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Ultimate Switzerland Itinerary 10 days by train (+tips)

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Looking for the perfect Switzerland itinerary 10 days that covers all the major highlights and more? You are at the right spot!

Switzerland is a beautiful mountainous country with lush pine forests and magnificent cities. Picture this: you are traveling along the winding roads through the towering Swiss Alps as the brilliant blue sky and spots of perfectly white clouds set the landscape. And gorgeous rolling hills!

Girl admiring the landscape of Lauterbrunnen
Lauterbrunnen Switzerland 10 day itinerary

Now that you see it, imagine this for ten luxurious days as you travel through this glorious country. Don’t get us wrong, Switzerland is much more than just breathtaking scenery; it’s a country steeped in rich history and culture.

In this 10 days in Switzerland itinerary, we’ll take you through the rolling mountains, quaint villages, and medieval castles that’ll leave you stunned. With such a wealth to explore, you’ll be booking your tickets and planning a trip to Switzerland in no time.

Switzerland Itinerary 10 days: 2 Samples + Planning Tips by train & other sightseeing options

Switzerland Itinerary 10 days

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With 10 days in Switzerland, you can pack a punch. You can mix a city and culture destination, with amazing culinary delights and mountain and panoramic train excursions! 

We have included 2 Swiss itinerary samples below. The first one starts and ends in Zurich and is focused on cultural/city sightseeing, and includes the famed Glacier Express. 

And the second one covers Zurich, and Geneva, with hikes in Zermatt and a train ride to Montreux – GoldenPass. 

Sample 1: 10 days in Switzerland itinerary (Zurich, Basel, Zermatt, Glacier Express, Lucerne, Bern, and Lauterbrunnen)

  • Day 1: Arrive and explore Zurich
  • Day 2: More sightseeing in Zurich, travel to Basel in the evening
  • Day 3: Explore the City of Culture on the Rhine – Basel
  • Day 4: More of Basel, and ‘Three Countries’
  • Day 5: Take a train to Zermatt and explore later in the day
  • Day 6: Explore more of Zermatt (hikes or mountain excursions)
  • Day 7: Spend the day at the Glacier Express from Zermatt to Chur (return to Zurich) 
  • Day 8:Take a day trip to Lauterbrunnen from Zurich (with a stop in Thun) 
  • Day 9: Explore Lucerne and Mount Pilatus from Zurich 
  • Day 10: Travel to Bern on a day trip from Zurich 

Sample 2: 10 day Switzerland itinerary (Basel, Zurich, Lucerne, Interlaken, Jungfrau, Geneva, Montreux, and Zermatt)

  • Day 1: Explore the city of Basel
  • Day 2: Travel through Aargau Jura Park and end off in Zurich 
  • Day 3: Explore the city of Zurich 
  • Day 4: Enjoy a day trip to Rhine Falls and Stein am Rhein
  • Day 5: Spend the day in Lucerne and end off in Interlaken
  • Day 6: Spend the day at Jungfraujoch 
  • Day 7: Explore Interlaken and take a train to Montreux
  • Day 8: Enjoy Lake Geneva and the regional park
  • Day 9: Travel to Zermatt and explore the five lakes hike
  • Day 10: Explore to breathtaking hikes of Zermatt 

Don’t worry if you can’t stay in Switzerland for ten days; check out our 2 days, 5 days, or 7 days in Switzerland itinerary.

What you need to know before your 10 days in Switzerland

Arriving in Switzerland

Switzerland is located on the continent of Europe. Its capital city is Bern, and Zurich is the largest city. 

Map of Switzerland: Itinerary 5 days
10 day Switzerland Itinerary

If you are traveling from overseas, consider arriving in Zurich. Zurich International Airport or Flughafen Zürich is the largest international airport in the country and is the hub of Swiss International Air Lines (Star Alliance member).

Zurich International Airport
Zurich International Airport

The next best option is to touch down in Geneva. Both cities have international airports that connect you to Switzerland. 

Note that Switzerland is not a part of the European Union, and Euro is not its official currency. Switzerland’s official currency is the Swiss Francs (CHF), and it is almost at par with the Euros. 

Lauterbrunnen Village views
Beautiful Swiss villages awaits you

If you require a tourist visa to Europe or the Schengen zone, you can use the same visa to enter Switzerland. 

Visitors with US and Canadian passports do not require a visa to enter the country and stay for 90 days; however, from 2025, an online authorization – ETIAS – is required prior to travel. 

Best way to get around Switzerland

The best way to get around Switzerland is by train. The country has a vast network of well-run railways, and it’s one of the more affordable modes of public transportation. 

We utilized the 8 day Swiss Travel Pass to cover all the destinations by train including the panoramic excursion (extra for a seat reservation). 

Views from the train ride

So the Swiss Travel Pass is an all-in-one transportation card in Switzerland. You can hop on the train, trams, cable car, etc, and travel from one part of the country to another for free with unlimited rides. 

You can choose from a 3, 4, 6, 8, or 15-day pass. 

So for our 10-day itinerary in Switzerland, the 8 day Pass was perfect. Tickets are to be used for consecutive days once redeemed, and you have the option for 1st Class or 2nd Class tickets. 

First Class Seats: Swiss Travel Pass
First Class Seats: Swiss Travel Pass

During our trip, we were in the 1st Class compartment and they were hardly ever crowded. It is perfect if you are traveling with luggage or want to get some work done on the go. The seats were spacious too. 

In the 2nd Class, you still have similar amenities (luggage space, etc.), but it is mostly crowded. 

Museum of Fine Arts Bern
Swiss Travel Pass: Access to 500 museums like the Museum of Fine Arts Bern

For city travel, this pass is also useful as you have free access to over 500 museums. Plus a bus ride is a fantastic option for getting around. 

In general, using public transportation in Switzerland is the best way to get around, especially if you get a Swiss travel pass. 

Now let’s kick start the itinerary (yay)

Switzerland itinerary 10 days: Major cities, an epic train ride, and a charming village (Sample 1)

Click to view the full map
  • Day 1: Arrive and explore Zurich
  • Day 2: More sightseeing in Zurich, later start for Basel in the evening
  • Day 3: Explore the City of Culture on the Rhine – Basel
  • Day 4: More of Basel, and ‘Three Countries’
  • Day 5: Take a train to Zermatt and explore later in the day
  • Day 6: Explore more of Zermatt (hikes or mountain excursions)
  • Day 7: Spend the day at the Glacier Express from Zermatt to Chur (return to Zurich) 
  • Day 8:Take a day trip to Lauterbrunnen from Zurich (with a stop in Thun) 
  • Day 9: Explore Lucerne and Mount Pilatus from Zurich 
  • Day 10: Travel to Bern on a day trip from Zurich 

Day 1 of the Switzerland Itinerary 10 days: Arrive in Zurich and explore

Arrive in Zurich on your first day or the night before. 

In this sample 10-day itinerary for Switzerland, you have 2 days in Zurich so that gives you ample time to check off the city highlights. 

in Zurich Old Town

If you arrive in Zürich by plane, you can connect to the city centre by SBB or Swiss trains. Trains run daily from the airport to the main station every 5-10 minutes from 05:00 am onwards. 

Your Swiss Travel Pass covers this ride, so make you download it or print a copy. 

Lindt Chocolate Zurich
Trams in Zurich

There is also the option of arriving in the city with the airport shuttle, private transfer, or taxi. These options are noticeably more expensive than the train or tram. 

Plan to stay in Zurich Old Town so that sightseeing is a breeze. 

Where to stay in Zurich

  • Storchen Zurich: Zurich is one of the many beautiful cities in Switzerland, and for an unforgettable visit, consider staying at Storchen Zurich. Overlooking the Limmat river, you have unrivaled views of the city. It’s also one of the many 5-star hotels in Zurich that doesn’t miss out on anything. Book your stay here.
Zurich Main Train Station
Walhalla Hotel near Zurich Train Station
  • Walhalla Hotel: This affordable hotel is located near Zurich HB and you will also find a tram stop right outside. The rooms are not fancy (they are clean though) but the location is convenient as you will travel by train to other Swiss destinations when using this sample itinerary. Breakfast can be arranged for a fee. Find current prices here.
  • Good4Yew BnB: If you’ve had enough hotels for one trip, have a look at this cozy BnB along the Limmat river. With access to a private garden and a mesmerizing terrace, you will have a quiet and intimate stay in the heart of Zurich. Book your stay here.

Top Tip: For a more in-depth look at hotels and accommodation, read about where to stay in Switzerland.

Start your day with a delicious breakfast at the Café Bar ODEON before exploring the city. This cafe has fresh and light meals and rests in the heart of Old Town Zurich, which just so happens to be the first destination.

Girl at the Cafe Bar Odeon breakfast
Cafe Bar Odeon
Cafe Bar Odeon breakfast
Breakfast Cafe Bar Odeon

The Old Town or Altstadt is a car-free village within the city, separated by the ever-blue Limmat river. This is the historic hub of Zurich, where you can easily spend a couple of hours wandering its cobbled stone streets.

One of the main attractions is St Peter’s Church, with the largest clock face in Europe. Continue up the road, and you’ll get to Lindenhof Hill, where you can get the best panoramic views of Zurich. 

Views from Lindenhof Hill

Don’t forget to snap some unforgettable photos in the city while here.

The next destination is Lake Zurich, where you can see the more casual side of the city. You can enjoy a cruise along the lake or get wet in the natural swimming pools. Either way, it’s an excellent way to learn more about local culture.

Before exploring the city’s museums, dig into some delicious food on the Zurich Fondue Tram. You can kill two birds with one stone this way, seeing this beautiful city while enjoying a relaxing lunch. You can also join a Zurich highlights city tour to see everything in a few hours.

Gourmet Swiss fondue

The next stop is the Swiss National Museum, which has a distinct collection of artifacts that shows precisely what makes Switzerland unique. 

There are more than 50 museums for you to explore – with your Swiss Travel Pass in hand – including the FIFA Museum and Kunsthaus Zurich, to name a few.

Top Tip: If you visit in August, try and join the annual Street Parade, an all-night festival that fills Zurich’s lakeside streets and clubs.

Day 2 of the Switzerland Itinerary 10 days: More sightseeing in Zurich, start for Basel in the evening

On day two of your Swiss itinerary, continue exploring Zurich and nearby areas. We will leave you with two options (with both options we recommend leaving for Basel by evening). 

Option 1: Join a Chocolate museum visit in Zurich and go shopping at Bahnhofstrasse 


This option will allow you to go back to some of the Zurich attractions from day one, in case you missed it (depending on your arrival time). 

In addition, you can add a chocolate museum tour, and spend some time at Bahnhofstrasse, which is one of the world’s most expensive shopping streets!

You might also like this tour: Swiss Cheese Fondue and Wine Tuk-Tuk Tour (2 hours)

Option 2: Venture on a day tour to Liechtenstein (with stops in Heidiland and Rapperswil)  

Liechtenstein is a European microstate, and it is best visited from Zurich, so why not take the opportunity while you are here? 

Mayuri in the Vaduz center, flag, citytrain and all things to do in Zurich to Liechtenstein day trip
Vaduz: Zurich to Liechtenstein day trip
Vaduz center sign
Vaduz & Vaduz Castle

Zurich to Liechtenstein – Vaduz is about 2 hours by car or public transportation. On a day trip, you can stroll the lanes of the capital city, visit a couple of museums and hike near/to the castle for views. 

This can be booked as a day tour combining stops at Heidiland and Rapperswil. More information here

Option 2 will be a full-day affair – at least 10-12 hours, so plan to start early. 

Read: 2 days in Zurich Itinerary

In the evening, start for Basel from Zurich. Zurich to Basel is about an hour or so by train. This is where you will be checking in for the next 2 nights. 

Where to stay in Basel

  • Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois: Basel is a breathtaking city, and the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois exemplifies that. It’s a beautiful palace-turned-hotel along the Rhine river with a lovely combination of rich wooden flooring and white walls. Book your stay here.
  • Hotel Marthof Basel: If you are looking for simple pleasures, then Hotel Marthof Basel is a great option. This 4-star hotel is close to the Rhine river and monuments such as the Blue and White Houses. Book your stay here.
  • MotelOne: MotelOne Basel is an affordable 3-star accommodation located in the heart of the city – there is a tram station right outside. Plus you can walk to all tourist attractions (from the Cathedral, Rhine promenade and more). They offer free breakfast and many suites have balconies too! Check availability here.

Day 3 of the Switzerland Itinerary 10 days: Explore the City of Culture on the Rhine – Basel

For an unforgettable Swiss itinerary, you’ll want to explore the city of Basel, a place full of color, life, and history. 

We recommend kicking off with a tour of the Old Town – Altstadt – which has narrow streets and buildings dating back to the 14th century.


In Old Town, there is plenty to see, from the picturesque Market Place (Marktplatz) to the Hoosesagg Museum, one of the world’s smallest museums. 

With these sights and the Basel Munster Cathedral all within a five-minute walk of one another, it’s easy to explore the diverse history of Basel.

We recommend joining a Basel Old Town walking tour to get the most out of your time in this part of the city.

In Basel Old Town

After a lovely morning walk through the medieval streets of Old Town, head over to the Kunstmuseum Basel. This is where your Swiss Travel Pass comes in handy, giving you free access to the oldest public art collection in the world.

Here you can see some world-famous pieces by Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet, and an entire room full of Pablo Picasso’s work.

Basel is more than just Old Town, with 40 museums to explore, the medieval gate of Spalenter, and the ancient Basel Paper Mill. You can let your imagination run wild in the afternoon and explore some of these iconic monuments.

Top Tip: Join a sunset boat ride down the Rhine river for a memorable afternoon. It’s one of the more spectacular things to do in the city.

Day 4 of the Switzerland Itinerary: More of Basel, and ‘Three Countries’

Explore more of Basel on day 4 of your Switzerland itinerary. Because you are in such a cool location you can also visit Germany and France in 10 minutes – keep reading as we show you how. 

Good to know: Switzerland is a landlocked country. It has Austria, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, and Germany as its neighbors. Perfect to visit when you are on a Schengen visa. 

Start your day at the Foundation Beyeler. This art museum is the most visited museum in all of Switzerland and is located in Riehen, a little outside of Basel. 

Beyeler Foundation Basel
Beyeler Foundation Basel

The museum features both traditional and modern art exhibits. You can reach there by tram or by bike. 

Plan to spend at least an hour or so at the Beyeler Foundation, and admire over 200 works of modern classics, including 23 Picassos on display. They also have a lovely cafe where you grab a bite to eat before heading to Germany!

Beyeler Foundation
Beyeler Foundation Complex

From the Beyeler Foundation make your way to Weil am Rhein (Germany) to visit the Vitra Design Campus. 

There are 2 campuses at Vitra (south and north), with multiple exhibition rooms and centres showcasing the history and research of design and architecture. 

There are also unique structures such as the Dome, Vitra Slide Tower, and Piet Oudolf Garden on-site.

You can get there by tram (stop at Weil am Rhein, Bahnhof/Zentrum) or bus (bus number 55 from Badischer Bahnhof to Vitra). The Swiss Travel Pass or the Basel Card (obtained for free when you check in to a Basel hotel is applicable). 

Vitra Campus - north and south
Vitra Campus – north and south

Plan to spend at least 3-4 hours to cover the following, 

  • Vitra Design Museum: Dedicated to the research and popularization of design and architecture, this museum has a showroom on the evolution of technology and robots which is kinda cool!
  • The Vitra Schaudepot: They have over 400 exhibits of modern furniture design and its evolution! 
  • Vitra Slide Tower: This is a 30.7-meter-high tower, designed by the German artist Carsten Höller. It is a slide and a viewing platform offering panoramic views of the Campus and the surrounding landscape. 
Vitra Design Campus Slide tower
Vitra Design Campus Slide Tower

After exploring the Vitra Campus, make your way back to Basel with a stop at the Three Countries Bridge. 

Dreiländerbrücke is an arch bridge located in the 3 countries of France, Germany, and Switzerland. It crosses over the Rhine River, within the Basel metropolitan area, and is for pedestrians’ and cyclists’ use!


You can get there by biking or taking the tram as you travel back to the city. So from Weil am Rhein (Germany) get down at the bridge site and then walk over to Huningue in France. 

Once in France, you can enjoy a walk down the Rhine promenade and if you have additional time, check out the Military museum nearby. (So yea, Three Countries in 10 minutes) 

When you return to Basel, have dinner at the Old Town. We recommend – Papa Joe’s or Restaurant Kraft.

Day 5 of the Switzerland Itinerary 10 days: Take a train to Zermatt and explore later in the day

Check out from your Basel hotel and travel to Zermatt to see the Matterhorn. 

Zermatt Village
Zermatt Village

Basel to Zermatt is 3.50 hours by train (and free with the Swiss Travel Pass). Zermatt is a car-free resort village, so you will have to park your vehicle in the neighboring village/town of Täsch, in case you are driving.  

We recommend staying in Zermatt for two nights and then hop on the popular Glacier Express route. 

Note: If you are not keen on a train excursion you can also explore Zermatt and Mt. Gornergrat on a day tour from Basel (in this case, you have to book a third night in Basel). Here is a tour to book

Because we had the Glacier Express on our bucket list, we stayed in Zermatt for a few days. 

Where to stay in Zermatt

  • Alpen Resort Hotel: This is the place if you ever want to stay at a picturesque ski resort hotel. It is one of many luxury hotels in Zermatt but sticks out with its minimalist style and subtle finishes. Book your stay here.
  • Grand Hotel Zermatterhof: If you want to stay in style and where celebrities do, then the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof is the place to book. It is centrally located and has luxurious and modern amenities to boost! Check out photos and reviews here.
  • Hotel Cheminee: Located just 5 minutes from Zermatt train station, Hotel Cheminee offers uninterrupted views of the Matterhorn from its window or balcony (if you book such a suite). Breakfast can be arranged for extra. Book your stay here.
  • Chalet A la Casa: These chalets are perfect if you are over hotels and want something more secluded. At Chalet A la Casa, you can sit in front of a lovely fire and admire the scenery. With a sauna and hot tub, you simply can’t go wrong with these chalets. Book your stay here.

Day 5 will be a travel day for you. Set aside at least 4-5 hours to get to Zermatt (with connections, and stops along the way). 

View of Matterhorn from Hotel Cheminee at night
View from Hotel Cheminee at night

When you arrive in Zermatt, check in to your hotel and then head out for a short walk and dinner at a local bar/restaurant. We opted for the Grizzly’s Bar & Bistro and their Nachos were delish!

Day 6 of the Switzerland Itinerary 10 days: Explore more of Zermatt (hikes or mountain excursions)

Wake up to a nice breakfast in Zermatt, and then explore more of this cute village and beyond. 

Early mornings in Zermatt
Early mornings in Zermatt

The mountain resorts of Zermatt and Matterhorn Mountain are a short 13 kilometers or 8 miles away from one another. 

The journey is best experienced with the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise cable car. Tickets are valid for a full day. 

You will be at Europe’s highest mountain station at 12,740 ft (3,883 meters) above sea level in 45 minutes with this ride. 

Matterhorn with fresh snow on a beautiful winter day

On your gondola ride, you will pass lush green meadows, hamlets, and enchanting forests before arriving at the snowy and icy landscape! 

At Trockener Steg, you will have to transfer to the highest 3S cable car all the way to the peak. At the summit, visit the viewing platform and soak in the alpine giants of the French, Italian, and Swiss Alps as well as 14 glaciers. 

Spend as much time as you like – hang out at the cinema lounge, enjoy short movies, or visit the highest ice palace in the world before returning to Zermatt.  

BOOK: Matterhorn Glacier Paradise Cable Car Ticket here

Alternatively, you can also book a full-day guided hike from Zermatt. This is a combo of a hike and a cogwheel train ride. 

You will be accompanied by an expert guide on an easy-to-moderate hike to take in the views of the gorgeous Matterhorn. 

This is a full day activity. Find more information about this excursion here

Day 7 of 10 day Switzerland itinerary: Spend the day at the Glacier Express from Zermatt to Chur (return to Zurich) 

Today it is all about relaxation and drooling over gorgeous Swiss landscapes! 

Swiss landscapes near Zermatt
Swiss landscapes near Zermatt

As you are in Zermatt, you can hop on the Glacier Express – this panoramic train journey connects the two major mountain resorts of Zermatt and St. Moritz in Switzerland. 

The total journey from Zermatt to St. Moritz is 7.50 hours. It goes through 91 tunnels running across 291 bridges. But it has a few stops along the way where you can get off.

Glacier Express Review
Glacier Express

The Glacier Express was a wonderful experience for us. We were relaxed and enjoyed our three-course meal in a first-class compartment with gorgeous Swiss scenery right outside. 

Because you have the Swiss Travel Pass, it is worth paying for the seat reservation (which starts at 27 CHF) and checking it off your bucket list. 

We paid for a three-course meal as well (47 CHF) but you can skip it, and order anything off the menu later when you are on board (or nothing when traveling on a budget). 

Girl enjoying Glacier Express

For the purposes of this Switzerland 10-day itinerary, we recommend getting off in Chur (so that you can travel to Zurich to complete the remainder of your trip). 

Zermatt to Chur will be about 5.50 hours and it goes via Andermatt in the Swiss Alps. 

You will get to see a lot on this leg of the Glacier Express as well. We started at 09:00 am and arrived in Chur by 02:30 pm and this allowed us to pop by the city, before returning to Zurich.

Chur to Zurich is only an hour’s train ride away. Plan to stay in a centrally located hotel such as Walhalla Hotel (near Zurich HB) for this leg of your itinerary. 

Day 8 of the 10 day Switzerland Itinerary: Take a day trip to Lauterbrunnen from Zurich 

For the next 3 days of the 10 day Swiss itinerary, keep Zurich as a base and explore more of this wonderful country. With day tours and an efficient train network, you are not far away from places like Bern, Lucerne, and beyond. 

Girl in Lauterbrunnen
Zurich to Lauterbrunnen Day Trip Itinerary

On day 8, start for Lauterbrunnen. To get to Lauterbrunnen from Zurich, you have to change 2 trains (via Bern/Interlaken) but it is all worth it! We had an amazing time there. 

Lauterbrunnen Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland. The valley is home to numerous waterfalls, including the famous Staubbach Falls, and is surrounded by towering mountains. 

Staubbach Falls
Staubbach Falls

You can explore the valley by hiking or taking a cable car up to one of the many viewing platforms. There are also several charming villages located within the valley, making it the perfect place to spend a day or two exploring. 

With your Swiss Travel Pass, you can go up to Wengen for free. Stops ahead/higher than Wengen like Allmend and Kleine Scheidegg, you have to pay extra. In this situation, buying a Bernese Oberland Pass is a better idea as it covers Jungfraujoch, Grindelwald, Kleine Scheidegg, Wengen, and Schynige Platte.

If you extend your trip here, do visit the Schilthorn (1.25 hours to get there from Lauterbrunnen) where a popular James Bond movie was filmed!

For the purposes of this itinerary, you will spend the majority of your day in the village of Lauterbrunnen. 

Lauterbrunnen Village views
Lauterbrunnen Village views

The Staubbach Falls are unmissable. You can even hike to the little cave to get up close to the Falls and behind it. 

There are easy walking trails in the village, so take the time to wander and explore. There is a charming church – Lauterbrunnen church which looks gorgeous against the waterfalls and the Alps, so don’t forget to visit and snap a photo or two.

Lauterbrunnen Church and Falls
Lauterbrunnen Church and Falls

You can also shop for traditional Swiss souvenirs and hang out in a local cafe/restaurant. 

When you return to Zurich it is possible to stop in Thun and get off the train to admire the scenery. 

There are multiple trains available to bring you back to Zurich, so go on exploring! 

Day 9 of 10 days in Switzerland itinerary: Explore Lucerne and Mount Pilatus from Zurich 

Once again, you can use your Swiss Travel Pass to arrive in Lucerne from Zurich. The trains depart every hour from Zurich HB and arrive in Luzern after an hour-long journey. 

Girl in Lucerne and the Chapel Bridge
Chapel Bridge Lucerne views

There are lots of things to do and see in Lucerne. 

Start by walking through the old town, and cross the Chapel Bridge or the Kapellbrücke. This is said to be the oldest covered wooden bridge in Europe, dating back to 1333. 

Don’t miss the charming buildings and views of Lake Lucerne as you enjoy the stroll. 

See the Lion’s Monument, and later visit the Glacier Garden. This is one of the 500 museums accessible with the Swiss Travel Pass. The garden is estimated to be millions of years old and contains kettle basins from the most recent Ice Age. 

Mount Titlis is an essential stop on your itinerary. Book an afternoon tour to Mt Titlis from Lucerne and ride the cableway as you absorb marvelous views.

After sightseeing, enjoy a nice dinner at the Old Town before returning to Zurich for the night. 

Day 10 of 10 days in Switzerland itinerary: Travel to Bern on a day trip from Zurich 

Bern is the capital city of Switzerland and it is located just an hour-long train ride from Zürich. 

Your Swiss Travel Pass will cover the ride from Zürich Hauptbahnhof to Bern and you can easily find a schedule that will work for your last day in Switzerland. 

The Old City in Bern is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is steeped in gorgeous buildings with rich history, river views, and more. 

Girl in Old town Bern
Hello from Bern!

As soon as you arrive in Bern, take a wander through the Old City. If interested you can also book a guided walking tour (because you will be in Bern all day, this will be a nice learning experience).  

Here is the guided Bern Old City Walking Tour.

Don’t miss the Zytglogge, the clock tower located on Bern’s western city gate. This is one of the oldest in Switzerland.


Other stops for the day include the Bern Cathedral and the Museum of Fine Arts. 

Being the capital city and one of the world’s oldest democracies, you must stop by the Swiss Federal Assembly, the Bundeshaus, and admire its impressive interiors. 

BärenPark is another popular attraction and a nice outdoor activity to add to the itinerary.

Sign off from Bern after you take in the views of the River Aare from one of its historic bridges (like the Nydeggbrücke, near BarenPark).

Views of River Aare in Bern
River Aare

Return to Zurich after a fun-filled day of sightseeing and fly out the next day. 

10 days Switzerland itinerary: The picturesque country (Sample 2)

The first itinerary was jam-packed with iconic Swiss cities, museums, and sights. For the second sample, you will still get to visit Zurich, Basel, and Zermatt, but you will explore Geneva (the second largest city), Interlaken/ Jungfrau region, and go on hikes!

Here is what this 10-day Switzerland itinerary will look like,

Click to view the full map
  • Day 1: Explore the city of Basel
  • Day 2: Travel through Aargau Jura Park and end off in Zurich 
  • Day 3: Explore the city of Zurich 
  • Day 4: Enjoy a day trip to Rhine Falls and Stein am Rhein
  • Day 5: Spend the day in Lucerne and end off in Interlaken
  • Day 6: Spend the day at Jungfraujoch 
  • Day 7: Explore Interlaken and take a train to Montreux
  • Day 8: Enjoy Lake Geneva and the regional park
  • Day 9: Travel to Zermatt and explore the five lakes hike
  • Day 10: Explore to breathtaking hikes of Zermatt 

Day 1: Explore the city of Basel

Kickstart your 10-day Swiss itinerary with Basel. 

Basel is located in northwest Switzerland and you can either land in Zurich and then take the train to Basel (one hour+ train ride using the Swiss Travel Pass) or fly to EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg, which is an international airport in the French Alsace region, serving the city of Basel. 

Girl in Basel Switzerland itinerary 10 days
Old Town Basel
Girl infront of the Basel Minster
Basel Minster

On one of our trips, we flew to Zurich (better connectivity from Canada), and then took the train to Basel. 

Where to stay in Basel

So, once you arrive in Basel, check in to your centrally located hotel and then get exploring. 

Book a walking tour of the Old Town check off the Basel Minster and cloisters, and walk the Rhine Promenade, Marktplatz and Kunstmuseum if you have time!

In the evening, opt for a lovely dinner in a traditional Swiss restaurant such as Gifthüttli Basel. 

Day 2: Travel through Aargau Jura Park and arrive in Zurich

After spending the day in a city, it’s about time to explore the outdoors. Roughly an hour and 30 minutes out of Basel by train or bus, you will reach the vast lush landscape of Aargau Jura Park.

The Linner Linde is the mightiest tree in the park, with a trunk circumference of an impressive 36 feet. 

You can also explore the lovely old town of Linn. It nestles beautifully in the green hills of Aargau, with a stunning vineyard in Weingut Zur Linde.

After a lovely lunch at Zur Linde, explore some more sights, such as the Linner waterfall. It’s like something from a movie, with the lush greenery overgrowing on the rocky outcrops and crystal clear water.

Top Tip: If you plan to explore Switzerland in June, you might want to go to the Outdoor Selection Festival, an outdoor music and arts festival that happens once a year.

After a day in the open air, use your handy Swiss travel pass to catch an hour-and-a-half train ride to Zurich. Along the way, you can admire the beautiful sunset while relaxing in a cozy cabin.

Although there is food on the train, we recommend waiting until you get to Zurich. If you choose to stay at Storchen Zurich, they have a fantastic food selection for you to enjoy. 

Zurich at night
Zurich night views
Girl in Zurich Old Town at Swiss Chuchi (for fondue)
Swiss Chuchi (for fondue)

If not, we suggest going to Swiss Chuchi (for fondue) or Zeughauskeller for authentic Swiss food in a rustic 14th-century building.

Where to stay in Zurich

Day 3: Explore the city of Zurich

After a good night’s rest, warm up to a nice breakfast at Cafe bar Odeon or Cafe Henrici, both located in Old Town. 

Zurich Altstadt is small and this is where we will spend most of your time. 

Zurich Old Town

All destinations are easily accessible by foot, so there is no need to take public transport. However, if you need to travel between attractions quickly or have kids in tow, you can use public transport.

Be sure to add the Swiss National Museum and the FIFA World Football Museum (free with the Swiss Travel Pass), and later stroll on Bahnhofstrasse – shop or window shop, hike up to Lindenhof for city views. 

Zurich Old Town Altstadt views
Bridges in Zurich Old Town over the Limmat

Go on a river cruise, and wander through Zurich Old Town. The Limmat River flows through the city into Lake Zurich but is spanned by a series of bridges which makes it easy to crisscross back and forth on your Zurich day itinerary.

Read: One day in Zurich Itinerary

Day 4: Enjoy a day trip to the Rhine Falls and Stein am Rhein

Another unforgettable day begins, and it’s the perfect opportunity to tick the Rhine Falls, and Stein am Rhein off your 10-day Switzerland itinerary. 

For this day trip, we suggest joining this full-day tour through the countryside on the first of many day trips on this Swiss itinerary.

Rhine Falls and Laufen Castle in Schaffhausen
Rhine Falls and Laufen Castle in Schaffhausen

Begin the day by meeting at the Zurich main train station, where you’ll join a comfortable touring bus. 

During a leisurely hour trip, take in the mesmerizing views of Zurichsee, a renowned wine region. There are endless hills of lush green vineyards you can stare at for hours.

After a lovely trip through the countryside, you’ll reach Laufen. Start by visiting Schloss Laufen, a magnificent castle with stunning views of the Rhine Falls. Words can’t explain this medieval castle’s beauty, with the powerful falls and evergreen forest surrounding it.

The Rhine Falls are Europe’s largest and strongest set of waterfalls. You just need to walk up the Balverde trail to the viewing deck above the falls to understand the sheer power and natural beauty of Rhine Falls.

After taking in the raw beauty of nature, jump back onto the bus and head towards Stein am Rhein, a historic village in northern Switzerland. It’s about a 30-minute drive, where you can continue to enjoy the sights of rolling hills and vineyards.

St. George's Abbey in Stein am Rhein
St. George’s Abbey in Stein am Rhein

Stein am Rhein is a beautiful medieval town, with the facade of many buildings having intricate fresco paintings for you to admire. 

Once here, we suggest grabbing a bite to eat at Uferlos. The restaurant offers a delicious mixture of flavors at an affordable price.

After you’re re-energized, it’s time to explore this unique town. We recommend visiting the Weisser Adler to see stunning frescoes and the Lindwurm museum. It’s also worth visiting the town gates, such as Untertor and Obertor.

This is a lovely and quaint little town in Switzerland where you can enjoy a relaxing and refreshing afternoon. 

At the end of the day trip, head back to Zurich on the tour bus and enjoy dinner at your restaurant of choice.

Note: The tour we recommend includes a tour guide that will take you past all these famous 

Day 5: Spend the day in Lucerne and end off in Interlaken

After a couple of days in Zurich, it’s time to head on to the next destination, and where better to go than Lucerne? With your Swiss travel pass, catch a 40-minute train ride to this spectacular lakeside village.

The village is well known, with picture-perfect Lake Lucerne taking center stage. Here, you can take a walk down Chapel bridge, the world’s oldest truss bridge. 


Chapel Bridge is an emblem of the town’s beauty as you walk over the turquoise waters of the Reuss, which flow into Lake Lucerne.

After crossing the bridge, take a 10-minute walk to the Dying Lion Monument, an intricate relief sculpture on the side of an old sandstone quarry. 

Down the road from the lion monument is Glacier Garden, an extraordinary set of large potholes formed over 20,000 years ago.

After this, we recommend getting some lunch at Villa Schweizerhof for breathtaking views of Lucerne and the mountain peaks in the distance. 

One of those mountain peaks happens to be Mount Pilatus, which has the steepest mountain railways in Europe.

Top Tip: We don’t include visiting Mount Pilatus on this itinerary, but if you want, you can do so on this all-terrain guided tour.

After a delicious lunch, we suggest visiting the Swiss Museum of Transport, which Swiss travel pass holders can access. Here you will learn all about transportation, from cars to space shuttles. 

After this, you have just about enough time to visit the Hofkirche. This is a famous 17th-century renaissance-style basilica that captures the diverse cultural history of the town. 

The afternoon will be approaching by now, and a two-hour train ride awaits (to Interlaken). During the ride, you can admire the Swiss countryside or look over the beautiful photos you’ve taken so far during your holiday.

Where to stay in Interlaken

  • Hotel Brienzersee: This budget hotel has all the bells and whistles you would see in a luxury hotel. It sits in the lakeside town of Interlaken and is only a 5-minute drive from the city centre. At Hotel Brienzersee, you overlook the magical turquoise waters of Lake Brienz. Book your stay here.
  • Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel and Spa: This luxurious hotel is more than just a place to stay; it’s a complete sensory experience. Imagine an indoor swimming pool with arched walls and soft, crisp finishings in all the rooms. At the center of the town, you have quick access to all the sights of this lovely place on earth. Book your stay here.

Day 6: Spend the day at Jungfraujoch – Jungfrau Region

There are several day trips on this list, and possibly the most breathtaking is the excursion to Jungfraujoch. 

The trip to Jungfraujoch is nothing short of spectacular, with a winding train journey through the Schynige Platte Alpine Garden to the Grindelwald Terminal. 

From here, it’s a dramatic cable car ride up to the Jungfrau railway, the highest train station in the world.

Now you can enjoy the scenic train ride to Jungfraujoch, a quaint car-free town in the mountains. You’ll travel for just over one hour and 30 minutes, but your Swiss travel pass will make the trip smooth.

Start by taking an elevator from the train station up to the Sphinx Observatory to take in breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps. 

At the Sphinx, you can see the Aletsch Glacier, Europe’s longest glacier. It’s safe to say Jungfraujoch has an unlimited supply of fantastic photo opportunities.

To get your blood racing, head to the Snow Fun Park, where you enjoy skiing, snow tubing, ziplining, and sledding. You can spend the rest of the morning here before getting lunch at Crystal, one of two restaurants in the town.

All the main attractions are within walking distance from the train station so you can spend more time at each site. 

The next adventure is to the Ice Palace, carved out of Aletsch Glacier, and you can see hand-crafted ice sculptures like tiny penguins.

If you still have time, there are a few more things to do, such as going on a walking tour of Alpine Sensation or hiking to Monchsjoch Hut.

At the end of an exciting day, you’ll be glad to relax on the cable cars and head back to your comfy accommodation in Interlaken.    

Day 7: Explore Interlaken and take a scenic train to Montreux

Day 7 is about exploring the mountain lake city of Interlaken, with Lake Thun and Lake Brienz dominating the landscape. 

Beautiful view of the river and the house in Interlaken, Switzerland

To kick off the day, we suggest taking a 15-minute bus drive to the shores of Lake Thun to explore St. Beatus Caves. These caves are the stuff of legends, with underground waterfalls, stalactites, stalagmites, and perfectly still lakes.

After a thrilling walk through the St. Beatus Caves, it’s time to explore Lake Thun. We suggest getting an Interlaken boat day pass to enjoy both lakes from the water. 

Oberhofen village on the lake Thun, Switzerland
Lake Thun, Switzerland

On the western side of Lake Thun, you’ll see the medieval town of Unterseen. 

The town also has a castle from the 14th century, which sits perfectly amongst the rolling Bernese Alps.

After a luxurious boat ride, we recommend making your way up to Harder Kulm. After a 16-minute bus ride, the breathtaking panoramic restaurant and viewing deck will meet you.

You can admire the unforgettable views of Interlaken and its majestic lakes, with picturesque mountains framing the scene. The restaurant up here is also fantastic, so it’s the perfect spot for lunch.

Once you’re all filled up, it’s time to hit Lake Brienz. 

View of Brienz, Berne, Switzerland
This is a view of the lake and Municipality of Brienz in the district of Interlaken in the canton of Berne in Switzerland

A great way to experience the lake is by kayak, as you can take in the reflections of the mountainous landscape on a whole new level. It’s a more vigorous way to explore the lake, so you can always join a boat ride with the swiss pass.

After enjoying both lakes, it’s time to join a scenic train to Montreux. 

The train departs from Interlaken Ost Station as part of the Golden Round Trip. Usually, the round trip would take five and a half hours, but you will only enjoy three hours of this trip.

Golden pass train in the Swiss Alps connects Montreux to Lucerne

You will pass through the jaw-dropping Simmen Valley, with the stunning Wimmis Castle coming into focus. 

From here, you’ll travel past the pretty resort village of Gstaad and cross into the French-speaking region of Switzerland. Here, the narrow valley of Les Avants and its magnificent forests before ending off in Montreux.

Top Tip: You can get a discount on the GoldenPass scenic train with your Swiss travel pass.

Where to stay in Montreux

  • Hotel Victoria Glion: This grand old building is set in the foothills of the Swiss Alps and overlooks Lake Geneva. The facade has aged like fine wine, while the interior has had a modern makeover. Book your stay here.
  • Fairmont Le Montreux Palace: For a luxurious 5-star stay, consider Fairmont Le Montreux Palace. Situated right along the beachfront, it has everything, from a relaxing spa to a lively nightclub. Book your stay here.

Day 8: Enjoy Lake Geneva and the regional park

Geneva is Switzerland’s largest lake, so it’s not easy seeing everything in one day. Especially when you consider there are six cities surrounding the lake. We’ll try to squeeze all the best bits in though.

For starters, you simply have to visit Chateau De Chillon. It’s only five minutes out of Montreux. 

Chillon Castle Switzerland bucket list
Chillon castle in Switzerland

It’s an ancient castle that sits along Geneva Lake’s shores and has existed since the Bronze Age.

After this, we recommend joining a Geneva tour and cruise to show you the best bits of the region. It’s best to take an hour-long train trip to Geneva city as the tour begins there.

Once in Geneva, you will spend three glorious hours exploring the city centre and its outlying areas. 

Fountain Jet dEau rises over the waterfront of Lake Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

You will see amazing attractions such as the Jet d’Eau fountain and the Flower Clock.

After a lovely city tour, you’ll hit the water on a one-hour cruise. You will see unforgettable attractions from the water, such as Villa Diodati and the Black Harbor. 

Drinks are available during the cruise, but if you want to get food, it comes at an extra cost.

At the end of your tour, head back to the local train station and use your Swiss travel pass to get back to Montreux. 

Going to Geneva city is one of the many day trips you can enjoy, and the few hours spent on the train are well worth the trip.

Day 9: Travel to Zermatt and explore the five lakes hike

Time to leave the beautiful city of Montreux and head to the final destination of the Switzerland itinerary. 

Using your Swiss Travel Pass – it really has come in handy – you’ll take a two-hour drive with public transport to the beautiful resort city of Zermatt.

Zermatt Village in the morning

Once here, you’ll have a couple of minutes to settle in before heading on one of the many hiking trails in the area. Before heading out, we recommend diving into some Swiss cuisine at the Schaferstube.

From the city centre, you’ll catch a quick lift up to the Sunnegga cable car station, a great starting point for the trail. From here, you’ll enjoy a 45-minute hike to Five Lakes. 

If you are up for more of a challenge, there is a two-hour and 30-minute (7.1 miles or 11.4 km) version you can enjoy. We promise you won’t be disappointed whichever way you decide to go. 

At the trail’s end, five magnificent lakes subside in the landscape, providing stunning views of the mountains. 

Three of the lakes have perfect reflections of Matterhorn Mountain, so you won’t fall short of photo opportunities. This is a great way to start your time in Zermatt and could be one of your best days in Switzerland. 

If you have some extra time in the afternoon, we’ve got an exhilarating activity lined up for you. Take to the skies on a paragliding flight to experience this mountain region from a bird’s eye perspective.

Where to stay in Zermatt

Day 10: Explore to breathtaking hikes of Zermatt 

The final day of this exhilarating 10 day Switzerland itinerary is all about exploring the mountain regions of Zermatt.

Start with the easy Gorner Gorge hike; a 1.6-mile or 2.5 km wooden walkway elevated above the dramatic cliff walls. It’s a relatively easy hike that will take about an hour to complete.

The next hike you should try is the Furi Suspension Bridge Trail. After a short cable car trip to Furi, you embark on a short 1.8-mile or 2.9 km loop trail. 

The main highlights of the hike include the 328 feet long suspension bridge which makes for an epic photo opportunity. You also pass through the glacier garden, which is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

After a light lunch, there is one last hike we recommend you take on. 

The Matterhorn Mountain is something that dominates the Zermatt landscape, and it’s time you get close to this iconic landmark.

Zermatt Switzerland, with the towering Matterhorn

Start by taking a cable car up to the trailhead, where a barren and conflicting landscape meets you. It’s nothing like you have seen during this Switzerland itinerary, which makes it so unique.

Altogether this is a 4.1-mile or 6.6 km hike that’ll take roughly two and a half hours to complete. 

At the end of the day, you will fall in love with Zermatt and wish you could stay forever.

How to plan the perfect 10 days in Switzerland itinerary: Switzerland Travel Tips

When it comes to traveling across Switzerland, the best way to get around is with public transport. The country isn’t huge, so bus rides or direct trains from point to point are easy and affordable.

Here are some other practical things to consider when planning an unforgettable Switzerland itinerary.

Weather in Switzerland

Summer, autumn, and spring in Switzerland are lovely times to visit. The day temperatures range between 18.3 °C (65° F) and 27.7°C (82° F). 

The wettest season is summer, with high levels of rainfall. Autumn and spring are the driest, but you can still expect rain.

Andermatt village: Switzerland in winter

Winter is very different, with the overall temperature being a freezing – 3° C or 26.6° F. This is also when you’ll see snow-capped mountains, with high levels of snowfall during this season.

Best months for a Swiss holiday

The best time to visit Switzerland would be between March and October.

If you visit in March, you’ll still be in time for the winter sports like skiing, and you’ll get to see the Swiss blooms popping up for spring. 

From April to October, you will experience the best weather with lovely warm days.

What to pack for your 10 days in Switzerland itinerary

To make your Switzerland trip the best it can be, it’s always a good idea to come prepared. What you pack depends on when you are planning on visiting Switzerland. 

Packing for Switzerland

In winter, you will need warm and waterproof clothing. You’ll still need some waterproof clothes in summer, but they can be a lot lighter.

Ultimate packing list for Switzerland 

Your travel packing list for Switzerland must include the following 

  1. Carry a waterproof warm/light jacket (all season), or winter parka for winters
  2. Wear comfortable walking shoes, they are perfect for exploring city centres and traveling on public transportation
  3. A universal adaptor is a must for charging your electronics 
  4. Don’t forget your camera to take stellar photos!

For more details, read our post on what to wear in Switzerland.

For your documents, do not forget to carry your passport, credit cards, and of course travel insurance.

Scenic train ride through Switzerland

There are several fantastic train rides you can enjoy during your time in Switzerland. For the sake of time, here are our top three beautiful rides you can enjoy (in addition to the routes mentioned above).

Bernina express train

The Bernina Express is a scenic train route. It is a 4-hour journey that starts in Chur (overlapping a bit with the Glacier Express). You can join the ride in Chur or Tirano in Italy.

It takes you through 55 tunnels and 196 bridges with gorgeous scenery outside the window! 

The Swiss Travel Pass covers the trip, but seat reservation is extra. 

GoldenPass line

Traveling from Montreux to Interlaken is a beautiful train ride. Over a distance of 49 miles or 79 km, this breathtaking train journey takes you past the elegant town of Gstaad and up the Saanenmoser Pass. 

GoldenPass Line

The trip will take roughly three hours to complete and is not a direct train as you will stop in Zweisimmen.

Jungfrau railway

This route has Europe’s highest train station at an impressive altitude of 11,328 feet. 

Traveling from Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch (the highest station in Europe), you can enjoy a scenic 5.6-mile or 9.1 km journey. 

You can also book your tickets with this fantastic Jungfraujoch train ride package.

Cogwheel railway to Mount Pilatus

If you’re looking for the steepest cogwheel train ride in the world, look no further than this journey from Alpnachstad to Mount Pilatus. 

Along this 30-minute climb up the mountainside, you can take in the spectacular views of the Swiss Alps.

Top Tip: Read more about the 10 most scenic train rides in Switzerland.

Why you should get a Swiss travel pass

As this Switzerland itinerary involves a lot of traveling, it’s a no-brainer to get a Swiss travel pass.

Views from your train or tram seats

You get an all-in-one, hassle-free ticket that includes train, boat, cable car, and bus costs. It also includes free entry to over 500 museums across the country.

You can also choose how long you are traveling and pay accordingly, so it’s a great deal no matter how you look at it. 

You can compare prices between various day options and book it.

  • For a 10-day trip, an 8-day Swiss Travel Pass is great. 
  • If you are in Switzerland for one week, both 6 or 8-day Swiss Travel Pass will work depending on your sightseeing plans. 
  • For those with a 2 week Switzerland itinerary in mind, the 15 days pass might be well worth it – depending on your day of departure/arrival. 

If you are planning to stay for more than 2 weeks and have a loose itinerary, consider the Swiss Half Fare Card. It gives you a 50% discount for transport by train, bus and boat and most mountain railways. 

Its validity is for a month which is great if you are in Switzerland for a longer duration. 

Final thoughts on the ultimate 10-day Switzerland travel itinerary

One thing we took away from our time in Switzerland is that this is a beautiful and diverse country with so much to offer.

Whether you want to explore its spectacular cities or picturesque mountain landscapes, you are in for a treat. 

Throughout this Switzerland itinerary, we are sure you see this as well, and we hope you have just a fabulous time as we did.

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10 day Switzerland itinerary
Switzerland 10 day itinerary

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