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Hungary is one of the affordable destinations in the European continent. It’s capital city Budapest, is filled with stunning architecture, bars, and yes tons of history!

Hungary is subdivided administratively into 20 regions. It is a landlocked country surrounded by Balkan states Serbia, Slovenia, Romania and Croatia, as well as Austria, Slovakia, and Ukraine. 

Quick Facts Hungary Travel

✔️ Capital City – Budapest

✔️ Population9.773 million

✔️ Hungary Tourist Visa – Schengen

✔️ CurrencyHungarian forint

✔️ Language – Hungarian 

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Getting ready for Hungary – Travel Visa

Hungary is part of the European Union, and they follow the Schengen Agreement. 

🗸 If you require a Schengen visa for most countries in Europe, then you will need it for Austria too.  

🗸 Nationals of EEA (European Economic Area) countries need not apply for a visa; however, they do need to carry their valid passport.

🗸 For citizens of the United States and Canada, no visa is required. US and Canadian passport holders can enter and stay in Hungary for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa.

🗸 If this is your first-ever trip to Hungary, read our guide here – Europe checklist

Flight Tips for Hungary

Hungary is a landlocked country and is served by 5 international airports. The best option is to fly down to Budapest (if traveling outside of Europe) or any of the nearby cities like Vienna, and Zagreb.

Best time to travel to Hungary

Hungary is best explored in shoulder months like late March to May, and September to November. 

🗸 Off Seasons – Spring and fall are the best time to visit Hungary as crowds and prices are dramatically lower for airfares. Budapest is rainy in March, so we recommend visiting late March or in April. Autumn in Budapest is beautiful and it is an amazing time to capture fall foliage. Find all the beautiful fall destinations in Europe.

Winter is great for Christmas markets. 

🗸 Peak Seasons – Summer months are high tourist months in Hungary. These months are from June to August. 

Weather in Hungary

Hungary experiences all the 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Summers can be very warm at 35 degrees celsius, and winter temperatures drop down to – 10 degrees celsius. 

Where to stay in Hungary?

Safety in Hungary + Budget

Hungary is a safe place to visit for solo travelers, couples, and families alike. As always exercise caution in touristy areas especially in places like Budapest. 

Overall Hungary is not super expensive. Hotels and food are pretty affordable, so is transportation. Budapest is perfect for long term city breaks, working remotely, or exploring more of central/eastern Europe. 

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