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One Day in Vienna Itinerary: 10 Things to See in Vienna in a Day

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Vienna is one of the most beautiful and architecturally rich cities we have visited. We enjoyed our stay in the city and have highlighted 10 spots worth seeing and adding to your one day in Vienna itinerary. 

There is royalty and mesmerizing art in every little corner of the city. These sightseeing spots in Vienna are very close to each other and well-connected, making it perfect for exploring Vienna in a day. You can take a local transit or a cab to reach one spot and walk down to explore the other areas.

Vienna in a day
One day in Vienna itinerary

A clean city, Vienna, Austria, also has great cafes and unbelievably well-dressed people, and you can hop on a horse-drawn carriage to explore the city – an experience that will take you to its rich past.

Most of these spots are free to visit from the outside unless you wish to explore the inside of the palaces/complexes with a guided tour. Some of the monuments and complexes are living quarters and are currently in use by high dignitaries and/or set up as museums.  

One Day in Vienna Itinerary: 10 Things to See in Vienna in a Day

List of items One day in Vienna in a day
One day in Vienna itinerary – See Vienna in a day

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We have visited Vienna several times, most recently as part of our Eurail Pass adventure. Vienna is pretty; one day is enough to explore the Inner City attractions. if you plan it well and spend 24 hours, you can include stops like the Viennese Prater. 

Here is a quick peak into the Vienna 1 day itinerary,

One Day in Vienna itinerary: Things to do in Vienna in a day (at a glance)

  1. Take a tour of the Schönbrunn Palace
  2. Explore the Hofburg Palace
  3. Visit Heldenplatz – a public square in inner Stadt
  4. Explore Maria-Theresien-Platz
  5. Lunch in the inner city
  6. Head to the St Stephen’s Cathedral
  7. Visit the St Peter’s Church
  8. Stroll the Graben Vienna
  9. Admire the Hundertwasserhaus or Hundertwasser House
  10. Ride the Viennese Giant Ferris Wheel or the Viennese Prater

There are a few convenient ways to explore Vienna in a day. All three options are equally great; it just depends on your travel style – which suits you best

🖤 Visiting Vienna for 2 days? Read our  2 days in Vienna itinerary here

  • Vienna Pass 1 to 6 days of Sightseeing – This is the ULTIMATE sightseeing tool in Vienna Vienna Pass. This pass includes free admission to over 60 attractions, unlimited hop-on and hop-off sightseeing tours, and a guidebook to the city. Book a one day in Vienna pass here
  • Vienna Hop on and Hop off Sightseeing with a guided city Tour – Vienna Hop on and Hop off sightseeing tour is a convenient way to hit all the sightseeing spots in Vienna in a day. Because you only have one day in Vienna – hop-on and off services will take you to the main tourist sights. This sightseeing bus is not intrusive (it doesn’t include entry to attractions or guides) but includes a guided walking tour to learn about the history of Vienna in the old town. Book a Vienna hop on/off tour
  • Vienna City Card – 1 to 2-day Vienna City Card gives you free public transportation for the day (or two). It doesn’t include travel to the airport as it is located outside of city limits. You can get discounted tickets to the Hofburg Palace and Schonbrunn Palace. Buy a Vienna City Card here

🖤 Here’s an extra one day in Vienna item to consider: 

Vienna is known for its palaces, Austrian wines, cafes, and sweet foods, so definitely check them out on your one-day trip to Vienna. BUT….there are 3 impressive palaces to see, and you only have 1 day, so you have to prioritize and choose! 

We could easily do 2 palaces in a day, but the third one might be a stretch if you plan to visit other tourist attractions.

Vienna is the gorgeous capital city of Austria. This post is a quick itinerary guide to help plan your getaway to Vienna. Explore the city's top highlights like the Hofburg Palace, enjoy a recital at the Opera House and experience the beautiful cafes in the evening. This is your perfect 48 hour Vienna Itinerary #vienna
Vienna in a day – Schonbrunn Palace

The 3 popular palaces are – Schonbrunn Palace, Hofburg Palace, and the Belvedere Palace. 

We recommend including Schonbrunn Palace in your day’s itinerary (more on that below). Between the Hofburg Palace and the Belvedere Palace – Hofburg is in a GREAT location (inner Stadt or inner-city) and is just a stone’s throw away from other sightseeing areas.

The Belvedere Palace is known for its collection of Gustav Klimt paintings, including The Kiss and Judith, one of the world’s largest. It is, however, located a little outside of the inner city. 

Starting your one day Vienna Itinerary

Start your day bright and early in Vienna. If you arrive in Vienna from a nearby city or country, you will find cafes and restaurants on your way to the sightseeing locations. Viennese coffee is amazing.

If you are flying to Vienna, of course, Vienna airport will have breakfast options for you. Get airport transfers from Vienna airport here – CAT

Our first stop for the day is the Schonbrunn Palace, and the palace complex has a cafeteria as well, for breakfast or light snacks.

1. Schonbrunn Palace – the most popular palace to see in Vienna in a day

Vienna's top 10 items for your itinerary. Include them in your Vienna bucket list. The top 10 items include Vienna Opera House, St Cathedral Basilica, Schonbrunn Palace and more. Read the article to learn more. Vienna's Top 10 Things to See
Vienna: Top 10 things to see

Schonbrunn Palace is the most popular tourist spot in Vienna. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is rightly so because of its rich cultural history and association with the Hapsburg royalty. 

Built in the early 18th century, this gorgeous yellow-colored palace reflects the changing styles and interests of the Hapsburg dynasty.

Schonbrunn Palace

The Schonbrunn Palace, in its present form, was built and re-designed during the reign of Empress Maria Theresa, who received the estate as a wedding gift. 

Maria Theresa was an able leader, and during her reign, she popularized yellow as a color of royalty. But the reality was that the color yellow was economical and readily available.

You can easily spend 3-5 hours at the Schönbrunn palace complex. There is a guided tour available to explore the interior of the beautiful palace. 

We recommend starting the day with the Schönbrunn Palace after breakfast. Keep in mind they have 1441 rooms! Book a guided tour of the Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens 

The sculpted garden is beautiful and is adorned by 32 sculptures of deities. There are picturesque Roman ruins located in the palace complex as well.

Vienna's top 10 items for your itinerary. Include them in your Vienna bucket list. The top 10 items include Vienna Opera House, St Cathedral Basilica, Schonbrunn Palace and more. Read the article to learn more. Vienna's Top 10 Things to See
Top 10 Things to See in Vienna

One of my favorite sights is the Neptune Fountain, with Gloriette in the background. The Gloriette was erected to glorify the Hapsburg rule. It adds a romantic feel to the entire place, and you can get amazing views of Vienna from the Gloriette.

Schonbrunn Palace is open daily, including public holidays. There are cafes, restaurants, and museums in the palace complex. This site is completely accessible to all tourists.

Schonbrunn Palace has a popular Apple strudel show – Viennese Strudelshow in the bakery of Café Residenz. (The show, along with a sample piece of apple strudel, are included in Vienna Pass).

It is popular because you get to see how the original Viennese Apple Strudel is made (right in front of your eyes) from the imperial bakery and also taste it. The show lasts 15- 20 minutes and is open daily from 11:00 am to 04:00 pm. Book your apple strudel show here (without the Vienna Pass).

2. Hofburg Palace – the iconic landmark

Hofburg Palace in one day in Vienna

The Hofburg Palace is located in the old town of Vienna or the inner city (inner Stadt – 1st district in Vienna), where you will spend most of the one day in Vienna.

The Hofburg Palace is the imperial seat of the Hapsburg Dynasty in Austria. Every inch of this palace drips in luxury and royalty. The outside of the palace is as beautiful as the inside. 

A lot of history has happened in this palace, which had served as the prime residence for Empress Maria Theresa, Emperor Franz II, and, for a while, even the German Emperor.

Hofburg Palace
Hofburg Palace

The complex is spread over 59 acres and comprises 18 groups of buildings, close to 20 courtyards, and around 2600 rooms. The complex showcases the legacy of rich and different architectural history – nearly every Austrian ruler since 1275 had ordered additions or alterations.

Guided tours are available to tour the palace complex. Visitors are given three choices when visiting this spectacular site – the Imperial Apartments, the Sisi Museum, and the Silver Collection – each can be toured individually or as part of an extended visit.

Other attractions are included as well, along with the Hofburg, which includes the Imperial Chapel (Burgkapelle), the Natural History Museum (Naturhistorisches Museum), the Austrian National Library, and the Spanish Riding School.

Vienna is the gorgeous capital city of Austria. This post is a quick itinerary guide to help plan your getaway to Vienna. Explore the city's top highlights like the Hofburg Palace, enjoy a recital at the Opera House and experience the beautiful cafes in the evening. This is your perfect 48 hour Vienna Itinerary #vienna

There is also a Sisi Museum at the palace, and it’s worth a visit. Sisi, or Elisabeth, was the Empress of Austria. She has gone down in history as an empress of eternal youthfulness and beauty. 

For over three decades, she was regarded as the most beautiful queen in Europe.

A fun fact about Sisi is that she believed in natural beauty and never used cosmetics or fragrances. She relied on natural remedies. Her beautiful brunette hair was beautiful and very long. 

She would spend about 2 hours a day fixing and caring for her hair. There are exhibitions conducted at the Imperial Palace that highlight the lives of the Hapsburgs, including Sisi.

The Hofburg Palace is iconic to the city of Vienna. The Hofburg is an architectural marvel that showcases many different architectural styles, from Gothic to Renaissance, Baroque to Rococo, and a bit of Classicism. 

Learn about the history of the Hapsburg in a Vienna walking tour (2 hours)

After checking off the Hofburg Palace, stroll on the Vienna Ring Road – this circular boulevard around the historic Innere Stadt (or inner city). By doing so, you will be able to visit most of the sightseeing stops listed in the center. 

3. Heldenplatz – public square in inner stadt


Heldenplatz is a public space located in front of the Hofburg Palace. This square was set up as a Heroes Square. 

There is a statue of Archduke Charles of Austria, which was meant to glorify the Habsburg dynasty. There are other statues, too, including the one of Prince Eugene of Savoy. 

Many important actions and events took place in Heroes Square. Adolf Hitler’s ceremonial announcement of the Austrian Anschluss to Nazi Germany occurred here.


The present-day Heldenplatz on the former outer plaza of the Hofburg was built under the reign of Emperor Francis Joseph. The President of Austria currently resides in one of the Hofburg complex wings.

During our visit, there was a police recognition ceremony that was underway, and the complex had quite a few police vehicles in it.

4. Explore Maria-Theresien-Platz

Maria Theresia Platz
Maria Theresia Platz

Maria-Theresien-Platz is a large public square in Vienna built in honor of Hapsburg Empress – Maria Theresa. 

There is a huge statue of the Empress, flanked by two museums on each side. These buildings are identical – the Naturhistorisches Museum (Natural History Museum), and the Kunsthistorisches Museum, aka Art History Museum. 

The buildings are nearly identical, except for the statuary on their facades.

Maria Theresa Monument

The Maria Theresa Monument is probably the most important monument with the construction that lasted 13 years. The statue is about 19 metres high and is surrounded by 4 horseman statues. It can be seen across the road as you proceed to the complex. 

Beautiful gardens in and around the monument make it a perfect place for a stroll or a picnic.

Maria Theresa Platz is classified as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. The legacy of Maria Theresa is phenomenal – her stories of grit and tact are discussed even today. 

She reformed the school system, cared for the state affairs in a remarkable capacity, and cared for her 16 children. Talk about home and work-life balance for a woman. Amazingly done, I say!

Optional Palace no 3: Belvedere Palace

For one day in Vienna, choose 2 of the 3 most popular palaces to make the most of your day and capture other sightseeing spots. Belvedere Palace is another beautiful landmark worth visiting. 

Belvedere Palace in 2 day Vienna Itinerary
Belvedere Palace

The Belvedere Palace is a historic complex in Vienna located about 30 minutes from the inner city area. 

The complex grounds comprise two Baroque palaces – the Upper Belvedere (with stunning interiors and a museum) and the Lowe Belvedere (consisting of the Orangery and the Palace Stables). These buildings are set in a Baroque park landscape and have a Belvedere museum with permanent exhibitions on display.

The Belvedere served as the summer residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy, who built it as his summer residence. He was an accomplished general and art connoisseur. His apartments and staterooms are located at the Lower Belvedere. 

The Lower Belvedere and the Orangery are mainly used for temporary exhibitions, and the Palace Stables showcases 150 objects of sacred medieval art.

The Belvedere Palace is known for its collection of Gustav Klimt paintings, including Kiss and Judith, one of the world’s largest. It is located in the upper Belvedere. The Palace Gardens are equally stunning and feature beautiful sculptures, fountains, and cascades. Get entrance tickets to the Belvedere Palace

5. Lunch in the inner city

Well, if you decide to stay back in the inner city, then it is a great time for lunch (or brunch) before exploring more of the inner stadt.

Let me tell you, you will find TONS of a variety of restaurants (expensive and budget eats, including Starbucks and other fast-food chains), street cafes, open-air cafes, and fine eating options to choose from.

Vienna in 24 hours – Cafes and more

We decided to eat (and drink coffee) from Aida – a common coffee and bakery shop in Vienna. Their Sachertorte was delicious.

After a food break, explore more of the inner city – starting with St Stephen’s Cathedral. 

You can also cover the next 3 stops (St Stephen’s Cathedral, St Peters Church, and Graben) before lunch, as most of the open cafes and fine restaurants are located near the Graben.

6. Visit St Stephen’s Cathedral

St Stephens Cathedral
St Stephens Cathedral

One of Vienna’s most iconic landmarks is the St Stephen’s Cathedral. The Cathedral is located at Stephenplatz, 1010 Vienna, providing visitors with the stunning architecture of the Hapsburg and other Austrian rulers. 

The cathedral has stood the test of time. It has watched over the city for more than 300 years. 

The Giant Gate dates back to the 13th century and is one of the oldest parts of the cathedral. The cathedral is decorated with Baroque altarpieces in the name of St. Stephen, the first martyr of Christendom.

St. Stephen Church in Vienna Inside

There is an underground burial place that contains the mausoleum of the bishops, the tombs of Duke Rudolph the Founder, and other members of the Habsburg family. It is also the home to treasured art pieces like the red-marble sepulcher. 

Austria’s largest bell, the Boomer Bell, is located in the north tower of the cathedral.

The South Tower’s observation deck is the highest point in Vienna. You can enjoy some of the finest views in all of Vienna from here. 

St Stephen Cathedral in Stephansplatz in Vienna, Austria
St Stephen Cathedral in Stephansplatz in Vienna, Austria

A climb of 343 steps of the tight spiral staircase leads up to the watchman’s lookout, 246 feet above the street level. The entire cathedral complex area is also called the Stephansplatz (named after St Stephen’s Cathedral or Stephensdom).

Aren’t these multi-colored roof tiles the prettiest? They shine under the sunlight!

Read: Most beautiful churches in Vienna

7. St Peter’s Church

St Peters Church
St Peters Church

We accidentally passed by this beautiful baroque church in Vienna. It’s called the Peterskirche or St Peter’s Church. This important church has a long history dating back to the Middle Ages. 

The church looks stunning with its beautiful green colored dome. What was most interesting was the intricate details in the church’s interior. You will see an attractive high altar and several side altars with beautiful religious works of art. There are remarkable frescos inside as well.

You will definitely pass by this place when you wander out and about and cover attractions like the Hofburg Palace, Graben, or even the St Stephen’s Basilica. This church is not crowded, making it an excellent spot for a quiet stroll, photography, etc

Or take a horse-drawn carriage to this church and click amazing shots! Book a musical concert at the St Peters Church for the evening

8. Stroll the Graben Vienna – the main shopping street in the inner city

Graben Vienna
Graben Vienna

The Graben Vienna is an upscale and trendy shopping street in the heart of the inner city. What is unique about this street is that the area is lined with a plague column. The origin of this street dates back to the old Romans.

Due to its close proximity to St  Stephen’s Cathedral and the Hofburg Palace, this street has served as a shopping district since ancient times. There are 5 divisions/shopping areas with the Graben. And they include Stephansplatz, Kohlmarkt, Naglergasse, Tuchlauben, and Petersplatz.

The plague column dates back to the 17th century and is made of marble. You can see unique structures as you walk along the market area. Make sure you visit their Swarovski store – their window displays are gorgeous and all sparkly! 

There is an H&M store located in a splendid room of a former court.

Talk about royalty! Oh, and the people in Vienna are so well-dressed and handsome.

Girl in Vienna at night
Vienna in the evening

I recommend visiting this area during the day and in the evening. Daytime is great for shopping, people-watching, or even admiring the beautiful buildings and sculptures and reading about the city’s past. 

Visit this place in the evening to enjoy leisure time at a side cafe or an open restaurant with live music. The city shines under the moon’s (and neon’s) lights. Very beautiful.

9. Admire the Hundertwasserhaus or Hundertwasser House

Let’s proceed to some of the attractions in the other districts of Vienna from the city center or inner city. 

Hundertwasserhaus Vienna

Staring with Hundertwasserhaus. The drive to Hundertwasserhaus is about 12- 15 minutes from the inner city. Or if you are on the hop-on and hop-off sightseeing bus, you will see this on your way in and out of the city center loop.

A unique form of art and architecture, the Hundertwasserhaus is an apartment building located in Vienna. This is unique as it was built after the idea and concept of Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. 

The outer landscape is multi-colored, hap-hazard, and uneven, making it an interesting piece of art. This expressionist landmark is located in the Landstraße district on the corner of Kegelgasse and Lowengasse in Vienna. Don’t miss this popular Vienna tourist attraction.

The last item on the list for the day is the Giant Ferris Wheel – Prater amusement park in Vienna.

10. Viennese Giant Ferris Wheel or the Viennese Prater

Viennese Giant Ferris Wheel, or the Viennese Prater, is an amusement park in Vienna. The distance from the city center to the Prater is about 15 minutes.

Prater Ferris Wheel
Prater Ferris Wheel

It is located in Vienna’s 2nd district. The Wurstelprater, which is an amusement park, is an iconic symbol of Vienna, and it includes the Wiener Riesenrad Ferris wheel. 

The park is open daily from 09:00 am to midnight (with the main season running from mid-March to the end of October).

Book your tickets to the Giant Ferris Wheel in Vienna

Indulge in some comfort food, enjoy some rides, and fall in LOVE with Vienna. You can see the amazing night lights from the rides at the Prater.

Other sightseeing options for One day in Vienna itinerary

Karlskirche Karlsplatz in Vienna

Karlskirche, or the St Charles Church, is a beautiful baroque church in Vienna. It is located on the edge of the Innere Stadt and is characterized by a turquoise-blue dome with 4 pillars. 


The church is dedicated to Saint Charles Borromeo – a Roman archbishop from Milan.

Karlsplatz is also known as the art nouveau paradise. There aren’t that many, but if you wander to Karlsplatz or the Naschmarkt train station, you will see some art nouveau buildings along the way. The Art Nouveau movement blossomed in Vienna at the turn of the 20th Century. The secession art museum is worth visiting if you are an art nouveau enthusiast.

Vienna State Opera House 

Wiener Staatsoper, or the Vienna State Opera, is an Austrian Opera house. This opera house is one of the busiest in the world, with over 350 performances conducted in the 2017/18 season. 

It was opened for the first time in 1869 with a performance of Mozart’s “Don Giovanni.” So when you step into the opera house or book tickets for the opera, you enjoy a slice of rich Austrian history. 

Vienna Opera House
Vienna Opera House

The Vienna State Opera is particularly unique as it caters to children’s performances. The opera house was used to showcase children’s productions in the bygone era, which were performed in a tent on the roof of the Staatsoper.

Presently, the opera house has an opera school for boys and girls. The children are introduced to music theater and the prospect of becoming opera singers. The company recruits singers from this opera school for children’s roles in its productions. 

Twice every season, the opera school has a special matinee performance. So don’t miss it!

Book your tickets and learn more about Vienna State Opera shows, or book a dinner, musical concert, and horse-drawn carriage ride.

Johann Strauss Building – Vienna in a day

Vienna is a city of music lovers. This apartment building located in Praterstraße 54, 1020 Vienna, used to be the residential unit of Johann Strauss’s son. This is where he wrote his most famous composition (the Blue Danube Waltz), which is also the unofficial Austrian national anthem.

This building houses original furniture and instruments, including objects that were used in the daily life of the great musician, as well as paintings, photographs, and documents about his life and work.

There is also a museum – the Museum of the Johann Strauss Dynasty, which is the first museum in the world to present the family history and creative works of the entire Strauss family. 

The music of the “Strausses” has never lost its sheen. Their waltz and operetta melodies still resound in concert houses in Austria and worldwide. The museum is located at Müllnergasse 3, 1090 Vienna.

Christmas Markets in Vienna – One day in Vienna winter

If you visit Vienna from November to December (until Christmas) in winter, then definitely visit the Christmas market at the Rathaus Platz (or the City Hall Square). Christkindlmarkt at Rathausplatz is said to be Europe’s finest. Find what Vienna looks like during Christmas

Sightseeing Map – Things to see in Vienna in one day  

Here is a 1 day in Vienna sightseeing map for your trip. 

One Day in Vienna Austria Guide – Travel Tips

Here are some quick tips to help you prepare for your trip to Vienna. Vienna is easily connected to the rest of the world by train, road, and airways. We arrived in Vienna from Prague by road.

Travel Documents

Vienna Austria belongs to the Eurozone of countries, which means that if you require a visa to visit the Schengen list of countries, Vienna is one of them. Ensure you have an approved visa before landing in Vienna. 

EU nationals are visa-exempt. Citizens of the US and Canada can stay up to 90 days without a visa.

If this is your first trip to Europe, read our extensive guide here

Getting to the Vienna City Center from the Airport

Vienna International Airport is the busiest airport in Austria, serving as a major hub for international and domestic flights. Located just 20 km (12.5 miles) from Vienna’s city center, it offers convenient transportation options to reach the heart of the city.

By Train:

The most popular and efficient way to get from Vienna airport to the city center is by train. 

The City Airport Train (CAT) is a direct train service that takes only 16 minutes to reach the city center. It runs every 30 minutes and costs €5 for a one-way ticket. You can purchase tickets online, at the airport, or directly on board the train.

Another option is to take the S-Bahn (line S7), which is operated by ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways). These trains take around 25 minutes to reach the city center. The fare for a one-way ticket is €4.40, which can be purchased at the airport or on board the train.

By Bus:

Several bus options are available from the airport to Vienna’s city center. The Vienna Airport Lines buses offer a comfortable and affordable option, with routes to major locations in the city. 

Buses depart every 30 minutes, taking around 20-25 minutes to reach the city center. The fare for a one-way ticket is €9 to €16, which can be purchased at the airport or directly on board the bus. 

Alternatively, you can also take the Postbus line 1183, which runs every hour and takes around 30 minutes to reach the city center (Vienna Meidling and Westbahnhof train stations). The fare for a one-way ticket is €4, which can be purchased at the airport or from the bus driver.

By Taxi:

Taxis are available outside Vienna airport’s arrivals hall and offer a convenient but more expensive option to reach the city center. A typical taxi ride to the city center takes around 20 minutes and costs between €36-€50, depending on traffic and the exact location in the city.

By Car:

If you prefer to drive yourself, several car rental companies are located at Vienna airport. The drive from the airport to the city center takes around 25 minutes. 

However, it is important to note that parking in the city center can be difficult and expensive, so this option may not be recommended if you plan to stay in the city for an extended trip. 

Travel Insurance

Always insure your trips against trip cancellations and delays. Get a quote here

Tips for 8 hours in Vienna or Vienna in half a day

If you visit Vienna for only 8 hours or half a day, we recommend staying in the inner city and making the most of your time there. Visit the Hofburg Palace and museums, Opera House, Stephen’s Cathedral, St Peter’s Church, Graben, and taste Sachertorte at any cafe in the inner city. 

Hotels in Vienna: Where to stay in Vienna for the first time

Extending your stay in Vienna? For a night’s stay, we chose the Trend Austria Hotel. We loved the location as it is close to Vienna city center or the old town and can be accessed via the Rathaus Underground Station (public transportation). Book your stay here

Here are some additional hotel recommendations for Vienna (inner city),

  • Grand Hotel Wien – This is one of the prettiest hotels in the inner city district and is only a 3-minute walk from the Vienna State Opera and the famous Kärntner Straße Shopping Street. The suites are grand and beautifully decorated with elegant furniture, and the property boasts multiple restaurants and bars on site.
  • Park Hyatt Vienna – Park Hyatt Vienna is one of the luxurious hotels overlooking Am Hof Square. It is housed in a 100-year-old building but is filled with modern amenities. Its location is convenient and perfect for sightseeing. 
  • The Guesthouse Vienna – There is so much at this hotel that will make your stay in Vienna all the more pleasant, from the city views to the spacious rooms and the thoughtful touches that each guest is given. 

More hotels Vienna –  To find the best hotel deals in town, we recommend using  Booking.com  to find accommodation.

Day Trips from Vienna 

Looking for day trips from Vienna? We ventured on a few day trips out of Vienna during our visit. Here are some options to consider

Wachau Valley in Lower Danube Austria –  The lower Danube is very picturesque and makes for an easy day trip from Vienna. Read about our trip to the Wachau and Danube Valleys. You can also book a day tour of the Wachau Valley

Bratislava Slovakia – Vienna is only an hour away from the capital of Bratislava. You can easily explore the city on a day trip from Vienna to Bratislava. Book a day tour to Bratislava, Slovakia

Salzburg Austria – Vienna to Salzburg is about 2 hours by train, and you can enrich your Austrian vacation by taking a trip there. We stayed for 2 days in Salzburg and thoroughly enjoyed our time there. 

Read our 14 day Europe Itinerary that includes time in Vienna, Austria. 

Is one day in Vienna enough?

Is 1 day in Vienna enough? Vienna is not a huge city, so you can cover a lot of ground in a day. Our one-day Vienna itinerary listed above can be easily done in a day or less. 

As we highlighted in our pro-tips section, pick 2 palaces instead of 3 to make a comfortable day of sightseeing rather than being rushed through. 

We hope you found this post helpful in creating a list of places to visit in Vienna in 1 day.


Pin: What to see in Vienna in One Day itinerary

Vienna in a day
Vienna in a day
One day in Vienna
One day in Vienna itinerary

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    1. You can definitely cover quite a few of these areas. Go for the Hofburg Palace in the morning, then head to the Maria-Theresa-Platz, Heldenplatz. And then in the late afternoon/evening head to St Stephen’s Basilica and the Graben.
      It will be difficult to do guided tours as it takes 2-3 hours in each of the palaces. But you can cover Hofburg and Schonbrunn Palace from outside and capture some great pictures
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  9. The HofBurg Palace is absolutly stunning! Would for sure love to take a tour to see the insides and am definitely getting the Vienna City Card too if and when I visit. Also, Hundertwasserhaus looks so Instagrammable! You’re so right in that the architecture is just eye-opening!

    1. The entire area around the Hofburg Palace is so stunning – whether its night or day. I highly recommend visiting this area and taking a guided trip inside the palace. A horse-carriage ride would be an amazing too! I say, go for it!

  10. Vienna is one of my bucket-list places to go to, mostly for its connection with music and Mozart. Thanks for showing me that there’s so much more to it. Some of these neighbourhoods are just lovely.

  11. Thanks for all the information, staying in Budapest for Christmas 2022 and going to Vienna by train on 27th for the full day early start late finish, your guide will be a great help.
    Thanks Pete

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