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Seville to Gibraltar Day Trip Itinerary

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Gibraltar is an exciting place to visit. It is located at the southern tip of Spain, just a short distance from the coast of Morocco. It’s a British Overseas Territory with a unique cultural and historical heritage, making it an ideal destination for those looking to explore beyond the usual tourist destinations. In this travel guide, we will share a detailed Seville to Gibraltar day trip itinerary with all the transportation options. 

Seville to Gibraltar Day Trip Itinerary

Day trip from Seville to Gibraltar

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Visiting Gibraltar from Seville is an ideal way to experience the unique culture, history, and beauty that this British territory has to offer. 

With its convenient location on the southern coast of Spain, Gibraltar is easy to reach by an organized tour, car, or public transportation from Seville. 

Once in Gibraltar, you can explore the picturesque cityscape with its winding streets, charming cafes, and historic monuments. 

Streets of Gibraltar

Sightseeing opportunities abound, with a variety of attractions including the iconic Rock of Gibraltar, St. Michael’s Cave, Moorish Castle, and more. 

The region also offers an array of activities for those looking to explore beyond its captivating cityscape – from diving and hiking in the Mediterranean Sea to sampling the delicious local cuisine. 

How to get from Seville to Gibraltar

There are many ways to get to Gibraltar from Seville – cars, buses, a mix of trains and buses, tours, flying, etc. 

Before we share all the transportation insights, here are some things to keep in mind. 

View of Gibraltar

Gibraltar is not a part of Spain. It is a British Overseas Territory and follows UK rules when it comes to entering the country. As a US and Canadian passport holder, you do not require a tourist visa to visit Gibraltar on a day trip. 

If you are visiting Spain or Portugal on a Schengen visa, note that you may or may not be allowed into Gibraltar. 

Nationals from China, India, Mongolia, Morocco, and Russia can enter Gibraltar if they have a Schengen visa valid for a minimum period of 7 days after entering. We recommend checking the UK visa rules for your passport, as the same rules will apply to Gibraltar. 

The road distance from Seville to Gibraltar is 198 km (123.03 miles).

Seville to Gibraltar by Car

When driving from Seville you will arrive in Gibraltar in 2 hours and 10 minutes. 

You can take the N340 or the A7 (Cadiz – Malaga highway) and then turn off at Junction 119 into the N351. You will arrive at La Linea, which is the border town (between Spain and Gibraltar).  

Should you drive into Gibraltar?

Renting a car in southern Spain for a road trip is a good idea. You can still use the same car rental up to the border town and then walk across the border to explore Gibraltar. 

The reason for this is that rental companies might have different rules for driving a vehicle outside the country or EU. Do check the rental requirements with the agency prior to entering Gibraltar. 

Plus the border crossing to Gibraltar is quite cumbersome as compared to just walking across the border with your passport. 

You will find car parking areas in La Linea de la Concepción, which is a border town where you can park your car and then walk over the border just a few minutes away. 

The walk from the border crossing is about 30 minutes.

Reserve Car Rental: Prepare Ahead

If you need a car rental in Europe, check DiscoverCars to make a booking after you compare the best deals!

Best Seville to Gibraltar Tours

You can rent a car and travel to Gibraltar, but you can also comfortably book a guided tour with round-trip transportation from Seville. 

With sightseeing tours, it is super easy to plan the day – you will get to check off the prime landmarks as well as get free time to wander Main Street and hang out in a cafe and go souvenir shopping. 

Each excursion also includes exploration along the runway towards Spain’s border–just meters away from where you can observe customs officers in action!

We will be covering full-day tours here that includes the full excursion from Seville, but you can also book a 2-3 hour sightseeing tour that begins and ends in Gibraltar.

Full day tour from Seville to Gibraltar (10 hours)

This is one of the affordable and full-day packaged tours that include transportation and sightseeing at the Pillars of Hercules at the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar, St. Michael’s Cave in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, Apes Den to see the monkeys, free time on Main Street, and more. 

The journey around the Rock takes a complete 360° rotation, showcasing its majestic coastlines and stopping at points of interest on the eastern side to witness Catalan Bay. 

☑ Round trip transportation

☑ Main landmarks covered with a local guide

☑ Free time to explore on your own

☑ Affordable

You don’t have to worry about driving or parking. We went on this tour years ago and it was great! 

🛒Check out the day tour here

Private full-day tour to Gibraltar from Seville (9 hours)

Prefer a private tour instead? This 9-hour day tour is perfect for that. 

In this excursion, you will be picked up and dropped off from your hotel in Seville, and get a 2-hour intimate sightseeing tour of major sites in Gibraltar plus free time for you to enjoy. 

☑ Round trip transportation with pick up and drop off from your Seville hotel

☑ Main landmarks covered with a local guide in Gibraltar

☑ Free time to explore on your own

☑ Private tour

🛒Check out the day tour here

When in Gibraltar you can also book standalone tours such as 

These tours last from 1.50 to 3+ hours and you can join the experience once you arrive in Gibraltar via your own means of transportation – like car rental, buses, etc. 

If you are not traveling from Seville, you can still explore Gibraltar on a day trip from Andalucian cities like Malaga, Marbella, or the Tarifa area.

Private car transfer from Seville to Gibraltar

You can book a private transfer to get to Gibraltar from Seville, and it will cost you about 230 euros, one way. If you are traveling with a big group then you can easily split the costs. 

Pro tip: You may consider booking private tours in Gibraltar for a full-day excursion in English. In this tour, a local guide takes you around Gibraltar’s natural, cultural, and historical sites. 

It is a car transfer with pick up and drop off in/from Gibraltar only, so your meeting point will be in Gibraltar. 

These are the attractions covered,

  • Upper Rock Nature Reserve, covering Catalan Bay, The Pillars of Hercules, St. Michael’s Cave, and more
  • Enjoy a stroll and shopping on Main Street (free time)
  • Get to the highest point on the rock, O’Haras Battery
  • Head on the Skywalk and meet the cheeky Barbary macaques (monkeys) of the area
  • Then learn about the Great Siege Tunnels, WW2 tunnels, and the City Under Siege Exhibition

Seville to Gibraltar by Bus

There are buses available to take you from Seville to the centre of Gibraltar. Long-distance buses travel through Tarifa and Costa de la Luz to arrive in Gibraltar. 

We book our bus tickets using Omio, or Busbud for our European adventures

Travel time is 4 hours, one way. And tickets cost about 27 euros per person. 

You can catch a bus at the Estación de autobuses Prado de San Sebastián (in Seville) and arrive at the La Línea de la Concepción, Plaza de Europa (near Gibraltar).

La Linea: Gibraltar bus route

Now once you reach the arrival stop, the border is just 5 minute walk away from the La Linea Bus station (like one block away). From the border Gibraltar centre is like another 30 minutes. 

When you are on a tight schedule and only spending one day in Gibraltar, a bus ride will just make for a long day. For example, if you start at 09:30 am you will only be in town at 01:30 pm – so you will be limited for sightseeing time. And then you have to plan the return at night to Seville. 

Seville to Gibraltar by train

There are no train stations in Gibraltar. Within the Spanish borders, you can travel via train and then hop on the bus to get down at the La Linea station to arrive near Gibraltar. 

Things to do in Gibraltar on a day trip

We have written a detailed guide to one day in Gibraltar itinerary. This can be used for a day trip as well from Seville, Malaga, or any other Andalusian city. 

The key to making the most of your day here is to start early especially if you are driving or taking the bus. 

Girl on Main Street in Gibraltar
Streets of Gibraltar

You can use 2-3 hours before lunch to explore must-do attractions such as St Micheal Cove, and a few museums. Have lunch and go shopping on Main Street, followed by 2 hours of more sightseeing. 

Here are some of the things to do in Gibraltar,

1. Visit the famous Rock of Gibraltar

You can take in the views of the Rock of Gibraltar as you walk across the border and enter the territory. But you can also ride a cable car, on Red Sands Rd, to ride up to the Rock. 

The ride takes just six minutes to reach the top and welcomes you to the views of the Strait of Gibraltar to the south, the neighboring African continent in the distance, and Southern Spain to the north.

Cable Car or aerial tramway in Gibraltar viewed from the Rock at the top of the mountain, Gibraltar.

The ticket for the cable car rides is around 18 pounds per person (return trip). With a valid student card or a senior’s ID, you can secure some discounts as well. 

The ride takes you to the Upper Rock area of the Nature Reserve, which is where you can visit the popular St Michael’s Cave. 

Book: Dolphin Watch Cruise & Cable Car Fast Track Combo

2. Hike the Mediterranean Steps

Mediterranean Steps is a scenic and serene path that traverses the stunning British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. 

This footpath, located entirely within the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, was initially constructed by the British military but has since been enjoyed by civilians as they traverse from Martin’s Path to Lord Airey’s Battery near the summit of The Rock of Gibraltar. 

For those seeking an outdoor adventure with sublime views, Mediterranean Steps offers all this and more as it is located 180 metres above sea level. Keep in mind this hike is not easy and it has a rocky terrain all throughout. 

3. Take a trip to St Michael’s Cave

Head to St Michael’s Cave, and visit the caves that were linked with Africa through underground tunnels. You can see cool stalagmites and stalactites and enjoy the wonderful formations inside. 

Inside St Michael’s Cove

There is an entry fee to enter the cave and most day tours will cover this visit with a guided tour. 

4. Meet the tailless apes….but from a distance 🙂

The Rock of Gibraltar is largely known for its Barbary Macaque population, a species of tailless primates who call the Nature Reserve their home. 

While they appear quite cute when playing around, these are still wild animals and will respond aggressively if provoked or if you have food in your possession.

5. Upper Rock Gibraltar Nature Reserve attractions

The Nature Reserve also offers you great viewing areas of the Strait of Gibraltar, the gorgeous waters, and beyond. 

The Upper Rock is also home to Skywalk, a former military lookout point that is now converted into a glass walkway, and the Windsor Suspension Bridge. 

6. Visit the Great Siege Tunnels 

Gibraltar has a labyrinth of manually carved passages that were created for defense against the Roman and Spanish armies during the 1779-1783 Great Siege of Gibraltar. 

Although most tunnels are off-limits to the public, it is possible to book a tour with a guide. 

7. Explore the Moorish Castle

Strategically located atop Gibraltar’s rocky terrain, the awe-inspiring Moorish Castle reigns supreme with its formidable tower of Homage and iconic Gate House. 

Moorish Castle Gibraltar

Not only did this medieval fortification serve as a citadel to protect against outside forces, but it also housed Gibraltar’s prison until 2010 when the facility was moved.

Today you can visit the Moorish Castle for a fee.

You may like this tour: Gibraltar Guided Tour, Skywalk, Moorish Castle, and More

8. Go dolphin watching

Gibraltar is a good spot to see whales and dolphins in the bay area. You can join a 75 minute boat ride and see these cute and playful creatures, frolicking in the waters.

This particular tour takes off from Marina Bay. When you arrive there, look for Frank and/ his staff wearing bright yellow polo shirts. Check out this dolphin-watching boat tour here

9. See the Moorish Casemates Square

Explore the historic city centre, where you can find architecture from different eras including the Moorish Casemates Square. 

Casemates Square

Casemates Square takes its name from the casemate and bombproof barracks that are located at the northern end of Main Street. It was constructed by Britain in 1817. 

In the 1860s, the square enjoyed a ghastly reputation of becoming the site for public executions. Do pay a visit to Gibraltar Crystal to see the glassblowers at work.

10. Wander the Main Street

Go shopping on the famous Main Street, the main commercial thoroughfare in Gibraltar, which is full of shops and restaurants. You can buy liquor and cigarettes which are much cheaper here than in the rest of Spain. 

11. Check out the Alameda Botanic Gardens

For all plant aficionados, the Alameda Botanic Gardens are a must-see. Situated beside the cable car entry point in Main Street’s southern area, these gardens boast an array of both native and exotic vegetation. 

Alameda Botanic Gardens

Additionally, you can experience outdoor theater within this tranquil garden setting along with visiting the nearby Alameda Conservation Park for extra exploration. Entry is free until 08:00 pm.

12. Soak in views from the Europa Point

Unquestionably, a trip to Europa Point should be included in any exploration of Gibraltar’s offerings. Situated just outside the city limits, it is commonly agreed upon as Europe’s southernmost point where the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas meet. 

On clear days from this vantage point, you can even get a glimpse of Africa! 

Europa Point, in Gibraltar, and the Mediterranean sea

Additionally, at the base lies The Europa Point Lighthouse offering spectacular panoramic views for your enjoyment.

This lighthouse dates back to 1841 and is the last remaining outside the United Kingdom. 

13. Watch planes landing and taking off

Before bidding adieu to Gibraltar, walk and/or watch planes take off from the fifth most dangerous airport in the world. 

Gibraltar Airport is considered one of the world’s most dangerous airports due to its narrow runway, which has to cross a busy road. 

Gibraltar Airport runway

It is one of the few remaining European airports with an operating level crossing system in which cars and pedestrians must stop before planes land or take off. 

The airport also handles high winds, steep terrain, and limited visibility, making it an adventure for pilots. Despite all the risks and challenges, Gibraltar Airport is a popular destination for many travelers due to its unique location. 

Where to stay in Gibraltar

Whether you’re visiting for a day or a longer stay, there are plenty of accommodation options available in Gibraltar. We will share our favorites below. 

When traveling by bus you might need extra time and stay back in Gibraltar due to the long travel times, 

Sunborn Gibraltar:

Searching for luxurious indulgence with a unique spin? Look no further than the five-star Sunborn Gibraltar, a magnificent yacht docked at Ocean Village Marina. Not only does it provide beautiful suites and rooms, but also houses its very own spa, gym, and casino to guarantee you have an unforgettable time!

Book your stay at the Sunborn

The Eliott Hotel:

Situated in the heart of Gibraltar, this 4-star property is ideally located near major attractions. Not only that, its tastefully decorated Mediterranean rooms feature all necessary amenities and some even come with private balconies! 

Relax by the rooftop pool and behold spectacular views of Gibraltar or sample some delicious Mediterranean delights, tapas, and other fares at the in-house Rock Salt restaurant. The hotel is perfect for families and couples alike. 

Book your stay at the Eliott Hotel

Holiday Inn Express:

Holiday Inn Express, just a few minutes from the international airport, is known for its 3-star amenities such as spacious beds, WiFi, and flat-screen TVs. 

Furthermore, their renowned Express Start Breakfast offers guests not only an extensive full breakfast menu but also freshly baked pastries and many more delectable meal options!

Book your stay at the Holiday Inn Express

Gibraltar Packing List

It is super important to wear comfortable walking shoes when visiting the Top of the Rock and Upper Rock Nature Reserve as the area is extremely hilly and wearing uncomfortable footwear can ruin your experience. 

Plus add sunscreen and sunglasses for sightseeing. 

Don’t forget your passport and credit card/s (or pounds as cash).

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Best time to visit Gibraltar

The best time to visit Gibraltar is in the fall, particularly September and October when temperatures are mild and the days are filled with sunshine. 

During this period, travelers can take advantage of several outdoor activities like hiking, dolphin watching, and sightseeing. 

Gibraltar view

The peak season is usually during the summer months when many international tourists come to explore all that Gibraltar has to offer, and kids are off school. 

Dolphin watching is popular from November to January, but the chances of sighting them are good all year round! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do a day trip to Gibraltar from Seville?

Yes, it is possible to travel and explore Gibraltar on a day trip from Seville Spain. As the journey to Gibraltar takes approximately two hours, it is one of the easy day trips to take from one of the southern Spanish cities.

Can you just walk into Gibraltar?

Yes, you can walk the border from Spain to Gibraltar. The land frontier between the two entities is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week both for vehicles and pedestrians.

Which Spanish town is closest to Gibraltar?

Algeciras is the closest town to Gibraltar. It is situated in the province of Cádiz, in southern Spain or Andalusia. 

Is there a hard border between Gibraltar and Spain?

Yes, there is. Spain and Gibraltar are separate states and there is a hard land border between them. You will always need a valid ID or passport to enter Gibraltar or Spain and also go through customs.

What currency do they accept in Gibraltar?

British Pounds are accepted in Gibraltar. Some stores and businesses might take Euros, but that is very rare. We used credit cards in Gibraltar for our purchases. 

How long is Gibraltar to Seville?

The 198 km (123.03 miles) drive from Gibraltar to Seville takes about two hours and 10 minutes.

Visiting Gibraltar on a day trip from Seville, Spain is an excellent option for those looking to explore the unique culture of this British Overseas Territory. 

Without taking a day trip from Seville or other southern cities in Spain, you will have to fly down to explore this region. 

We also recommend a guided tour or driving to the border town near Gibraltar and Spain to explore this destination. 

So why not take a day trip out of Seville and explore all that Gibraltar has to offer? You won’t regret it! 

Seville Tips

Tour Seville and beyond

Seville is one of the prettiest cities in Spain. We have a detailed 2 days in Seville itinerary for you to discover the city highlights and beyond. Make sure to check off landmarks such as Real alcazar palace, Seville Cathedral, Plaza de España, Maria lusia park to beyond.

If you wish to indulge in something different, then go on a Seville bike tour through the city, or join a tapas food tour.

Seville is also a great place to embark on more day trips to nearby countries such as Tangier in Morocco.

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