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21 Best Polish Souvenirs: Things to BUY from Poland

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On our first trip to Poland, we were surprisingly impressed. We didn’t expect much but enjoyed everything from cultural iconography to delectable cuisine and imposing landscapes. So we decided to bring back some of the best Polish souvenirs back home. We’ve compiled this guide to the best souvenirs from Poland, inspiring you to snag that perfect Polish present.

Best Polish Souvenirs from Krakow
Best Polish Souvenirs: Wooden boxes

There is an endless array of potential keepsakes throughout the country, each representing different regions, ready to be your next gift of choice.

These souvenirs, unique to Poland, are the perfect keepsakes for your adventure. Each tells a story and is a testament to Poland’s rich history, vibrant traditions, and exceptional craftsmanship. So, let’s dive in.

Tip: Buying fabulous Polish clothing on your trip is an excellent idea for souvenirs and helps you blend in with the locals. Find out what to pack for every European season before you set off.

21 Best Polish Souvenirs To Buy

Best Souvenirs of Poland
Best Souvenirs of Poland

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Authentic and Traditional | Best Souvenirs from Poland

Like the country’s captivating heritage, the abundance of popular souvenir options spans elements from Poland’s rich history to the vibrancy of Polish culture. With the variety, there are some standout treasures from several Polish cities.

These are a few of the best authentic and traditional souvenir choices and recommended spots to buy from.

1. Matryoshka dolls (Babushka dolls)

Although Matryoshka dolls originated in Russia, they have been loved in Poland for over a century. They are instantly recognizable all over Eastern Europe and beyond, making them unsurprisingly the perfect Polish souvenir.

Matryoshka dolls
Matryoshka dolls

Symbolizing fertility, these dolls can be opened in the middle, revealing another identical yet somewhat smaller doll. The number of nested dolls can vary from three to ten, but some can go up to 50.

Many feature intricate designs representing true works of art, and there are, of course, Christmas variations that are ideal for your next nativity scene. 

Different toys including Matryoshka dolls
Different toys, including Matryoshka dolls

Where to buy

  • SOUVENIRCITY — This charming shop in Warsaw offers high-quality Matryoshka dolls and numerous other Polish souvenirs.
  • Krakow Souvenirs — Offering a wide variety of Matryoshka doll choices, this is one of the best places to snatch one (or more) in Krakow.

2. Amber jewelry

Amber is a fossilized tree resin commonly found in Eastern Europe along the Baltic coast of Poland. Amber is widely used throughout the country, especially in jewelry. Beautifully designed, these amber items are all individual and unique, giving each a one-of-a-kind vibe.

Amber jewelry at a store
Amber jewelry at a store
Amber jewelry
Amber jewelry

We found beautiful jewels in different price ranges all across the popular cities.

Available in many forms, you can pick up everything from simple beads to intricate necklaces, bracelets, ornate rings, and earrings. Often called “Polish gold,” Baltic amber has been used in Poland for a long time, proving to be a popular choice for jewelry craft.

Presenting millions of years of geological elegance and artisanal heritage, local artisans create stunning pieces, each with the potential to be a great gift.

Where to buy

  • World of Amber—Although stunning amber jewelry can be found in local markets, the best place to buy it is if you’re visiting Warsaw.
  • Amber Art Gallery — This family-run gallery doubles as a spectacular shop specializing in luxury handcrafted amber jewelry.

3. Handmade lace tablecloths and hand-embroidered linen

If you want to add a touch of Polish tradition to your home decor, look no further than handmade lace tablecloths, runners, and embroidered linens. Lace-making dates back to the 16th century when it was introduced to Poland by the Italian Bona Sforza.

Handmade lace in Poland
Handmade lace in Poland

Polish art only became more accessible during the 19th century, and ever since, it’s been easy to find plenty of lace items around the country. These gorgeous lace creations and linen products are typically handmade and come in various sizes and designs.

Where to buy

  • Warsaw Christmas Market — Lace products are traditional Polish Christmas gifts, so the best way to get your hands on some is at the Warsaw Christmas Market.

4. Polish moccasins or slippers

While on your trip, remember the long tradition of taking off your shoes as you enter someone’s home, which is significant to Polish people. As such, buying a pair of moccasins or slippers is almost non-negotiable. Rest assured, you’ll find an extra pair for visitors in most Polish households.

Polish slippers
Polish Slippers

These make great practical and stylish souvenirs, so why not create your house slipper tradition back home?

Conversely, Moccasins are authentic Polish leather boots, locally called kierpce, originating from the Tatra Mountains. These form part of the national costume, so you’ll find a wide variety available in plenty of shops. 

Where to buy

  • Venezia — Located within the Galeria Krakowska in Krakow, Venezia is a classic shoe store where you can pick and choose from numerous types of slippers and moccasins.
  • Rytko—Another excellent shoe store in Warsaw that sells excellent-quality Polish slippers, moccasins, and wool products.

5. Boleslawiec pottery

Another perfect choice for homeware, Polish pottery has been a fantastic souvenir option for many years. Originating in the small Polish town of Boleslawiec, it is one of the world’s oldest forms of folk art.

Boleslawiec Pottery
Boleslawiec Pottery

These ceramics, characterized by white dots on a blue background, are made of clay and manually decorated with a unique stamping technique. They undeniably remind you of your trip every time you see them, making each piece perfect for special occasions.

Where to buy

  • Ceramika Boleslawiecka — A cozy pottery and Polish ceramics store in the town that started it all, Boleslawiec.
  • Mila – Polis Pottery Crawcow — Sitting right in the heart of Krakow, this large store is the ideal space to browse various Boleslawiec pottery.

6. Wood carvings and products

Deeply embedded within Poland’s rich cultural heritage, wood carvings and many other wood products make excellent souvenirs. Traditionally crafted in the Zakopane region of the Tatra Mountains, they make the ideal gift.

Wood and bark carvings
Wood and bark carvings

Interwoven into the country’s artistic past, these carvings are recognized for their intricate creation and design, thanks to the skill and creativity of local artisans. These artworks range from religious iconography to folk motifs, wall art, and more practical things like kitchen tools.

You can also find wood products with traditional Polish folk designs, which make excellent gifts!

Easter eggs on wood, hand painted
Easter eggs on wood, hand-painted

Where to buy

  • TATRA.FOLK.ART — A quaint handicraft store in Zakopane selling plenty of wooden carvings and products from ornate boxes to whimsical figurines.
  • Piękny Sklep — This charming souvenir shop sells dozens of one-of-a-kind carvings decorated in stunningly vibrant designs.

Best Souvenirs of Poland | Beverages and food products

It won’t take you long to work up quite the appetite as you explore this beautiful country, and thankfully, Polish cuisine doesn’t hold back. Bursting with unique flavors, there’s something for every taste.

Polish food and beverage

With such a diverse regional identity, Polish food and drink is in a league of its own, and these are some of the delicacies you should consider when you’re out souvenir shopping.

7. Oscypek cheese

Foodies listen up. Do not miss out on treating yourself to locally produced Oscypek cheese. This smoked cheese made from sheep’s milk features a distinct taste that is quite different from most (if not all) cheeses.

Oscypek cheese
Oscypek cheese

This is one of the best gifts for any cheese lover, but check the labels before buying. Often, fake Oscypek is sold. Look out for the word “owsczy,” which means “made of sheep,” signifying the cheese’s authenticity.

Where to buy

  • Kraina Serów — A traditional cheese store in Warsaw, you can pick up authentic Oscypek cheese from local sources.

8. Polish vodka

Like Russia, Poland is among the world’s most famous vodka producers. Both countries are hailed as the originators of the popular alcoholic beverage. A bottle of Polish vodka is a fantastic souvenir upon your return and a great way to celebrate your trip.

Polish (bison) vodka in a local restaurant
Polish (bison) vodka in a local restaurant

You’ll quickly find some truly unique flavors in Poland, each distilled from the best natural ingredients at reasonable prices, almost everywhere in the country. While there are many variations, opt for Soplicia if you prefer flavored vodka or Żubrówka Bison Grass Vodka for a more earthy taste. 

Where to buy

  • Carrefours — Typical liqueur store, which you can find in the Zlote Tarasy shopping center, just outside of Old Town Warsaw.

9. Honey from Zakopane

It might surprise you, but Poland recently became the fourth-largest honey producer in Europe. Thanks to its long beekeeping heritage, the resulting honey is a delicacy and one of the best things to bring home.

Polish honey often comes in various types depending on the flowers bees harvest from. This leads to flavors ranging from light and subtly sweet acacia to bold buckwheat. It’s a superb souvenir, and buying a jar supports local beekeepers. 

You can get some from most grocery stores and souvenir shops.

Where to buy

  • Bacówka Zakopiańczyk — Although this is predominantly a cheese shop, they also stock a host of locally sourced honey native to Zakopane.

10. Salt from Wielicszka Salt Mine

Another fantastic Polish souvenir is salt, especially from the famed Wielicszka Salt Mine. This mine is one of the world’s oldest operating salt mines, starting in the 13th century and ending in 2007.

Inside Wielicszka Salt Mine
Inside Wielicszka Salt Mine

That said, a tiny amount of salt is still mined here and sold at the souvenir shop. As great as this unique table salt is, you can buy salt-based cosmetics, salt lamps, and bath salts at Wielicszka.

11. Wiśniówka

Continuing the list is another stellar alcoholic beverage from Poland: Wiśniówka. This sweet Polish liqueur is made from sour cherries, sugar, and alcohol (typically vodka), and it’s often enjoyed after dinner.

Some of the best is usually made at home thanks to family recipes, but you’ll find more popular brands in stores, including supermarkets. Wiśniówka is one of those Polish products that deserves a spot on your to-buy list.

Where to buy

  • Mundivie — A tasteful liqueur store in Krakow, specializes in local alcoholic beverages and stocks the finest Wiśniówka in the country.

12. Toruń gingerbread

A traditional biscuit made in the Polish city of Toruń, this gingerbread variety has been around in the country since the Middle Ages. There’s even a museum dedicated to it, the Toruń Gingerbread Museum.

Torun gingerbread
Torun gingerbread

The history of this Polish Christmas staple can be traced back to the year 1380, but many believe it to be far older than that. One thing everyone agrees on is that it’s an undeniable element of Polish heritage. This is a great choice for an authentic souvenir for those with a sweet tooth.

Where to buy

  • Muzeum Piernika — As a tourist attraction and storefront, you can buy authentic Toruń gingerbread as you learn more about the city and treats.

13. Kabanosy sausage

Also known as kabana or cabanas, kabanosy is a dry sausage that originated in Poland and is usually made from pork. Produced in the country since medieval times because of its ability to last for a long time, it was thought to be the ideal snack for soldiers and travelers.

Kabanosy Sausage
Kabanosy Sausage

These long and thin sausages became quite well-known to anyone visiting a Polish market, and the rest is history. Today, kabanosy is exceptionally popular and available nationwide, making it easy to buy as a snack souvenir.

Where to buy

  • The Crazy Butcher — Don’t let the name fool you. The staff at this butchery know precisely what they’re doing and sell the most delicious kabanosy in Warsaw.

14. Polish sweets

Polish sweets are second to none and are often called the best in this region of Europe, so why not bring some deliciousness home with you? There is a nearly endless variety of these treats around. 

But the most famous is ptasie mleczko, a chocolate-covered bar with a marshmallow-like texture. You’ll find a plethora of other sweets around the country. Some other standouts include the caramel Raczki sweets and Prince Polo chocolate-covered waffles.

Where to buy

  • Chocolate Cafe E.Wedel — A famous spot in the country, this chocolate shop and café serves pure chocolate goodness, and you can find many Polish sweets here.

15. Polish beer

Traveling through Poland, you’ll quickly become well-acquainted with local Polish beer. Sure, Belgium might be more famous for its beer, but the local beer culture in Poland is equally as expansive.

The country brims with various brews with distinct flavor profiles and backgrounds, with numerous popular brands available. 

Some of these are Tyskie, Tatra, Warka, Żywiec, and Dębowe Dojrzałe Mocne. Aside from a Polish beer tour, bringing home a few bottles is a popular remedy for thirsty individuals.

Tip: Always double-check how much beer you can bring back in your luggage when flying out of Poland.

16. Pickles

Yes, pickles. Well, Polish pickles, to be specific. Locally known as “ogórki kiszone,” this savory snack is a massive part of Poland’s culinary history. Typically, these cucumbers are pickled in a brine of water, salt, and various spices.

Ogorki Kiszone pickles
Ogorki Kiszone pickles

The result is a sour and tangy side dish you’ll find on various restaurant menus and as a complimenting addition to most traditional Polish meals. What sets these pickles apart, though, is their robust flavor derived from being fermented in oak barrels. They make for a tasty and authentic culinary souvenir.

Where to buy

  • Delikatesy ML — This popular supermarket and delicatessen is the ultimate shop to get yourself genuine Polish pickles, among other savory and sweet treats.

17. Krówki

A classic Polish confection, Krówki is a delightful treat. Its name translates to “little cows,” paying homage to its main ingredient—milk. A square candy, it’s very similar to fudge, with a creamy, caramel-like texture and a super sweet flavor.

Krowki sweets

These little gems are traditionally made with milk, sugar, butter, and, occasionally, a touch of vanilla. Regardless, the end product is a simple, wholesome delicacy. You can spot them easily, as they are usually individually wrapped in paper with a cow motif. 

Where to buy

  • Sklep Firmowy Wawel S.A. — An inviting chocolate shop, this charming store sells homemade Krówki in various flavors. 

Best Polish Souvenirs | Unique souvenirs

Sometimes, the simplest way to evoke fond memories of your trip is to find that perfect, unique souvenir. It is a keepsake that instantly catches attention and has more than one story attached.

And in a country like Poland, with its eclectic Polish folk heritage, there are some surefire standout traditional products fit for your next culture trip.

18. Cowbells

Like Switzerland, you’ll find many shops selling cowbells as souvenirs in Poland. Traditionally, you’d see free-roaming cows wear these around their necks, allowing them to be easy to find courtesy of the sound the bell makes.

These bells come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, making them ideal for decorating your home or garden. Of course, they also make excellent Christmas ornaments that remind you of your trip whenever you see them.

Where to buy

  • Sklep August Galeria – This is a classic Polish souvenir store. Here, you can buy most of the items on this list, but their collection of cowbells steals the show.

19. Inglot cosmetics

Time for something a bit different. If you appreciate beauty and cosmetics, grabbing some Inglot cosmetics on your trip is a must-do. This Polish company has been specializing in makeup products since 1963, and today, it’s one of the most successful in the world.

These products are available throughout the country, and as a bonus, you’ll often pay a lot less if you buy in Poland as you’ll dodge those pesky import fees. If these have been on your wish list for some time or you want to up your makeup game, Inglot cosmetics are a fantastic choice.

Where to buy

  • INGLOT Woloska — Considering that Inglot is a retail brand, you can pick some up from most major shopping center stores, such as its outlet in Woloska Shopping Centre.

20. Folk music instruments

By now, you’ve seen quite a bit of Poland’s folk heritage and culture, so why not consider snatching a piece of its enchanting folk music history? If you’re into folk music, head for the Museum of Folk Musical Instruments in Szydłowiec, where you can learn more.

As for what to buy, you can choose from some of Poland’s most famous instruments, including bagpipes, flutes, clarinets, and the accordion. These aren’t the easiest souvenirs to pack on your back, but they’re well worth the effort.

Small music instruments in Poland
Or you can buy cute and small music instruments in Poland

Where to buy

  • Atelier HENGLEWSCY — Warsaw’s large musical instrument store stocks various native folk instruments. They have regular sales, allowing you to pick up your favorite at a fraction of the original price.

21. Polish folk medicine

All through Poland, in many of its cities and towns, you’ll find numerous Polish folk medicine shops. Here, a variety of natural remedies have been passed down through generations.

Each store stocks items ranging from herbal teas to soothing balms and oils. With Poland’s long relationship with natural healing, these are the best ways to capture a bit of the country’s essence. 

Where to buy

  • “Kacper Ryx” Historical Shop— This is a gift shop located in Krakow. It sells various Polish folk home remedies and elixirs at reasonable prices.

Tips for buying the best Polish souvenirs

Okay, now that we’ve covered all the must-have Polish souvenir choices, how about some valuable tips to ease stress?

Best Polish souvenirs wooden boxes and more
  1. There are hundreds of shops and online stores in Poland where you can find almost anything you want. Shop around and mix things up with some big brand names and lesser-known local businesses.
  1. Before setting off on a shopping spree, always do your research. Follow border and travel regulations for permissible items, store operating times, and travel information.
  1. Not every souvenir is made the same, and you can encounter counterfeit items in Poland. Now, a souvenir is only as exceptional as its authenticity, so check labels and ask shop assistants to make sure what you’re buying is legit.

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Final thoughts | The best souvenirs from Poland

That’s a wrap, everyone. Poland is a fantastic destination with an abundance of traditional, unique, and authentic souvenirs fit for any and everybody. Each item offers you a slice of the country to take home, allowing you the chance to share its charm.

best souvenirs from Poland, magnets and more

The hard part starts now: Deciding what to buy. Don’t worry, though. Whatever Polish souvenir you call yours will be a long-lasting memory of your journey. 

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