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Vienna in March 2024: Tips for visiting the Imperial City

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Visiting Vienna in March brings in a fresh perspective of the city – all the Christmas decorations are gone and the city slowly wakes up to the dawn of spring. With pleasant weather and fewer crowds, March is a good time to visit Vienna.

Vienna in March is still quiet in terms of tourists and the touristy areas are not super crowded. March is considered a shoulder season in Vienna.

Visiting Vienna in March 2024: Tips & Activities Guide to the Imperial City

Vienna in March
Vienna in March

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Our experience and how to use this Vienna travel guide

We visited Vienna twice in March (6 years apart) and enjoyed the trip at both times. For us, Vienna makes for a great city break – amazing cafes, walkable neighborhoods, seasonal events, and Easter celebrations!

This guide has planning tips for Vienna in March – we have covered the weather and average temperatures and also shared our packing list below. You will also find all festival details and itinerary suggestions for Vienna. On both of the trips, we explored nearby countries along with Austria and have added tips for that. 

In a hurry? Here is a snapshot of the events for Vienna in March 2024

Am Hof Easter marketMarch 15 to April 1, 2024
Schönbrunn Easter marketMarch 16 to April 2, 2024
Freyung Altwiener OstermarktMarch 15 to April 1, 2024
Vienna International Art and Antiques FairMarch 2 to 10, 2024
SPARK Art FairMarch 15 to 17, 2024
Change of Perspective at Wien MuseumFrom December to April 28, 2024
March 8, 2024From March 8 to July 14, 2024
Women’s Day CelebrationsMarch 8 2024
St Patty’s Day EventsVarious

March is a perfect time to visit Vienna are it has not hit the tourists’ peak seasons. Considered a transition or crossover month, in March spring, is knocking on the doors, and sunshine will adorn the city in the afternoons.

Days are getting longer and with little to no crowds, this is the best time to visit the city’s prime tourist attractions or book a luxury hotel for less.

How is Vienna in March? Weather in Vienna for March

Vienna is located in the heart of the European continent and its daily temperatures reflect what we “presume” the European climate to look like. Talking from a Canadian perspective, it’s pleasant, and not a lot of snow!

Vienna March Views
Vienna March Views

Vienna Austria is surrounded by the Alps and the northern European plains – so winters are snowy and cold.

But March looks promising with little to no snow. The old town which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site is completely walkable in March, as long as you dress fairly warmly. 

And we are talking about a warm jacket (faux leather jacket or a trench coat) and warm socks and comfortable shoes (or ankle-length booties). No winter clothing is necessary.

Vienna in 2 days
Weather Vienna in March

So here is what the temperatures look like.

  • The average maximum daytime temperature in Vienna in March is 10°C (50°F) – so not too cold or too warm.
  • The city gets about 4 hours of sunshine every day.
  • In March, the average hourly wind speed in Vienna remains remarkably consistent, hovering within a narrow range of just 0.3 miles per hour around 9.7 miles per hour.
  • At night, the average temperature hovers around a colder 2°C (36°F).
  • You can expect at least 7 – 10 rainy days in Vienna in March.

How cold is Vienna in March? Does it snow in Vienna in March?

Snow is uncommon in Vienna in March. Snow or ice-related activities (like the ice rink at the Rathaus City Hall) are closed for the season. During our trip, there was no snow on the ground, nor did it snow while we were there.

It is a bit chilly though, in the evenings or early mornings, the weather is still bearable to walk outside. The wind is common in the capital city.

Hofburg Palace
At the Schonbrunn Palace Vienna in March
At the Schonbrunn Palace Vienna in March

Packing for Vienna in March 

Keeping the Vienna temperatures in mind for March, here is what you should be packing:

Skip heavy winter jackets or parkas and winter boots, as the temperature will rarely go below freezing point. You can pack something green, to ring in St Patty’s Day in the imperial city.

Read our in-depth guide to what to wear in Vienna in March.

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Hotels in Vienna in March 

Finding accommodation in Vienna in March, shouldn’t be an issue. You can choose a luxury stay near the city center with a great price point or choose from a variety of mid-range hotels (for less).

  • Imperial Vienna Hotel (Luxury Hotel) – Another luxurious hotel in the heart of Wien city. It has beautiful interiors and a restaurant on-site. All the Vienna tourist attractions are less than 1 km away. Book your stay here
  • Zeitgeist Vienna Hotel (Mid-range hotel) – This is an economical hotel, with good access to trains. Great for a long-term stay. Old Town Wien is located about 2 km away from the hotel. Book your stay here
  • Austria Trend Hotel Rathauspark Wien (Mid-range hotel)  – This is where we stayed on our trip to Vienna. Great value hotel (mid-range). It is a refurbished city palace, which makes it all the more special. Free buffet breakfast was included, which had a lot of variety of food.  Book your stay here

Buy Vienna Pass for sightseeing in March 

For sightseeing in Vienna, we highly recommend purchasing the Vienna Pass. The Vienna Pass offers free entry to many of the city’s prime tourist attractions and also includes a hop-on and hop-off bus tour to access these sites.

Vienna Pass doesn’t include public transportation access, but you can add that for an additional cost. Check out the Vienna Pass here.

Things to do in Vienna in March – Events Vienna March 2024

Explore the Hofburg Palace and its many Hofburg Exhibitions

A visit to the Hofburg Palace is a must at any time of the year. The Hofburg was the imperial palace of the Hapsburg rulers and today it serves as the residence of the President of Austria.

Vienna is the gorgeous capital city of Austria. This post is a quick itinerary guide to help plan your getaway to Vienna. Explore the city's top highlights like the Hofburg Palace, enjoy a recital at the Opera House and experience the beautiful cafes in the evening. This is your perfect 48 hour Vienna Itinerary #vienna
Vienna in March – Hofburg Palace

Many of the wings of the palace are free to view from the outside. But to access the museums including the popular Sisi Museum and seasonal exhibitions, there is an entry fee. This is included in the Vienna Pass.

Hofburg Palace: Sisi Museum and Children’s birthdays – Head to the Sisi Museum for seasonal events in March. Event Dates: Until March 31, 2024

Stroll the inner city of Vienna in the afternoon

When it’s warm and sunny outside, head to the inner city of Vienna. The area near the Hofburg Palace is surrounded by cafes and stores, and remnants of the historical (famine) past.

Taking a walk in the afternoon will be comfortable and you will be able to appreciate the city’s beautiful architecture!   

Head to any of the museums at the Museum Quarter (in the morning, if it rains or if you are cold)

Vienna is a perfect city for arts and history lovers. There is an amazing museum quarter in the city that will quench the thirst of every art and heritage fanatic.

Visiting Vienna in March
Visiting Vienna in March

Our favorites are Albertina, Leopold Museum, and the Museum of Natural History. The Natural History Museum has a good collection of minerals, precious stones, fossils, and animal skeletons, including some taxidermy of extinct species.

Plan to visit them in the morning hours (when they open) or a few hours before closing – that way you will make use of the nice weather outside to explore other things. The museum entry is included in the Vienna Pass, and it is located a short distance away from each other.  

Art museums exhibitions in Vienna

You can also pop by the Belvedere Palace and Museum for an amazing display of artwork and decorated staterooms and gardens, also included in the Vienna Pass.

For art history lovers, the Albertina Modern Museum located in Karlsplatz is a must. It is the second location of the Albertina museum known to be one of the largest museums of modern and contemporary art.

Queer Art Space Vienna: Enjoy performances, workshops, and art exhibits at the Queer Art Space. Listen to diverse stories at the 8-week-long exhibition that is held at Kunsthalle Exnergasse in Währinger Straße.

Location: Kunsthalle Exnergasse Dates: TBD

Explore the Schönbrunn Palace and gardens

The Schonbrunn Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it was the summer residence of the Hapsburg rulers. The palace is strikingly beautiful in bright yellow paint and has a whopping 1441 rooms.

Schonbrunn Palace in March Vienna
Schonbrunn Palace in March

Built in Rococo style, the palace is largely associated with the rule of Maria Theresia. The palace is also considered to be one of the most impressive palaces in Europe, so it should be on your itinerary.

The Schonbrunn palace complex is huge. To explore the palace interiors, an entry ticket is required (which is included in the Vienna Pass).

A guided tour of the palace interiors should take you around one hour. There are seasonal exhibitions held there from time to time.

Gardens at Schonbrunn Palace
Gardens at Schonbrunn Palace

One of the most beautiful things about this palace is its 500 acres of spectacular park and garden. In March, you won’t be able to see colorful flowers, but the gardens will be open for viewing/strolling.

And there is ample greenery and sunshine for a walk (or photos).

Explore each and every nook and corner of the park will take you at least 2-3 hours. But if you are short on time – we highly recommend visiting the classical gloriette arcade (which is set on the top of the hill) and the Neptune’s Foundation (it is a sculpture based on themes from Greek mythology).

Schonbrunn Palace Gloriette
Schonbrunn Palace Gloriette

Note: There is a strudel tasting show at the Schonbrunn Palace that you MUST go to. The show and a piece of strudel from the royal kitchen are included in the Vienna Pass’s price.

Celebrating Women’s Day in Vienna City

The first Sunday in March is celebrated as International Women’s Day and Vienna does this in great honor and style.

The city hosts numerous events such as IWD Lunch with Women with Passion, Feminist Rrriot Festival, etc. which honor the endurance and fight for women’s emancipation. It also celebrates feminism and equality of rights.

Dates: March 8 2024

Celebrate St Patty’s Day in Vienna in March

March is the month when you go green. So if you are heading to the city in and around St Patrick’s Day, pack something green and head to any of the pubs in Vienna where it is celebrated.  

Party with a purpose with the Irish at the Vienna Irish Ball is a popular event and it has an entry fee of 110 euros, but the evening comes packed with a three-course meal and entertainment.

Location: InterContinental Hotel Vienna. Dates: TBA

Also, taking place in Vienna is a week-long extravaganza at Charlie’s P. Starting from March 13th to the 19th you can enjoy Irish fun and flair, music and dance, and more! Entry is free for all!

Location: Währinger Str. 3, 1090 Wien, Austria.  Dates: March 13 to 19, 2024

There are also tons of bars in the city for a pint of Guinness with fish and chips to party all weekend long. The Giant Ferris wheel of Vienna – Riesenrad – also joins in, as it lights up in green!

Vienna in March Sightseeing guide
Vienna in March

European Month of Photography Vienna 2024

This is a photography festival that takes place in many Central European countries. 

During the festival, audiences can experience a multitude of exhibitions and shows in Vienna’s galleries and museums, along with an array of cultural events. The event is organzied by Kunsthaus Wien. 

Dates: March and April 2024

Another festival to make a note of for the future is the Foto Wien. 

Foto Wien is a photography festival held in Vienna in over 120 venues across the city. This event is completely free and it showcases the creative potential of local photographers.

Location: Multiple Dates: Spring 2024

Read: 4 days in Vienna itinerary | Where to stay in Vienna for first time visitors

Celebrating Easter in Vienna in March

If Easter falls in the month of March, don’t forget to participate in festive events. There will be Easter concert events organized across the city.

During Easter, a traditional beer called “Osterbock” is quite popular in Vienna – it is like a Red Bull, meant to fuel the body with energy (after a long day of fasting).

Easter markets: The Easter markets tend to start about 2.5 weeks before Easter and usually run through to Easter Monday. Here are the various tentative spots to explore

  • Am Hof Easter market: From March 15th to April 1st, 2024 (enjoy culinary delights and crafts at this historic square)
  • Schönbrunn Easter market: From March 16 to April 2nd, 2024 (set up at the iconic Schönbrunn palace grounds)
  • Freyung Altwiener Ostermarkt: From March 15th to April 1st, 2024 (located near the city centre, outside the Schottenstift monastery. With lots of festive wares and cute egg decorations and food samplings)

Warm up in a cozy cafe (with Viennese cake)

March in Vienna brings a special charm to the city’s famed coffee shops. As winter’s chill begins to recede, the Viennese coffee culture blossoms alongside the city’s iconic architecture.

This is me – Enjoying Sachertorte

What’s more, this time of the year marks the perfect period to indulge in the quintessential Viennese cake – the Sachertorte. This chocolate delicacy, served with a dollop of unsweetened whipped cream, pairs delightfully with a traditional Wiener Melange or a classic Viennese espresso.

There’s something magical about savoring this delectable combo as the city comes alive in spring. As you sit in a cozy corner of a historic coffeehouse, watching life pass by outside, you’ll feel a part of Vienna’s rich tapestry of tradition, comfort, and culinary excellence.

Enjoy Italian Opera at the Wien State Opera House

In March, all the opera houses in Vienna have their seasonal concerts. At the Vienna State Opera and the Volksoper Vienna, you can enjoy Italian opera concerts from the likes of Puccini’s Tosca and Turandot or Rigoletto and La Traviata. 

For opera and classical music concerts in March in Vienna, you can check out the schedule here

Vienna Opera House
Vienna Opera House

There are guided tours available to view the interiors of the opera house, which is stunningly beautiful inside and is worth a visit.

Also, check out Wagner operas for their seasonal performances.

Enjoy a romantic time at the Wien Thermal Spa 

Therme Wien is a huge green area in Vienna, which is also Europe’s largest urban spa. The entire Vienna spa complex has various indoor and outdoor pools, as well as the usual array of spa offerings to indulge in.

Skiing near Vienna in March

There is still time to go skiing in Austria in March. Jauerling boasts of aprè-ski and a free ski park for kids, and it is located only 80 minutes drive from Vienna (near Wachau). This is perfect for a spring skiing trip as the weather is still cold and chilly here. 

Schidorf Kirchbach is another beginner-friendly ski good ski resort near Vienna, located about 90 minutes’ drive away.

Make the most of your visit in March, by taking Day trips to nearby towns

Looking for day trips from Vienna? Come, visit the picturesque Wachau Valley. This valley is formed by the Danube river in Austria. This is perfect for a day trip or a weekend getaway in the midst of nature and culture #wachauvalley #vienna # austria
Visit to the Wachau Valley

Vienna is a convenient location to venture out on day trips from the city.

  • Vienna Woods – Vienna Woods or Wienerwald is a protected green belt of mixed woodland terrain, sprinkled with centuries-old castles and small towns. For wine lovers or adventurous hikers, visiting Vienna Woods in March is a great time as the sun is not too strong for strenuous hikes and climbs nor are the small towns too crowded to enjoy a relaxed exploration and wine tasting.
  • Wachau Valley – The stunning lower Danube Valley aka Wachau Valley is a MUST visit from Vienna. In an hour, you will be in the most beautiful countryside – where you can visit Melk Abbey and the Krems. In March you can go wine tasting, but the weather may or may not be suitable for a cruise. Wachau Valley is also rainier than Vienna, so pack a waterproof jacket.
  • Salzburg – Mozart’s hometown is just 2 hours away from the capital city. This pretty medieval town is filled with amazing views – thanks to the Alps surrounding it and of course tons of history. Trains are great for traveling from Vienna to Salzburg and/or Wachau. We found Salzburg to be a little colder than Vienna in March.

Vienna or Salzburg in March 

Why not both? Both Vienna and Salzburg are located in Austria, but both cities are very unique and different. While being the capital city – Vienna has the state of the art infrastructure and is modern yet classic at the same time (with centuries-old palaces, traditions, and history).

Vienna or Wien has a slightly modern outlook and is oh-so-trendy.

Salzburg in March

Salzburg, on the other hand, is more medieval with a towering fortress over the city, cobblestone streets, Christmas-y lanes, the Alps, and lush greenery (places where the Sound of Music was shot).

Salzburg is also home to some of the Nazi historical remnants and they are worth a visit. (Salzburg to Munich is only 2 hours away).

Now Vienna to Salzburg is 2 hours away by train – so you can definitely do both – should you have time. And we recommend both cities for different perspectives on Austria. Here is our 2-day itinerary for Salzburg.

Read: Austria itinerary 7 days | Beautiful places in Austria

Prague or Vienna in March 

We have written a detailed guide to visit Prague in Spring March and April. Prague is located in the Czech Republic, and this capital city is different from the Austrian Capital city.

Now, I am a history fangirl so I LOVE Prague (my University majors in History was centered around Eastern European politics, so you can tell!). From a tourist standpoint, Prague is more medieval (more than Salzburg), if you visit the old town square, the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Lennon Wall, etc.

Prague in 2 days
Beautiful Prague: You classic beauty

Prague is also unique with its off-beat places like the Dancing House or the Communist Museum. A lot of the Jewish history and cold war politics remnants can be understood in Prague (which is absent in Vienna).

Both cities have historical places – whether it’s the Hapsburg palaces or Communist-era buildings, both have seasonal events and festivals and both are perfect for day trips to nearby cities.

Here are the key things to keep in mind,

We hope you found this guide on visiting Vienna in March useful. Vienna is beautiful, have a great time in the imperial city! 

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Pin: Vienna in March: Travel Guide and Tips for Visiting the Imperial City

Vienna in March
Vienna in March Views

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