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Barcelona Souvenirs: 30 Best Souvenirs from Barcelona

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If there’s ever a place to collect keepsakes from, it would be the Catalan capital, Barcelona. Why? This city is a shopping mecca, with plentiful gift and souvenir shops bursting at the seams. Throughout this post, we will share our top picks for great Barcelona souvenirs. 

Some are expected, like the red Catalan hat, Espadrilles, or FC Barcelona merchandise. At the same time, others might throw you for a loop, such as hand-made candy or street artwork. 

Magnets on a store in Barcelona
Barcelona souvenirs: What to buy in Barcelona, Spain

Whatever you desire — we can all agree that buying a few collectibles here and there is mandatory while traveling to the Catalonia jewel. So, you can take a little piece of Barna (as the locals call it) back home. 

Let’s not waste another moment. The lively streets of Barcelona are calling your name — and your wallet’s already groaning in pain. 

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Barcelona souvenirs: 30 Best Souvenirs from Barcelona

Best souvenirs from Barcelona Spain

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We can say, with full confidence, that Barcelona is one of the best shopping cities in Europe. Plus, there’s something for everyone here: food, culture, history, you name it. 

Without further adieu, we present some of the most stellar Barcelona souvenirs. 

Unique Barcelona Food Souvenirs

1. Hot chocolate

Catalans enjoy a rich cup of hot chocolate no matter the season. This comforting love in a (small) mug is sold throughout cafes and restaurants in the city. 

Hot chocolate and churros
Hot chocolate and churros

The intense combo of churros (or xurros in Catalan) and hot chocolate is especially popular during chilly winter months. 

You can buy a packet of cocoa powder, take it home, and try to replicate what they sell at the chocolatiers in Barcelona. Don’t forget to pair it with a churro and top it with some whipped cream. 

Where to buy

If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can find some of the best hot chocolate powder at the following places: 

  • Granja Dulcinea: Offers authentic Swiss hot chocolate with whipped cream. 
  • Petritxol Xocoa: A traditional shop that sells various chocolates and cocoa powder. 
  • Chök: A churro shop that sells artisan goods without additives, gluten-free products, and 100% natural hot chocolate. 

2. Gourmet chocolate bars

If a hot cup of cocoa isn’t enough to satisfy your sweet cravings, you can shop for gourmet Catalan chocolate bars.

Gourmet chocolate bars in Barcelona
Square chocolate pralines in two colors at a market in Barcelona, Spain

It’s safe to say that the chocolate culture of Barcelona won’t disappoint. This delicious treat is unique as locals add their twist, ensuring you won’t find these at your local grocery store.  

Where to buy

We highly recommend stopping by the chocolate shop in Museu de la Xocolata (Museum of Chocolate). This adorable gallery space takes you through Spain’s rich history in chocolate making.

The tickets are made from dark chocolate, and you’ll see many breathtaking sculptures crafted with, you guessed it, chocolate. The museum is relatively small but worth it. It is open daily from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm, then 10:00 am – 03:00 pm on Sundays, and closed on Mondays. 

Alternatively, if you don’t have time for a museum trip, you can quickly pop in at Cacao Sampaka, possibly the best chocolate shop in Barcelona. 

3. Catalan wine

If you consider yourself somewhat of a wine connoisseur, leaving a country with one of its finest bottles should be a universal law. Why? Because you won’t easily find it elsewhere. 

Typical tapa of spicy sausage and wine from Catalonia
Red wine with cured meats is the perfect combo

Also, you’ll make all your friends envious by showing up with an authentic, locally sourced wine at the next gathering. 

Catalan white wines are crisp with notes of citrus, peach, and, interestingly, honey. If you prefer reds, these will have subtle hints of red berry aromas.  

Where to buy 

While you can find alcoholic beverages at regular grocery stores, here are our top recommendations when shopping for Catalan wines:

  • La Vinícola: The new kid on the block but knows how to deliver top-notch Catalan wines. 
  • Bodega Maestrazgo: A local favorite, this wine store will have you sipping and enjoying a few glasses while debating which one to take home. 
  • La Leonesa: A historically protected shop in the Gothic Quarter that sells a wide range of Spanish and Catalan wines. 

4. Spanish sparkling wine

We’re not quite done with alcoholic beverages yet, as Spanish sparkling wine deserves a spot of its own. A bubbly sparkling wine is a staple on the dinner table; where there’s wine, there’s good food and conversations.

A table full of glass of white cava in Barcelona, Spain
A table full of glass of white cava in Barcelona, Spain

Spain has a laid-back wine-drinking culture, so people take their time to savor slow sips and enjoy their company after a meal. 

This drinking culture tradition is called the sobremesa — which also explains why Spain is the third largest producer of wine globally. 

As for the sparkling variant, known as Cava, is produced similarly to Champagne but with different grapes. More impressively, 70% of Cava production takes place in Catalonia. 

Where to buy

Here’s where you can find some of the best Cavas:

  • L’Animà del Vi: An intimate wine bar hiding in El Born’s narrow streets. 
  • La Vinya del Senyor: A stylish restaurant and wine bar opposite the bustling Santa Maria del Mar Cathedral. 
  • Vila Viniteca: One of Barcelona’s most famous wine shops and suppliers featuring 7,500 different bottles. 
  • Bodega Maestrazgo: A wine shop that offers tastings and a bar, open since 1952. 

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5. Spanish saffron

Spanish saffron is one of the most expensive spices on earth, known as the “red gold” in Spain. What sets this one apart from regular saffron is its shape and color. Spanish saffron is curlier, shorter, and brighter with some yellow threads. 

Saffron spice
Saffron spice

All the harvesting efforts to produce this beautiful spice make it so costly. Spanish saffron is harvested by hand, and only a tiny amount of each flower is used for the end product.  

Fun fact: Saffron is so high in antioxidants that it’s been linked to several health benefits, including improved mood and libido. It is also a common ingredient in many East Indian sweets.

Where to buy

  • Perris House Saffron: A nut store that sells Spanish saffron at a reasonable price. 
  • El Corte Inglés: Department stores that sell various goods. 
  • Markets, including La Boqueria and Santa Caterina.  

6. Local extra virgin olive oil

Most of us will have cooked with Italian olive oil. Have you tried cooking with Spanish olive oil before? In fact, some of the best olive oil hails from Spain, which is used as the basis of their Mediterranean dishes. This would make a fancy bottle of olive oil a perfect souvenir to remind yourself of all the tastes and flavors you experienced in Barcelona.

Olive Oil in a store in Barcelona
Olive Oil in a store in Barcelona

Spanish olive oils have a distinct fruity and nutty flavor. It’s often sweeter and more robustly savory than the Italian varieties at grocery stores.   

Where to buy

It’s easy to get your hands on good quality olive oil from traditional shops nationwide. Here are a few top places to buy from: 

  • Oli Sal: This convenience store translates to “oil and salt” and offers a wide variety of extra virgin olive oil. 
  • El Corte Inglés: This is a shopping mall selling all your grocery needs. 

7. Spanish Vermouth

What better way to relive the sunny mid-afternoons in Barcelona than with a glass of vermut? Spanish vermouth is an aromatized wine flavored with spices and herbs – giving it a taste distinct to Spain. So, regardless of the city you’re visiting, we urge you to go bar hopping and try out vermouth with some tapas. 

Two glasses with vermouth, a fortified wine served on the rocks with a slice of orange, and a bowl with potato chips, eaten traditionally as an appetizer
Two glasses with vermouth, a fortified wine served on the rocks with a slice of orange, and a bowl with potato chips, eaten traditionally as an appetizer

And, if you enjoyed this delectable drink, buy yourself a few bottles. In Spain, vermouth is typically served neat, chilled, and with ice if you want to replicate it at home. 

Where to buy

  • Bodega Maestrazgo: This wine bar and shop offers authentic, regional vino and vermouth paired with tastings and tapas. 
  • Cap de suro Sl: Here’s another fantastic wine store you can pop into for alcoholic beverages. 
  • Bodega del Vermut: A beguiling tapas bar that sells house vermouth and complimentary platters. 

8. Romesco sauce

Ever heard of Romesco sauce? Well, it’s a very famous sauce originating in the Valls province of Tarragona, in Catalonia. Not only is it one of the most typical souvenirs you can buy, but it will up your culinary game. 

Delicious asparagus appetizer with Romesco sauce on a platter
Delicious asparagus appetizer with Romesco sauce on a platter

This tomato-based sauce is made from charred tomatoes, garlic, roasted peppers, almonds, and bread to create a rich purée. It was initially invented to be enjoyed with fish, but you can also have it with roasted chicken, grilled veggies, and omelets. 

Where to buy

You can buy this sauce almost anywhere, but we recommend browsing local markets and grocery stores like El Corte Inglés. Here are a few more options:

  • Colmado Quilez: This is a traditional-style Spanish delicatessen selling cheeses, oils, preserves, artisanal beverages, and other goodies. 
  • VOM FASS BARCELONA: A gourmet grocery store where you can collect gifts for your loved ones. 

9. Fresh Turrón

Turrón is a unique Spanish candy made from almonds, egg whites, sugar, and honey. It has a thousand-year-long history that started with the Moors in Spain. Think of it as the Spanish nougat, pronounced Too-Rron.  

Spanish turron for Christmas dessert (Barcelona gifts)
Spanish turron for Christmas dessert (Barcelona gifts)

These delicious sweets are enjoyed by both adults and children, especially around Christmas time. You can enjoy this treat served with coffee or brandy when you have friends or family over. 

There are two types of turrón: ‘Turrón de Alicante’ and ‘Turrón De Jijona’. Turron de Alicante is a bit harder and thicker, brittle, and made from peanut butter. 

Where to buy

  • TORRONS VICENS PETRITXOL: This gourmet grocery store is the perfect place to find quality items such as turrón, chocolates, and liquor. 
  • Planelles Donat: Stop by this ice cream shop for turrón, iced coffee, nougat, and other treats. 
  • Helados y turrones La Campana: Another excellent ice cream and nougat shop that is family-operated. 

10. Conservas

If you’d love a taste of the Mediterranean Sea even long after your trip to Barcelona, we can’t recommend conservas enough. These are seafood in a can — freshly tinned fish and shellfish preserved in an olive oil or water liquid. 

Conservas from Barcelona: Canned fish

There are many ways to enjoy this tasty snack. You can put them on a charcuterie platter with spreads and cheese. Serve it on a crisp salad, add it to seafood pasta, or top it on a flatbread or pizza — the possibilities are endless!

Where to buy

  • Entre Latas: This gourmet conservas store has an extensive assortment of canned goods.  
  • La conservera BCN: A convenience store with a well-curated selection of conservas. 

11. Mató Cheese

With all the wines and conservas we’ve recommended, it only makes sense to recommend a cheese to complete your Barcelona-inspired charcuterie board. 

Slices of cottage and aged cheese on a plate: Barcelona souvenirs
Slices of cottage and aged cheese on a plate: Barcelona souvenirs

However, this is not your everyday cheese. Mató is Catalonia’s sweet, unsalted delight that pairs beautifully with the regional wines. You’ll pick up on its mild, slightly sweet flavor and lack of tanginess usually associated with cheese. 

Mató is made from goat or sheep milk with no salt added to it. This cheese is typically served with honey, an emblematic Catalan dessert called mel i mató

Where to buy

  • Fromagerie Can Luc: An adorable cheese shop with a great selection featuring wines and savory treats. 
  • QUESARIUM cheese boutique: Pop in at this elegant cheese shop for savory treats, niche wines, and other alcoholic beverages. 

12. Hand-made candy

If you adore a sweet treat, you’ll love Barcelona’s hand-made candy. It’s one of the best things you can stock up on if you want to indulge in something sweet on special occasions.

Colorful candy at the candy shop at the market of Boqueria in Barcelona, Spain
Colorful candy at the candy shop at the market of Boqueria in Barcelona, Spain

Also, as with most things on this list, you won’t find these treats anywhere else, making them valuable souvenirs.  

Where to buy

  • Papabubble: This is a quaint artisanal candy store with unique shapes and tastes that can be customized to your liking. 
  • Happy Pills: Another excellent candy store that boasts an extensive range of delish sweet treats and an Instagrammable appearance. 

13. Authentic Panelletes

Panelletes are a tasty traditional dessert usually served on All Saints’ Day (or Castanyada) in Catalonia. These mouthwatering treats look like small, round cakes made with sugar, almonds, and egg yolk. Some homemade recipes also include potato or sweet potato. 

Panelletes and other sweets on a plate
Panelletes and other sweets on a plate

They are often covered in an outer layer of pine nuts, chocolate, or coconut. You can wash them down with a sweet wine (as the locals would). We suggest either a mistela, moscatell, or vi ranci. 

Where to buy

  • La Colmena: A long-standing pastry shop serving elaborate cakes, cookies, chocolates, and yummy panalettes.  
  • Casa Vives: Visit another long-standing pastry shop filled with Catalan pastries, bread, chocolates, and delicate macarons. 
  • Mauri: This grand pastry shop displays a vast range of cakes, coffee, and pastries. 

14. Strong Catalonian Coffee

Wake up to a strong cup of Catalonian coffee well after you’ve left Barna. Spain and Catalonia, specifically, are the land of coffee. The caffeine culture here is so robust that it’s part of the residents’ daily snacking and socializing routine.

The most common and basic cuppa joe you can order here is a simple espresso shot known as the ‘Café Solo.’ 

Did you know that Barcelona is, indeed, the coffee capital of Spain? This city ranked 18th in the European Select Coffee Index 2019. So, we can confidently say that the coffee beans you’ll find here will be no short of impressive. 

Where to buy

Ah, if only we could show all the amazing coffee shops in Barcelona, but that’s not the purpose of today’s post. Instead, we’ll tell you where to buy the most delicious coffee to take home with you. 

  • Casa Gispert: Located in the city center, this is one of the oldest food stores in Barcelona that sells sweets, spices, coffee, and other goods. 
  • El Corte Inglés: These are shopping malls in Spain and a one-stop shop for all your grocery needs. 

Decorative items and unique Barcelona gifts

15. Paella pan

You cannot leave Barcelona without purchasing an authentic paella pan unless you don’t want to steal the show at the next dinner party. These shallow pans have sloping sides to cook rice evenly and develop more intense flavors. 

Paella in Barcelona
Paella in Barcelona

They’re great souvenirs from Barcelona or gifts and versatile to cook on gas burners, stoves, and charcoal grills. 

Fun fact: Paella Valenciana is Barna’s most authentic paella cooked with various rice from all over Spain, chicken, rabbit, tomato sauces, veggies, chicken broth, and sometimes pork. Why not try your luck at this dish and many other recipes once you’ve purchased your new pan? 

Where to buy

El Corte Inglés: A chain of malls that sells all your kitchen and grocery needs. 

16. Miniature Sagrada Familia

Guess what? You can take the famed Sagrada Familia back home with you. Ok, it might not be as magnificent in size and appearance, but it’s a little piece of Barcelona to put on display in your living room. 

Girl at the Sagrada Familia
At the Sagrada Familia Barcelona

The Sagrada Familia is the city’s pride and joy. It’s also Antoni Gaudi’s last masterpiece before his untimely death.

Gaudi worked on this spectacular building for 30 years, and from 1912 to 1926, he abandoned all his work to focus on the Sagrada Familia construction. So, with such a long history and significance behind it, it makes sense to add a miniature version of this iconic building to your shopping list. 

Where to buy

Of course, you’ll be able to find these miniature statues at the Sagrada Familia souvenir shop. 

17. El Drac

Also known as the Gaudi Lizard, El Drac is a colorful and charming sculpture that greets you at the Parc Güell or Park Güell Lizard entrance. This iconic mosaic salamander was crafted by the hands of renowned Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi between 1900 and 1914.

Souvenirs of the Barcelona mosaic figurine designed by Antonio Gaudi
Barcelona souvenirs: Barcelona mosaic figurine designed by Antonio Gaudi

All is well, but it’s not like one can go and take the lizard on the airplane without getting arrested.

Where to buy

You can buy miniature tiled versions from the gift shop, Gaudi Barcelona Shop. They sell ceramic, resin, and even magnet lizards and dragons. There are also other trinkets you can collect here to commemorate your trip and the impact of Gaudi on Barcelona. 

18. “Sagrada” Shot glass

Hand-painted shot glasses with imagery of the colorful La Sagrada Familia Basilica are some of the coolest mementos you can buy from local markets. Taking shots and screaming, “salut!” is one way to feel part of Catalan culture and embrace the party atmosphere. 

You can replicate this feeling by collecting a few unique shot glasses that showcase your traveling experiences in the country. 

“Sagrada” shot glasses are mouth-blown with stunning colors reflecting the beautiful windows of the Sagrada Familia Basilica. Also called La Sagrada Familia, it is the largest unfinished Catholic church globally, envisioned and designed by the legendary Gaudí.  

Where to buy

At the Sagrada Família gift shop, you may find mugs, glasses, and cups hand-painted with vibrant depictions of one of Barcelona’s most celebrated attractions.

19. Catalan Ceramics

If you’re trying to find a good quality souvenir, look no further than charming Catalan ceramics. Barcelona is currently experiencing a resurgence of handmade pottery.

Catalan ceramics
Catalan ceramics

Catalonia has a long history of ceramics, which you’ll see in the numerous workshops and shops selling traditional pieces.

Barcelona is a true shoppers’ and art lovers’ paradise, as evidenced by the timeless traditions of Catalan ceramics. Catalan pottery can be traced back to prehistoric times, supported by the abundant and high-quality clay on the northeastern Spanish coast. 

You can collect plates, vases, pots, and other decorative objects that local artists stunningly create. Show it off in your home as a conversation piece when friends and family come over. 

Where to buy

Purchase custom hand-made pieces from the following places: 

  • OMG Barcelona: “The home of Barcelona designers” is a cute gift shop filled with trinkets galore, including pottery. 
  • Itaca: Located near La Rambla, this adorable shop offers fantastic gift ideas, such as melting clocks inspired by Salvador Dalí, the world-famous Catalan artist. 

20. Glass porrón wine pitcher

Now that you’ve collected all your wines from the list above, it’s time to find the perfect wine pitcher to impress your dinner guests even more. And what better way to flaunt your travels than an authentic glass porrón from Barcelona? 

A typical wine pitcher from Catalonia

Let’s not forget that winemakers in Catalonia initially used the ingenious and quirky porrón to share wine.  

These traditional wine pitchers are typical of Spain and allow multiple people to drink from one utensil without touching it with their lips. You drink from it by tilting your head and pouring it directly into your mouth without touching the spout. 

Where to buy

You can buy yourself a porrón at almost any souvenir shop nationwide. Little Barcelona Souvenirs (The Gift Shop) is one of our top recommendations to shop for wine pitchers and other trinkets. 

21. Caganer figurine 

Caganers are tiny Catalan figurines of the nativity scene, traditionally depicting defecating farmers. Its name, “El Caganer,” literally means “the pooper.” Nowadays, these funny porcelain figures show historical and political figures and celebrities as poopers. 

Caganers in Barcelona
Caganers for sale in Barcelona

Find your favorite United States president, the Pope, or other popular characters in the act. Display it in your home as a fun joke commemorating your cultural trip to Barcelona. 

Caganers are typically made of clay, and you can also find traditional figurines (peasants with a Catalan red cap) at Christmas markets and gift shops. 

Where to buy

  • Caganer.com: If you don’t have time to visit a store, you can purchase these figurines from the online store. Otherwise, you can visit their physical gift shop in Ciutat Vella, Barcelona.  
  • Tienda Caganer.com: This is another one of their craft stores you can check out for some of the coolest and cutest caganers. 

22. The Catalan Flag

We understand that flags might be the least impressive (and most touristy) item you can take home with you. But hear us out.

Catalan flag (far in the background)

The Catalan flag is not typical and unique for what it represents. L’Estelada (starred flag) is an unofficial flag used for a political movement symbolizing Catalonia’s independence from Spain.

Tarragona, Girona, Lleida, and Barcelona fall under the community of Catalonia. It’s a distinct region with its own language, traditions, customs, and cultures. The flag consists of red and golden bars of the Senyera and a five-pointed star in a triangle. 

Where to buy

  • La Rambla: A tree-lined pedestrian street in the heart of Barcelona with numerous kiosks and shops selling Catalonian flags. 

23. Street artwork

Street artwork does not only need to be admired on the road — see where we’re going with this. It’s like capturing a piece of the streets of Barcelona and placing it on your bedroom wall. The city has designated legal graffiti walls to help deter illegal street art, which has resulted in a bright and lively kaleidoscope of artistic expression. 

To see the best street artwork in Barcelona, we urge you to visit the lively El Raval neighborhood. Here, you’ll stumble upon a flurry of galleries and street art tours that prompt you to whip out a camera. So, buying a small canvas to remind you of these precious moments will be a great addition to your art collection. 

Where to buy

  • Montana Shop & Gallery Barcelona: This is a great place to browse graffiti art. 
  • Molotow Barcelona: This trendy art supply store also sells local street art.  

Clothing and wearable souvenirs from Barcelona

24. Find traditional shoes at la Manual Alpargatera

What is one of the most iconic Catalan souvenirs one can buy? Traditional espadrilles, of course. These are versatile, casual, comfortable shoes made from a flexible esparto rope sole and canvas or cotton fabric upper. 

Espadrilles and other shoes in Barcelona
Espadrilles and other shoes in Barcelona

They are so fashionable, and you’ve seen them in every shoe shop. However, nothing beats the original, hand-crafted version of any clothing item. And, whenever you wear them, you’ll think of Barcelona. 

Where to buy

  • La Manual Alpargatera: You can find authentic handmade espadrilles in Barcelona at this historic shop. They have taken part in this Mediterranean tradition since 1940.
  • Bon Vent: Alternatively, try this elegant boutique that sells everything from shell-shaped candles, sunhats, and woven baskets to espadrilles. 

25. Grab some FC Barcelona merchandise

One of the most famous soccer teams in the world is FC Barcelona. This iconic club’s home ground is the gigantic Camp Nou Stadium, which accommodates 99,354 spectators. So, if you’re a huge soccer fan, we suggest grabbing some FC Barcelona merchandise to show off in your home (or man cave). 

Camp Nou
At Camp Nou

This decorated Catalan team produced greats such as Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, Xavi, and Sergio Busquets — to name a few. FC Barcelona boasts five UEFA League titles, 27 La Liga trophies, and 31 Copa del Rey, among many other awards. 

Even if you’re not into soccer, it’s clear that FC Barcelona means a lot to the locals, and any branded item would make a wonderful souvenir. 

Where to buy

The ultimate spot to find FC Barna memorabilia is at Camp Nou itself. This famous stadium is home to the Barcelona stadium shop covering three massive floors with easy access to the on-site museum. 

Any sports lover would be head-over-heels for all the accessories, limited edition gifts, official jerseys, and kits available here.

25. Perfume

Why not smell like Barcelona even months after leaving it? Allow the memories to linger and cling to your clothing so you’ll never forget this vibrant city. Interestingly, Barcelona also has a rich history of perfume making. 

Here, you’ll see massive companies like Puig that produce major brands, including Carolina Herrera and Jean Paul Gaultier. However, that’s not quite the point of this post since you can find these perfumes nearly everywhere. 

We were just showing you how thriving the perfume industry is in Barcelona, leading us to the unspoken gems of otherworldly scents. Hidden gems selling lesser-known brands are dotted all over the city, making you smell like nowhere else except for Barcelona. 

Where to buy

  • The Perfumery Barcelona (Perfumeria niche): This perfume store lets you find your personal, signature scent. 
  • Perfumeria Regia: Here’s where you can find out-of-the-ordinary brands and various niche fragrances. 
  • CARNER BARCELONA: A contemporary store selling luxury fragrances that captures Barcelona’s Mediterranean soul. 

27. Jewelry

Jewelry is a staple for memorabilia collections and makes for fantastic presents during Christmas time and other special events. Try to find pieces that will remind you of Barcelona every time you see it, such as hand-made accessories by local artisans. 

Shop for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and other beautiful pieces in either silver or gold. 

Catalonian jewelry dates back to 1839, exuding the essence of contemporary and Art Nouveau pieces. Did you know the city once had silversmith and goldsmith neighborhoods showcasing precious metals and paintings crafted by well-known local names? 

Where to buy

  • OMG Barcelona: This fabulous gift shop stocks locally designed and created products, including jewelry, clothing, homeware, and accessories. 
  • Grey Street: Browse this lovely gift shop in the heart of Raval if you’re hunting for local artisan products. 
  • Klimbim Barcelona: You can shop handmade designer jewelry to splurge on a special gift for yourself or your loved ones. 

28. Traditional red Catalan hat

A barretina is the national hat of Catalonia. Men in the Christian communities along the Mediterranean Sea commonly wore this traditional hat. 

Catalan hat
Catalan hat

The hats are in the shape of a bag and are usually made of wool in either red or purple. These are the same hats you’ll see on the original caganer figures. 

Today, this special hat is used as a symbol of Catalan identity. They are worn with the top flopping down. As part of a Catalan tradition, the locals wear barretina hats during a few days leading up to Christmas. 

Where to buy

  • Amazon: You can buy a red barrentina cap at a reasonable price from online stores like Amazon. 
  • El Corte Ingles in Plaça Catalunya: This store has an entire section dedicated to national Catalan clothing and accessories. 

29. Hand-made clothing

Wear a piece of Barcelona wherever you go. The best place you can find hand-made clothing made from high-quality material. This would be a great way to support local fashion designers and splurge on something truly unique. 

Catalan scarf
Catalan scarf

Besides that, hand-made clothing is more sustainable and better for our planet. Also, if you want to blend in with the locals while you’re there, we can’t think of a more ideal purchase. 

Where to buy

Colmillo de Morsa: Born in the Catalan capital, this gorgeous clothing store embraces the union of transition and modernity while focusing on little details and handcrafting. It’s a sustainable and ethical brand with one-of-a-kind pieces you won’t find at just any store. 

30. Branded t-shirt

While a branded t-shirt screams “tourist,” it can save you a pretty penny if hand-made clothing is a bit too pricey. A plain t-shirt referencing Catalan independence and culture is the most common design you’ll find, but it comes in various styles, colors, and sizes. 

These shirts will also make for unique gifts for your loved ones, as the designs are distinct to Catalan culture. 

Where to buy

There are probably way too many places that sell these t-shirts, so it can be overwhelming, yet easy to find. However, we’ll make things easier for you by sending you to a few local shops or markets: 

  • Citees Barcelona Boquería: A t-shirt store with funny and quirky designs. 
  • Annexia T-Shirts: A screen printer t-shirt shop with a vast array of well-priced designs. 

Tips for choosing a Barcelona souvenir 

Before you even go ahead with your browsing, it’s important to remember a few tips regarding shopping in Barcelona. Here are a few tricks to make a mental note of: 

Souvenirs from Barcelona: FCB clothing
Souvenirs from Barcelona: FCB clothing

Timing and opening hours

Most shops in Barcelona are open daily from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm. 

Note: Remember that most shops, including malls, are closed on Sundays. Also, visitors should avoid shopping on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and the 11th of September (National Day of Catalonia). 

Best time for shopping

If you can’t resist a good bargain, you can’t miss the two major sales in Barcelona every year. The first begins in the second week of January through February and encapsulates three stages: first rebajas (discounts), second rebajas, and clearance sales. 

The second sale starts in summer, which falls between July through August. Note that this sale might not apply to some local shops. 

Budget and payments

We’ll admit shopping for Barcelona souvenirs can become expensive if you don’t know where to look. If you’re willing to splurge, you’ll have high-end luxury shopping at your fingertips. 

Otherwise, if you’re shopping on a budget, then it’s better to stick to general souvenir shops.  Local markets, street vendors, and commercial centers could also be affordable. 

We recommend carrying cash with you to buy from small, local souvenir stores. However, most markets, shops, and commercial centers accept international debit and credit card payments. 

Essential Catalan phrases to know while shopping for souvenirs in Barcelona

  • Bon dia (bon dee-ha) = Hello (official greeting)
  • Hola = Hello or hi (more common greeting among locals)
  • Merci (mehr-see) = Thank you
  • De res (deh res) = You’re welcome 
  • Adéu (ah-deh-ou) = Goodbye
  • Si us plau (see oos plow) = Please
  • Què és això? (kay es ay-shoh) = What is this?
  • Quant costa això? (kwant coh-sta ay-shoh) = How much does it cost? 

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Wrapping up the best souvenirs in Barcelona, Spain

What a list! We wouldn’t be completely honest if we didn’t admit that choosing just a few of the above items can be overwhelming. They’re all so amazing and special to Barcelona. 

What we can say is that each unique souvenir comes with its own little memory. So, spend your money on memorabilia to give you the most pleasant and vivid flashback whenever you see, touch, or smell it. 

A souvenir should be able to unlock hidden memories, evoke an emotion, take you back in time, or simply make you laugh (we’re looking at you pooping caganer figurines). Well, luckily for you, Barcelona is littered with such trinkets and collectibles. The only thing left to do is for you to go shopping. 

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Pin: Best Souvenirs from Barcelona, Spain

Pin for Best souvenirs from Barcelona Spain
Best souvenirs from Barcelona, Spain

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