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25+ Unique Travel Gifts for Women: Luxury Edition

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If you are looking for awesome travel gift ideas for your lady, then you are in the right place. We have been traveling for decades and have handpicked these 25+ unique travel gifts for women – and they are my personal favorites too. I have used them in everyday life and long term travels. They are functional and luxurious and most importantly they are perfect for your GIRL!

We promise you will find an ideal travel gift for her. Choose a unique gift from the recommended ones below, whether she is a city girl or an adventure junkie, a travel planner, or a luxury traveler – we got you covered. 

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Unique Travel Gifts for Women: Luxury Edition

Shop Unique Travel Gifts for Women
Unique Travel Gifts for Women



Trendy White Shoes

Walking shoes are SO SO important when your lady friend is traveling and constantly on the go. These trendy and comfortable travel shoes IN WHITE are lightweight, trendy and it goes with pants and dresses.

Perfect for Europe travel, in rainy weather or on cobblestone lanes. Your travel girl can walk miles in them, without a worry.


Pacsafe Anti-theft Convertible City Pack in Blush/ Tan Pink

Anti-theft purses and backpacks are amazing when traveling to crowded market squares or places where theft is common. These bags are equipped with cut-proof and slash-proof material so that items inside are safeguarded from pickpockets and other bad elements.

Pacsafe manufactures some of the BEST anti-theft bags. This versatile convertible backpack from Pacsafe is AMAZING.

The Citysafe CX Convertible Backpack is perfect for female travelers – this piece can be worn as a traditional backpack or fold down to sling across shoulders as a handbag. There’s room for a purse, tablet, and more, with security to keep everything protected.

The internal lining is beautiful and has storage compartments for organization and quick access to items. Pacsafe bags have amazing quality and are durable. But the awesome thing is that it is an anti-theft bag and comes with style and pretty color!



Travel inspired cosmetic tray

Look how pretty this is!

If your girl is like me, who LOVES travel and keep travel sparkles all over her office, kitchen, bathroom, and car, then you are gonna need some pretty unique travel gifts for her. This item that I own was not a gift, I found this at a local store. It is jewelry or a cosmetic dish. I have one in my office where I keep paper clips and one at home by my bedside to store rings and earrings when I go to bed.

They make for thoughtful travel-inspired gifts for her. And they are not going to break the bank either.


 Personal Security Door Stop Alarm Wedge


This is a great security item for the solo female traveler in your life. She can use this in hotels or hostels for safety. When the personal security door stop alarm is set up, and any pressure is applied on the door, there is an extremely loud 120 dB alarm helps to alert the homeowner or renter. It deters intruder and is audible up to 300M away. 

It costs under $12, and requires no wiring, and operates on battery. It provides battery status update with a low battery indicator (for replacement). This is one gift item which gives piece of mind, without a heavy price tag.


Wall Travel map – Scratch Map

Although quite popular in the travel world, you may or may not know about this. So here it is – a wall travel map. These maps come with re-useable glue at the back, so you can stick it wherever you like and take it out, without leaving any residue on the wall.

They can be used to plan upcoming travels, like a vision board, as an interior décor piece or as a show-off about your past travels (bragging rights right? I think they are the best trophies ever). You can even mail them quite easily as it comes in a tube, without damaging the map inside.

This MyMap is made from heavyweight lacquer paper which is durable and will last for years. The paper has a beautiful glossy finish covering the vivid colors. When revealed, each country has a bright color that pops in contrast with the background. Just use a coin or a Scratch Tool included in the kit, to remove the gold scratch coating and reveal the countries.

Inside you will find a greeting card, felt, pins, buttons, stickers, a small cartoon cutout, and a guitar pick.


 “Away” suitcase – Instagram Style!

The AWAY suitcase is a traveler’s best companion. One of the best-rated suitcases, AWAY TRAVEL makes for an awesome gift for the traveler who LOVES to pack everything for their trip. This large size AWAY TRAVEL suitcase is made up of a sturdy yet flexible outer shell.

It is equipped with a softer interior for clothes and other essentials and a harder portion to store shoes and toiletries. It also comes with a separate compartment for dirty laundry.

2 BONUSES > An eject-able power bank is supplied to charge electronics on the go.

And a TSA approved lock to secure your belongings inside.

The AWAY TRAVEL Suitcase comes in a variety of colors and sizes – carry-on approved size, medium size, and large size. 


Handpresso – Outdoor Complete Kit

For all the coffee lovers in the world, this is an exciting gift item – Coffee Handpresso. This handheld coffee maker can brew coffee on the go – hiking, camping, or on road trips. It can easily fold itself and stow in a bag or a car compartment.

Take this wonder machine out and make a cuppa, anywhere. The coffee made is of good taste.  No battery or electricity is needed to operate the hand press. Just add hot water and espresso coffee is ready.

This outdoor set comes with cups, napkins and a thermo-insulated flask – the recipient of this gift will be super happy as it will save them money – they won’t have to purchase coffee from restaurants anymore! That’s a score.


Chloe Jewelry Portfolio 

This stunning Chloe Jewelry Portfolio in cream is a great way to organize jewelry at home and on the go! The jewelry portfolio is made up of leather and is accentuated with patterns. 

The jewelry portfolio has gold finished hardware, which has anti-tarnish material – it can prevent tarnishing for up to 35 years (under typical storage conditions). 

The bag interiors have one ring roll, three storage compartments, four necklace holders and eighteen earring holes


Givenchy ‘Medium Antigona’ Sugar Leather Satchel – Black

Givenchy is a French luxury house that manufactures some of the finest clothing, bags, and accessories. They are also one of the most affordable designer brands in the market and recognizable yet unique.

Givenchy’s Antigona satchel is popular all over the world. Its richly dyed sugar leather and a softly pebbled goatskin imparts subtle texture to this classic and versatile style. 

For decades, Givenchy has been a style icon – a luxury investment, but I think it deserves its place in the travel world as well. It is a bag that will hold a lot and never go out of style. 

Definitely, a style statement when attending a fest or a dinner event when traveling. Also great for conferences and business travels. It can fit in a tablet, planner as well as water bottle, cosmetics pouch, wallet, mirror-less camera, and more. 

This is a perfect gift for the travel girl – who loves cities, is out for exploring and conferences, and is uber classy and polished!


Burburry or Valentino Scarf – luxurious and functional

I LOVE scarves. I own probably TOO many of them (which is not a good thing, but oh well). A scarf can save the day when it is chilly, cruising on the Danube in Budapest or taking a night lights tour in Las Vegas or cold in-flight. They are super handy and can also uplift an outfit when traveling with a capsule wardrobe or just with a backpack.

Here is a stunning scarf from Valentino. This beautiful scarf is soft on the skin and makes for a great style statement. It can be worn as an infinity scarf as well. This is another luxury item to keep her feel special and it is under $1000.



Fujifilm Instax mini printer


The super cute Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer is a cool and a compact, interactive wireless printer that prints photos instantly from any smartphone or tablet. The printer is intuitive and it seamlessly connects with the app through Bluetooth.

The Mini Link app includes a variety of fun features – like Sketch and Edit mode. Plus it includes a variety of filters and frames for customizing each photo before printing.


Truffle – Clear Cosmetic Pouch

Every travel girl needs a clear cosmetic pouch to store make-up and other skincare items on the go. A clear pouch is necessary when traveling with a carry-on and while getting security done.

One of my favorite (girly) clear cosmetic pouch is from Truffle. This Truffle clear pouch is a decent size to store all the pressed powder, foundation, and a couple of mid-size makeup palettes, eye pencils, lipsticks, etc. It is a zippered case with a pretty blush trim. The clear case also comes in black and white trims as well.

A very trendy and a functional unique travel gift for women. Check out the item below


Aspinal of London – Passport Organizer Set

Storing and organizing travel documents are key while traveling. Here is where a good passport organizer comes in handy. Check out this passport organizer from Aspinal of London (Orchard Mile).

This lovely travel organizer set contains a travel wallet, passport holder, and two luggage tags. It is hand-crafted from the finest Italian calf leather in deer saffiano leather and has a cross-hatch finish, giving it texture and making it hard-wearing. The subtle hue of the organizer seamlessly complements any type of luggage.

The travel wallet opens to reveal a tactile suede lining and multiple compartments for currency, credit cards, gift cards, travel documents, and boarding pass. This gift set can be personalized for free (up to four initials).

This is an essential travel item that is affordable and will be close to her – with the initials – something that she will use in all the trips to come.


Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II (Noise Cancelling Headphones)

This may not be a super unique item, but when you think of REAL good headphones that are comfortable on the ear and also comes with noise-canceling features and minus the tangling/dangling wires, there you have it – you make it to the list of unique travel gifts for women.

Bose headphones are a popular headphones brand. This BOSE QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones II comes with all the luxurious yet functional features like – noise-canceling, great sound at any volume, can sync to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, wireless (so no tangling) and has a battery life of up to 20 hours. 

This travel gift is super handy in the airport, in-flight while doing tours or listening to music/watching movies in buses or hostels. These headphones come with a carrying case. 

These Bose noise-canceling headphones are definitely an investment piece and will be treasured and adored by the traveler!


Kindle Paperwhite – A reading device on the go

Want the luxury of carrying over 10,000 books and travel guides and PDFs on a handy little device that has a monster battery life? Try the Kindle Paperwhite. We have been using Kindle since the first one ever came out, with a bulky keyboard. The newer ones are much better and lighter and beautiful. We own the Kindle Paperwhite and have used them on transit rides or travels to read books for entertainment as well as prepare for course work (yea we love to travel, but we also got to keep updating our skills at the workplace).

Kindle boasts of a high quality reading experience with backlight which is easy on the eyes. It can be used them to read on overnight flights, without disturbing the passenger sitting next to you/her.

Kindle is a delight to a traveler who is also a voracious reader or a tidy planner like me. This lightweight device can also slip into a purse or a daypack. The battery lasts for a month at least if not longer. We have also used the Kindle to look up information using the browser, it is NOT the greatest as it is a reading device, but it comes in handy in case of emergency browsing.


Sleep Travel Set – Eye Mask and Travel Pillow 

This travel neck pillow and sleep mask set is an excellent gift for women on the go. It is very functional and useful in long haul flights or overnight trains. This amazing set is super soft and durable and will last a long time.  

Oh and the material is super luxurious! It’s silk!


Arc’teryx Codetta Coat – Travel Jacket

One of my favorite travel items is a jacket. An all-weather (lightweight) jacket is a MUST whether you are a city girl or a hiker. This is ONE of the functional luxurious items to gift her.

I am in love with this versatile jacket/coat which is waterproof, lightweight, and warm.

It is called Arc’teryx Codetta Coat. The coat-jacket is of a nice length – it’s long enough to cover the bum and provide warmth. The sleeves are nice and long too. It comes with an attached hood, with deep pockets.

The coat silhouette and the color wins the competition as it is PERFECT for any type of travel girl. An awesome travel gift and any girl can rock this in New York City or while hiking in Banff National Park.


High Capacity Power bank

Power Banks are essential these days. We carry our electronic items on the go and are capturing memories or sharing life moments so you don’t want to be out of juice. Power banks will fill up the battery on electronic devices when plug-in outlets/ports are out of reach. Think of airport lobby, restaurants, inside a bus (with no USB port), or long commute rides.

This power bank of 24800 mah is of powerful caliber to charge a smartphone fully. This recommended power bank travel gift for her is functionally powerful, lightweight, and trendy.


Pandora Eiffel Tower Charm and Bracelets

Pandora bracelets are a big deal, trust me. You can personalize a Pandora bracelet with a travel charm. You can use a generic travel symbol like a suitcase or globe or be specific like Paris, Rome, or Las Vegas. 

For starters, get a beautiful travel charm (like the Eiffel Tower charm) to start the bracelet. Definitely a treasured and a unique gift for her that she will LOVE!


Find other travel-inspired jewelry here

Lonely Planet Books

If your girl loves the smell and feel of paperback books – get her Lonely Planet travel guide books. For every traveler, they are like GOLD medals and it speaks volumes of traveling and more travels to come.

You can purchase them easily from the Amazon store and can choose from a variety of destinations.


A unique way to gift this is to buy a travel guide from a destination where SHE has the fondest memories from, or from your honeymoon/babymoon or where you proposed. So that each time she looks at it, it reminds her of wonderful times in that destination!

I got them as gifts when I was in school like a decade ago, and I still have them as a travel souvenir at home. That Lonely Planet guide was about India (I received it as a gift in 2007 I think). It still brings back great memories when I flip through the pages and it has sticky notes with my wish lists on it too!


Waterbottle with inbuilt filter

A water bottle is an essential travel item. Make it a real investment (and an item that she doesn’t wanna leave behind) with this in-built filter. So whether she is backpacking in Chile or wandering through the Yucatan ruins, she can have the luxury of filtered and safe drinking water on the go.

This water bottle with an in-built filter improves health, flavor, odor, and clarity. Clean drinking water is ready in only 15 seconds ( it makes 2 liters/minute). 


Digital Photo Frames

Gone are the days of holding and framing a 6×4 photo. Digital photos frames are an excellent way to showcase travel memories. Most of us use our cellphones or digital cameras to capture memories, and we get it – there are hundreds probably thousands of those. Why keep them stored on the phone or laptop only?

Sync any wireless device (phone or tablet) loaded with travel memories to this digital photo frame and let the show begin.

With this digital photo frame, one can access all the photos on Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, and Picasa and upload them safe and securely to Nixplay online cloud storage with 10 GB photo storage. Set up a timer to flip through many captures throughout the day or keep one favorite picture memory (like a traditional photo frame) – your choice!

I received this as a birthday gift from Salil (like 10 years ago) and it works pretty well, even today! All I do is add more photos and change up the frame once we return from the trip. 

A great choice for a travel gift for women (a friend, co-worker/business gift idea too).


Packing Cubes – Sheen Pink

Packing cubes are a necessity for the girl traveler. Whether she carries a suitcase or a backpack, these packing cubes will keep clothes and essentials organized.

When I use my 40 litre backpack as a carry-on, I use the large size packing cube to store all of my clothes and it compresses the clothes and makes it manageable and tidy.

When you purchase a packing cube for a gift, choose a pretty color and in a bundled pack like this one. These packing cubes are bundled in 3-5 sizes from small laundry bag to a large size clothing organizer bag. The soft pink color with a shiny surface makes these packing cubes super unique. They are super handy and functional for a traveler!


Dual Voltage Compact Hair Dryer

The T3 Featherweight Compact Folding Dryer dual voltage compact hair dryer is a high speed-styling wonder that packs all the features of a full-size dryer in an ultralight body to make blow-drying amazing.

This hair dryer comes with a folding handle that helps eliminate space-waste, making it ideal for storage. Hair dries faster and leaves them healthy. The T3 is equipped with a specially-engineered fan that generates a high volume of air and weaves it through the dryer at a soft, gentle speed, enriching it with negative ions and far-infrared heat. 


Osprey Ariel AG 75 Pack – Women’s Hiking Backpack

If your travel woman loves to hike and is into adventure, gift her this amazing hiking backpack. Osprey is a good name in the travel gear manufacturing world and they offer some of the finest backpacks for hiking and outdoor activities.

This hiking backpack comes in different colors to suit the lady traveler’s style and makes for a reliable long term travel companion.

The bag is lightweight to carry, has comfortable straps, and is expandable to hold a lot. 



Pendleton Fire Legend Blanket – For outdoors, camping or home decor

Camping blankets are an excellent gift idea for the adventure traveler as well as the fancy interior décor loving travel women. Camping blankets are super warm and come in handy when exploring or camping in the woods. When used as a throw blanket at home, it can lighten up the room and give it a character.

Check the price for the Pendleton Fire blanket from Backcountry.com below. These camping blankets that are not only pretty but also functional (outdoors).


Electronics organizer 

Electronics organizer makes it to the list of the unique gifts for women because, well, how many times have you forgotten to carry all the cables and the like? What about keeping them in place and organised?

TADA! Check out this baby – electronics organizer for travel accessories. 

All the nasty cables, power bank, travel adaptor, back up storage cards for your camera or extra headphones for your travel companion can be all stored well and organized in this.


We hope you found this travel gift guide with unique gift ideas helpful. You can view other buying and gift guides below!

Travel Tips and Other Gift Guides (Buying guides)

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Pin: Ultimate Travel Gifts for Women: Luxury Edition

Unique Travel gifts for women
Unique Travel gifts for women



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