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16 Wanderlust Jewelry for Travel Lovers: Gift ideas

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Searching for some cool travel gift ideas? We got you covered, with our favorite wanderlust jewelry for travel lovers! This list of travel-inspired jewelry is locally made, with shipping options available for worldwide delivery.

Choose your favorite design and type of jewelry and get delighted with a piece of wanderlust in your hands!

16 Wanderlust Jewelry for Travel Lovers

Hand picked Great Wanderlust jewelry for travel lovers
Great Wanderlust jewelry for travel lovers

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Global Citizen World Map
Gold filled
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Cut out World MapNecklace
.925 + gold plated
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Mountains are CallingNecklace
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World Map LocketNecklace
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Globe NecklaceNecklace
3 types of plating
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Map NecklaceNecklace
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Compass NecklaceNecklace
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Airplane BraceletBracelet with
4 charms
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Airplane BraceletBracelet
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The World AwaitsBracelet
4 metal choices
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Mountain earringsEarrings
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Silver plane ear climberEarrings
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Traveler’s Protection
Gold Coin earrings
14k gold filled
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Eiffel Tower earringsEarrings
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Airplane ringRing
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Cityscape ringRing
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I LOVE fashionable, costume jewelry – they are fun and easy to wear. Throughout the years, I have collected boxes of travel jewelry. My MOST favorite ones are necklaces with pendants and bracelets.

I used to own quite a few chunky or statement rings, but since I got married I love wearing my wedding band/bridal set only.

Buy a small travel jewelry box to carry and store items

Silver (a little tarnished, vintage kind) is my go-to metal for travel jewelry, followed by muted gold color. Rose gold is also my favorite – I mean, who doesn’t love variety?

The most affordable layering pieces of wanderlust jewelry are silver .925 and stainless steel. I prefer neckpieces to be dainty so that I can layer on, or style them on their own. 

This curated list of wanderlust jewelry is available from ETSY, and they will touch every travel lover’s heart. I have selected a few of my favorites below. 

Neckpieces with pendants: Travel inspired jewelry

Travel-inspired jewellery
Travel inspired jewellery – Some of my gold plated favorites

I wear my love for travel on my sleeves  neck! I am into muted gold pendants and designs these days – and they look fab. The most popular travel themed pendants include airplanes, globes, a north star, a compass, a city name, or a map. 

.925 silver, gold plated, rose gold, fabric, and stainless steel metal are various options to choose from, for the chain or neckpiece. Here is where you can buy from:

1. Global Citizen necklace – ShopCkanani

Global Citizen Necklace Dainty Gold Necklace World Map image 0

CKanani showcases this stunning 18 inch fully gold-filled world map necklace. It is perfect for layering for yourself, or for the global citizen in your life! Christie is a travel blogger, and her shop has more designs for travel lovers – like the plane pendant, and the ‘wanderlust’ pendant

This item ships from the USA. 

Click to view ‘Global citizen’ necklace and more on ShopCkanani

2. Trium Jewelry for travel lovers | Silver and Gold necklace (plated)

Earth Necklace World Map Necklace World necklace Wanderlust image 0

Trium jewelry creates stunning pieces of wanderlust jewelry for travel lovers. My absolute favorite is the ‘Earth and World Map’ necklace in gold. The cut-out earth looks stunning, and the pendant comes in two different sizes to fit every travelista!

The necklace is made of .925 silver and is gold plated and completely nickel free. You can also choose silver or rose gold for metal.

This travel necklace is a great gift idea, as it’s delivered in a handcrafted gift box. The seller ships from Spain, so international shipping time applies. 

Click to view ‘Earth and World Map’ necklace and more on Trium Jewelry

3. Mountain & Wanderlust necklace – Sincerely Silver Shop

Mountain Necklace Wanderlust Necklace The Mountains Are image 1

Calling for outdoor and mountain lovers! How cute is this wanderlust pendant from Sincerely Silver Shop?

This ‘mountains are calling necklace’ is made of sterling silver and is hung on a sterling silver chain. It is a beautiful layering piece with a silver choker or wear it on its own. 

The mountain pendant necklace is hand made and ships from the United States. 

Click to view ‘Mountain and Wanderlust’ necklace and more on Sincerely Silver Shop Jewelry

4. World Map Locket – Laurenblythedesigns

This ‘world map locket’ is made up of brass and comes with a brass chain with an antiqued brass lobster clasp. It is in gold color and is lead and nickel free. 

World Map Locket Globe Necklace Map Necklace Graduation image 0

The map features the Eastern and Western hemispheres on both sides of the pendant – so perfect for the globetrotter in your life! You can also choose to personalize the locket with a hand-stamped heart initial to add to the front, and also add 2 photos for yourself or your loved ones!

You can email the photo/s to the seller to be added to the pendant. This necklace ships from the USA.

Click to view ‘World Map Locket’ necklace, its price, and more on Laurenblythedesigns

5. Silver Globe necklace – Bubblebox

Silver Necklace / Dainty Necklace / Gift for Women / image 4

Choose this dainty silver globe on a chain to wear every day! The small map necklace is one of their best-selling items and motivational and inspirational jewelry. 

The seller offers 3 types of jewelry plating – 24K Yellow Gold, 14K Rose Gold Plated, White Platinum-Plated, and Black Rhodium-Plated – to choose from.

The necklace is 41 cms and is available in brass and silver .925. And it ships from Greece.

Click to view ‘Globe’ necklace and more on Bubblebox

6. Map Necklace Wanderlust Jewelry – Eva Gifted Hands

Map Necklace Wanderlust Jewelry I Personalised Coordinates 2. Antique Bronze

For those who love color and maps, this wanderlust jewelry is perfect for them. 

This Map Necklace can be personalized with any place you like – think anniversary or any bucket list travel destination. The seller creates real, vintage world maps turned into wanderlust jewelry that is inspirational.

Gift it to someone who loves travel, to remind them of past adventures or goals of the future. 

This travel inspired jewelry item ships from the United Kingdom. 

Click to view ‘Map’ necklace and more on Eva Gifted Hands

7. 10k Solid Gold Compass necklace – CACEEandB

A compass necklace is such a style statement, And when it is solid gold you can wear it with ease, and it will also match any bags and accessories with gold-tone hardware.

The north star cutout makes it very elegant and one of the unique travel gifts. 

This travel themed necklace is handmade in Canada, and you have the option to add some personalization for the special someone in your life!

Click to check the price of the Compass Charm necklace and add a personal touch 

Bracelets: Wanderlust jewelry for travel lovers

Bracelets are my second favorite piece of jewelry after necklaces. I don’t have a travel tattoo, so I find ways to wear travel on my sleeves – as a constant reminder and a pick me up from the daily grind.

My suitcase charm bracelet (silver): Wanderlust travel jewelry for travel lovers

I have a ton of charms from different places, which can be easily customized and worn on a bracelet.

The Eiffel tower, airplane, camera, and passport are some of my favorite charms that I own and love!

8. Airplane and wanderlust travel bracelet – Trend4ever

Airplane Charm Bracelet / Travel Bangle / Flight Attendant image 2

Yay! A Canadian seller, with an amazing rating, offers a completely customizable bracelet. You can add or exchange a charm, add a letter, number, or birthstone or make it a stackable charm bracelet.

Choose between a small-medium or a large size bracelet. With 4 charms and a bracelet, this is a very affordable piece and is a perfect gift for travel lovers, or for yourself if you are a globetrotter.

Ships from Canada.  

Click to view Airplane and wanderlust bracelet and more on Trend4ever

9. Airplane Travel Suede Bracelet -Frendzwink

Traveller bracelet Travel Suede bracelet image 0

This unisex travel and wanderlust bracelet is perfect for bohemian style lovers. The airplane charm is wrapped on a black suede bracelet and is lightweight to wear. 

You can choose from two sizes – 6,5 to 7 inches or 7 to 8 inches. They also have other charms on offer – snowflakes, NorthStar, etc. to choose from. 

The bracelet ships from Canada. 

Click to view Airplane suede bracelet and more on Frendzwink

10. The World Awaits Personalized Bracelet – Route22Designs

The World Awaits Personalized Bracelet Graduation Gift for image 5

Beautiful and meaningful cuff unisex bracelet, designed to inspire you to keep exploring every day! 

The travel bracelet cuffs measure 1/4″ by 6″ and can be adjustable to fit any wrists (no measurements required if looking for a gift, as they are adjustable). You can choose the metal of choice – Aluminium, Brass, Copper, or Silver. 

The message inside the cuff reads, ‘the world awaits’ one of my favorite quotes, and it is hand stamped. 

Ships from Canada, in a gift box with free delivery.

Click to view the Wanderlust bracelet from Rouet22Designs

Earrings: Jewelry for travel lovers

Here are some of the top wanderlust inspired earrings!

11. Mountain Earrings – ShopEarFlair

Mountain Earrings Circle Earrings Mountain Lover Gift image 0

Choose these trendy mountain earrings from Ear Flair, for yourself or as a gift. These earrings are made of 15mm solid sterling silver mountain charms.

The total earring length is about 31mm long. The ear wire is made up of 20 gauge Argentium sterling silver. 

This item ships from the USA. 

Click to view Mountain earrings from EarFlair and add to cart

12. Silver Plane Ear Climber Earrings – ND Black Sheep

Silver Plane Ear Climber Earrings/ Jet-Setter/ Plane Ear image 0

How cute are these plane earrings? They are super pretty, and you can easily dress up or down with these earrings. Sturdy, lightweight, and great for everyday wear!

Plane earrings are hand-made, with genuine 925 sterling silver. So they are lead and nickel-free.

This travel themed jewelry item ships from the USA, in a cute gift box!

Click to view Earrings from NDBlackSheep

13. Traveler’s Protection Gold Coin Medallion Stud Earrings – Hunter & Trove

Traveler's Protection Gold Coin Medallion Stud Earrings image 0

Some gold earrings this time – this beautiful pair of Traveler’s Protection Gold Coin earrings – are perfect for every traveler. It’s chic and meaningful!

Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travelers. The earrings contact engraving of St Christopher who guards travelers, keeping them safe on their journey.

The medallions and studs are made of 14K gold fill and silver and are hand-made. These earrings are packaged in a beautiful box for gifting. 

This item ships from Canada, and offers free shipping to all Canadian provinces and US.

Click to view Traveler’s Protection earrings from Hunter&Trove

14. Eiffel Tower Earrings – Golden Tassel

Who doesn’t love the Eiffel Tower? I DO! And I have tons of Eiffel Tower bracelets, pendants, earrings, and souvenirs sprinkled all over my home. These earrings from Golden Tassel are great for the Eiffel Tower/Parisian lover. 

The earrings dangle with a fish hook and are made of silver – completely nickel free.

This item ships from the USA. 

Click to view Eiffel Tower earrings from Golden Tassel and order

Rings: Travel-inspired jewelry

Wanderlust Jewelry for travel lovers gifts
Wanderlust Jewelry for travel lovers gifts

Although I don’t have a ton of costume rings today, I did own a few silver ‘plane’ rings. Here are some of my favorites from ETSY sellers (who knows I might add them again to my jewelry box)

15. Airplane Ring – AirHub Store

Jewelry travel inspired: Airplane Ring

As you can see ‘airplanes’ are my favorite travel shaped jewelry, and rings are no different. This dainty airplane ring is perfect for the wanderlust lover. It is discreet, yet a nice travel reminder – to keep ‘exploring’!

This beautiful ring is made of .925 sterling silver and is rhodium-plated. Rhodium is a hypoallergenic material and gives the ring shine, without harming your skin. 

The seller includes free delivery, from Ukraine. 

Click to view Airplane ring and more on AirHubStore

16. Cityscape Ring – Caitlyn Minimalist

Your City Ring Any Cityscape Ring Travel Ring Custom image 3
Wander lust jewelry travel lovers

For the city and urban lover, this chunky ring is just fabulous! This travel ring feels sturdy and strong with a cityscape cut out, for the ring itself. Perfect to style as a single ring on the thumb or mid finger. 

Choose your favorite cityscape as your ring inspiration. The ring is made of .925 silver and the seller is one of ETSY’s best sellers. You can choose from 6mm to 10mm, depending on your ring size and your city choices.

The ring ships from the United States. 

Click to view Cityscape ring and more on Caitlyn Minimalist

We hope you enjoyed this amazing list of travel-inspired jewelry. Choose one for yourself or gift one. In doing so, you will be supporting small businesses all over the world and igniting the zest for travel and exploration! Their customer service is also good for support and care questions. 

ETSY is a marketplace where sellers from all over the world showcase their handmade, vintage, and unique creations for you to choose, from the comfort of your home.

You will find a wide collection of items on ETSY (including home goods) and many with sale price offers during the holidays. If not travel jewelry you can also get gift cards for your loved ones.

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