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19 Creative Snow and Winter Photoshoot Ideas

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Looking for snow and winter photoshoot ideas? No worries! We got you covered with easy and creative poses and props. 

Winter is the perfect time of year to take stunning photos that capture the beauty and coziness of the season. From outdoor activities like sledding and ice skating to cozy family portraits in front of a fireplace, winter photoshoot ideas are endless. 

Snow and winter photoshoot ideas

In this blog post, we’ll explore some creative and unique ideas for winter photoshoots that will help you capture beautiful memories of the season. 

Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur looking to take stunning photos, these winter photoshoot ideas are sure to inspire you! So grab your camera and let’s get started!

19 Creative Snow and Winter photoshoot ideas

winter photo shoot ideas pin
Winter photo shoot ideas

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Winter photo shoot focuses on the beauty of the season and captures the cold, snowy weather and outdoor activities. 

Some possible ideas include a cozy family photo shoot bundled up in winter coats and hats; taking photos in a snowy landscape such as a park, forest, or mountain backdrop; capturing shots of friends playing snow games like snowball fights; and snapping shots of people enjoying winter activities like ice skating, sledding or skiing. 



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We will cover each of these options in-depth below. Use these snow photo poses to dazzle up your social media! 🙂

1. Show off your scarf

One of the popular, and my favorite way to capture winter shots is with colorful outfits. Red is my color of choice, and it really pops against the lovely white snowy backdrop. 

Scarf pull from the side
Scarf pull from behind: Snow photoshoot idea

Scarves are a great way to add a touch of warmth and personality to your winter photos. You can choose from classic plaids to statement-making prints, scarves can transform any simple outfit into something special. 

Wear your scarf and then ask the photographer to hold it for you and then take that shot! You can opt for a side angle or capture from behind – while keeping all the lovely winter elements in the frame!

Here are some more tips for incorporating scarves into your winter photoshoot:

  • First, choose a scarf that will stand out in the photo. Bright colors and bold prints are great for adding a pop of color, while subtle neutrals can create a soft and inviting atmosphere 
  • You can also experiment with different silhouettes like draping the scarf around your shoulders or using it as an accessory for your hair – these will add interesting elements to your photos
  • Do consider coordinating your scarf with other outfits to create an even more cohesive look. Reds, and greens against neutral work well!

2. Walking into a Winter wonderland 

There’s nothing more breathtaking than a walk through a winter wonderland, and with the right photography tips you can capture this magical atmosphere. 

Walking into a winter wonderland: Snow photoshoot ideas

The good news is you don’t have to travel far and wide for a shot like this. You do need snow, and lots of it and that is the actual backdrop, and using your camera creates an illusion of a ‘larger area’ or depth.

Here are some tips that will help you take stunning shots of your winter wanderings:

  • First, look for locations where the snow is freshly fallen – such as in dense forests or on undisturbed fields. This will create an atmosphere of untouched beauty and create stunning photo opportunities
  • Try low-angle shots that focus on the snow’s texture or wide-angle shots that capture a large expanse of land with fresh white blankets of snow
  • Finally, focus on details that can add to the atmosphere of your pictures – from snowflakes catching the sunlight to icicles decorating tree branches. Keeping an eye out for these small details will help create a wonderful and unique set of photos 

3. Capture a snowy road with the subject

Nothing evokes the beauty of winter quite like a snow-covered road. Taking photos in this setting can be challenging, as you’ll need to capture the depth and texture of the landscape while still keeping your subject in focus. 

Walking pose in an empty winter road

And also ensure you find an empty road instead of a highly busy one. 

Here are some tips to help make your winter photography stand out:

  • First, shoot at golden hour for the most vibrant colors. This is especially important when photographing a snow-covered road, as the sun will reflect off of the snow and create beautiful lighting effects
  • Have the subject pose walking down the path or even just standing in the background can help add depth to your photos
  • You can also try and capture the motion of your subject in action – from running or jumping down the path to making a snow angel in the background. This can add an extra layer of energy and emotion to your photos, and help create a dynamic and exciting wintery scene
  • Pay attention to the details – capturing shots of snow-covered trees or other objects in the frame can help create a sense of atmosphere

4. Snow flight

A snow fight is a fun and unique activity to capture in winter photos. From kids throwing snowballs in the backyard, to families having a friendly competition, snow fights can provide an exciting opportunity for photography. 

Get candid!
….and snow fight!

Here are some tips that will help you take great pictures of snowy battles:

  • First, make sure you have plenty of lighting so you can capture the action
  • Try taking photos from different angles and perspectives in order to find the most interesting compositions. For example, take closer shots of people throwing snowballs or wider shots that show a group of people engaged in battle
  • Finally, don’t forget to capture candid moments too – these can add emotion and drama to your photos

Candid shots are the BEST for memories and also for sharing on social media!

5. Cozy up by a fireplace

A cozy winter fireplace shot is a must for capturing the warmth and charm of the season. Whether you’re taking winter family photos, or simply looking to create an inviting atmosphere, a fireplace provides a great backdrop for photography. 

Warm and cozy cabin: Winter photography ideas

When framing your shot, try to focus on foreground elements like blankets, pillows, decorations, or other cozy items that can add to the overall ambiance. 

You can also sit in front of the fireplace wearing a lovely scarf, beanie, and cardigan for that perfect winter shot!

Finally, experiment with different angles and perspectives – from close-up shots highlighting the flames and logs, to wider shots showing the entire fireplace and its surroundings. 

6. Head to a ski resort for a winter photoshoot

Heading to a ski resort for a winter photoshoot can be a great way to capture the beauty and excitement of the season. 

Perfect winter photoshoot idea: At a ski resort

Whether you’re taking photos of athletes skiing down the slopes or just looking for some stunning landscapes, there are plenty of opportunities for creative photography at ski resorts. 

Here are some tips to help you get the perfect shots:

  • Capture a skier down the mountain to shoot from afar at different heights
  • Do take advantage of the natural light – whether it’s during sunrise or sunset, the light at ski resorts can create a beautiful and unique atmosphere
  • Adjust your shutter speed when capturing fast action shots 

7. Capture snow-dusted mountains and nearby landscapes

From snow-capped peaks and picturesque forests to breathtaking views and starry night skies, winter mountains provide an endless source for creative photography ideas. 

Ha Ling Peak Canmore in winter
Mountain and snow covered landscapes

Here are some tips to help you get the perfect shot:

  • First, plan your shoot during the golden hour when the sun is soft and low on the horizon. This will add a warm glow to your photos, as well as create beautiful long shadows that stretch across the landscape
  • Try shooting from lower points or behind objects to help frame your shot
  • Finally, don’t forget to capture details like snow-covered branches, frozen lakes, and animals in their natural habitat. These small elements can add a lot of depth and texture to your photos

8. Sit down and pose in a snow-covered park 

One of the best winter poses to capture during a photoshoot is sitting down on a beach in a snow-covered park. This pose has a very romantic and dreamy feel that adds an extra layer of emotion to photos. 

Snow covered park: No crowds and a perfect winter photoshoot idea

When setting up this pose, make sure to pick a spot that provides plenty of space for the subject to sit down for a dreamy look. 

And because it is cold it is likely that the place will be empty, so you don’t have to clean people out from your Instagram shots! 

Now, a park with lots of snow is ideal as it creates an extra dreamy effect in photos. And don’t forget to add a blanket or winter accessories like colorful beanies and scarves to create a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere. 

9. Peek out of the car on a winter road trip

The winter season is a great time for road trips, and one of the best poses to capture on such an adventure is ‘Peeking Out Of The Car’. This pose captures the feeling of being snug and cozy in the car while also allowing you to take in all the beauty of the winter landscape. 

Canada Road trips
Canada Road Trips in Winter

To get this shot just right, start by finding a scenic spot with snow-covered trees, or a beautiful winter sunset. 

Then, have the subject peek out of the car window. They can smile for the camera or show a prop/hands, etc. You can even add cute beanies, blankets, and scarves to make it more interesting!

This pose will create a unique photo that captures the feeling of adventure and joy of a winter road trip. 

For an extra creative touch, you can use light painting techniques to create patterns around the subject or capture unique shots with slow shutter speed motion blur. 

10. Capture a subject and a bridge in a snowy landscape

One classic winter pose that is sure to capture stunning photos of your subject in a snowy landscape is by placing them on a bridge. 

Side pose on a bridge
Another bridge shot in winter

Not only does this placement allow for the perfect juxtaposition between nature and man-made structures, but it also provides an iconic backdrop for the shot. 

Up close of the subject and the bridge
  • For this pose, consider dressing your subject in bright warm winter clothing and having them stand on the bridge while looking out into the snowy landscape
  • To add an extra layer of emotion to the photo, capture your subject looking at the bridge
  • To ensure a beautiful shot, make sure you choose a bridge located near a scenic winter scene. This could include anything from snow-covered trees to a frozen lake or river (in our example above) 

11. Strike a pose in front of a snowy cabin

Cabins and a cozy winter getaway go hand in hand! Book a nice rustic-looking lodge or cabin and dress up for the photoshoot. 

Winter cabin shot 1: Outside walk
Winter cabin shot 2: In front pose

Because you are staying at the property, you can get ready before all the other guests are out and strike a cute pose. 

We took this shot (as shown) in a cabin where we were staying and the place was quiet and empty. 

Snow photoshoot ideas

And….when I was cold I could run inside and warm up to a nice hot beverage. The shot only took 10-15 minutes, so it was not too bad! 

12. Capture a snowy viewpoint with footprints 

Nothing evokes the feeling of a winter wonderland quite like capturing a snowy viewpoint or lookout at footprints. 

This pose is all about framing the shot to capture the beauty of freshly fallen snow and how it has been left untouched by human feet. 

Gazebo and lookout area with footprints: Snow photo shoot idea
  • To get started, find a snowy view or lookout that will provide an interesting perspective for your photo. Most gazebos will also work for this shot if you are unable to hike to a viewpoint
  • Try framing the shot to focus on the untouched snow and how it leads up to the beautiful view
  • You can also capture the footprints of animals and other natural elements in the snow to add an extra layer of detail

13. Enjoy a meal or a warm beverage with a snowy view outside

No lookout point? No problem. Head to a beautiful cafe and sit by the window. Enjoy a nice cuppa coffee or hot chocolate and look outside admiring the beautiful landscape or city outside! 

Jasper Fairmont Lodge with winter views outside

Easy peasy!

14. Play in the snow alone – have fun

Capturing yourself or a subject playing in the snow is such an awesome image to capture! 

But it can be especially challenging. 

If you are traveling alone, a tripod is handy. Plus to capture the snowflakes in motion, make sure your camera is set to a fast shutter speed. 

15. Model with your BEST winter outfits

Capture your BEST winter outfits in a snowy backdrop. From puffy jackets, wool coats, and boots, to stylish hats and scarves – winter fashion provides plenty of opportunities for creative photography. 

Cute beanie and sweater (or coats)

Here are some tips that can help you take the best pictures:

  • First, keep your lighting natural by taking photos outside during the day. This will help capture the colors of each outfit and add more dimension to your photos
  • Try taking close-up shots that focus on accessories like scarves or hats, or wider shots that show off full looks
  • Don’t forget to capture candid moments too

16. Capture snowy canyons and waterfalls

Snowy canyons and waterfalls make for stunning winter photography. With the snow adding an extra layer of texture and depth to these landscapes, your photos are sure to be unique and beautiful. 

Sunwapta falls in winter
Frozen falls: Winter photoshoot

Pose in front of the frozen waterfalls, stand at the top of the canyon, or view from below

Use a wide-angle lens to get an expansive view of the area and include interesting foreground elements

17. Ice castles are a thing

If you can visit an ice castle know that it makes a breathtaking backdrop for winter photos. From towering icy spires to intricate snow sculptures, these majestic structures offer an incredible opportunity for photography. 

Ice Castles Edmonton is a unique way to experience winters in Alberta Canada. This event displays ice scuptures and runs for 2- 2.5 months,weather dependent
Edmonton Ice Castles Display

Here are some tips that will help you get stunning shots of ice castles:

  • Use the changing light conditions throughout the day to your advantage. Mid-day shots with a subject and evening capture with light shows (with or without a subject) create stunning visuals
  • You can also take candid photos of people around the ice castle – these can add interesting stories and emotions to your images

18. Skating on a frozen lake

Skating on a frozen lake is an iconic winter activity that can make for some stunning photos. 

From picturesque shots of the snow-covered landscape to action shots of people skating, there are plenty of opportunities to capture the beauty and excitement of this winter activity with your camera. 

And if it’s an iconic lake even better! Like Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies for example. 

For poses, include shots from behind a skater, looking up at snow-covered trees, or simply capturing the snow in motion. 

19. Bustling Christmas Markets

Visiting the Christmas market is a great way to experience holiday cheer and get inspired for creative photography ideas. 

Perfect winter photoshoot idea
Capture Xmas markets

From vendors selling handmade crafts to holiday decorations, there are plenty of opportunities for taking pictures at a Christmas market. 

Keep in mind that most beautiful shots are usually taken in the evenings to capture the lights against the dark background. 

Ensure your camera is good for nighttime photography. 

Here are some tips to help you capture the spirit of Christmas markets with your camera:

  • First, try visiting in the evening when the Christmas lights are most vibrant. This will create a festive atmosphere and allow you to take photos with dramatic lighting effects
  • Additionally, look for interesting angles that can help convey the ambiance of the market, such as a low-angle shot looking up at all the twinkling lights or catching reflections off of nearby buildings
  • Finally, keep an eye out for unique moments that can help tell the story of the market – from people playing instruments to children decorating gingerbread cookies

Winter photoshoot outfit ideas 

We hope you liked our list of fun winter photo ideas. 

Now we will share some of the essential photography tips and cute outfit ideas to complete your photoshoot. 

  • Outerwear: Opt for bright-colored puffer jackets to pop against the white background. Red, deep blue, and yellow do very well
  • Sweater: A cute knitted sweater with warm leggings or jeans look very well
  • Dresses: Velvet or knit dresses with a faux fur shrug 

For outdoor winter photoshoots, it’s important to keep warm and dry while also looking stylish. Consider wearing tall waterproof boots, colorful scarves, beanies, and mittens or gloves. 

  • Boots: Wear tall boots, and remember to layer with thick socks
  • Scarves: Consider adding statement pieces such as a bright scarf. Colorful scarves can be used as a prop as well as to look stylish
  • Beanies: Beanies are my absolute favorite. Choose multi-colored beanies or toques, or if you are wearing neutral outerwear then use bright-colored beanies to jazz up the outfit. Choose colors like white, red, hot pink, and beige for your beanie

For winter photoshoots that take place indoors, try incorporating warmer tones such as reds and oranges for a cozy look. This could include outfits like classic wool sweaters paired with plaid scarves or faux fur stoles. 

For a winter family photo shoot, it’s important to coordinate the color scheme and also look cozy, comfortable, and timeless. 

Banff in November and December – Canada Winters

When selecting outfits for the shoot, opt for natural colors such as beige, brown, and navy blues. These types of colors will ensure that your photos won’t age over time. 

And to create a fun and festive look, consider having your subjects wear holiday-themed sweaters or hats.

Remember to stay warm and dry and wear long johns or a thermal top and bottom when shooting outdoors. 



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Winter Photography Tips for capturing snow shots

Winter photography can be challenging – weather, cold temperatures, lighting, etc. are all to be considered. 

Here are camera and photography tips for capturing winter shots, 

1. Lighting

One of the most important tips for taking great winter photos is to be mindful of the light. Due to the shorter days in winter, you may find that you have less time available to take photos. 

Use the “Sunny 16 Rule,” when shooting in winter. Set your camera’s ISO to 100, shutter speed to 1/100, and aperture to f/16 when it is bright and sunny outside. 

If you need to set a faster shutter speed to capture some fast-moving action like skiers going downhill, adjust the ISO to 200 and the shutter speed to 1/200 with the aperture remaining at f/16, and go from there. 

When the skies are gloomy, increase the ISO accordingly. 

2. Editing with Lightroom presets and other options

Editing photos with Lightroom presets can be an incredibly powerful tool to transform a dull photo into a stunning masterpiece. With its wide range of tools and features, Lightroom is ideal for creating unique and exciting winter photography looks. 

You can buy presets where the brightness, sharpening, and colors are already set for you to apply to your winter photos. 

If you do not want to use presets, you can apply basic editing effects to your photos. You can adjust the exposure settings to create a crisp, sharp image. 

Winter photos often have a lot of white snow in them, so it’s important to play around with the exposure settings to make sure your photo isn’t too dark or washed out.

You can also add a touch of warmth to your photo with color tint. This will help add some life and vibrancy to the cold winter colors in your photo. 

There are also free apps on mobile devices that can help you add fancy filters to your pictures. We like to add a falling snow effect to photos. You can try – Just Snow – on the Apple app store to add snow!

Or you can use glitter to make the snow sparkle. You can use the app called Lens Distortions on mobile devices, and add sparkles and snow effects. 

3. Use of zoom and or macro lens

We use a zoom lens on our Sony A7iii for most of our winter photos. It has a variable focal length and is very versatile in capturing both portrait photography and winter landscapes. 

On our iPhones (and they are very handy when traveling) we use an added lens such as this one. It has both a wide angle and a macro lens. Wide angle lens is great for capturing mountains, frozen lakes, and snowy areas.

Use a macro lens to take sharp images of very small subjects – snow, winter elements, festive decor, etc. 

4. Take care of your hardware

For the most part, severe drops in temperatures won’t damage your camera, but be sure to wipe off snow, and water drops from your camera lens and body. Use a soft towel, glove, or your sleeves to wipe (don’t use your hands).

You have to be mindful of changes in humidity when you are going indoors, as sometimes the lens fogs up with condensation when entering a warm place from a colder outdoors. To overcome this problem ensure you place the camera in an airtight bag before heading indoors. 

Also, make sure you have plenty of extra batteries as they can quickly drain in cold temperatures.

5. Bundle up in the winter

When shooting outdoors, make sure to bundle up! The cold can be pretty intense so it’s important to stay warm and comfortable while taking pictures. 

6. Use props when shooting indoors

When shooting fun winter photos indoors, consider adding some props to make the photos look more festive and cheerful. Holiday decorations such as wreaths, garlands, and trees can create a cozy holiday feel. 

You can always make things pop with (an empty) gift box, coffee mugs, etc. 

Additionally, you might also want to consider incorporating warm fabrics like blankets or sweaters into your shots to add texture and color to your images.

Finally, don’t forget to capture shots of homes decorated with holiday lights and decorations, people sipping hot cocoa or marshmallows near a bonfire, and ice sculptures illuminated by colorful spotlights.

With these ideas in mind, you can create beautiful winter memories that will last a lifetime.

So grab your camera and start snapping – with a bit of creativity and patience, you’ll have beautiful photos that are perfect for sharing with family and friends!



Planning a photo shoot can be daunting, but not with our planner!

This planner is designed to help you plan and execute a successful travel photoshoot with ease. It includes a checklist for equipment, packing, location scouting, mood boards, and more – everything you need to know to make your shoot run smoothly.

More photoshoot ideas:

Pin: Creative Winter Photoshoot Ideas

Winter photo ideas

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