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Barcelona in September: Guide to things to do Barcelona in September

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A popular destination like Barcelona is BEST explored in shoulder seasons. And what if we tell you this off-season month is great in terms of weather, festivities, and local events? Well, continue reading to find out why Barcelona in September is the BEST time to visit this Catalonian kingdom! We have also included some of the finest things to do in Barcelona in September. 

These experiences are based on our trips to the city – both in the same month. All the prime tourist attractions are open in September, but what is special this time of the year is the number of street parties and festivals happening all across the city, all month long!

Barcelona in September – Guide to things to do in Barcelona in September

Barcelona in September and all year round
Barcelona in September and all year round

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Barcelona experiences a Mediterranean climate all year round, as it is located by the sea.

The city does experience 4 seasons. And fall, spring, and winter months can be wet with mild temperatures. Summers are hot and dry. July is the least rainy month in Barcelona and April and October have the highest possibility of rain.

Here is what the weather in Barcelona looks like all year round and the seasons – 

  • SPRING: March, April, May. 
  • SUMMER: June, July, August. 
  • AUTUMN: September, October, November.
  • WINTER: December, January, February.

In September the likelihood of rain is moderate, about 4 days of the month. During our stay in Barcelona, it rained once (and in the evening) and it was a heavy downpour and the showers disappeared in 25 minutes!

Weather in Barcelona in September + average temperatures

Barcelona in September is a perfect time to visit –  considering the weather and temperature. In September, the summer heat has passed and locals are back at work or school, meaning fewer crowds on the streets.

September is also when schools and universities re-open in North America, meaning affordable flights and fewer crowds while sight-seeing. 

Barcelona September Weather

High Temp. 26 degrees Celsius (78.8 F)
Low Temp.20 degrees Celsius (68 F)
Possibility of rain4 days 

As you can see the weather is quite pleasant with sunny days and less likelihood of rain. 

Mornings in Barcelona in the month of September are perfect to capture the city’s attractions minus crowds. The sun is up and it is bright and nice at 08:00 am. The streets are empty and cafes are still closed, so it is a great time for photos and light strolls. 

Does it rain a lot in September? 

Rains are common in Barcelona, but it only ranges from 1-6 days a month. So it is not like Seattle or Vancouver. Being close to the Mediterranean, there is a likelihood of rain, but the weather is also quite warm all year round. 

Rain possibility is for 4 days in September and it is not constant. It lasts for 30-45 minutes, could be a heavy downpour for a bit, and then it stops.

If you are staying in Barcelona for the entire month or transiting through the city this month – carry a waterproof jacket. 

Packing for Barcelona in September 

Keeping the temperatures in mind, here are the items you MUST carry in September to Barcelona

Views from Bunkers in Barcelona in September
Views from Bunkers in Barcelona in September
  • Cotton, airy clothes are best – blouses, dresses, pants, shirts.
  • Add a waterproof light jacket – Buy my all-time favorite jacket here
  • Carry a scarf (for people who are always cold)
  • MUST BRING – Comfortable walking shoes for hiking to scenic viewpoints in Barcelona or strolling on the streets of the historic city center, comfortable walking shoes are a MUST. Here are my favorite white sneakers

  • MUST BRING > Anti-theft purses or crossbody bags. Barcelona is notorious for bag stealing and incidences of pick-pockets, especially in tourist sites. We HIGHLY recommend using a crossbody bag and keeping the bag on you, when traveling, eating at a restaurant, or while traveling in public transport. We have heard friends and people we met on tours, whose backpacks were swapped or stolen while walking the city center. I traveled with my cross-body purse and I had my cash, passport, small makeup pouch, cellphone, keys, and sunglasses on me and didn’t get robbed. And we hang out at popular tourist places (like we frequented Las Ramblas every night) and we used public transportation. If you keep the purse close to you, it’s hard for anyone to snatch or take it away. Okay, enough rumbling. But > CROSSBODY BAG! OK. Check out our review on cross body bags.

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Why visit Barcelona in September?

There are many reasons why one should visit Barcelona in September. Here are some of our reasons – 

  • Explore Barcelona’s prime attractions – with fewer crowds
  • Still, time to enjoy the sun and sand on Barcelona beaches
  • Off-season – Easy to find accommodation
  • Tons of festivals and events to participate in September
  • Perfect weather – not Hot, not Cold, and no sticky humidity bubble! 

Exploring Barcelona’s main sites with relatively fewer crowds

Barcelona is a very popular destination in Spain. In their top attractions like Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, and Casa Batllo – it is very common to see a line-up, even in September.

But….it is relatively less crowded inside. Because for one, many people don’t like (or want to visit) the interiors – which we think you should.

Views of Park Guell
Views of Park Guell

Take the Sagrada Familia for example, we bought tickets online, and we did have a queue for security reasons but the inside was not crowded.

You can stay inside as long as you want, pray, and take pictures without being pushed or feeling suffocated. Same deal for Park Guell’s Gaudi Museum and the protected monument.

At the Casa Batlló during the summer months, the Magic Nights event takes place and it is busy with tourists and locals alike. Fall is relatively quiet.

Still, time to soak in the sun at Barcelona beaches minus the crowds 

Barcelona in September is a shoulder month, but the good news about the weather is that – it is still sunny and warm.

When we visited for a week in September, other than 25 minutes there was no rain. So this was perfect for beach outings for the day. Or if you prefer to stroll or go on a cruise from Port Vell whilst admiring the Mediterranean Sea.

Barcelona in September is off-season – Finding accommodation and flights is easy

In September, schools and universities re-open in North America, meaning affordable flights and fewer crowds sight-seeing. 

Lanes of Barcelona
Lanes of Barcelona in September – This is the touristy La Ramblas street

As an offseason in Barcelona, in September finding a nice hotel near tourist attractions will be relatively easy.

When we visited Barcelona in the early days of September, hotels near the center were expensive, averaging $200 USD for a 3+ star hotel. On that trip, we ended up staying 30 minutes away from the city center (in Mundet). Hotel: Hotel Alimara Barcelona 

But later, when we re-visited Barcelona after the 20th of the month, we were able to snag a great hotel deal, just steps away from La Ramblas. Hotel: Hotel Garbi Millenni Barcelona

Of course at the city center or near it, it makes it so easy to explore touristic attractions and/or take day tours. 

Tons of things to do in Barcelona in September, including festivals 

Barcelona in September is HOME to tons of festivals and events. For one, La Mercè – Europe’s biggest street party happens every year on September 24, and celebrations start ahead of time (like a day or two before the 24th). There are music festivals like BAM and many local “Festa major” are held. 

There are tons of street food festivals happening in the city in September. 

Historic La Boqueria Market Barcelona
La Boqueria

National Day of Catalunya is celebrated on September 11, and Barcelona the capital of the region is filled with events and demonstrations. 

Perfect weather – not too hot not too cold!

The weather in September is PERFECT, for those who want to enjoy the outdoors (without being covered in sweat or humidity bubbles). Summer heat and the peak tourist season are gone, making the weather (and temperature) amazing for outdoor activities. 

For travelers who enjoy temperatures of high and low 20’s  – Barcelona in September brings in that perfect weather! 

Things to do in Barcelona in September

Barcelona in September is a great month to visit for the variety of activities and events that the city showcases. 

Park Guell Barcelona Lights
Park Guell Barcelona

1. Festa Major del Poblenou – Street festival/party

In September, you are entering a paradise of FREE events and festivals in Barcelona City.

And this is not limited to the city center, as it engulfs most of the residential neighborhoods too. Located only 45 minutes outside of the city center is the Poblenou festival which attracts a lot of tourists every year.

Festa Major del Poblenou transforms this residential area into a street party of sorts. The bars, restaurants, and cafés are bustling with activities, and free concerts and music shows are held across the neighborhood. This is a great festival to try out locally made street food.

This is a 10-day event and it takes place on September 6th and coincides with National Catalan Day (September 11). This is a fantastic time to see authentic Catalan traditions like human towers, correfocs or fire runs, folk dancing,  parades, and giant maché dolls. 

Dates: 6 to 11 September 2023

2. Learn about the National Day of Catalunya – La Diada

September 11 is National Catalan Day or La Diada. This day is associated with the fall of Barcelona and commemorating the sacrifices of the soldiers during the War of the Spanish Succession in 1714. This event was historical as it led to the subsequent loss of Catalan institutions and laws.

National Day Catalunya
National Day Catalunya

This event is highly regionalized and politicized today. But in essence, this festival is an occasion where the people of Barcelona participate to show their pride and camaraderie as part of Catalunya.

You will witness all of the famous Catalan traditions like the human towers or parades of Giants, Catalan flags, and music in the streets. 

In September 2019, Barcelona celebrated 127 years of rich history and traditions.

Note: Catalonia is a region in Spain (northern part), with Barcelona being the capital and the most populous city. If you are visiting Barcelona on September 11, then watch out for the parade and demonstrations happening in the city. This is a one-day event only.

Date: 11 September 2023

3. Festa Major de la Barceloneta 

Festa Major de la Barceloneta is celebrated every year in September. This is the best time to venture into the neighborhoods and learn about Barcelona city culture, people, and festivals.

Most commonly associated with music and the patron saint of Barceloneta, the Festa Major is celebrated from September 25 to 29.

Join in the celebrations in honor of Sant Miquel and enjoy the fireworks, and tons of food, and admire the decorated streets. 

4. Take a day trip for capturing autumn leaves 

Autumn means crisp morning and golden hues. In September Barcelona may or may not show up all its stunning colors, but places near Barcelona will. So get out of the city, go on day trips and capture those fall leaves and go on hikes.

Town of Baga
Town of Baga

The most popular places to head to, from Barcelona include Montserrat, Costa Brava, Girona, and the Pyrenees. Check out this MOST popular day tour to Montserrat with tapas and wine tour

5. Join Europe’s biggest street party – La Mercè Festival

When we returned to Barcelona for a second time in September, the city was bustling with activities and music shows until the sun was up. And when we asked the locals, about the event, they said, “it’s our national festival”.

We thought is there another Catalunya festival that we didn’t of? Turned out, it was the BIGGEST street party in town – La Merce – that the locals were referring to.

Castelers at La Merce
Castelers at La Merce

It is celebrated every year on September 24 and people are out in the streets, just rejoicing and having a good time.

The weekend and a day or two before the La Merce festival, people were out and about celebrating into the early morning hours, and many entertainment shows and concerts were held near the Plaza de Catalunya and Las Ramblas area. And those were for free!

Always remember to stay safe during events of this kind. Only travel with the necessary items and enjoy, but be aware of your surroundings!

Note: If you are visiting Barcelona on or a few days prior to September 24, then watch out for free entertainment and events happening in the city.

Dates: Festivities from 22 to 25 September 2023

6. Go on a sunset cruise in Barcelona

Okay. Barcelona is located by the Mediterranean Sea and their sunsets and cotton-orange-y-balmy skies are oh-so-beautiful. I hope you get the gist.

A sunset cruise or sailing trip (of 2 hours+ duration) is an amazing way to enjoy the sea and sunny views. 

Port Vell and Christopher Columbus Stories
Port Vell in Barcelona

Book: Barcelona Sailing and wine tasting cruise

7. Eat your heart out at Food Festivals in Barcelona 

In September Barcelona is a gastronomic heaven, where you will find tons of street food vendors and festivals showcasing Spanish cuisines. Some of the popular food festivals in the city include –

  • Palo Alto Market​ Fest – The Poblenou neighborhood is great for a night out and the food fest is the perfect excuse to head there with TONS of local cuisines to feast on. Date: September 2 to 4 2023
  • Monumental Club – Tons of food trucks in the area
  • Terra I Gust – Enjoy a sustainable food festival at the Ronda de Sant Antoni. Held towards the end of September
  • Barcelona Taste Food Tour – You can enjoy Spanish cuisine with a tour guide. Click to check out this tour

8. Hike to scenic viewpoints in Barcelona

Because the temperature in September is quite pleasant, this is the BEST occasion to ditch the bus or metro and hike to reach many scenic viewpoints in the city. Many of these viewing places can be accessed for free, but hiking or climbing is required. 

We are not major hikers (hiking through city lanes is our jam), but because the weather is breezy and Barcelona so picturesque we gave it a try. Take frequent stops along your hiking trail and enjoy the jaw-dropping views after! Read our post on scenic viewpoints in Barcelona for more information. 

9. Join a walking tour as the weather is warm and nice 

Don’t wish to hike, we get it. Join a walking tour to learn about Barcelona’s history and Spanish culture.

Foodie lover like us? Join a food or wine tour. Barcelona weather in September makes it so pleasant to stay outdoors and enjoy the cultural nuances. 

Gothic Quarter walking tour
Gothic Quarter walking tour

Being off-season, your walking tours will be comfortable and more enjoyable (than in peak-crowded months). 

Here are some of our favorite walking and guided food tours:

A cool thing to do in Barcelona in September is also to take bike tours. There is a Steel Donkey Bike Tour that we learned about (after our trip) and heard awesome reviews.

So this is a tour where you bike over 200 km (124.2 miles) of paths in Barcelona covering a variety of barrios or neighborhoods.

Learn about Steel Donkey Bike Tours Barcelona here. If you have done this tour, let us know in the comments below. 

10. Take photos of quiet, no crowd lanes or selfies in front of prime attractions

You guys, September mornings are PERFECT to capture Barcelona’s iconic landmarks (before anyone else!).

We got to the Sagrada Familia at 08:30 am and the MOST coveted Instagrammable spots were empty! The cathedral opens at 09:30 am, so there were no line ups either. 

Sagrada Familia - One week in Spain Itinerary

You will also find residential lanes to be quiet and empty. So if you are a photographer who loves capturing cities – this is a great month to visit. For those who love to pose, this is a great time too (Look at me LOL, well I love taking photos as well.) 

But if you only like to pose then take a photo shoot tour. BOOK: Photoshoot tour in Barcelona neighborhood 

11. Take in city views from any of Gaudi’s creations Sagrada Familia or Casa Mila 

Because September in Barcelona is not overly crowded, you can actually relax and enjoy Gaudi’s creations. Peak seasons are notorious for long line-ups, heat, and for being overly crowded. 

Visit Gaudi’s Casa Mila or Sagrada Familia and take a guided tour to learn about its history.

  • Sagrada Familia – The famed unfinished Sagrada Familia church was Gaudi’s only project when he died. This is one of the MOST visited attractions in Barcelona (plus security at the gates means waiting in line for a while). September is a perfect time to visit and admire the interiors and creative genius work. Book this skip the line access to Sagrada Familia
  • Casa Mila – Casa Mila or La Pedrera (‘The Quarry’) was the last project of Gaudi before taking on the Sagrada Familia. Although built as a residence the famous mansion is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the mansion for its art displays or head straight to the rooftop for some stunning views of the city. Get Casa Mila Skip the line tickets here with an audio guide 
Casa Mila Views in Barcelona
Casa Mila Views in Barcelona

12. Watch a football match at Camp Nou

Football lovers and non-football lovers know that Barcelona and soccer are used synonymously. Home to FC Barcelona, if you are visiting Barcelona in September head to Camp  Nou for a game of soccer. Camp Nou match schedules are here

13. Watch a flamenco show

Visiting Barcelona is incomplete without taking in a flamenco show. The energetic performance will transport you to a world of passionate and vibrant rhythms and moves, with the performers wearing traditional garb in bright colors to bring an intimate atmosphere to the show. 

As the clapping and singing take over, you will find yourself captivated by the impressive skill of these dancers and musicians, as they express their emotions through the art of flamenco.

From the rhythmic guitar playing to the thunderous clapping, you will be carried away on a wave of pleasure that is sure to stay with you long after the performance has ended.

The flamenco shows in Barcelona are some of the best in Spain, showcasing local talent and the beauty of this traditional art form. 

Many shows take place in the old quarters of the city, such as El Raval and El Poble Sec, where you can find some of the most authentic flamenco experiences. 

14. Stay outdoors – see you at the beach

September is still warm for beach time activities. The sun is bearable, as I say – not too hot nor cold. Use the time to build sandcastles and soak in the sun, before the city starts getting cooler by day. 

Barcelona Beaches in September
Barcelona Beaches in September

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We hope you found this post helpful in preparing for your trip to Barcelona in September. We had an amazing time in Barcelona Spain and we wouldn’t change our plans. These festive and free things to do in Barcelona in September are perfect to enjoy local culture and keep vacation costs low.

Hope you enjoy your visit to Spain as much as we did.

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Pin: Barcelona in September: Travel Guide to things to do Barcelona in September

Barcelona in September
Travel guide to Barcelona Barcelona in September

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