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11 Absolute Best Amalfi Coast Wine Tours

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The Amalfi Coast is a world-renowned destination for its stunning coastal scenery, but did you know that it also produces some of Italy’s most celebrated wines? If you are wondering where to go, then check out these best Amalfi Coast wine tours to embark on!

The Amalfi area boasts a unique mix of soil and microclimates that produce a variety of distinctive, high-quality grapes. The combination of limestone, clay, schist, and sandstone in the soil gives the wines a complexity that is hard to find elsewhere.

11 Best Amalfi Coast Tours to take this year

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Best Amalfi Coast Wine Tour

In a hurry? This is the best Amalfi wine tour on this list. This full-day tour offers an intimate experience where an expert professional takes you to the finest wine estates on the coast, with round-trip transportation, and lunch – all included!

Amalfi Coast wine tasting tours
Amalfi Coast wine-tasting tours

1. Amalfi Coast Wine Tasting tour (7 hours)

Wine tasting in Amalfi Coast
Wine tasting in Amalfi Coast

BOOK this Amalfi Coast Private Wine Tasting Tour

♡ RATING: 5 Out of 5 stars on Viator

Tour Highlights

☑ Guided tour of Amalfi Coast wineries 

☑ Lunch is included along with wine tastings

☑ Expert and professional guide at the vineyards

☑ Private Tour

Why book this tour?

Book this highly-rated Amalfi Coast wine tour. This is a private tour in which you and your party will participate. It is a 7-hour – full-day tour of the Coast wineries. 

You will get to experience the region’s well-known wine estates and learn about the wine-making process. The trip also includes lunch at a cellar and of course, wine tastings. 

As this is a private tour, you will have enough time to stroll the vineyards, enjoy the weather, and soak up the ambiance and the gorgeous coast views! 

Read what other travelers have to say below,

Guest Review: “Today was a dream! Roberto (aka Captain Kirk) was the best driver we could have asked for. Captain Kirk gave us a fantastic overview of the coastline from Sorrento to Amalfi. He showed us the famous towers, hotels, and islands all while navigating the narrow streets. A real pro! He is a great conversationalist and told us about his childhood in Amalfi! Once we arrived at the Reale Vineyard, Roberto was attentive and got us introduced to the tour guide. Reale vineyard was beautiful. This experience allowed us a tour of the grape vines (traditional and modern growing) as well as a look at how the family produces and stores the wine. The food and wine were breathtaking. We even bought some to be shipped to the US! I can’t recommend this experience enough. Truly a taste of Italian culture and off the beaten path.” – GetYourGuide Traveler

2. Amalfi Coast: Pompeii, Vesuvius, & Wine Tasting with Lunch (8 hours)

wine and view of Vesuvius
Wine, and a view of Vesuvius

BOOK this Amalfi Coast and Pompeii Wine Tasting Tour

♡ RATING: 5 Out of 5 stars on GetYourGuide

Tour Highlights

☑ Guided day tour from Amalfi Coast

☑ Professional guide at the Pompeii ruins 

☑ Hike included

☑ Lunch is included along with wine tastings

☑ Hotel pick up and drop off included

☑ Small Group Day Tour

Why book this tour?

This day tour goes beyond a visit to a winery on the Amalfi Coast, and it includes a guided trip to the Pompeii archaeological site (2+ hours). 

You will be picked up from the Amalfi hotel and then head towards Pompeii. Skip-the-line tickets to the site are included. 

There, you will enjoy an informative tour of the history of the site, the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D., and the town of Pompeii. 

Spend time exploring important buildings and structures like marketplaces, the forum, thermal baths, houses, drainage systems, and beyond. 

The tour also includes a hike on the Gran Cono path that leads to the crater on Mt. Vesuvius. Enjoy the scenery here with the breathtaking view of the Gulf of Naples. 

After the hike, relax at an authentic vineyard with a wine-tasting session, and lunch before returning to Amalfi! 

Guest Review: “Our drivers were on time, friendly, and went through a lot of trouble to organize a wonderful trip. We saw the ruins with a very experienced guide, drove to the volcano, and hiked all the way, then enjoyed a great lunch and wine tasting! We really enjoyed the trip and recommend it to anyone! Superb!” – GetYourGuide Traveler

 Click to book this Amalfi Coast and Pompeii Wine Tasting Tour

3. Amalfi: Furore Walking, Vineyards, and Cellars Tour (4 hours)

BOOK this Amalfi Coast Furore Walking, Vineyards, and Cellar Tour

♡ RATING: 4.5 Out of 5 stars on GetYourGuide

Tour Highlights

☑ Guided half-day tour from Amalfi Coast (4 hours)

☑ Expert guide at the Marisa Cuomo cellar  

☑ Guided bushwalking and hiking trip

☑ 3-course meal with drinks included in a local farmhouse overlooking the popular Furore Fjord

☑ Hotel pick up and drop off not included (meeting place provided)

☑ Small Group Day Tour

Why book this tour?

Embark on a 4-hour half-day tour to enjoy breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast, wine tasting, and bushwalking. 

On this guided excursion, you will walk or hike through the small villages of Agerola and Furore, travel along an ancient staircase, and admire the vertical cliffs of Amalfi. 

Upon arriving at the Furore Vineyards you will see how the best white wines in Italy are made and processed (Fior d’Uva). You will get to visit the area where the grapes are turned into wine and meet farmers and winemakers responsible for this process. 

The tour also includes a trip to the Marisa Cuomo Winery, its showroom, and its underground caves – these are home to ancient barrels.

After an informative session at the winery, you will head towards the upper area of Fiordo di Furore. 

This is where you will enjoy more stunning views of the coast and the fjord. 

Thereafter, sit down and rest your legs, and enjoy a lovely lunch at a local farmhouse. Oh…and sip some authentic Furore wine too! 

Guest Review: “Beautiful excursion through the vertical vineyards of the coast. Our guide, Enzo, gave us a lot of information about the area that I, as an Italian, apparently did not know at all! I highly recommend taking this tour for a trek on less traveled paths than the classic path of the gods and also for a nice meal on the farm!” – GetYourGuide Traveler

4. Wine & Food Tasting in Villarena (2 – 3 hours)

Food and wine tasting

BOOK this Wine and Food Tasting in Villarena

♡ RATING: 4.9 Out of 5 stars on Viator

Tour Highlights

☑ 3 hour guided cellar tour

☑ Choose 3 types of tour options (pairing wines and food/cheeses)

☑ Taste wines, cheeses, and Limoncello 

☑ No hotel pick up or drop off (Meeting place is Nerano)

Why book this tour?

Join a 3 hour guided tour of a centuries-old cellar in Villarena. This cellar dates back to 1500 AD, and here you’ll get to learn about the history and the origins of wine in the region. 

As part of the experience you will sample delicious Campanian wines paired with some locally-made cheeses – such as Provolone del Monaco, Parmigiano, Pecorino, and Caciocavallo – and also learn about the cheese-making process. 

The cellar provides 3 types of experiences to choose from combining wine and cheese tasting to pair. Plus you get to enjoy homemade Limoncello on the sea view terrace at sunset.

Guest Review: “Exceptional wine and food tasting experience. This was by far the best one we have ever done, and we’ve done many different ones across the globe. The staff are extremely polite and helpful, the location is beautiful, and our host went above and beyond. Please take this tour at your nearest convenience. It’s worth every penny.” – Viator Traveler

5. Tramonti: Vineyard & Winery Tour with Tasting & Appetizers (3 hours)

Wine tasting in Amalfi Coast

BOOK this Vineyard & Winery Tour with Tasting & Appetizers experience

Tour Highlights

☑ Visit the valley of Tramonti on this winery tour

☑ Explore the fine products of Cantine Apicella

☑ Learn about the processes that transform grapes into excellent Apicella wines

☑ Stroll through vineyards 

☑ Wine tasting with appetizers 

Why book this tour?

This is a 3 hour workshop where you will enjoy a guided visit to a winery and taste Apicella wines in the commune of Tramonti on the Amalfi. 

As part of this winery tour in Capitignano, you will walk through centuries-old vineyards, and take in the breathtaking views of the Coast. 

The informative workshop takes you through the wine-making process of the region, and the history of grape producers.

Tastings are provided with appetizers!

6. From Sorrento: Mount Vesuvius Tour with Lunch & Wine Tasting (6 hours)

Mount Vesuvius and vineyards
View of Mount Vesuvius and vineyards

BOOK this Sorrento: Mount Vesuvius Tour & Wine Tasting Lunch

♡ RATING: 4.6 Out of 5 stars on GetYourGuide

Tour Highlights

☑ 6+ hour guided tour of Pompeii and wine tasting

☑ Winery tour at the foot of the Vesuvius mountain

☑ Light lunch with 3 wines from the wine farm’s own cellar

☑ Round trip transportation from Sorrento

Why book this tour?

Unlike the other Amalfi Pompeii and wine tour, this is a shorter 6+ hour excursion from Sorrento. 

It includes a guided tour of the Pompeii archaeological site and a photo spot at the summit of Mount Vesuvius where you can peer into the crater that once destroyed Pompeii. 

On the second half of the day tour, you will enjoy a winery visit. The vineyard is located at the foot of the mountains in Pompeii. You will get time to stroll through vineyards and learn about the winemaking process. 

The tour includes a light lunch of bruschetta with cherry tomatoes, local cheese, salami, tomato spaghetti, and Neapolitan pie served with grappa liquor. 

Plus you will sample 3 wines from the farm’s own cellars. Samples include white, red, and a rosé. 

Guest Review:” Our guide Luigi was fantastic! Had a really good time with him, great humour, and such a relaxing delivery which was extremely reassuring! He helped along the way. The Vesuvius tour is highly recommended! Wine tasting is great, the wine was good and the alcohol did its job as at the start, the tour bus was quiet and by the time we all had some wine, we were chatting with each other, sharing laughs and info about where we were from – a small world! Our guide Luigi assisted us in dropping us off in a secure location close to Pompei ruins so we could go and see it after Vesuvius as it was not included and we wanted to explore it. All in all a 10/10!” – GetYourGuide Traveler

7. From Naples: Irpinia Wine Tour with 6 Tastings (8 hours)

Irpinia, and rows of Aglianico
Irpinia, and rows of Aglianico

BOOK Click to book this Irpinia Wine Tour with 6 Tastings

♡ RATING: 4.8 Out of 5 stars on GetYourGuide

Tour Highlights

☑ Guided full day tour from Naples

☑ Visit 2 wineries in Irpinia, the best wine area in Campania

☑ Taste Taurasi, Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo, Aglianico wines, and more

☑ Stroll through vineyards and visit cellars to see wine in production

☑ Tasting of 6 glasses of wine (3 per winery)

☑ A bottle of water per person (500 ml)

☑ Round trip transportation

☑ Private Day Tour

Why book this tour?

Discover the best wine cellars of Campania with this informative full-day tour. This tour leaves from Naples (so you have to get to Naples if staying at an Amalfi town). 

On this tour, you will enjoy a scenic drive through the lower slopes of the Apennines, east of Naples to get to the tiny commune of Montefalcione. 

Here you will visit the Feudi di San Gregorio winery, and take a guided tour of the bucolic vineyards and cellars. 

The visit also includes 3 tastings of different wines produced on the estate.

Lunch is provided at a local restaurant where you will try regional delicacies before moving on to the next wine tour at Montemarano – this is one of the best centers for the production of Aglianico red grapes. 

Enjoy your time at the vineyards and then sample 3 of the estate’s best wines, including the well-known Taurasi, the red wine from Campania, before leaving for Naples. 

Guest Review: “Fabulous day visiting 2 of Irpinia’s family wineries in the beautiful Avellino area of Campania. Our host/sommelier Guatano was an absolute delight to spend the day with – his knowledge of the area and its history, geography, food, and wine was mind-blowing. We very much enjoyed the conversation with him and had lots of laughs as he was very enthusiastic and entertaining! We enjoyed warm and generous hospitality at both our stops and learned a lot about producing wine in this iconic region (we have a small vineyard in Australia). We would recommend this tour very highly and it is excellent value for money. Grazie!” – GetYourGuide Traveler

Other food, cooking classes, and winery experiences on the Amalfi Coast

If you are a foodie, you will love these additional food, wine, and cooking tours in and around the Amalfi Coast. 

8. Sorrento: E-Bike Wine & Food Tour (5 hours)

Marina Grande in Sorrento, Campania
Marina Grande in Sorrento, Campania, Amalfi Coast

BOOK this Sorrento: E-Bike Wine & Food Tour

♡ RATING: 4.9 Out of 5 stars on GetYourGuide

Tour Highlights

☑ Guided half-day tour in Sorrento

☑ Food, wine tasting, and e-bike tour

☑ Bike and helmet rental

☑ Experienced guide to led the group 

☑ Round trip transportation (hotel pick up and drop off can be arranged)

Why book this tour?

Ride an e-bike and enjoy the views of the Sorrento Peninsula, as you embark on a food and wine-tasting tour along the old mule trails to Sant’Agata sui due Golfi. 

This is a half-day tour and you can arrange for hotel pick up and drop off. 

As part of the experience, you will visit a local farm, and learn about cheese processing. Then you will sample fresh homemade lemon juice, lemon and orange marmalade on melba toasts, and extra virgin oil on homemade bread. 

Even if you have never used an ebike before, you will be fine, as you will be guided and assisted by an expert. 

Here is what a previous traveler has to say, 

Guest Review: “Our tour was excellent. The bikes were really easy to use (I am not a cyclist and had never used an e bike before) and we were able to see the area so much better than we would have in a car. Our guide, Pieter was great and the tour of the cheese far was a lot of fun. Highly recommend this for a fun half day, and learn about lemon farming and limoncello production as well as cheese making in the region.” – GetYourGuide Traveler

9. Walking Food Tour in Sorrento with Food Tasting (3 hours)

Irpinia, rows of Aglianico: Tour Amalfi Vineyards

🛒 BOOK this Walking Food Tour in Sorrento with Food Tasting

♡ RATING: 4.5 Out of 5 stars with 500 reviews

Tour Highlights

☑ Guided walking tour in Sorrento

☑ Food and drink samplings (in 8 spots)

☑ 3-hour tour

☑ Small group tour (maximum 12 participants)

Why book this tour?

Don’t want to ride an ebike? No problem. Walk and burn your calories as you eat your heart out around Sorrento. 

This is a 3 hour guided walking tour in Sorrento where you will stop at family-run restaurants, delis, and markets to indulge in an array of local edible delights. 

You will sample all kinds of pasta, paninis, cheeses, cured meats, pastries, gelato, and more. The tour also includes alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, and limoncello. 

This is a small group tour – with a maximum of 12 participants for an intimate experience. 

Guest Review: “Excellent taste of Sorrento, would highly recommend it when you first arrive to not only taste the local specialties it also will help give you your bearings for the city. Comfortable pace.” – Viator Traveler

You may like this tour from Sorrento

10. Sorrento Farm Experience Including Tastings, Pizza Making, and Limoncello (4 hours 30 minutes)

Limoncello in Amalfi

BOOK this Sorrento Farm Experience including tastings, pizza making, and a Limoncello tour

♡ RATING: 5 Out of 5 stars on Viator

Tour Highlights

☑ Guided food tour from Sorrento (4.50 to 5 hours) 

☑ Visit a local farm cheese factory and pizza place

☑ Learn about pizza making

☑ Samples and tastings included (wine, a dessert, pizza, limoncello)

☑ Round trip transportation (hotel pick up and drop off can be arranged) 

☑ Half Day Tour from Sorrento (this is a morning tour – 09:00 am)

Why book this tour?

Enjoy a half-day guided food tour from Sorrento. Join a local guide, and visit a pizzeria to learn about pizza making (Neapolitan style), and even make your own. Then see how a cheese factory works. 

The guide will then, take you to a family-run farm for tastings of their best products, including homemade bread, lemonade, and extra virgin olive oil.

You will have time to stroll through olive groves and sample fresh olive oil, lemonade, and limoncello. 

Guest Review: “The host was quite entertaining and taught us a lot about lemon farming, making cheese, and the area. Got to taste their olive oil and can purchase it if desired. Great experience!” –  Viator Traveler 

11. Pizza School with Wine and Limoncello Tasting on a Local Farm (3 hours)

Local farm and limoncello tasting

BOOK this experience – Pizza School with Wine and Limoncello Tasting

♡ RATING: 4.9 Out of 5 stars on Viator Traveler

Tour Highlights

☑ 3-hour food and pizza-making experience

☑ Dinner is included

☑ Wine, extra virgin olive oil, and Limoncello tasting

☑ Fresh dessert made on the farm, Panna cotta or tiramisu

☑ Round trip transportation

☑ The tour takes place in the evening (06:00 pm)

Why book this tour?

Embark on an evening food tour in a comfortable van to Primaluce, located between seas and mountains, among the green hills of Sorrento. 

Join a 3 hour culinary and gourmet food tour, learn how to make pizza, and then enjoy dinner with drinks, wine, limoncello, an appetizer of cold cuts and fresh mozzarella, field vegetables, and traditional homemade dessert included.

Note that this tour takes off at 06:00 pm in the evening, from Sorrento.

Guest Review: “We shared a beautiful evening with a wonderful family learning about how to make the best pizza but also about life, joy, and family. Do not miss this experience if you have a chance. We can’t wait to return.” – Viator Traveler

Wine Making on Amalfi Coast Italy

The Amalfi Coast is a very special place for wine lovers, producing some of the finest Italian wines available. With its stunning coastal scenery and rich history, it’s an ideal spot for travelers looking for an incredible experience. 

Vineyards are scattered throughout the Sorrento Peninsula and in greater Campania. Through the handpicked wine experiences above you have also noted that wineries exist near Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. 

Amalfi Coast Wine Tour

It is believed that grapes were brought to Campania by the Ancient Greeks, and fabulous wines are being made by small producers today using these noble grapes. 

The region’s principal grape varieties include Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino, and Falanghina, which are all used in white wines. 

Reds produced here include Aglianico and Piedirosso, as well as red blends such as Taurasi (it is granted the highest “DOCG” mark of quality) and Lacryma Christi (Mount Vesuvius). 

Tour Amalfi Vineyards

The area is also home to numerous vineyards producing sparkling wines.

The wine-making processes here are traditional and sustainable, with hand-picked grapes that are carefully sorted before crushing. Fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled steel tanks, and the wines are then aged in oak barrels to give them their unique character.

What to expect on a Wine Tour on the Amalfi Coast

A wine tour of the Amalfi Coast is an unforgettable experience that combines culture, history, and stunning scenery with excellent wines. 

Tours range from a typical full-day experience (6 to 8+ hours) with a lunch, multiple wine tastings, and round-trip transportation. 

Best Amalfi Coast Wine Tours

In places like Sorrento and Naples, you can also join a workshop for 3-4 hours (half-day tour) with light snacks and wine tasting, with or without transportation.

Most of the full and half-day wine experiences are meant to be an intimate sessions with a small group. 

Other than wine tasting, these tours also provide an opportunity to explore some of the area’s most stunning locations, from its breathtaking coastline to hidden valleys. 

Along the way, you’ll get a taste of local culture and cuisine as well as learn about the history of Italian winemaking. 

Local Companies Offering in-person wine tasting experiences:

Many of the area’s top wineries offer guided tours that allow visitors to explore their vineyards, sample their wines, and learn about the traditional process of producing them. 

The knowledgeable staff will provide insight into each stage of production, from harvesting the grapes to aging the wines. Here are some of the places where tasting is offered,

  • Le Tre Sorelle Wine Room in Positano: They are located in Positano, and offer guided experiences – food and wine tasting in their Wine Room
  • Tenuta San Francesco: Located in Tramonti, in the green and fertile valley of the Amalfi Coast you can experience rare local wines, made from ancient and pre-phylloxera vines. They offer wine tours, tastings, and cooking classes on site

If you wish to try something offbeat, like a local hosting you with wine and a meal, then consider visiting Vico Equense and opting for this dining experience. 

Things to know before taking an Amalfi Coast Wine Tour

When you book an Amalfi Coast wine tour via GetYourGuide or Viator, you will receive a confirmation immediately with an invoice. Both companies have generous cancellation policies should your plans change. 

Amalfi Coast beach view
View of the Amalfi Coast

We suggest making note of the following

  • Pick up and drops off from hotel inclusion, or meeting point gathering
  • Most tours are small group tours, but some may require at least 2 guests to participate. If a favorable tour date is not available then consider visiting one of the wine rooms instead – they typically have multiple tastings available 
  • When tours include a hike or walk in the vineyards it may be canceled if it rains on the day of the excursion. Pompeii visits are an exception – they are rarely canceled due to rains (unless if its torrential rains and/or access is closed to the archaeological site)

Note that the legal age for drinking in Italy is 18 years of age. 

On the day of your wine tour, consider packing the following items, 

  • Sunhat
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Hiking shoes (so that you can enjoy walks in the wineries and outdoors)
  • Daypack
  • And don’t forget the camera!

Difference between Amalfi Coast Wine vs. Tuscany Wine Region

The Amalfi Coast and the Tuscany region are two of Italy‘s most famous wine regions, each boasting its own unique character. While both produce outstanding wines with their own distinct flavors and aromas, there are some differences between them.

Chianti Tuscany wine-tasting tour

One primary difference is in grape varieties used in each region. The Tuscany region is known for its Sangiovese-based wines, while the Amalfi Coast typically produces white wines made from grapes such as Greco and Fiano. 

The Amalfi Coast also produces a few reds using Aglianico and Piedirosso grapes.

The climate of each region also plays a role in their unique characteristics. The Tuscany region is characterized by hot days and cool nights, while the Amalfi Coast has a more moderate climate with warm days and cooler nights. 

This results in wines that tend to be lighter and more aromatic (and super smooth) from the Amalfi Coast, whereas Tuscan wines have bigger bodies, bolder tannins, and more ripe fruit characters.

Ultimately, each region produces its own unique style of wines that offer a variety of flavors and aromas to suit all tastes. Both the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany wine regions are definitely worth exploring if you’re looking for something special! 

Where to Stay on the Amalfi Coast Italy

When planning a trip to the Amalfi, consider staying at one of these places,

  • Elys Suites (Sorrento): Sorrento makes a great base for not only joining wine tours but also for sightseeing on the Amalfi. Whether you are road-tripping or traveling via tours, stay in Sorrento for more options. Elys Suite is a great place to stay in Sorrento. It is centrally located in the city and offers clean, and bright rooms. Book your stay here
  • Hotel Regina Sorrento: This is another great option in Sorrento. They have a pool onsite, and lots of restaurants nearby. Plus you can find rooms with an awesome view of the Gulf of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. Book your stay here
  • Terrazza Duomo (Amalfi town): Located in Amalfi town, this beautiful hotel is close to beaches, restaurants, boat tours, and sightseeing on the coast. Some of the hotel rooms also offer uninterrupted views of the Amalfi Duomo. Click to check availability here

Other Italy Travel Resources

Visiting a winery on the Amalfi Coast is an opportunity to experience some of Italy’s finest wines at their source. From whites to reds, sparklings to fortifieds, you’re sure to find something that will please every palate. 

So why not pay a visit to one of the region’s many wineries and indulge in some of Italy’s finest wines? You won’t regret it! 

Here are some additional Italy travel resources to help you plan your trip!

Pin: Amalfi Coast Wine Tours

Tours amalfi coast pin
Tours Amalfi Coast

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