Canmore is a great alternative to staying in Banff. Amazing views of Canadian Rockies from anywhere in the town-site. This article features a quick guide to Canmore, Alberta
End of the Trail, Policeman’s Creek

Dogs are allowed here as long as they are kept on a leash.

Visit the North West Mounted Police Barracks

The Policeman’s Creek is located by the Northwest Mounted Police (NWMP) Barracks.

The NWMP Barracks was built in 1893 and served until 1929 as the lodgings, office, and jail for the police officers of Canmore. The Barracks was declared an Alberta Provincial Historic Resource in 1990. 

It is the oldest NWMP site in Western Canada to still stand in its original location. It also served as a jail until 1929.

This historic resource is open all year round. Admission is by donation. 

Check out the Big Head Sculpture

Located on 8th Street, at the North East side of the bridge over Policeman’s Creek, you will find this striking sculpture of a human head, half-buried and in deep thought. This sculpture is called the Big Head.

Canmore is a great alternative to staying in Banff. Amazing views of Canadian Rockies from anywhere in the town-site. This article features a quick guide to Canmore, Alberta
Big Head

The name Bog Head is a variation of the town’s name, Canmore. The Town’s name originated from its namesake town in Scotland (called the Ceannmore, meaning “Big Head” in Celtic).

Camping at Bow Valley Provincial Park (K Country Park fees apply)

Girl at Bow Valley Provincial Park
Bow Valley Provincial Park

Just 30 kilometres east of the townsite of Canmore, is the largest campground of the Bow Valley Provincial Park. This park was established in 1959 in the arch of Bow River, at the confluence with Kananaskis River.

You can enjoy a ton of amenities at the campground, and it is a short distance away to lakesides and a host of activities such as canoeing, biking, boating, playground, and showers onsite.

You can make campsite reservations online. 

Enjoy the outdoors at Bow Valley Provincial Park (K Country park fees apply)

Located in Kananaskis Country and about 20 minutes from Canmore in the Bow Valley Provincial Park. Set out on a day trip of picnics at the lakeside (like Quarry Lake or the Barrier Lake), swim, go on hikes, bike, or just relax in this park. 

Barrier Lake Bow Valley KananaskisCountry
Barrier Lake

Possible stops in and around Bow Valley Provincial Park

  • Barrier Lake (lakeside)
  • Quarry Lake (lakeside)
  • Troll Falls (waterfalls)
  • O’Shaughnessy Falls (waterfalls)
  • Prairie View Trail (hike) 

Canmore Cave Tours

A great way to spend time in Canmore is by taking a cave tour in Rat’s Nest Cave. Rat’s Nest Cave is a wild undeveloped cave near Canmore. It is located under Grotto Mountain.

The Canmore Cave tours are unique as these are natural history tours. You will be provided with equipment and guidance to explore, crawl, embrace, and slide your way throughout the cave. Although it is not for everybody, the cave tours are dark, dirty, small, but it is definitely an experience for a lifetime.

Find out more about Canmore Cave Tours and book them here. These tours can be taken all year round. Equipment rentals are provided.

Spend time at the Elevation Place

Elevation Place is an indoor activity centre, located in the heart of Canmore. The centre has swimming pools, a gym, a steam room, a climbing area, and many learning activities for kids.

They are open every day. Check here for the latest hours.

Visit the Canmore Civic Centre

Located in the heart of Canmore, on 7th avenue, the Canmore Civic Centre is a two-story facility that houses the town Municipal offices and the Canmore Museum and Geo-Science Centre. 

The Canmore visitor centre is also located nearby.

Check out beer and spirits at the Wild Life Distillery

A visit to this distillery is a must in Canmore Alberta. The owners craft amazing spirits and offer great client service. Learn more about WildLife Distillery here. 

Eat delicious East Indian Food at the Spice Hut Restaurant 

Craving Indian food – you will love Spice Hut Restaurant. This is our go-to spot for lunches and dinners in Canmore. The ambiance inside the restaurant will take you to a typical cafe/bistro in India. 

They offer a variety of dishes for mains, drinks, and desserts. Our absolute favorite is Chicken Marsala – with tomato spiced curry and tender chicken – try it next time you are there!

Go shopping at the Main Street 

We prefer the downtown area of Canmore more than Banff (sorry). Canmore Main Street is less commercialized as compared to Banff’s, and we just love walking down the street stopping at cafes, and shops. 

Main Street
Canmore Downtown

The colors of Main Street are very inviting as well!

Join a wellness spa or yoga class

Canmore is a paradise for slow travel and wellness lovers. You can join a hot yoga class or wellness therapy in town. There are a plethora of spas in Canmore that you can unwind and rejuvenate before heading home. 

Check out Canmore Uncorked – Food Festival 

Canmore Uncorked is a food and drinks festival that is held annually in Canmore in the spring months, particularly in April. 

To access the offers and specials at Canmore Uncorked you will need to pay for pass/fees. We attended the festival twice in the past and it was nice to check out different restaurants in town. 

Canmore Highland Games Festival 

The Canmore Highland Games festival is an annual event held on Labour Day weekend annually. Games take place on Spring Creek, one block from Main Street. 

This event is reminiscent of the town’s Scottish legacy like bagpipes, the kilt, and the heavy sports. You can also enjoy a beer garden, can booths, whisky tasting, and more. 

Visit art galleries in Canmore Kananaskis 

Canmore abounds in creative arts as well. Head to any of these art galleries to appreciate 

  • Canmore Art Guild Gallery
  • Avens 
  • Fallen Leaf

Shop at the Canmore Mountain Market

Canmore Mountain Market is a seasonal summer marketplace that is open during the day operating every Thursday from May to October (10:00 am to 6:00 pm). This is one of the nicest places to check out local products and beautiful artifacts created by regional vendors. 

Attend Canmore Folk Music Festival in late summer

The Canmore Folk Music Festival is an annual 3-day music event that is held outdoors. It takes place on the first weekend of August in Canmore. 

Head to the Casino at Stoney Nakoda Lodge

Located about 25 minutes from Canmore is the Stoney Nakoda Casino in Kananaskis Country where you can gamble, enjoy a nice breakfast buffet and mountain views surrounding the area!  

Stoney Nakoda

Enjoy afternoon tea at the Mount Engadine Lodge

Mount Engadine Lodge is located about an hour away from Canmore and is nestled in the Spray Valley Provincial Park. It offers an amazing landscape that every outdoor enthusiast will love! 

If you are not into hiking then join in for a yoga retreat or afternoon tea. Enjoy freshly baked goodies, fresh fruit, coffee, or Canadian tea blends from Banff Tea Co. Thie afternoon tea sessions starts at $22+ CAD which is one of the affordable ones in Canada.

Canmore Winter Activities List

Canmore is amazing in the winter – when this little mountain town is snow-dusted and decorated in the festive cheer! 

View of Three Sisters in winter
View of Three Sisters in winter

Canmore has endless outdoor activities, world-class ski resorts, and amazing wellness facilities for winter. So these are the places to visit in Canmore in winter 

Skiing & Snowboarding at Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park

If you love to ski, the Nordic Centre is the place for you. Located immediately west of Canmore – the Nordic Centre Provincial Park was the host of the 1988 Winter Olympic games. It is one of few operational Olympic Nordic Skiing centres in the world, which makes us so proud!

Nordic Centre – Canmore

Currently, the park offers a wide variety of recreational activities including cross country skiing, biking, hiking, disk golf, and orienteering. It also hosts regional, national, and international events all year round.

In the winter you can enjoy 65 kilometres (40 miles) of groomed machine-made and natural snow trails at the base of Mount Rundle. 

Not into skiing, you can go ice skating, tobogganing, play winter golf, hang out at the Day lodge, or just explore the centre and learn about the 1988 Olympics. 

There are different levels of fees at the Canmore Nordic Centre. A day pass starts at $15 CAD per person. Passes are required for cross-country skiing and fat biking. You can rent skates and ski gear on-site as well as sign up for lessons.

Go cross country skiing in Canmore and nearby areas

There are various cross-country ski trails located in Canmore and the surrounding Kananaskis Country. 

Ribbon Creek Cross Country Ski Trails are located about 40 minutes outside of Canmore, and near Kananaskis Village. Ribbon Creek offers 60 km of scenic, maintained cross-country ski trails at the base of Nakiska Ski Area. They have trails for all skill levels.

Mount Shark Cross Country Ski Trail is located about a 39 km (24.23 miles) drive from Canmore. The trailhead offers a variety of challenging cross-country ski trails with interconnected loops of varying lengths, mostly challenging ones. 

Grotto Mountain Winter Hike

If you are visiting Canmore in winter, consider taking a hiking tour with a guide to the Grotto Mountains. These tours are for 4-5 hours and they start from Canmore. 

A guide takes you, trekking on snow-covered surfaces and you can explore icefalls and rock formations along the way, as you arrive at the Grotto Mountains.

The hike is not difficult. You will have to come prepared with warm clothing and sturdy shoes. Book here for your Winter Hike tour for the Grotto Mountains

Canmore is a great alternative to staying in Banff. Amazing views of Canadian Rockies from anywhere in the town-site. This article features a quick guide to Canmore, Alberta
Enroute to Bow Valley

Go ice fishing at Spray Lakes  

Spray Lakes Reservoir is located in the Spray Valley Provincial Park, about 16 km south of town. At the provincial park, you can go on winter hikes, snowshoeing, and ice skating.

Spray Valley Provincial Park
Spray Valley Provincial Park

But Spray Lakes are popular for ice fishing. There are quite a few spots where you can enjoy ice fishing including the Spray Lakes day-use areas, Driftwood, and Sparrowhawk.

Enjoy a staycation in a cabin style accommodation in the winter

Cuddle up by a fireplace with a hot chocolate and take in the views of the Three Sisters from your suite or balcony. The mountain ranges look magical in the winter when it is covered in snow. 

Staycation in Canmore during Christmas
Staycation in Canmore during Christmas

We recommend booking a log cabin style accommodation in the winter as it is uber-romantic and cozy. You can check for hotel deals in November for Christmas and the News Years (up to the early days of February). 

Or book a hotel with a hot tub or an outdoor pool 

When visiting in November or late winter months, consider booking a hotel with an outdoor pool or hot tub where you can soak in your tired body whilst admiring the mountains. 

Canmore is a great alternative to staying in Banff. Amazing views of Canadian Rockies from anywhere in the town-site. This article features a quick guide to Canmore, Alberta
Canmore Staycation

Although there are many options in Canmore, we particularly like Falcon Crest as their rooms are spacious, and you can view mountains from most of their suites. They have a nice outdoor pool as well. You can check out Falcon Crest Lodge here

Kananaskis Nordic Spa

Alternatively, you can also head to the popular Kananaskis Nordic Spa, which is located about 40 minutes away from Canmore. They offer world-class spa facilities including facial and body treatments and massages. You can stay at the Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge located near the spa centre. 

There are daily fees/passes to access Kananaskis Nordic Spa. 

  • $119 CAD from Monday to Thursday and 
  • $129 CAD from Friday to Sunday per person

You can purchase day passes at the Spa Lodge reception desk. 

Soak in the festive cheer at the Main Street of Canmore

Christmas Shopping in Canmore

Little downtown Canmore sparks with joy in the winter. Mountain views are easily accessible from anywhere in the town, so as long as you are dressed well you can explore Main Street, stop for a warm beverage and go shopping!

Enjoy a scenic drive in Kananaskis Country when it slightly snows

Winters are amazing in the Canadian Rockies and driving through the mountains is a mesmerizing experience, trust us on that. Just ensure you follow winter driving safety measures and you are golden! (Drive slow, winter tires on, start during daylight, etc)

Scenic Drives in Kananaskis Country
Scenic Drives in Kananaskis Country

One of our memorable winter drives was in the Bow Valley Provincial Park, starting from Canmore. Another one was to the base of Ha Ling Peak (Spray Valley Provincial Park) whilst soaking in the views of the town of Canmore from above!

View enroute to Spray Lakes
The view enroute to Spray Lakes

Note: Please be careful when driving in the winter, certain routes may be closed. Do check weather warnings and forecasts before you start your road trip. 

Food & Restaurants in Canmore Alberta Canada

Canmore promises you amazing food and beautiful views. That’s why it’s one of my favorite weekend getaways. The downtown area has tons of restaurants, bars, and cafes. Let us start with our favorites:

Inside Rocky Mountain Bagel Co
Inside Rocky Mountain Bagel Co
  • Spice Hut – Located in the Ramada Hotel complex, Spice Hut is an East -Indian restaurant. I love their delicious Chicken Masala and rice. Give it a try!
  • JK Bakery Cafe – Started by a German man and now locally owned by 3 operators, they serve the best-baked items – cakes, pastries, samosas, sweet pies, and also artisan bread. I love their creamy earl grey (black) tea. If you sit outside the café, you can see amazing views of the Rockies. That is why this is our go-to breakfast place.
  • The Rocky Mountain Bagel Co – The RM Bagel Co is located on 1306 Bow Valley Trail. If you love bagels, they can find a lot of varieties here.
  • Good Earth Café – Another coffee joint – but it deserves a mention because of its lattes and sandwiches!
  • Aroma Mexican Café – The interior of this café, takes you to the beaches to Tulum. Well, at least their shack does. Authentic Mexican food and Jarritos to go, you can also try-on their hats and blankets and click some interesting photos!
  • The Wood Lounge – The Wood Lounge and Restaurant offers great draft selection, beef, and beautiful patio views.
  • Grizzly Paw Restaurant –  A pub, restaurant, and a micro-brewery
  • Buffalo Roam Saloon – Enjoy cocktails on Main Street Canmore
Festivities in the winter in Canmore: Canmore restaurants are decorated in festive cheer
Festivities in the winter: Canmore restaurants are decorated in festive cheer

Lodging in Canmore Alberta: Where to stay in Canmore

Canmore has incredible accommodation options and they come with incredible views. You can find budget hotel options like Ramada hotel (CAD $79 average/night) or luxury stay like Falcon Crest Lodge & Solara Resort & Spa (CAD$155-390+).

Falcon Crest Lodge
Falcon Crest Lodge

This picture was taken during our stay at the Falcon Crest Lodge. You can indulge in a hot tub or book a spa with amazing mountain backdrops. 

There are motels and resorts located by the Bow Valley Trail area as well as the Kananaskis Way.  Of course, look for balcony views, if possible. Most resorts have a fireplace, pool, and/or hot tub. 

If you find a hard time booking accommodation during the peak seasons, you can always stay in Calgary, another popular Canadian city, and it’s located just an hour or so away from Canmore/Banff. The extra drive is worth it because sometimes you might sight some wildlife or Northern lights greeting you!

Here are some of the Hotel Recommendations for the town of Canmore –

  • Falcon Crest Lodge – This is our absolute favorite. We have stayed here 3 times already because the views from their balconies are just amazing!
    • Also, rated the #1 hotel to stay in Canmore
    • Their rooms are spacious and very clean
    • Hot tub/pool available in the hotel property
    • The VIEWS are amazing as you can see. Three Sisters in all its glory can be seen from their bedroom windows – imaging waking up to this every morning! (Oh, can I just move here?)
    • Book your hotel stay here
Canmore is a great alternative to staying in Banff. Amazing views of Canadian Rockies from anywhere in the town-site. This article features a quick guide to Canmore, Alberta
Canmore Staycation – Falcon Crest
  • Canmore Inn and Suites – Located in the heart of Canmore, this hotel is a great budget option.
    • Close to the restaurants and convenience stores.
    • You can see amazing views of the mountains from the hotel as well. Canmore is that awesome!
    • Book your stay here 
  • Quality Resort Chateau – The interiors of this hotel are very fascinating!
    • Clean and spacious room, some with fireplaces
    • Love their bar and restaurant
    • Lots of activities nearby including golf, skiing, etc
    • Book your stay here
  • Coast Canmore Hotel & Conference – One of my favorite hotels in Canmore – Coast Canmore takes you into a different place like an oasis
    • Love their patio and garden. They have a bar and restaurant in the hotel property.
    • Their rooms are “state of the art” kind, with modern paintings. AND their washrooms gorgeous with beautiful bathtubs for that relaxing weekend!
    • Only 6 km to the Nordic Provincial Centre
    • Book your night here

We recommend using  Booking.com  to find accommodation. It is our favorite hotel website for quickly comparing the prices of multiple hotel booking sites at once.

Search for Hotels in Canmore Canada

Day trips from Canmore to nearby areas

We have highlighted a few options above for day trips such as Spray Valley, Bow Valley Provincial Park, etc. Here are a few more options,

Canmore is a great alternative to staying in Banff. Amazing views of Canadian Rockies from anywhere in the town-site. This article features a quick guide to Canmore, Alberta
Town Canmore
  • Banff National Park: Banff has so much to offer that a day trip from Canmore may not be sufficient, but this is still worth it. Banff to Canmore is just a 20 minute drive away. You will need to pay park fees to enter for 24 hours. In the past, we have stayed in Canmore for 2-4 nights and drove to Banff on each day to explore. National Parks Canada Pass can be paid for upon entry to the park boundaries. 
  • Lake Louise: Lake Louise is about a 50 minute drive away from Canmore. You can totally visit Lake Louise on a day trip – try to start as early as possible to beat the rush. Spend the entire day at the lake – go on hikes, walks, canoe and enjoy afternoon tea at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, and then return to Canmore when the sun sets (summer). 
  • Gems along the Trans-Canada Highway: From Bow Valley parkway to hotels, small cafes, markets, lookout points and falls, you can enjoy a day of scenic drive along the Trans Canada Highway – the views won’t disappoint you! 
  • Smith Dorrien Trail: You can also embark on the Smith Dorrien Trail which is a very scenic drive in Kananaskis
  • Calgary: With a close proximity to Calgary – the nearest international airport to Banff National Park you can explore Canmore on a day trip from Calgary and vice versa!

Due to its amazing views, pedestrian-friendly place, and its laid-back environment, Canmore is one of my favorite places on earth. If you are in town, next time, look for their events calendar Canmore Events and Activities

Here are some helpful posts for planning your trip to the Canadian Rockies.

We hope you found this post on planning for your Canmore trip useful! Have questions? Let us know in the comments or DM us on social media

Pin for Later – Guide to the town of Canmore – Things to do in Canmore Canada

Canmore Alberta Pin. Guide to Canmore activities. Canmore offers amazing views of Canadian Rockies from anywhere in town. Perfect for slow travel, easy hikes and relaxation.
Guide to Canmore Alberta activities

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    1. Right? I have been to so many towns within the National Park area and even to their sister towns, but you cant beat Canmore
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  6. Oh, how lovely! Your photos are great. Love the fact that Canmore is not that far from the airport and that is pedestrian friendly. I’d enjoy all the walks. And would probably fall in love with the view of that Policeman Creek. 🙂
    It must be great to live close by, so that it can get to be a weekend getaway. Thanks for the info, this was the first time I’ve heard about the place. 🙂

    1. Road trips are a great way to explore Canada – eastern side just as pretty as the western side. But Canadian Rockies will melt your heart – a must visit!

  7. Wow bowled over with the beauty of canmore.feels like visiting it now only. I will surely plan a visit to cannada soon.thanks for sharing

  8. I’d absolutely love to go to Alberta one day. This looks like such a cute town and so much to do in the area. Great photos too – mountains are my favourite things to photograph.

  9. i’m trying to convince my friend to go on our annual road trip to Banff. Fingers crossed this convinces her!

  10. Wow! So gorgeous! I want to go to Banff and I think this would be a great trip to add to it. JK Bakery Cafe sounds like a perfect place for lunch. I can’t get over the photos. I’m sure it’s even better in person.

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