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What to do in Saskatoon at any time of the year!

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We lived in Saskatoon for close to five years. My career began in Saskatoon and have been moving places since. So if you are wondering what to do in Saskatoon you are at the right spot. We have explored Saskatoon as a tourist and as a local, so we can definitely share all the sightseeing scoop for you. In this post, we have also included special Christmas section, because we feel Saskatoon during the holiday season is beautiful.

Saskatoon is one of the populous and largest cities in the Prairies. It is not the capital of Saskatchewan, Regina is. Regina is located 2 hours away from Saskatoon.

Quality of life in Saskatoon is really good. We enjoyed our time here. The traffic is not too crazy like in it is in Toronto or Vancouver. Rental apartments are decently priced. There are 3 shopping malls in the city, with a good range of retail brands. What is amazing about Saskatoon is the range of multi national cuisines that blew our minds – from donairs to Greek food to Chinese hot pot and East Indian dishes – this city really knows how to serve food!

What to do in Saskatoon at any time of the year

What to do in Saskatoon Canada
What to do in Saskatoon

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How to reach Saskatoon and other travel tips 

Saskatoon is easily connected by road and air ways. It is served by the Diefenbaker International Airport. The airport is located 15- 20 minutes away from the city centre.

Currency used in Saskatoon is CAD – Canadian dollars. Credit cards are widely accepted everywhere.

Commute –  Saskatoon Transit operate buses to take people from one place to another. Fare: 3 CAD for an adult ride. Monthly and weekly passes are available. Most residents own cars, although of late parking has become an issue in this city.

So, here are some of the awesome things to do in Saskatoon

Boating at the South Saskatchewan River 

Like we always say, the river never leaves us. When we lived in Saskatoon, the South Saskatchewan River was our oasis. We enjoyed walking the trails and soaking in the views of the Saskatchewan River valley from the historical bridges. Right now, we live in Alberta and the North Saskatchewan is what I cross every day to get to work. (Not literally swim and cross, but you get the picture).

There are many activities conducted near, in, and around the River. Boating during the summer months is amazing to enjoy the sunshine and the river views. 

For boating tours contact: Chief Whitecap Waterway at 1 866-538-7275

Literary fests like the Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan is hosted here every summer to celebrate literature. Festival months are from mid June to mid August

Historical bridges

In Saskatoon, the South Saskatchewan River flows in the middle and splits the city to East and West side. The eastern end of the city has mostly residential complexes, parks, restaurants and schools. The western end is the downtown/city centre area with commercial buildings and the popular Mid Town Plaza – shopping mall.

Bridges of Saskatoon SK

Coming back to bridges, Saskatoon is home to 9 bridges and is affectionately called the “City of Bridges”. Out of the 9 – one is the Old Traffic Bridge and it was officially closed in August 2010 when we were living in Saskatoon. This bridge was Saskatoon’s first and was open for foot and vehicle traffic in 1907. A new Traffic Bridge was built later on and is in use – October 2018.

Other notable bridges include – University Bridge (1910s), Spadina Cresent Bridge (1930s), Broadway Bridge (1930s), Senator Sidney L. Buckwold Bridge (1960s), Circle Drive Bridge (1980s), South Circle Drive Bridge (2013), Chief Mistawasis Bridge (2018). There are a few more Railways Bridges that are heritage landmarks of the city. 

Segway Tours at the Saskatchewan River valley

If you wish to do something fun and exciting, then hop on a Segway and tour the beautiful river valley. Segway tours are conducted by Eco Glide Adventures

Wanuskewin Heritage Park

Wanuskewin Heritage Park is a National Historic Site of Canada and it is dedicated to the rich history of the First Nations community in Canada. The cultural heritage park is set up on a large acre of land and during summer months it is wonderful to walk around and learn about the history, culture and traditions of the Indigenous peoples.

They are open everyday from 09:00 am to 4:30 pm. Entry fee is $10 CAD per adult. 

They also offer guided tour of the site, Guided Walk and Archaeological Dig Tour. Check their website for more details 

Western Development Museum

The Western Development Museum is a living museum in Saskatoon that shares stories of industrial development in Saskatoon with locomotives, steam engines and other lifestyle displays from the bygone days. Lifestyle display include homes and rooms with interior décor as used by residents in the 1860s or around that time frame.

There are 5 WDM in Saskatchewan and we have been to all, except one. To access the WDM in Saskatoon, you will need a vehicle. If you take a local bus, you will have to walk a considerable distance to reach the museum entrance.

They are open 09:00 am to 05:00 pm everyday. Closed on civic holidays. Entry fee is $12 CAD per person. 

Delta Bessborough Hotel

In the river valley, the charming Delta Bessborough Hotel stands tall, looking as elegant as ever. The Delta Bessborough Hotel is a part of Canadian Railways heritage and was used as a resting place/ inn for railway employees. The hotel was opened in 1935 and was built in Châteauesque style.

Today it is a luxury hotel located in the city centre, close to the shopping mall, commercial district and the river valley itself. This hotel is perfect for romantic stays in the city. Click here to read more about Delta Bessborough Hotel

Kiwanis Memorial Park

Kiwanis Memorial Park is a river valley park located very close to downtown Saskatoon. This is perfect for morning jogs or evening strolls. The park has many seating areas, fountain and gazebos and is a great green space, close to the commercial areas. 

Kiwanis Memorial Park
Kiwanis Memorial Park

Meewasin Trail

Meewasin Trail is located very close to the Kiwanis Memorial Park. It actually runs over 60 kilometers in and around the city, along both sides of the river. It is a perfect spot to cycle, jog, walk or simply take in the views of the river valley.

During winter cross country ski trails are located here. 

Remai Modern Art Gallery 

Remai Art Gallery is a beautiful modern art gallery and exhibition space, located in Spadina Cresent.

They are open the following days/hours

  • Tuesdays and Fridays 10 AM-10 PM,
  • Wednesdays and Thursdays 10 AM-5 PM,
  • Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 10 AM-5 PM.
  • Closed on Mondays except for statutory holidays

Entry fee is $12 for adults. Guided tours are also available. If not an arts fan, you can still visit the gallery for some amazing river valley views!

Admire Art Lanes 

Saskatoon Art Work
Saskatoon Art Work

Saskatoon boosts of amazing murals and street arts. During summer time, when locals bring out their produce or there is a vintage car display, the city beams with even brighter colors with the art as their backdrop. 

Taste delicious Saskatoon Berries

If you are in town in the summer months, then reserve some time to explore the Taste Of Saskatchewan Festival, Food Truck Wars and more. The Taste Of Saskatchewan Festival is a food fest that occurs annually in July and this is a good opportunity to try out many cuisines including the MOST popular Saskatoon berries (berry crumble pie).

For other times of the year, here is a spot (hint: next item) to try out some Saskatoon berries.

Saskatoon Farmer’s Market 

Whether it is Saskatoon berries or farm produced vegetables, you will love the Saskatoon Farmer’s Market in Riversdale. And the cool thing is that they are open all year round.

Pike Lake Provincial Park

Pike Lake is a recreational park and beach-side located just 20-25 minutes outside of Saskatoon. There are play rides and beach areas for relaxation and picnic at the park.

Things to do in Saskatoon in Winter: Enchanted Forest and More 

This section of the post is dedicated to the things to do in Saskatoon in Winter. There are tons of things to do in Saskatoon when the snow falls and for the majority of the year, you will experience colder climates with snow. In one year, 2013, we experienced snow for almost half the year. So what can you do in Saskatoon in winters?

Enchanted Forest/ Saskatoon farm and forestry    

Enchanted Forest is a beautiful Christmas heaven with lights, adorn with messages for the holiday season. Its a drive through Christmas fun with snow and lights. 

This is an annual holiday lights event that takes place at the Saskatoon Farm and Forestry. (Address – 1903 Forestry Farm Park Dr, Saskatoon). 


All along Christmas lights!

Mall decorations/Take pictures with Santa

Christmas celebrations means creating beautiful memories. You can get pictures taken with Santa at different shopping malls or make donations to a local charity like a toy or books for kids to read. Food bank is another great way to make a difference to the community.

Get details on what to do in Saskatoon at all times of the year, with special travel tips for summer, winter and city fests.
Merry Christmas from Saskatoon, Canada

Santa Parade

Every year in November, Santa Claus pays a visit to the City of Bridges. Dashing through the snow, it parades in different downtown streets including the hip Midtown Plaza Mall. Get your long johns, gloves and toques and wait for Santa to come along. 

Ice Skating

Go ice skating in the city. There are indoor and outdoor rinks where you can skate with friends and family. 

  • Cameco Meewasin Skating Rink in downtown Saskatoon is a popular outdoor rink. It is free for use. Skates are available for rent.
  • Clarence Downey Speed Skating Oval – Skating oval. Entry fee applies for group entry and events. 

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Last Update: July 25 2019

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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