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23 Europe Autumn Destinations: Visit Europe in the fall (2023)

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Wondering where to go to Europe in the fall? Don’t worry we got you covered. We are ‘seasoned’ off-season travelers and love exploring Europe autumn destinations. I mean, fewer crowds, cheaper flights from North America, tons of festivals, nice weather – what’s not to like?

23 Europe Autumn Destinations | Europe in the Fall | Europe in September to November

Pin: Guide to Europe autumn destinations
Europe Autumn Destinations to Visit | Travel Guide to Europe in the Fall

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Experiencing Autumn in Europe | Travel Tips

The European continent experiences 4 distinct seasons – spring, summer, autumn or fall, and winter. Autumn months are September, October, and November, which are right after the peak summer season.

Spring and autumn months are considered to be off-season or shoulder seasons. These are the months when tourism is not at its peak in popular European destinations.

Europe in the Fall: Europe autumn guide

Off-season also brings in unpredictability in weather and temperatures across the continent, so packing smart is key. 

We have highlighted and covered the average temperatures for all the fall destinations in Europe, mentioned in this article. Plus we will provide you with packing hacks and other tips so that you can make the most of your travel time. 

At a minimum, here are the essential items to pack for Europe in autumn.

Here is the list of Europe autumn destinations to consider for your visit.

1. Rome Italy


September: 27/15 deg C or 81/60 F

October: 22/12 deg C or  72/53 F

November: 17/7 deg C or 62/45 F


September: Spring Attitude Festival, Tomorrow Comes The Harvest

October: Rome Film Festival

November: All Saints Day

Rome in the fall is a magical time to visit. This beautiful city comes alive with its vibrant culture and incredible architecture that will take your breath away. 

The temperature in autumn is moderate, usually ranging from 15-20°C/60-70°F during the day, dropping to 10-15°C/50-60°F at night. This is the perfect range for sightseeing and exploring all the outdoor sites without having to worry about the sweltering heat.

In Rome, you can get lost in the ancient ruins of the Colosseum and Roman Forum, take a stroll through one of its many beautiful parks such as Villa Borghese or Parco di Villa Pamphili, visit some of the most incredible churches in the world, and of course explore its vibrant city center.

Although there are no autumn festivals in September, there are many art and cultural events. October and November are perfect to enjoy food and wine fests in the city, as it is a harvest season in Italy. October is nice and warm to stay outdoors for long hours with little to no rain. 

In November, All Saints Day is celebrated. Towards the end of the month, the city is decked up for Christmas celebrations!

Overall, Rome in autumn is an incredible experience. With its mild temperatures and abundance of festivals and activities, it’s sure to make your trip to Italy memorable.

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2. Barcelona, Spain

Park Guell and Gaudi Museum
Park Guell and Gaudi Museum Barcelona


September: 26/20 deg C or 78.8/68 F

October: 23/17 deg C or 73.4/62.4 F

November: 18/12 deg C or 64.4/53.6 F


September: LEM Festival, Catalunya Day, Festa Major de la Barceloneta (top Europe autumn destinations)

October: Sitges Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya

November: Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona

Barcelona is a popular destination in Europe. And visiting it in the fall means beating the crowds. Throughout the off-season, you will find tourists in September, but it is less than what you see in peak summer months. Towards November, the crowds are even less.

Barcelona has a Mediterranean temperature, and in autumn months the weather is bearable for day-long exploring and tons of walking and hiking. For us, 20 to 26 degrees/68 to 78 F is a bearable temperature.

Low to high 30’s with humidity is not fun, especially when you want to be out and about taking pictures or waiting in line to get to landmark attractions.

Rain is rare in autumn (4-6 days in a month). It rains though all of a sudden but also stops quickly. It is not lingering rains like monsoons in India. 

Sunset views from Bunkers
Sunset views from Bunkers

In autumn in Barcelona, you can embark on a walking tour of the historic Gothic Quarter. Or opt for a segway tour.

Food is amazing in Barcelona, so book a culinary tour. On a food tour, you will hop from one restaurant to another, tasting delicious dishes. 

Don’t forget to add a trip to star attractions like the Sagrada Familia, Parc Guell, La Boqueria Market, Port Vell, and Barceloneta Beach to name a few. 

Another reason to visit Barcelona in autumn is the plethora of cultural and food festivals that take place here. National Day of Catalunya happens in September, and there is a Jazz festival happening from late October to November. 

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3. Lauterbrunnen Valley Switzerland 


September: 17/12 deg C or 62/54 F

October: 14/9 deg C or 57/49 F

November: 9/4 deg C or 49/40 F

The Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland is a stunning destination to visit in the fall. This valley is nestled between two mountain peaks and its beauty will leave you speechless all year round, but it’s especially breathtaking during the autumn months. 

The temperature at this time of year starts to cool off quite a bit, making it perfect for outdoor exploring.

The Lauterbrunnen Valley is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of Switzerland. You can take a hike up to Staubbach Falls, and enjoy its thundering sound and misty spray as you admire the surrounding red, orange, and yellow foliage.

You can also explore many of the small villages that dot the valley for a closer look at Swiss culture and customs, and soak in the autumn colors from trains or road trips. 

In autumn, you can join in on local festivities such as wine tastings and festivals celebrating the harvest season. Additionally, there are some amazing restaurants to explore and sample delicious dishes like cheese fondue and other local specialties.

Visiting the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland in the fall is an unforgettable experience and a must add to your bucket list. The crisp autumn air, stunning colors, and a plethora of activities will make your trip to this area truly magical.

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4. Reykjavik & South Coast, Iceland

Reykjavik Iceland in October Guide
Iceland in October Guide


September: 10 C/ 6 C or 50 F/ 42 F 

October: 7 C / 2 C or 44 F/36 F

November: 4 C / 1 C or 39 F/ 30 F


September: Literary Festival, Reykjavik International Film Festival

October: Iceland Airwaves, Imagine Peace Tower (top Europe autumn destinations)

Autumn months are perfect to visit Iceland. September to November are sort of crossover months in Iceland, where the summer has gone by, and winter is not fully set in. 

Iceland weather in the fall is slightly unpredictable though. Winds and rains are common. And when that happens it is cooler than normal. So packing warm clothing (waterproof jackets and shoes) are essential. 

Visiting in the fall, Iceland opens up to winter activities from October like ice cave walks, winter hiking, snowmobile tours, and Northern Lights tour. So this is another good reason to visit Iceland in the fall – to enjoy winter activities minus the winter temperatures, with a ton of natural beauty to behold. 

Iceland Glacier Tour

Reykjavik and Iceland in general are not super crowded with tourists in the fall. It is easy and affordable to find/book accommodation. Guided tours are not busy either.

Driving on Iceland’s ring roads can be a challenge if you are not used to winter driving, and in that booking a tour is a good idea. 

When in Reykjavik, enjoy culinary delights, visit the tallest church – Hallgrímskirkja, and embark on road/day trips to the southern coast of Iceland.

Sightseeing along the popular Golden Circle route or Vik and Akureyri is open in the fall months. 

The popular Blue Lagoon welcomes guests during autumn months, with reduced business hours.

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5. Munich, Germany

MUNICH - OCTOBER 16: Oktoberfest October Europe Autumn destinations
Munich, Germany


September: 19 C /10 C or 61 F / 50 F 

October: 14 C / 5 C or 57 F / 41 F

November: 8 C /1 C or 46.8 F / 33.8 F


September: Isar Island Festival, Holi Festival of Colors

October: Oktoberfest (top Europe autumn destinations)

November: TANTZ – Music Festival

The capital city of Bavaria (my beloved) Munich is THE place to be in the autumn. I am sure you have heard of Oktoberfest – the beer festival in Germany. From September onwards, Munich gears up for the beer fest that pulls crowds from all over the world.

This city surely is busy, and bustling with activities in the fall. If you are planning to visit Munich in the fall, do make plans and reservations well in advance so that you are not disappointed!

Other than the Oktoberfest, there are other monthly events like the Holi Festival of Colors, and the many music fests. 

Munich weather in the fall is perfectly pleasant to enjoy walks at the English Gardens, or guided walking tours in old Munich Square in Marienplatz. Notable attractions in the old town are – Old Pete Church, Munich Residenz, City Hall, Hofbräuhaus – don’t forget to say ‘Provst’ and enjoy a beer at the Biergarten.

Do include a day trip or two to Dachau or Neuschwanstein Castle in Fussen

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6. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary - Autumn in Budapest. The Castle Hill Funicular (Budavári Siklo) with the Szechenyi Chain Bridge and St. Stephen's Basilica at sunrise with autumn foliage
Budapest, Hungary


September: 73.4 F / 55.4 F (23 C / 13 C) 

October:  60.8 F / 46 F  (16 C / 8 C)

November: 48.2 F / 39.1 F (9 C / 4 C)


September: Tons of food fests – Food Truck Show, Wine and Craft Beer festival

October: Café Budapest Contemporary Art Festival, Budapest Design Week

November: Wine and Cheese festival

Autumn in Budapest welcomes you with warm hues, and delightful events to inspire you. The summer heat is gone, so are tourists, now is the time to enjoy the thermal pools, or join in a guided tour of the Hungarian Parliament, Jewish Quarters, and the Buda Castle complex.

From the Buda Castle, you can soak in autumn foliage colors – so get your cameras ready!  

Capture fall leaves in various colors (from green, now to orange, yellow, and brown) throughout the city, from Heroes’ Square to Vajdahunyad Castle, Karolyi Kert, and the Gellért Hill overlooking the Danube. Autumn is definitely the perfect time to visit Budapest for the scenic beauty scenes. 

Don’t forget to add a dinner cruise at the Danube, it will leave you speechless. 

Budapest also has a ton of festive events from September leading up to the New Year celebration. Here is a 4-day Budapest itinerary to plan your upcoming trip!

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7. Paris, France

Best Paris photo spots for your Paris Vacation. This list is ideal for first time visitors and it include Paris city guides to help plan your dream Europe vacation. These Paris photography ideas cover the beautiful places like the Eiffel tower, the Lourve and other awesome things to do in Paris France to get the best Paris Instagram pictures to share. So here you go 15 Best Paris Instagram spots for the first time visitor. 
Lourve – Photo Spots in Paris


September: 22 C/13 C or 71.6 F/ 55 F

October: 17 C/10 C or 62.6 F/50 F

November: 11 C/6 C or 51.8 F/42.8 F


September: Jazz Festival, European Heritage Fest (top Europe autumn destinations)

October: Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, Montmartre Wine Harvest 

November: Guy Fawkes Day/Disneyland Paris, Armistice Day

Visiting Paris in the fall is a great idea, and that’s why we have included it as a part of our Europe autumn destinations list.

All the crowd from the peak summer months are gone, leaving the pretty Parisian lanes a little less crowded for you. This is a great time in Paris to explore popular attractions like Eiffel Tower, Trocadero Gardens, Champs Elysees, and the Louvre Museum. These sites are comparatively less busy than in the summer months.

As always, book attractions tickets in advance, to avoid waiting in line. Fall evenings are crisp in Paris, so ensure you are wearing warm boots, a scarf, and a cap.

If you are planning to join a Seine River Cruise, opt for a dinner cruise to stay warm and toasty inside.

During the day, pick up a favorite neighborhood in Paris to enjoy. If exploring Montmartre, do visit the Sacre Coeur Cathedral, watch a show at the Moulin Rouge, eat at pretty Parisian street cafes, or admire painters at work at the Artists Square. 

Latin Quarter and Marais are also great neighborhoods with tons of things to do in Paris in autumn to keep you busy for days.  

HOTEL: Read our guide to hotels and neighborhoods in Paris

8. Brussels, Belgium

Where to stay in Brussels Belgium
Where to stay in Brussels Belgium


September: 20 C/12 C or 68 F/ 53.6 F 

October: 15 C/8 C or 59 F / 46 F

November: 10 C/5 C or 50 F/41 F


September: Eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX, Belgium Beer Weekend

October: Fair Photo Days 

November: Winter Wonders and makes way for Christmas Markets (late November to December)

Brussels really enters into an off-season mood in early fall (September especially). Sightseeing tours, sites, and touristy landmarks are not crowded at all.

Take your time to leisurely enjoy the Grand Place, City Hall museum, Comic strip, mini Europe, or the Atomium. You can also add a horse-carriage ride at the Grand Place and Belgian waffles cooking class.

Rains could occasionally pour in, but it is nothing too scary to dampen your spirits in the Belgium capital. During the day, the weather is warm to enjoy walks outside or live music and entertainment. 

September and October months are awesome for hanging out outdoors with Frites, and beer. Brussels is also a great spot to explore more of Belgium by embarking on day trips to Ghent, Antwerp, Brugges, to name a few.

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9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Itinerary 2 Days


September: 19 C / 11 C or 66.2 F / 51.8 F

October: 15 C/7 C or 59 F/44.6 F

November: 10 C/4 C or 50 F/39.2 F


September: The Dutch Theatre Festival, Valtifest (DJ/music fest)

October: Amsterdam City Walk, Friday Night Run

November: Movember Run Amsterdam

September and early October are considered the BEST time to visit Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. Considered off-season, fall waves good-bye to the summer crowds making the attractions in and around Dam Square a little quieter.

You won’t find restaurants along the canals to be busy, and taking canal cruises or walking tours in the centrum is very easy.

If you plan on visiting the Anne Franks’ House, ensure you make reservations online, and prior to arrival. This is one place where planning/booking ahead of time is essential. 

Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Volden Park are a delight to visit around this time. However, visiting parks in late November calls for warm clothing, as the temperature drops to single digits in the evenings. 

When in Amsterdam, don’t forget to add a day trip to the windmills in the Dutch countryside.

10. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Photography Spots


September: 26 C / 17 C or 78.8 F / 62.6 F 

October: 23 C / 15 C or 73 F / 59 F

November: 18 C / 12 C or 64.4 F / 53.6 F


September: Jazz Festival, Alfama Fado Festival 

October: Fatima Pilgrimage

Lisbon is one of our favorite cities in the world. Located on the western part of the European continent, Lisbon is blessed with a lot of sunshine. Summers can get really hot here, and that’s why fall is more pleasant in terms of exploring, and being out and about. 

Traveling from Canada, autumn was delightful in Lisbon. We could climb/walk the hilly spots from Alfama to Graca neighborhoods, soaking in those pretty views in Lisbon. 

We highly recommend embarking on a History tour of Lisbon, wandering with a local guide, and understanding the resilient past of the city – from the 1775 earthquake to the new Pombal architecture, and the lanes of Chiado and Baixa neighborhoods. 

Don’t forget to include a night of Fado in Chiado, and stop by the TimeOut Market. Lisbon is also a great base to embark on day trips to Sintra and Cascais.

Another popular fall destination in Portugal is Douro Valley. 

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11. Seville, Spain

Plaza de Espana South tower
Plaza de Espana South tower


September: 32 C/ 18 C or 89.6 F/ 64.6 F 

October: 26 C/14 C or 78.8 F / 57.2 F

November: 20 C /10 C or 68 F/50 F


September to November: Festival de las Naciones (International fest)

October: Noche en Blanco (top Europe autumn destinations)

The star of Andalucia – Seville – is a must-visit destination, as part of your Spain vacation. And what better time than the fall.

Known to be one of the warmest/sunny places to visit in Spain, Seville is still fairly warm in September. 

October brings some respite from the heat and the climate is pleasant, with mild temperatures and sunny days. And this is great for walking around the city and exploring the highlights like the Real Alcazar Palace, Seville Cathedral, and of course the beautiful Santa Cruz quarters.

Definitely add a visit to the gorgeous Plaza de Espanya, a garden plaza that was originally built for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929. Home to administrative offices today, the plaza is free to explore and it will delight you with the mixed Moorish and Andalusian architectural nuances.

From Seville, you can embark on day trips to Morocco, Gibraltar, and any other places in Spain like the Sierra Norte Natural Park, Granada, Cordova, Rhonda, and Cadiz, to name a few.  

Don’t forget to add a tapas bar hopping tour to your trip to Seville.

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12. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich and Lindehof Hill in Best Switzerland Itinerary 7 days
Zurich and Lindehof Hill


September: 20 C / 12 C or 68 F / 53.6 F 

October: 15 C / 8 C or 59 F / 46.4 F

November: 9 C / 3 C or 42 F / 37.4 F


September: Zurich Marathon, Zurich Film Festival

October: Food Zurich

Zurich will remind you so much about Canadian fall. The weather in the late fall months is not the best to enjoy wandering around, but you can make the most of your trip to Zurich by wearing warmer clothing. 

Historic Old Town of Zurich (Altstadt), with the iconic Fraumünster Church, and the Limmat River flowing through the city will melt your heart.

In the months of September – October, you can still enjoy beer and food in outdoor restaurants. However, from November, the temperature cools down further.

Enjoy cruises on Lake Zurich in the early autumn months, or wander down the trendiest shopping street – Bahnhofstrasse.

Zurich is a perfect base to explore more of Switzerland. You can easily embark on day trips (or weekend getaways) to Bern, Lucerne, and all the way to Zermatt (Matterhorn) or Liechtenstein.

RECOMMENDED HOTEL: Find the best places to stay in Zurich

13. Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled Slovenia


September: 23 C /13 C or 73.4 F / 55.4 F 

October: 18 C / 8 C or 64.4 F / 46.8 F

November: 12 C / 4 C or 53.6 F / 39.2 F


September: Slovenia’s National Day of Culture, Old Vine festival

October: Maribor Theatre festival

November:  Lake Bled (Oberkrainerfest)

Lake Bled in Slovenia is one of the most iconic sites in Europe. Although in September (and with the arrival of autumn months) the temperatures drop and it is cooler, it is still quite pleasant for outdoor activities.

So whether you like to camp, hike, or enjoy a boat ride, it is possible to do so in September- October at peace, without soaring crowds – a perfect Europe autumn destination.

Summers are very busy in Lake Bled, and sometimes it’s very hard to even get a good glimpse of the island from the nearby boardwalk or the Lake Bled Castle.

Visiting Lake Bled in early autumn months will give you good and stunning views of the lake itself. 

You can easily explore Lake Bled on a day trip from Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, or border towns of Italy. We highly recommend this as one of the finest Europe autumn destinations to add to your bucket list.

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14. Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg Guide - Explore the best of Salzburg in 2 days. An ideal Salzburg itinerary -use this as standalone trip planner or as an add-on to your other European destinations
Salzburg Guide


September: 20 C / 10 C or 68 F / 50 F 

October: 16 C / 6 C or 60.8 F / 42.8 F

November: 9 C / 1 C or 48.2 F / 33.8 F


September: St. Rupert’s Fair

October: Salzburger Kulturtage 

SeptemberNovember: Enjoy various concerts at the Salzburg Palace/Mirabell Palace

Salzburg bathes in warm fall foliage with the arrival of the autumn season. The location of this Austrian city against stunning mountains, rivers, and greenery makes for a perfect romantic getaway in the fall. 

If you love the outdoors, head on the paved Stefan-Zweig Weg for breathtaking scenery. You can also hike up the Hohensalzburg Fortress (easy hike) taking in the city views. Click to view tickets to the fortress.

The fortress also has a funicular, that you can use to get to the top of the fort, without a sweat. Almost all of the tourist attractions are open in autumn – so visit the Mirabell Palace, Mozart Square, enjoy coffee and snacks at the Mozart Cafe, and learn about the city’s history. 

Don’t forget to tune into the Sound of Music Guided tour (movie locations) – this is a great tour to get acquainted with the gorgeous landscape of Austria. 

Salzburg in autumn brings in fewer tourists, as compared to summer or the Christmas/winter season, so utilize this time of the visit to enjoy cruises and walking tours (including the Nazi rally complex tour). 

15. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik views - 3 day itinerary Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik Views


September: 26 C / 19 C or 78.8 F / 66.2 F 

October: 22 C / 15 C or 71.6 F / 59 F

November: 17 C / 12 C or 62.6 F / 53.6 F


September: Dubrovnik in Late Summer fest (top Europe autumn destinations)

October: International Festival of Jams & Marmalades, Dubrovnik Triathlon

November: Tisina Molim (Quiet Please), Veteran Car Rally

The Pearl of the Adriatic – Dubrovnik – is super busy in summers, as it is the prime tourist season and welcomes tourists from inland, overseas and cruise ships. 

Escape the crowds, and visit Dubrovnik in the off-season (both spring and autumn are actually good options). Early autumn months are the perfect time to explore Dubrovnik. 

Sans crowds, you can easily wander through the old town – admiring various remnants of the Republic of the Ragusa. Join in a walking tour to understand the Republic’s history – Rector’s Palace, Orlando Column, Sponza Palace, and of course walk the fortified city walls. You can easily find them by the main street – Stardun.

The weather is still great to enjoy 3 Island tours (with the Game of Thrones-themed tour), or other smaller islands, or explore all the way to Kotor Bay, Montenegro. Get more day trip ideas from Dubrovnik here.

Beaches are open and warm for a picnic and sunbathe, or swim in Dubrovnik. If you are planning a road trip in the Balkans with Dubrovnik as one of the stops, this is a perfect time! Don’t forget to include Zagreb and Plitvice Lakes National Park. Get our itinerary for Croatia.

RECOMMENDED HOTEL: Hilton Imperial Hotel near old town Dubrovnik

16. Prague Czech Republic 


September: 20/11 deg C or 68/51 F

October: 14/6 deg C or 56/43 F

November: 8/3 deg C or 47/38 F


September: Dvořák Prague Festival

October: Signal Festival (digital arts & culture)

November: Festival Alternativa, Christmas Markets

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and you will be amazed to know that there are lots of stunning autumn foliage to experience in and around the capital city of the Czech Republic. 

The autumn season starts in September with temperatures averaging from 8°C (46°F) to 15°C (59°F). Autumn usually brings fewer crowds, allowing visitors ample time to explore Prague’s enchanting sights.

The magnificent Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, and the historic Jewish Quarter are some of the main attractions to explore. The Vltava River is a great place to take a relaxing boat cruise or go for a stroll along its banks. 

Many popular festivals like Prague Autumn International Music Festival and Signal Festival also take place during this time in the city.

You can also explore the city’s culinary culture with its many pubs, restaurants, and cafes. Taste traditional Czech dishes like goulash or fried cheese with beer or wines from local vineyards. 

The best sightseeing guide for your trip to Prague - a day by day activities guide, with travel tips and experiences for your 2 day Prague Travel Itinerary

Prague is also home to numerous galleries and museums that showcase Czech history and art, so don’t forget to visit some of these as well.

For an unforgettable experience, try visiting some of the stunning castles and parks located on the outskirts of Prague. Průhonice Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site is perfect for checking out beautiful autumn colors. Other popular areas for fall include Hvězda Summer Palace and trails around Hostivař Forest Park.

Prague in the fall is a great destination for those looking to explore its vibrant culture and beauty without the crowds of peak summer months. 

Resources: 2 days in Prague itinerary | Where to stay in Prague Czech Republic

17. Gibraltar

Wondering where to go to Europe in the fall? We got you covered with 16 perfect Europe autumn destinations - fewer crowds, cheap flights, tons of festivals


September: 26 C / 20 C or 78.8 F / 68 F 

October: 23 C / 17 C or 73.4 F / 62.6 F

November: 19 C / 14 C or 66.2 F / 57.4 F


September: Music Festival – MTV Gibraltar Calling, Gibraltar National Day (September 10)

November: Gibraltar Literary Festival

Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory on the Iberian Peninsula is an easy day trip away from Seville or Cadiz in Spain. We were lucky to visit Gibraltar around their National Day – it was covered in pretty red flags and insignia.

The temperatures in Gibraltar from September to October are fairly warm to enjoy patio weather and bask in retail pampering. 

Gibraltar is quite a unique place, it is known as the Rock of Gibraltar, due to the 426m-high limestone ridge. Its history traces back to the Moors in the Middle Ages and was later ruled by Spain, and then occupied by the British (since 1713). 

For a day trip, explore the ‘rock’ and the Micheal’s Cove including many World War remnants. The remains of a 14th-century Moorish Castle and the 18th century Great Siege Tunnels are popular attractions that deserve a visit. 

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18. Andorra de vella, Andorra

Andorra - Europe bucket list items


September:  19 C / 13 C or 66.2 F / 55.4 F 

October: 16 C / 11 C or 60.8 F / 51.8 F

November: 11 C / 5 C or 51.8 F / 41 F


October: Andorra la Vella Fair

November: Andorra Shopping Festival

Not many people think of visiting the European microstates, but this one deserves a mention. Andorra is a tiny country locked between Spain and France and it is an outdoor paradise.

Known as a skier’s paradise, the rugged countryside of Andorra is a playground for hikers, bikers, and adrenaline junkies. In late autumn/November, you can enjoy the slopes at the Vallnord, with its exclusive ski resorts. 

Admire many Romanesque buildings scattered throughout the country, including the beautiful glass colored Church of Sant Climent de Pal.

At any time of the year, enjoy the capital city – Andorra de Vella,- with its retail outlet shops (duty-free outlets), spa (Caldea Spa Resort), and resorts. 

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19. Loire Valley France

Villandry castle in the Loire Valley
Villandry castle in the Loire Valley


September: 22/10 deg C or 72/51 F

October: 17/8 deg C or 63/46 F

November: 11/4 deg C or 52/40 F


September: Festival Hop Pop Hop, Jazz Festival

November: Three Continents Festival (Nantes)

The Loire Valley of France is a stunning area to visit in the fall for its breathtaking autumnal colors. The region gets mild temperatures starting around September, perfect for sightseeing and exploring. 

One highlight is getting lost in the woods of Chambord Forest while taking in all the shades of yellow, gold, and red that blanket the trees during this time. Chambord is one of the largest walled and enclosed parks in Europe. 

The Loire Valley is also known for its many chateaux and exploring these fairytale-like structures in the fall makes them even more enchanting as the leaves change around them. Visit castles like Chaumont, Villandry, and Chenonceau; and join a guided tour to learn more about the history and culture of the area.

Additionally, the Loire Valley offers plenty of activities during the autumn months. There are many wine tastings and food tours that allow you to explore some local delicacies like cheese, charcuterie, and pastries. Or you can take a hot air balloon ride for an unforgettable view of the countryside in all its fall colors.

Loire Valley in France is a must-see destination during the fall. With its exquisite autumnal colors, chateaux, and activities to enjoy, you won’t regret adding it to your European travel itinerary.

20. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Get the list of best day trip from Brussels. Day Trips from Brussels include Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, Cologne, Leuven, Waterloo, Paris, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Dinant, Waterloo and so much more. Insider tips on tours, train duration and activities list. #brussels #brusselsdaytrips #belgium #europe #traveltips
Luxembourg City


September: 19 C / 10 C or 66.2 F / 50 F 

October: 13 C / 6 C or 55.4 F / 42.8 F

November: 7 C / 2 C or 44.6 F / 35.6 F


September: Free music concerts at Arms Square, Grape and Wine festival

The historic center of Luxembourg City comes alive with the autumn glow in the fall. The lush greenery turns orange-red-brown color, and the views from Luxembourg Castle are just breathtaking. However remember to quickly absorb the fall foliage views, as rains and cloudy weather is also a possibility in the early autumn days – September.

When we visited Luxembourg City in September, the weather was warm to enjoy Luxembourg’s countryside and the capital city attractions. 

The views of the Pétrusse valley with Luxembourg’s Old Bridge make for picture perfect shots with gorgeous trees and leaf colors to adorn the frame. As Luxembourg City is located on 2 levels, you can capture amazing views of the valley from the upper level, amidst fall foliage. 

At the city center, visit the Neumünster Abbey, and the Arms Square, wander the Bock Casemates/Casemates du Bock or enjoy a segway tour. 

Luxembourg is the only Grand Duchy in the world, and you can admire the Grand Ducal Palace at the center. Highly recommend this Europe autumn destination.

21. The Cotswolds, United Kingdom

Cheltenham, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, England


September: 18/9 deg C or 64/48 F

October: 14/6 deg C or 57/44 F

November: 9/3 deg C or 49/37 F


September: DogFest (Cirencester Park), Tetbury Music Festival

October: Cheltenham Literature Festival, Harvest Festival Service — St Lawrence, Bourton

November: Christmas Craft Festival Cheltenham

The Cotswolds in the United Kingdom is a picturesque destination to visit during the fall months. This area of England has rolling hills, quaint villages, and plenty of historic attractions that come alive with color as the leaves begin to change.

One of the best ways to explore the villages of the Cotswolds is by foot, allowing you to take in all the breathtaking fall foliage. You can hike along one of the many trails or take a leisurely stroll down country roads. It’s also a great way to experience some of the traditional English pubs and villages in this area.

If you prefer to explore from the comfort of your car, then you will find plenty of scenic driving routes that pass through quaint towns and villages with stunning views of the countryside. Don’t forget to stop by some of the local attractions, like Blenheim Palace or Sudeley Castle.

When it comes to filling your days in the Cotswolds, there are plenty of activities for you to enjoy. From visiting farmer’s markets and antique shops, stargazing, and spotting deer to sampling local cuisine at traditional pubs and tearooms.

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22. Cinque Terre National Park, Italy


September: 23/14 deg or C 73/58 F

October: 18/11 deg C or 65/52 F

November: 13 /6 deg C or 55/44 F


September: Monterosso – Anchovy and olive festival

October: Olive harvest

One of the amazing national parks to visit in Europe is the Cinque Terre National Park in Italy. It is a beautiful destination to visit during the fall months. This park consists of five stunningly picturesque villages nestled along the Italian Riviera and they offer some of the most breathtaking views of autumn colors you’ll ever see.

The park is a great place for those looking to explore nature and take advantage of the mild temperatures during the fall. You can spend an entire day hiking through the villages and taking in all the incredible views of vineyards, terraces, and vibrant fall foliage.

When it comes to activities, there are plenty of ways to explore Cinque Terre National Park during the autumn months. One popular option is to take a boat tour around the villages and admire the different colors of the foliage as you sail along. 

Another great activity is hiking or walking along some of the scenic trails in the park, which offer spectacular views of all five villages and beyond.

In addition to outdoor activities, there are plenty of cultural attractions to explore in Cinque Terre National Park during the fall. You can visit the local churches, sample some of the area’s delicious wines and explore the unique shops and boutiques in the villages.

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23. Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park, Spain


September: 21/9 deg C or 69/48 F

October: 16/6 deg C or 61/42 F

November: 9/1 deg C or 49/34 F

The Perdido National Park in Spain is one of the hidden gems in Europe for chasing fall colors! This park is located on the country’s north coast and it offers stunning views of its protected forests and hiking trails.

During the autumn months, temperatures tend to stay mild, ranging from 6 to 18°C (34 – 69°F) during the day, making this the ideal time to explore.

The park is home to a variety of wildlife, including a large number of migratory birds that arrive from other countries in search of warmer temperatures. You can take part in bird-watching tours or simply observe them as they fly between trees and across the sky.

Perdido National Park also offers plenty of activities such as hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking. You can take a stroll through the park’s forests or explore its caves to discover some hidden gems. 

Europe in Autumn Travel Guide | Other Travel Tips

So that’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed this list of European autumn destinations. We fell in love with each and every city/country we visited during the off-season – it is the best time to go to Europe!

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