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14 Best Swiss Souvenirs: Top gifts & trinkets to buy in Switzerland

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Known for its stunning natural landscapes, rich history, and delicious chocolate, Switzerland is a popular destination for travelers from all around the world. And what better way to remember your visit than with some of the best Swiss souvenirs?

Best Swiss Chocolates for souvenirs
Best Swiss Souvenirs

From traditional crafts to modern creations, Switzerland offers a wide range of unique and high-quality souvenirs that are perfect for yourself or as gifts for loved ones. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to some of the must-have souvenirs from Switzerland that will surely bring back fond memories of your trip. So let’s started

14 Best Swiss Souvenirs: The best souvenirs from Switzerland to buy

Best souvenirs from Switzerland pin
Best souvenirs from Switzerland

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While many believe experiences to be the best souvenir you can take home after a trip, Switzerland has made a persuasive argument for this statement. From finely crafted machinery in small objects to stunning displays of sugary treats, this country has a kaleidoscope of collectibles to discover.

1. Original Swiss army knives – The valuable gift

A souvenir with a bit of edge (pun intended), a Swiss army knife is an excellent option if you’re looking for a special gift from Switzerland with utility.  This multi-purpose tool was a standard object to have in the Swiss army and was first issued in early 1886.

Victorinox Swiss knives
Victorinox famous Swiss knives

Modern Swiss army knives have a wide variety of types and tools available that would be helpful to have on your person. The tool’s efficiency and usefulness are a great asset for outdoor adventure seekers, as its compact nature makes it a vital tool to have when camping.

There are many Swiss-owned companies that produce these finely made beauties, but the elegance of Victorinox is the brand to choose if you’re looking for the real deal. 

Ibach, a small town in Switzerland, is where you’ll find this manufacturer’s base of operation.

2. Basler Läckerli – The traditional Swiss treat

Originating from Basel, Switzerland, Basler Läckerli is a type of traditional Swiss gingerbread that has been delighting taste buds since the 14th century. 

Basler Lackerli from Jakobs
Basler Lackerli from Jakobs: Food and Accessories Swiss

Made with a unique blend of honey, spices, and various nuts, this delectable snack offers a delightful combination of flavors and textures. The aromatic spices, including cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, infuse the gingerbread with a warm and comforting scent. 

The addition of crunchy nuts adds a satisfying crunch to each bite. Whether you’re craving a sweet treat to indulge in or looking for a thoughtful gift to share with loved ones, Basler Läckerli is a perfect choice that captures the essence of Swiss culinary tradition.

3. Swiss chocolate – The sweet gift

Another foodie item to add to the souvenir shopping list, Swiss chocolate is a must if you’re looking for a gift everyone would instantly love. Whether it’s for a loved one or simply to snack on when a nightly sugar craving hits, this blocked beauty is a must.

Delicious Quality Swiss Chocolates (Lucerne)

Often dubbed the “birthplace of milk chocolate,” this cacao-infused product often borders on the sweeter side of chocolate. More than 70% of its production is exported to other countries, which shows how this sweet treat is revered across the globe.

As Switzerland holds the number one spot in chocolate consumption in the world (per capita), it’s safe to say you’ll find an abundance of places dedicated to selling this commodity. 

Chocolates in Bern
Swiss Chocolates from Lindt, and Toblerone to local in-house brands

From the melt-in-your-mouth products of Lindt to the instantly recognizable triangular shape of Toblerone, it’s safe to say that Swiss manufacturers have dominated the chocolate game. 

Throughout the country, you’ll be able to find a wide variety of chocolate museums to try and grasp the ins and outs of how this delectable delight is made. One of the most popular establishments is the Lindt Home of Chocolate Museum based in Zurich, which would be a great way to obtain a souvenir with a story.

3. Heidi souvenirs – The child-friendly gift

An enchanting tale that involves a curious little girl who explores the Swiss Alps while she lives with her grandfather, Heidi is a classic fairytale often associated with Switzerland. 

Heidi Land - Zurich Itinerary Travel Tips
One with Heidi in Heidi Land

While the story depicts the gloomy past of a Swiss girl who has lost her parents tragically, her lust for adventure bursts through the page and holds a place of nostalgia for many. 

Today, you’ll find many souvenir stores dedicated to providing a wide variety of Heidi-centered items, which includes the world-famous Heidi book itself.

4. Music boxes – The charming gift

A sparkling delight to liven any room, a Swiss music box is a perfect choice if you’re looking for an old-timey tune to dance to. 

Traditionally, these musical squares are made from wood with intricate mechanics that often chime a piece of classical Swiss music through the use of a mechanical cylinder.

This gift can be on the pricier side, as the craftsmanship of a traditional music box is unmatched. With its intricate wood carvings and beautifully plucked tunes of the music of the Alps, a Swiss music box is more of a stunning centerpiece than a mere trivial trinket.   

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5. Swiss cuckoo clocks – The kooky gift

One of the sure-fire ways to show you’ve been to the captivating country of Switzerland, and a wonderful souvenir to display in your home, is a cuckoo clock. While this silly bird is often associated with the Swiss, this unique display actually originates in Germany.

Swiss wooden cuckoo clocks
Swiss wooden cuckoo clocks

Back in the 16th century, this decorative piece was constructed in the Black Forest area and then imported from Germany to be sold at Swiss souvenir shops. As this timely piece became quite popular, the connection between the cuckoo clock and Switzerland was created.

The wooden decoration is often embellished to depict the charming scenery of a homestead with the bird inside rearing its head on the hour. The Swiss have, historically, tried to make it their own by painting a wide variety of local scenery, such as the Swiss Alps, and adding their knack for wooden craftsmanship to the item.

In the canton of Berne, you’ll find the small village of Brienz, where these items are now manufactured in the facility of Loetscher.

6. Swiss cheese – The delicious gift

When thinking of Swiss food, the delectable variety and types of cheese this country offers come to mind. Its history finds itself in the area of Emmental and dates back as early as the 14th century. 

Gruyere is a famous Swiss cheese known as one of the finest cheeses for baking and suited for fondues
Maison du Gruyere cheese factory in Switzerland

In Switzerland, you’ll be able to find a seemingly endless supply of cheese types to nibble and sample on. This dairy product is widely acclaimed not just for its extensive history but also for its unmatched and old-school production but also for its high quality, and exceptional taste.

When traveling to Switzerland, you’ll find that certain regions are known for producing a certain type of cheese. In southern Switzerland, you’ll find the nutty flavors of Gruyère, while in the center of the Swiss Alps, you’re met with the tangy sensation of Raclette du Valais.

This souvenir item is an easy product to obtain as Switzerland is sprinkled with a vast array of specialty shops and can also be obtained by simply visiting a local supermarket.

Swiss fondue
Fondue experience in Zurich

Tip: If you’re looking to add another layer to your cheesy experience, a Swiss cheese fondue pot is the perfect addition to any masterfully crafted dairy product.

7. Swiss watches – The luxury gift

A timeless piece you’ll be able to keep forever, the Swiss watch is the perfect investment to make if you’re looking to wear a piece of mechanical refinery on your wrist. 

Rolex and Lindlt store in Zermatt Switzerland
Rolex and Lindlt store in Zermatt Switzerland

Beyond the refinery and the excellent craftsmanship, Switzerland has a long and extensive history regarding this item. Leading wristwatch brands find their origins in this country, which includes the hefty price-tagged beauties of Rolex and Breitling.

However, you don’t need to break the bank while purchasing an authentic Swiss watch, as there are many cheaper alternatives that bear the same refinery as their luxury counterparts. This includes brands such as Swatch and Seiko.

8. Traditional Swiss wear – The fashionable gift

From Lederhosen to decorated aprons, Switzerland has a fun and vibrant collection of traditional garb to enjoy and purchase. 

As each canton in this celebrates a variety of festivals, traditional Swiss clothing is a great item to buy if you’re looking for something that reminds you of a certain area in Switzerland.

You’ll be able to see authentic Swiss wear in action during holidays and festivals, and procuring a traditional clothing piece will allow you to wear your treasured memories from your trip.

9. Decorated cow bells  – The musical memory

One of the cutest Swiss gift ideas is a cow bell insignia that is proudly worn by Swiss cows. In the past, these bells were used as an important tool in keeping track of cows as they grazed in the mountains. 

Swiss Souvenir Stores: I got a cute cow bell keychain home 🙂

Today, these bells have become a symbol of Swiss culture and are often decorated with traditional designs and patterns. You can find various sizes and styles of cowbells, from small keychain versions to larger decorative ones. 

Hang one in your home as a charming reminder of your trip or give it as a unique and musical souvenir to a loved one. 

10. Hand-made wooden toys  – The artisanal treasure

Switzerland is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship, and this extends to the creation of traditional wooden toys. These Swiss made charming toys are meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, using only the finest quality wood. 

Each toy is thoughtfully painted with vibrant colors, resulting in delightful and distinctive designs that ignite the imagination.

From adorable farm animals that come to life in the hands of children, to timeless classic cars that transport you to a bygone era, these exquisite toys serve as not just souvenirs for kids, but also as captivating decorative pieces that add a touch of warmth and nostalgia to any home.

11. Swiss military blankets – The cozy reminder

Made from 100% Swiss wool, these soft and durable blankets are a popular souvenir choice among travelers.

Originally used by soldiers in the Swiss army, these blankets come in various sizes and designs, each with its unique combination of colors and patterns. Whether you’re looking for a cozy addition to your home or a practical gift for someone special, these versatile blankets make for a warm and comforting reminder of your journey through Switzerland.

12. Swiss-made biscuits – The classic gift

While cheese (and chocolate) might be the classic food souvenir in Switzerland, Swiss-made biscuits are a fantastic opportunity to stray from the norm while providing a taste of the country. 

Basel bakeries
Local treats and baked goods!

You can visit a Swiss bakery for a batch of freshly made treats, but it’s often a wiser choice to add prepackaged items to your suitcase to ensure they do not spoil. 

Swiss cookies are a great addition to your gift list if you’re looking for a last-minute and hassle-free item that won’t take up much space in your suitcase. 

One of the most favorite biscuit brands in Switzerland is Kambly Biscuits, which can easily be found in any grocery store in the vicinity.

13. White wine – The alcoholic gift

With Switzerland’s popularity in all things dairy, it’s surprising to discover that wine production is a renowned practice in this country. This country has a whopping 200 grape varieties and a number of vineyards across the fertile plants of Switzerland.

Chasselas, a white wine known for its fruity notes, is by far the most commonly grown grape variety in this country. While there are many wine regions to visit, Valais is the largest and provides exceptional bottled gems to take home and enjoy the taste and remember the green valleys of Switzerland.

14. Other knick knacks 

With a full itinerary and a wide selection of attractions to fit into a busy Switzerland schedule, you’ll often find you leave your gift shopping too late. This is where airport souvenir shopping becomes the norm, but this doesn’t mean you’ll need to fill your cart with boring items.

Cute card games for souvenirs from Switzerland

Many souvenir shops carry a wide variety of items that will still provide that authentic feel of Switzerland. Take a look at a few things that will be sure to make any gift receiver feel special:

  • Fabric bookmarks – Swiss quality, made in the country
  • Painted postcards 
  • Mini flags
  • Swiss house box
  • Swiss cross stone
  • Destination-related puzzles and cool card games

Tips for Buying Swiss Souvenirs

While it might be tempting to load up on a variety of gifts without a second thought, you’ll need to know a few things before making your present list. Take a look at a few key components to make your Swiss souvenir shopping easier:

Best Swiss Souvenirs: Chocolates from Switzerland
  • Check your country’s customs laws – Nothing puts a damper on a vacation than having your souvenir confiscated. While many items may be safe to package in your suitcase, be sure to abide by the airport rules when it comes to adding food and beverages to your hand luggage.
  • Switzerland is not generally a place to haggle – While part of the adventure of shopping abroad might be the delicate dance of price negotiation, Switzerland is not known for its price adjustability to hand-made items. As the time and effort are calculated from their often extensive years of practice in their chosen specialty, these items are often of high quality and non-negotiable.
  • Be careful when you pack – International flights can often be a bumpy ride, which could lead to damage to fragile items in your suitcase. So it’s vital to bubble-wrap your prized possessions in order to ensure you don’t get an unfortunate surprise at home. Many shops offer services to wrap items carefully and strategically for air travel, so be sure to enquire.
  • Declare your goods – It’s always a good idea to declare the items you’ve purchased throughout your trip at customs in order to ensure a level of transparency. This will also allow you to become accustomed to what is permitted. For example, the general limitation for wine in your suitcase is around five liters.

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Final thoughts on Swiss presents to buy

From the charming urban spaces dotting the regions to the stoic grandeur of the Swiss Alps, this European gem is not easily forgotten after stepping foot on its fertile soil. Whether it’s a quick stopover for a few hours, or you plan to stay five days in Switzerland, a souvenir is the perfect chance to encapsulate your fond memories. 

Not only are Swiss souvenirs a relic from your past travels, but it’s also a way to remember your travels and share them with others. Whether it’s a gift for others or a keepsake, a Swiss souvenir is the perfect addition to any household (or your stomach).

Unable to find enough space for your Swiss souvenirs? Take a look at this ultimate Europe packing list to ensure you have ample room to fit in your shopping.

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Pin: Best Souvenirs from Switzerland

Best Souvenirs Switzerland

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