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Best Shoes for Walking on cobblestones in Europe

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Looking for the best shoes to walk around Europe? I have created this post with tips and a guide to buying the best shoes for walking on cobblestones in Europe.

Europe is my favorite continent to visit. The wanderings in the cobblestones lanes, with medieval towns and city centers, keep calling my name, even after I am back home and enjoying the concrete urban jungle in Canada.

Best Walking shoes on cobblestones for Europe
Best Walking shoes for Europe

With tons of experience in walking (sometimes jumping, rolling and running) in various streets of Europe, this handy guide is useful for first-time travelers, as well as those who are looking for really good and comfortable walking shoes, without compromising on style!

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Best shoes for walking on cobblestones: Best shoes for walking in Europe

If you are planning a trip to Europe, I am sure you are excited about packing. We have written a detailed guide on Europe Packing Guide, but this one will cover SHOES! Yes, these are the best walking shoes for Europe.

Europe is filled with cobblestoned lanes, bridges, hilly capitals, and uneven pathways. Cobblestone lanes look something like this, pictured below:

Cobblestones in Europe
Cobblestones in Europe

Most medieval towns or historic old towns in most popular cities will have some patches of cobblestone lanes. 

We travel to Europe a few times a year and have experimented and used all kinds of shoes. Here are some of my favorites and they are some of the comfortable shoes to wear in Europe sightseeing!

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KEEN Women’s Explore Waterproof Shoes 

Whether you are navigating cobblestone lanes or walking/hiking uphill (by ditching the funicular), the KEEN Explore Shoes are superb for sightseeing in Europe.

They are walking and hiking shoes all wrapped up into one. It comes with a support system in the midsole that gives you better stability upon walking. The Konnectfit heel -capture set-up gives you a comfortable feel.

It also has a notch in back, for a better Achilles comfort. 

KEEN Explore Shoes are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about unpredictable rain in Europe. I have worn them in rainy Belgrade in Serbia and on warmer days in Slovenia. 

If it ever catches any dirt, just remove them using a stiff brush or soft cloth.

As they are proper sneakers, they are comfortable to wear for train or bus travels. You can easily wear warm socks, or compression socks while traveling on long haul flights to Europe. 

KEEN Explore Shoes
KEEN Explore Shoes in Belgrade Serbia

They come in a variety of shoes. I went with the stunning tawny port or deep berry type of shade. They look amazing in photos, where you can pop the color. 

Being a bright color, it lights up dull captures (think beige medieval buildings), which is a plus. 

I have always teamed these shoes with jeans/pants. But if you are planning to wear dresses and skirts, choose a neutral color like light gray or even white. They will look amazing with dresses with a casual vibe. 

I have these shoes in a size 8, and they fit true to size. KEEN Explore waterproof shoes also come in a boot style.

KEEN Women’s Coronado III Slip-On

One of my newest white shoes is the KEEN Women’s Coronado (III). These are in care-free slip-on style shoes. These shoes are very durable and comfortable to wear all day long (PU footbed for long-lasting comfort).

Exploring Split
Exploring Split in my KEEN Coronado Slip-Ons

These shoes are equipped with ‘eco-anti odor’ technology, so what it does is that it naturally breaks down odor in sweat without the use of any heavy metals or chemicals. 

KEEN Coronado slip-on comes in 3 colors – black, white and taupe. As I was getting a white pair, I wanted to make sure it is easy to maintain for longevity. And it comes with PFC (perfluorinated chemicals) water repellency technique, which safeguards your shoes from water splashes, dirt or environmental elements. 

I bought these shoes in my usual size 8. Upon wearing it might seem big, but once you start wearing it – it sort of takes after your toe type, and I never had any issues with the shoe loosening or slipping out.

Skechers Women’s GO WALK LITE 

Because I love slip-on style shoes (no laces please), Skechers is super comfortable to wear.  Sketchers have a variety of travel and comfortable shoe lines like the go-Lite, go-walk, ultra-flex, etc. 

You can go wrong with any of those as they are affordable, super comfy and washable! A good reason to buy a white pair!

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Wearing Skechers Women’s GO WALK LITE

On our recent trip to Europe, I wore Skechers Women’s GO WALK LITE – and they were wonderful! I had also hiked in these shoes to get to scenic viewpoints in Spain, Portugal, and yea Morocco’s uneven lanes too. 

The soles are super comfortable. It is equipped with “Goga mat insole” which makes it comfortable for walking for a long duration. 

Barcelona – Skechers Women’s GO WALK LITE

Skechers Women’s GO WALK LITE shoes are lightweight to carry in your carry-on or suitcase. Don’t forget they are also washable. 

I wear these in 7.50 size, as the shoes are wide. 

Ecentrcq sneaker from Steve Madden

If you are looking for trendy, no-hassle yet comfortable shoes, then these Ecentrq Sneakers from Steve Madden will fit the bill. I own a pair in black and have worn it in many destinations and still LOVE it.

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Montmarte, Paris

The sneakers are sturdy, the base is solid. You can wear ankle-length socks and they never show or peek through. Black goes with all of my outfits – dresses or pants.

Ecentrq Sneakers come in a classic quilted design. They have no laces, which is my favorite part and very easy to slip on and off at the security gate.

Jordaan neighbourhood
Amsterdam with my Steve Maddens

Made of faux leather, these slip-on feature dual elastic goring for a secure fit, a smooth lining, a comfy insole, and a textured platform outsole.

They fit true to size at 8 for me. Although I never had any issues with the sneakers wearing them all day long, adding a gel pad might be a good idea. Check these gel cushion insoles from Dr. Scholls.

KEEN Women’s Whisper 

This is one of the best selling KEEN women’s sandals. If you prefer sandals, this is a great piece. 

These sandals come with an elastic cording to ensure a secure fit. It has a cushioned footbed, providing you with day-long comfort wear. 

KEEN Whisper
KEEN Whisper

It is waterproof, so other than cobblestones in Europe, you can effortlessly use them on beaches as I did in Dubrovnik. Take them with you into the water – it will be fine, nothing to worry.

Super durable, lightweight and comfortable to wear, you won’t be disappointed with KEEN Whisper sandals

Best shoes for walking on cobblestones Europe
Best shoes for walking on cobblestones Europe

As a sandal, it is more of a summer, late spring wear for me. I wear true to size, at size 8.

On my wishlist: KEEN Terradora Boots and Waterproof Shoes

KEEN Terradora boots and waterproof shoes are on my wishlist! LOVE the mauve color and its so pretty. 

How to choose the best walking shoes for Europe – for cobblestones, beaches or uneven surfaces?

Here are some of the essential factors to keep in mind while choosing the best walking shoes for Europe. Keep in mind, these considerations are not for winter shoes or boots. 

Where will you be walking? 

Cobblestones are common in Europe. However, uneven lanes and concrete surfaces are also equally common. All the shoes mentioned above are perfect for the urban jungle. They are equipped with a cushioned footbed, giving you all-day comfort to wear.

Hiking or walking on incline surfaces

If you are planning to hike a little or wander through a nature trail, KEEN Explore shoes are best for that. I have used them for light hikes, cobblestones, and uneven surfaces – they were awesome!

Waterproof or not waterproof

Waterproof or water repellent material is a great option for your shoes for Europe. A majority of the popular European destinations come with unpredictable rains in the off-season like London, Paris, Amsterdam, etc. 

Wearing waterproof shoes will take out the guesswork when you are out and about exploring!

Top picks: KEEN Explore Shoes, KEEN Whisper sandals

Versatility: Trendy for dresses and pants

White sneakers are a great buy to mix and match with dresses and pants. Of course, if you are traveling light you need a versatile piece. 

Top picks: KEEN Women’s Coronado (III), Steve Madden Ecentrq Sneakers

Shoe weight

If you love carrying a variety like a sneaker on the go, an extra pair for the beach or another one – just for fun. Wear the heavy shoe (with compression socks) when you travel. Pack the lightweight ones in your carry-on.

Top picks: KEEN Whisper sandals, Skechers Women’s GO WALK LITE – both are the lightweight shoes I own

Cushioning and support

For the most part, I don’t use any additional padding or insole with these shoes. I wear warm socks, compression socks, and liners, at times so that my shoes and feet feeling fresh all day long. 

When you are purchasing a shoe for the first time, you will find that they are stiff and not malleable. Walking all day long with them might be comfortable for some of you, with heel issues. Try to break into the shoes before your trip – wear them at home, try them with thick socks to break in.

Gel cushion for support is a good option to bring in with you. I wear Dr. Scholl’s gel insoles when I wear steel-toed shoes at work, and they make it comfortable for a full 8 – 10-hour shift. So they should be comfortable for you as well to walk on concrete and cobblestones.

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Pin: Best shoes for walking on cobblestones: Best shoes for walking in Europe

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Best walking shoes for Europe



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