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Austria is one of the prettiest countries, located in central Europe. It is landlocked and surrounded by Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.

Blessed with tons of scenic alpine locations and filled with history and royalty, Austria will leave you wanting for more. 

Austria’s history can be traced back to 976, followed by the Hapsburg reign, the Austro-Hungarian empire to the outbreak of the World Wars, and finally part of the European Union, Austria had played a dominant role in European politics and history.

Quick Facts Austria Travel

✔️ Capital City – Vienna

✔️ Population – 8.859 M

✔️ Austria Tourist Visa – Schengen

✔️ Currency – Euros 

✔️ Language – German

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Getting ready for Austria – Travel Visa

Austria is part of the European Union, and they follow the Schengen Agreement. 

🗸 If you require a Schengen visa for most countries in Europe, then you will need it for Austria too.  

🗸 Nationals of EEA (European Economic Area) countries need not apply for a visa; however, they do need to carry their valid passport.

🗸 For citizens of the United States and Canada, no visa is required. US and Canadian passport holders can enter and stay in Austria for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa.

Flight Tips for Austria

Austria as a country is not very huge. And thankfully it is well connected to many countries globally. There are 6 airports in Austria, where you can fly internationally. 

6 airports are Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck (for winter/ski resorts), Graz, Linz, Klagenfurt. 

If you are visiting Germany (Munich), you can also embark on a road trip or even trains to land in Austria. Munich to Salzburg is only 2 hours by train. 

Best time to travel to Austria

Austria has something to offer at all times of the year!

🗸 Peak Seasons – Summer months are high tourist months in Austria. These months are from June to August. The weather during this time is warm, and there are festivals and concerts in various places across the country.  

🗸 Off Seasons – Spring and fall are the best time to visit as crowds and prices are dramatically lower for airfares and accommodations. Austria is also an awesome place to visit in spring to explore major sightseeing attractions and museums. Winter is another popular season to visit, Austria is home to Christmas markets, ski resorts, and winter glam!

🗸 Our Pick – Spring, winter (for Christmas breaks)

Weather in Austria

Austria experiences all the 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Overall it enjoys a moderate continental climate, where summers are warm with cool nights. Winters are not very severe (as compared to Canada. Here temperatures drop to -20 degrees at night maximum). 

Where to stay in Austria?

From Vienna to Salzburg and other smaller towns, if you are visiting for a short period of time, consider staying in the city center area. As most historic old town areas are walkable, you can explore and check out all of the touristy attractions in a day or weekend trip.

What to see in Austria?

Austria’s prime attractions are heritage sites, museums, old towns, alpine and ski locations, food, and cultural trips. While crafting your Austria itinerary, consider each of the cities you are planning to visit and allow a minimum of 2 full days for sightseeing. 

🗸 Vienna – Visit the capital city of Austria. Many of the prime touristy sites (of the Habsburg Dynasty) are located here. Our top picks: Hofburg Palace, Schonbrunn Palace, Stephansdom – Vienna Cathedral, Heldenplatz, Giant Ferris Wheel, Vienna Woods, Opera House

🗸 Salzburg – Mozart’s birthplace and home to Sound of Music locations, Salzburg will delight you. Spend a weekend exploring Getreidegasse (Grain Lane), Hohensalzburg Palace, Mirabell Palace, Nazi Rally sites, to name a few.  

🗸 Innsbruck – Innsbruck is a resort city in the Alps. Known for winter sports and pretty old town (of Golden Roof), Innsbruck is beautiful all year round, from mountaineering, hiking to skiing in winter.

🗸 Other places – Hallstatt, Wachau Valley, Salzkammergut Lake District 

🗸 Suggested itinerary – Start in Vienna (spend 2-3 days), embark on a day trip to the Danube or Wachau Valley, then head to Innsbruck (1-2 days), Hallstatt (1 day), finally to Salzburg (2 days – depart from here, or head to Munich). 

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What to eat in Austria?

Austrian dishes and drinks are amazing. Vienna, especially, is high on coffee culture (particularly outdoor cafes). Not everything is super cheap in Austria nor is it exorbitantly high like Iceland or Switzerland. 

Here is what you must try in Austria, 

🗸 Sachertorte – A soft chocolate cake. Try it with coffee (cost 12.50 euros +)

🗸 Tafelspitz – Beef/meat dish

🗸 Brioche Kipfer aka Brioche Croissant – Croissant 

🗸 Apfelstrudel – Puff pastry, with sweet and sugary apple slices in sauce, and topped with some whipped cream or warm vanilla sauce. 

🗸 Goulash soup – Beef stew or can be soup based. 

🗸 Schnitzel – It is “fried” meat, usually thinned by pounding with a meat tenderizer. 

🗸 Tafelspitz – A slow-boiled, lean, and tender cut of beef enjoyed with an array of condiments. 

🗸 Geröstete Knödel aka roasted dumplings – Made out of potatoes and served as an all-vegetarian dish. 

🗸 Drinks –  Edelweiss, Schnapps, Coffee 

Safety in Austria

Austria is hassle-free and a safe country to visit. The crime rate is low. It is safe to travel at night as well. The only thing to keep in mind is pickpocketing in very touristy places in Vienna.

The transportation network is efficient and safe for families as well as for solo female travelers. All touristy sites in Austria are clean, and safe for travelers.

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