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13 Best Day Trips from Seville Spain to Take Now

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Seville is located in southern Spain, in the gorgeous Andalusian region. What makes this city even more exciting (other than stunning architecture, tapas, and warm weather) is the number of cities and white-washed towns located nearby. You can easily venture on day trips from Seville to explore more of Spain and even other countries.

In this post, we will highlight Seville day trips to other cities and countries by duration, recommended sightseeing tours, and other tips.

13 Best Day Trips from Seville Spain

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Day trips vs Day tours: Taking Day trips from Seville without a car 

Many of the destinations mentioned in this day trip guide are located 1.50 to 2 hours away from Seville. A 4 hour drive a day is not bad, however, if the driving distance is over 2 hours one way, we recommend opting for a day tour to make the most of your trip (and leave parking and finding direction hassles).

Day tours from Seville will make it super easy to travel, hear interesting stories about the region (also snag a nap or drool at the scenery outside). All the day tours we took in Seville were small group tours, where buses and minivans were clean, convenient, and on time.

In this post, we will share tours that we took as well as some recommended ones, based on other traveler reviews. Driving time by car is also included for each destination. 

Itálica – Ancient Roman Ruins 

Italica is an ancient Roman city in Santiponce, Spain, that was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

italica roman ruins
The ancient Roman amphitheater with a moat to represent the naval battles in Italica, which was the capital of the Roman province of Betik.

Getting to Italica from Seville,

Italica was founded in the year 206 BC as a place of settlement for soldiers wounded in the battle of Illipa. Italica is the oldest in Spain and it has served as an important military outpost.

Here are some highlights to explore:

  • Explore Italica’s Amphitheater – where gladiator battles were held. This is one of the largest in the Roman Empire with a seating capacity for up to 25,000 people
  • You can wander through the tunnels where the gladiators would have walked and stand in the den that housed the lions
  • Many episodes from the Game of Thrones television series were filmed in and around the Roman ruins of Itálica, so be sure to check it out
  • Marvel at its Forums and Basilica
  • Also visit the monastery of San Isidoro del Campo, a medieval fortress from the Mudejar, Gothic and Baroque periods

Italica is a perfect day trip from Seville if you are interested in exploring the ruins of an ancient Roman city in Spain.

Book a day trip to Italica Roman ruins

Granada, Spain

Granada is one of the most popular day trips from Seville Spain. Situated at the foot of the mighty Sierra Nevada Mountains, Granada is a beautiful Andalusian city, characterized by Moorish architecture and gorgeous views.

Top view of Granada city. Andalusia, Spain

In order to make the most of your day trip to Granada from Seville, we recommend taking a tour. Driving yourself will make for a long drive for a return trip as one way to drive to Granada is 2.50 hours. So you will be driving 5 plus hours. 

We do not recommend using other public transportation to Granada for a day trip, as trains and buses will take a longer time. Regular trains from Sevilla Santa Justa station to Granada takes close to 3 hours (and high-speed train take 2.25+ hours).

Taking a tour will make your day relaxing and you can also learn about Granada and southern Spain’s history from the local guide.

Here is what you can explore in Granada for one day:

  • Explore the Alhambra Palace, one of the most popular attractions in Spain. Take a guided tour inside the breathtaking palace, which is perched on top of a hill for an awesome view. The site was declared as World Heritage by UNESCO
  • Explore other parts of Granada like Generalife gardens
  • Take photos of the National park called Sierra Nevada Mountains. The views from here are stunning!
  • Check out the magnificent view of Albaicin, which is an old Moorish quarter
  • Also known as the Albayzin district it is the Old Arab Quarter and was declared as World Heritage by UNESCO as well
  • Visit Artisan workshops such as tinkers, potters, and silversmiths
  • Try out local restaurants for a taste of Granada cuisine.

The Alhambra Day tours from Seville are one of the most sought-after day trips in Spain. The majestic palace is surrounded by hills and gives you the best view of Granada.

Granada Alhambra
View on Alhambra at sunset, Granada, Spain

You will be driven to and fro in a comfortable van/bus. The guide will be able to tell you all about the palace, its history, and other sites in Granada as well.

Book a day tour to Granada from Seville

Cordoba, Spain

Cordoba is a city in southern Spain and has a rich Islamic history. The historic Mezquita in Cordoba was built during the 8th century, originally as a mosque. In addition to the beautiful architecture, Cordoba also has stunning landscape views from many mosques/temples around the city.

interior of Mosque-Cathedral, Cordoba, Andalusia, Spain

To get to Cordoba from Seville for a day, you can either take a tour, drive or hop on a high-speed train. It will take about 50 minutes to 2 hours to get there, one way.

If you take a tour like us, you can learn about Cordoba in southern Spain’s history from the local guide, and just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Here is what you can explore in Cordoba for a day:

  • Explore the Mezquita de Cordoba which is also known as the Great Mosque of Cordoba. It is a former mosque that now serves as a cathedral. Walk through the different sections to learn about Islamic history and architecture
  • See other parts of Cordoba like the Jewish Quarter, which preserves still-standing structures from centuries ago
  • Enjoy stunning views from many mosques around the city as well as smaller temples.
  • Take a walk at the gardens of Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs
  • Visit the Medina Azahara – Conjunto Arqueológico Madinat al-Zahra – ruins in Cordoba
  • Snap photos at the cute Calleja de las Flores (street)
  • Try out local restaurants for a taste of Cordoba cuisine or eat out at the Plaza de la Corredera (town square)

Cordoba is one of the most popular day trips from Seville in southern Spain. The majestic architecture makes it an ideal stop during your vacation to discover Andalucía.

Book this day tour from Seville to Cordoba

Carmona, Spain

Carmona is a small city with lovely Roman ruins that are located on the outskirts of Seville. It offers a glimpse into what life was like in Roman times in Spain – before even Seville existed!

Priory Church of Santa María in Carmona, Spain
Priory Church of Santa María in Carmona, Spain

The location also makes it an ideal stop-over for sightseeing as you can reach the nearby Parque Nacional de Doñana (Doñana National Park) and Puerto de Santa Maria.

Carmona is one of the best day trips from Seville if you want to see how people in Roman times lived thanks to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Embed Monuments that preserves several ancient structures such as necropolis temples, an amphitheater, and city gates.

The city is located about 33 km (20 miles) northeast of Seville. You can visit Carmona as a day trip or stay overnight in this quaint town if you are traveling by car. It will take about 30 minutes to drive one way.

To get to Carmona without a car, head to the local bus station at Prado de San Sebastian. Buses take an hour. There are no trains. However, you can visit Carmona as part of the day tour with Cordoba.

Here are top things to do in Carmona:

  • Explore the archaeological sites including an amphitheater, Necrópolis Romana temples, city walls, Roman baths, and more
  • Visit Puerta de Sevilla and the Gothic Santa María church
  • Relax in the Jardin del Arte (Art Garden)
  • Enjoy a meal with typical Spanish food or a tapa at a local restaurant, such as Meson Pepe Rico in the city center

Carmona is one of the best day trips from Seville and offers a glimpse into Roman life. The art garden and cafe offer a wonderful place to relax, and you wander the town you can also enjoy the views over the Guadalquivir River, which was once used as an irrigation source by the Romans. 

Book: Another day tour from Seville to Cordoba and Carmona

Ronda, Spain

Ronda is a town in Andalucía, Spain. It’s known for its beautiful view of the Serrania de Ronda mountains and the spectacular gorge where the Guadalevín River runs through.

view of Ronda
View of the old town on Tajo Gorge in Ronda. Andalusia, Spain

To get to Ronda from Seville, you can take a day trip by bus, train, or car. The drive will take approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes, one way. Trains take longer than 2.25+ hours. If you do not have access to a vehicle, book a tour instead.

Here is what you can explore in Ronda for a day:

  • Visit the 18th-century Puente Nuevo bridge – which means “new bridge” that lies above a gorge with a waterfall. The views from here are amazing!
  • Soak in the views and gushing sounds of the Guadalevín River
  • Explore the Paseo de Blas Infante, which is the old town’s promenade that has stunning views of the gorge El Tajo. It is located near the historic bull ring in Ronda
  • Explore Ronda’s Historic Quarter including the Church of Santa Maria located here

Ronda is one of the best day trips from Seville for families because it offers both history and fun! The city has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage, which means you will be visiting a site with cultural and historic significance.

Book a day tour to Ronda from Seville

Malaga, Spain

Malaga is a coastal city in southeast Andalucia, close to the Costa Del Sol. It is the capital of the province of Malaga and is known for the works of Pablo Picasso, and the lovely coastline and beaches.

View of Malaga best day trips from Seville Spain
Aerial view of Malaga, Andalusia, Costa del Sol, Spain

To get to Malaga from Seville by car, it will take about 2 hours and 30 minutes or more, one way (depending on the route). If you take a train, it will take less than 2 hours.

Here are the main attractions of Malaga you can explore for a day:

  • See the Alcazaba – an 11th-century Moorish fortress in Malaga city center
  • Walk through La Plaza de la Constitución square
  • Visit Picasso Museum Málaga
  • Take a walk at Malaga’s charming port where you can find cafes, bars, and restaurants
  • Shop at La Malagueta beach – one of the most popular beaches in town!
  • Walkthrough Calle Larios – a pedestrian shopping street in Malaga
  • Go to the covered market – Mercado Central de Atarazanas – for a taste of local food and drinks.

Malaga is a lovely coastal city that has beautiful views from the mountains. The main highlights are well-preserved cathedrals, churches, and mosques offering insight into Andalucian history. It’s also known for its stunning boulevard that runs along the Mediterranean.

Book this day tour to Malaga

Pueblos Blancos, Spain

The Pueblos Blancos or White Towns are a series of small villages in the province of Granada. They serve as an ideal day trip from Seville because they are close by and you can do them all in one go!

Arcos de la Frontera
Arcos de la Frontera, one of famous Pueblos Blancos, in Spain

There are many White Towns in Spain, and for a quick day trip opt for 1-3 villages so that you easily cover them in a day from Seville.

Getting to the Pueblos Blancos from Seville by car will take about 2 hours or so. Tours are also a great way to explore.

Here are some activities you can do in the Pueblos Blancos:

  • Explore Arcos de la Frontera – a small town perched on top of cliffs that offer breathtaking views over the mountains and other towns below. There are several attractions here to explore such as the Castle of Arcos, the Mudéjar Architecture Museum, and more. Also, try their famous Arcos fish dish!
  • Visit Zahara de la Sierra
  • Grazalema is another village worth visiting. It is situated on a ridge deep within the Sierra de Grazalema National Park. Grazalema is the most popular base for hikers and climbers. Plus there are many bars and restaurants, and a lively centre.
  • Explore Setenil de las Bodegas and admire the dramatic setting, with caves and cliffs, and many with rock roofs or roof gardens.

Ronda is also considered to be a Pueblos Blancos, and you can combine a trip to Ronda and a few other White Towns on a day tour here

Doñana National Park, Spain

Doñana National Park is one of the most popular day trips from Seville that showcases local wildlife and nature. The park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site to preserve its natural flora and fauna.

Donana National Park
The landscape of the Donana National Park in Spain. The coastal area in southern Spain. Huelva, Andalusia, Spain.

To reach the national park from Seville, it will take about an hour by car or more depending on traffic conditions. Without a car, you can explore Doñana Natural Park, Spain via 4X4 (tour).

To explore the Doñana National Park for a day, you can visit:

  • Doñana National Park visitor center to learn more about this park and pick up literature on trails and tours offered inside the park. The visitor center also offers guided walks through its nature trails
  • Soak in the views of salt flats and lagoons
  • Spot the local fauna, as well as migratory animals and birds from Spanish red deer, wild boars, European badgers, Egyptian mongooses, Spanish imperial eagle, Iberian lynx, and more
  • Take a boat tour on the Guadalquivir River to see flamingos and other wildlife
  • Enjoy the views of the Doñana coastline, or hang out at the Playa de Matalascañas

Getting to Doñana National Park from Seville is a breeze – just an hour drive or less. This national park has some of the most beautiful coastal shorelines and biodiversity that is unique in Europe.

Book a day tour here from Seville

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

The city of Jerez is one of the best day trips from Seville for families since it offers cultural and historic sites alongside fun activities like riding horses at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art.

Cathedral of San Salvador city of Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, Andalusia
Cathedral of San Salvador city of Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, Andalusia

The location also makes it an ideal stop-over for sightseeing before traveling further east to Cadiz. The city has over 2000 years of history and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Jerez is located about 91 km (57 miles) from Seville. It will take you around an hour by car one way to get there. If you are taking the train, it will take about 1.25 hours to travel from Seville to Jerez.

Here are the top attractions in Jerez to visit for a day trip:

  • Explore the city’s Alcazar which was built in 1523 as part of one of Spain’s former sultanates
  • Visit the Cathedral de Jerez  
  • Visit Museo del Sherry (Sherry Wine Museum) for more about this famous type of wine and how it is made. The museum has a free tasting of three wines!
  • Head to the Monasterio de la Cartuja de Santa Maria Jerez Defensión (monastery)
  • Take a tour of Bodegas Fundador – for wine tasting in Jerez

Jerez is a popular day trip from Seville that offers history and culture as well as fun activities like horseback riding. The city is also known as the capital of sherry-wine since this is where it originated.

Here is a day tour to book, covering Jerez and Cadiz

Full Day Aracena & Rio Tinto Mines Tour

Rio Tinto and its surroundings have been a hot spot for many, who exploited the area for copper, silver, and gold for over 2000 years. This area looks something out of the ordinary like almost from – Mars!

Rio Tinto Mines Tour
Old abandoned train in the mines of Rio Tinto in Huelva. Andalusia, Spain

On a day tour from Seville to Rio Tinto Mines, you can expect the following,

  • Visit the biosphere reserve of Dehases de Sierra Morena, which offers a unique opportunity to see bulls and Iberian pigs which inhabit the area. 
  • The town of Aracena, along with the castle and the Gruta de las Maravillas, literally “Cave of Wonders: should not be missed
  • Explore Peña de Arias Montano, soaking in the views of the Mediterranean forest 
  • Also discover the Mosque of Almonaster la Real, the Rio Tinto and more

Check out the full-day tour here

Caminito del Rey Full-Day Hike, Spain

The Caminito Del Rey hike is 5 miles or 7.7 km long, near Seville. This trail is located in the El Chorro area in Álora. It takes about 2 hours to get there by road/car.

Caminito del Rey
View of the Caminito del Rey pathway suspended above the Gaitanejo river near Ardales

Speaking of the hike, it takes about three hours on average to walk the entire trail. The trail is linear and does not loopback, and is filled with gorges, several canyons, and large valley views. 

If you have not hiked in the area, opt for a full day hiking tour,

  • Round trip is included in the tour. It takes 2 hours to get there (via minivan) to get to the start of the famous El Caminito del Rey trailhead
  • There is one stop at the town of Ardales, for breakfast before starting the hike
  • The hike is the highlight of the day, and it takes you through wooden boardwalks to the magnificent Los Gaitanes Gorge. 
  • There are amazing rock formations and views of the Guadalhorce River to surround you 
  • Other stops include a suspension bridge 100 meters above the El Chorro Gorge
  • Total hiking time is 2 to 3 hours of walking

After the hike, lunch is served at a local restaurant, before departing for Seville. Check out this guided tour here

Gibraltar, British Overseas Territory

One of the amazing day trips from Seville is to head to Gibraltar. Yes! The rock and the strait that we read about in our geography classes.

Strait of Gibraltar Views
Strait of Gibraltar Views

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory. It is often mistaken as a part of Spain, but it has been under British rule since 1704. This means if you are traveling on a Schengen Visa to Spain, you will need another travel visa to enter Gibraltar. It also uses another currency (not euros) – Gibraltar pounds.

Even with certain visa limitations, Gibraltar is a perfect destination for a day trip from Seville. It is not a huge region, so a lot can be explored in a matter of a few hours. And here are some of the EPIC things you can do in Gibraltar in a day –

  • You can drive through the rock of Gibraltar (which is now hollow) and admire the sea views from various lookout points. Nearly half of the world’s ferry traffic passes through the strait of Gibraltar every day
  • These views span from Spain to the tip of Morocco, while you stand in Gibraltar – how EPIC!
  • Visit Michael Cove and play with the monkey. Be very careful though, as they love food, but will also happily pose for photos!
  • Explore many World War II remnants
  • Stroll the main shopping street, eat fish and chips, or go shopping! (perfumes are super cheap here)
  • The world’s only walking runway is here in Gibraltar. The main street in Gibraltar called Winston Churchill Avenue has to be closed every time a plane lands or departs, making it the fifth most extreme airport in the world (History Channel).

Gibraltar makes for a fun day trip and something that you shouldn’t miss out on – just because of its size. Take a day tour, as we did.

They guided us through the immigration process and showed us around. Gibraltar is a compact place and parking is always a hassle, so ditch the car and take a tour.

Although trains are available from Seville to Gibraltar, it will not be a day trip, as it takes 12+ hours to reach there, and back. Check day tour prices from Seville to Gibraltar here

Book: Similar day tour from Seville to Gibraltar

Tangier Morocco

If you are unsure of Morocco and a little nervous about visiting – then take a day tour from Seville to Tangier Morocco. It is an easy way to learn and get a glimpse of the country.

Although this day tour makes for a long day, it is worth it, as someone else will be driving for you, and taking you to the various souks in the city.

View of Tangier Medina
Tangier Morocco

I personally loved Tangier (it’s the birthplace of Ibn Battuta – my favorite world explorer), and I think the city has a good mix of the old-world Moroccan charm and an urban twist. Here are some of the awesome things to do in Tangier in a day (or in a day tour)

  • Tangier medina is not huge and is easily navigable. Take a guided walking tour of the medina and try out traditional artisan quarters
  • Eat Moroccan cuisine and tea while enjoying folklore music and entertainment
  • Visit the beaches of Tangier
  • Explore the Tangier Kasbah and museum
  • Snap photos of the royal residence of the King of Morocco
  • Explore the Hercules Caves of Morocco

Taking a day tour to Tangier, with a local guide will make your trip so much easier, without any driving. You can nap on your return trip, as the day will be long. But hey! You explored Tangier.

Many travelers to Morocco visit the prime cities like Marrakech and Fez, but being on the northern side (and a port city) Tangier doesn’t get a lot of love. We highly recommend visiting it for a day. 

Check day tour prices from Seville to Tangier here

So you see there are so many wonderful places in and around Seville that are worth embarking on day trips. Many of these destinations are full of world heritage sites, cute Andalusian flair, cuisine, and sights, encompassing history, culture, and amazing natural attractions. 

Pin: Best day trips from Seville Spain

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