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Europe in February :20 Best places to visit in February in Europe

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February is one of those months when the winter has not left and the summer is still far away. As somebody who was born in this month, it is always a challenge to find a place to travel to, especially in Europe. So we reached out to travelers who have been to or enjoyed destinations this month, and we have curated this list of the 20 best places to visit in February in Europe. 

Best places to visit in February in Europe – Guide to Europe in February

Best places to visit in February in Europe
Europe in February: Best places to visit in February in Europe

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Spending February in Europe – Average temperature, weather, and packing tips

Now, you might ask why visit Europe in February when it’s cold, gloomy, dull, or maybe boring – since all the Christmas decorations are gone. Well, there are 101+ reasons to visit in February – we will cover the important ones here. 

It could be someone’s birthday (hello, don’t forget to wish me). To celebrate Valentines’ Day or enjoy off-season hotel and airfare.

February is perfect to beat the crowds and secure your sightseeing minus the wait time in European bucket list destinations like Rome, Prague, Paris, or London – where line-ups go half a mile during summers.

Not to mention the cheap flights. Popular destinations are a smart choice in colder months for that very reason. 

Temperatures in February across Europe (in Celsius and Fahrenheit):
Western Europe: High of 5 degrees C [41 F] & Low of 3 degrees C [37.4 F]
(chances of snow/rain)
Eastern Europe: High of 4 degrees C [39.2 F] & Low of 2 degrees C [35.6 F]
(cold, less chances of rain)
Southern Europe: High of 14 degrees C [57.2 F] & Low of 10 degrees C [50 F]
(winter sunshine)
Northern Europe: High of 2 degrees C [35.6 F] & Low of – 7 degrees C [19.4 F]

In terms of packing, as you can see in the western, eastern, and northern sides – it is still quite cold. So warm clothing – a jacket, sweater, scarves, gloves, and boots is a must.

In February places like Iceland and Switzerland will be busy with winter activities – so they can be still crowded (especially because schools close for a bit in Europe in February). If you wish to participate in winter or snow sports – pack your hiking/skiing gear. 

Anything waterproof (boots, walking shoes, or jacket) is highly recommended.

The ‘waterproof clothing’ is a good idea for southern Europe too. But overall the weather will be warm, so you can shed your parkas, and embrace flip-flips and swimwear, and light (spring-summer) clothing.

Comfortable walking shoes and a light jacket are always handy anywhere in Europe. 

Spending February in Europe
February in Europe

Where is hot in February – Warmest places to visit in Europe in February 

The short answer is the Mediterranean Europe side!

Girl in Monaco

So if you are looking to escape the gloomy days in February, then make your way to the coastal areas of Europe like the southern coastal cities or the Mediterranean. These destinations are filled with tons of sunshine, beach resorts, and of course, warm weather to walk shirtless or in summer-like clothing – you get the picture. 

Our list of places to visit in February starts with the winter sunshine cities (’cause people love to be warm – mostly). If you are looking for warm-only destinations, read our Winter sun destinations for December – February

Chania (Island of Crete, Greece) – Warm place in Europe in February 

With its mild Mediterranean temperatures and romantic atmosphere — perfectly catering for Valentine’s Day— Greece is definitely one of the best places you can choose to escape the cold season.

Those looking for warm and sunny days, excellent gastronomy, and a touch of romance will certainly find a paradise in one of Crete’s most beautiful city, Chania.

Visit Chania in February by Gabi Ancarola from The Tiny Book

If you’re ready to enjoy the pleasant local weather, sights, and cuisine, minus the crowds of August, then February is one of the best months to visit. 

There are plenty of things to do in Chania in every season, however, if you travel in winter you will be able to enjoy everything at a more relaxed pace.

Home to a unique architecture due to centuries of diverse foreign domination, the former capital of the island hides Venetian and Ottoman historic buildings worth a visit.

Once in Chania, make a point to visit the old town also known as Palia Poli, Chania’s old neighborhood is divided into different quarters with unique characteristics. Start by discovering the west of the old town, with a stroll along the tiny alleys of the Venetian quarter.

Here, it’s possible to admire some of the city’s aristocratic mansions, now transformed into glamorous boutique hotels. Choose Casa Delfino if you wish to enjoy the exclusive views of their rooftop bar, with stunning views of the Venetian Port (rooftop bar open to the public in the late afternoon).

Venetian Port in the evening - Visit Chania in February
Venetian Port – Visit Chania in February by Gabi Ancarola from The Tiny Book

Right in the heart of the old town, Chania hosts one of the oldest Jewish quarters of the Mediterranean where it’s possible to visit a tiny Romaniote synagogue, home to one of the oldest ritual baths in the world. 

Next up, take a walk on the seaside promenade of Chania’s Venetian port to soak in the romantic views of the Egyptian lighthouse and the Ottoman mosque.

Or, if you prefer, choose the more relaxed atmosphere of the Turkish quarter, enhanced by the colorful buildings and tasty local flavors. 

Turkish Quarter in Europe in February
Turkish Quarter in Europe in February

Go for a wine-tasting session on Daskalogianni street of have a selection of Greek tapas (known as meze in Greek) under the plane trees of Plateia 1821, a traditional square and a favorite among locals. 

Chania’s Mediterranean temperatures, laid-back winter vibe, and charming scene put this beautiful old town among the best must-visit places in Europe during the cold season.

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Menton (France) for wandering through colorful lanes in Europe in February 

Menton is a colorful town on the French Riviera located near the France-Italy border. With high temperatures ranging from 10-15°C (50-59°F) and plenty of sunshine, Menton makes an unexpected yet welcoming trip in February.

Menton Europe in February
Menton Europe in February – By Selam from SWTliving

Menton celebrates their Fête du Citron, or Citrus Festival every year in February. This event is an opportunity for artists to create elaborate designs made from lemons and oranges, and for visitors from near and far to enjoy Menton.

During the three-week-long celebration, you’ll get to experience the fruit parades, and walk through the Biovès Gardens and Garden of Lights both day and night. Themes in the past have included Broadway, Bollywood, and Disney.

In and around the Biovès Gardens, local artisans have stalls set up so you get to taste and buy a variety of goods made from lemons and oranges, such as spreads, jams, and vinegar. To get the latest information on the citrus festival dates and times, check the official website.

Other things to see and do in Menton include eating in one of the best restaurants in the world, Mirazur, visiting the Cemetery of the Old Chateau for beautiful panoramic views of Menton, and wandering through the colorful and picturesque old town. 

The coastal walks along the French Riviera are some of the most breathtaking we’ve ever done. One route to take advantage of this is to walk from Menton to Cap Martin in Roquebrune. 

And if you have some spare time, why not cross the Italian border? You can do so by foot, train, or car. Though the two countries benefit from an open border, we recommend that you still take your passport with you.

The best place to stay in Menton is in the Old Town. Restaurants, shops, and the Fête du Citron are all within walking distance. We recommend a stay at the Hôtel Vacances Bleues Royal Westminster.

Not only is this hotel in Old Town, but it is situated right on the promenade which happens to be, in our opinion, one of the best places in town to watch the sunrise.

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Malta – Carnival living in Europe in February 

February can be a dreary time in Europe. However, the little islands of Malta and Gozo sit adrift in the Mediterranean ready to brighten up everybody’s late winters.

Poor Malta is often forgotten about, despite having some belting Eurovision entries over the last few years, but it makes an excellent spot for a few days holiday.

Malta Europe in February
Malta Europe in February By Rosie from  flyingfluskey

In February, there is an average daily high of 16°C (60.8 F), meaning sitting in an outdoor café can be almost pleasant in the sunshine. Valletta’s famous Caffe Cordina has outside tables on a busy thoroughfare and is a wonderful place to relax before a long day of sightseeing. 

Valletta, the capital of Malta, is an interesting mix of fort history, British traditions, and Mediterranean flavors. The WWII tunnels are a particular highlight for any history buffs. Just a short ferry ride away, partner island Gozo has plenty of hiking opportunities that crisscross the island.

Best of all, if you visit Malta Europe in February you may catch a carnival. This is celebrated at the beginning of lent (like Carnivale in Rio or Mardi Gras in New Orleans) and festivities stretch over five days.

Warmest places in Europe in February- Carnival in Malta
Carnival in Malta – By Rosie from flyingfluskey

Colorful parades take to the streets, packed with enthusiastic school children busting out synchronized choreography, surrounding crazy colored floats. The great and good attend wonderful masked balls. 

There are official competitions in and around Valletta, as well as smaller events across both islands. However, the most organic, and probably the most fun party is held in Nadur.

This is totally unofficial with plenty of revelries, street drinking, and costumes galore. It is just a short 20 minute bus ride from Victoria or you can catch a packed ferry across for the night. 

Getting accommodation in Victoria is probably the best option here as you can stay later and have a little more fun. It is a crazy night and whether you choose to spend the next 40 days sacrificing all those vices for lent is totally up to you….but those prinjolata desserts are far too good!

RECOMMENDED HOTEL: Search for hotels in Malta 

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Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) for sun kissed villas and pretty villages 

Dreaming of warmer days this winter? You don’t have to travel far to get some sand under your feet. Just off the coast of northwestern Africa, you will find the Canary Islands, Spanish Archipelago that offers beautiful weather year round.

In February you can expect temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius (68 F), 6 hours of sunshine a day, and no crowds.

Tenerife Canary Islands
Tenerife – Best Places to visit in February in Europe – By Marta from Where Life is Great

Of all the 4 main Canary islands (Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura), and by far Tenerife is our absolute favorite. 

Tenerife is the biggest island in the archipelago, and also the most diverse one. It offers beautiful sandy beaches like Playa De Las Teresitas, banana plantations, and volcanoes (with the biggest peak in Spain -Teide).

Head to the Northern part of the island as it remains Canarian in character, with plenty of Spanish bars and restaurants around the area.

Tenerife as an island has a very special vibe, it just feels exotic while still being in Europe. But to really experience this exotic vibe you can’t stay in a touristy place, consider staying at a typical Canarian hacienda surrounded by banana plantations with ocean view villas.

One of the trip highlights to Tenerife is visiting the small mountain village of La Masca. It is located in an impressively isolated and picturesque gorge and is considered Tenerife’s prettiest village.

The route there is very windy but the road trip is well worth the effort. When in Tenerife a must-visit is Teide National Park and its natural pools.

The Canary Islands are famous for its patatas arrugadas and mojo sauce – we had never had so many delicious potatoes in our lives like we did in Tenerife. So, if you are a potato lover, you found paradise!

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Málaga (Spain) for unlimited winter sunshine in February 

Whether you want sand between your toes, palm trees over your head, or tapas in your stomach, Malaga, Spain is the perfect destination for travelers to Europe in February.

Malaga Spain in February
Malaga Spain in February – By Kalyn from GirlGoneLondon.com

While Malaga has gained a reputation as a party city, it’s the surrounding resorts that are filled with revelry. Malaga itself is a charming and historic city with amazing beaches, great food, and friendly people.

We loved visiting in February for a bit of sunshine – it has about 3,000 hours of sun a year which is the most in all of Spain! The temperatures in February are also mild to pleasant, ranging from about 15- 21°C (60-70°Fahrenheit).

February is also not a high tourism season in Malaga, which means that you can enjoy the scenery and attraction without fighting the crowds. 

To take full advantage of a winter beach vacation, head to Playa de la Malagueta, which has restaurants right out on the beach and plenty of space to run and play.

The Malagueta sign (which means Malaga in Spanish) is a great snapshot and really captures the fun-loving spirit of this city.

Malaga Europe February
Malaga Europe February

If it’s more cultural attractions that inspires you, Malaga has an incredible Picasso Museum and beautiful views from La Alcazaba, a Moorish fortification. There are also incredible day trips from Malaga, including to the famous Caves of Nerja. 

The south of Spain is also much more affordable than the north when it comes to eating out, and you can enjoy delicious tapas (try the seafood options for some local flavor!) at reasonable prices. 

To treat yourself, stay at the Gran Hotel Miramar which is just steps away from the beach and has luxuriously decorated rooms at prices that may surprise you (in a good way) for such a well-located and classy resort.

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Novi Sad (Serbia) for festivals and warm weather in February in Europe

Novi Sad in northern Serbia’s autonomous Vojvodina province is one of the prettiest cities in the Balkans.

While the most popular time to visit is during the summer months when the city hosts EXIT Festival, two-time winner of the Best European Festival award, it’s pleasant to visit out of season as well.

Novi-Sad-Serbia lanes
Novi-Sad-Serbia by Emily from wander-lush.org

Novi Sad’s history dates back to 1694 when Serb merchants founded a settlement on the opposite bank of the Danube to the Habsburg Petrovaradin Fortress. The Fortress still stands today and is one of the must-sees. 

A vast complex of green spaces and crumbling walls, it features a row of bars and boutiques at its highest point. This is by far the best place in Novi Sad to watch the sunset.

Other things to do in Novi Sad include exploring the main square, Trg Slobode, where the city’s most iconic buildings are located. These include the Neo-Renaissance Town Hall and the gorgeous Name of Mary Catholic Church, whose roof is topped with sparkling Zsolnay porcelain tiles.

Zmaj Jovina pedestrian mall is lined with cute cafes and shops, including The Manual Company, a local producer of leather goods. 

Make sure to stop in at Trčika, a cute espresso bar housed inside one of the city’s old tram carriages. It’s the perfect place to curl up for a hot beverage on a chilly winter’s day.

February is a great time to visit Novi Sad if you like fresh weather and clear blue skies, and you want to avoid the summer crowds.

Base yourself at Boutique Hotel ARTA, and budget at least two full days in Novi Sad to see the highlights. If you have longer, you can day trip to the nearby town of Sremski Karlovci or explore the surrounding wine country.

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RECOMMENDED ACTIVITIES: Take a day tour to Novi Sad from Belgrade Serbia

Venice (Italy) – Experience the floating city in February 

A visit to ‘The Floating City’ of Italy might make you feel like you’re stepping onto a movie set when you first arrive, with over 100 islands of incredible artwork, medieval architecture, and UNESCO world heritage sites that will surely take your breath away, it’s no wonder it is considered by many to be the most beautiful city in the world.

Venice in February Europe by Tanja from ryokougirl

Famous for its uniquely romantic experiences, who could resist a ride in a gondola down the iconic Grand Canal, or a cheeky dance across St Mark’s Square, the grandest ballroom in all of Europe?

Travelers bold enough to explore the labyrinth of alleyways that map the city will discover an endless parade of café’s, restaurants, and independent souvenir shops that will offer uniquely Venetian gifts for you to take home.

With a population of just over 250,000, Venice is far from the largest of Italy’s cities, but it’s no secret that Venice faces a rising tide of tourism with an estimated 25 million visitors a year.

A trip in February, you will usually see very mild winter weather, shorter lines, lower prices, fewer tourists, and of course the Carnivale!

Venice in February

For just two weeks of the year each February, you can experience Venice’s Carnivale, an annual festival world-famous for its elaborate masks and costumed balls.

Throughout Italy carnivals generally cater to children however, the Venetians do things a little differently, and cater mostly to adults.

With costumed performers dancing throughout the city, masked balls, and costume parties galore, it will leave you feeling like you have stepped out of time.

While the Carnivale usually means higher-priced hotels, if you plan ahead and book well in advance you are likely to pay less. The Splendid Venice is a boutique hotel in the heart of the city and will bring all the city has to offer to your doorstep.

Venice is like no other place on Earth and to truly understand it you must experience it for yourself

RECOMMENDED HOTEL: The Splendid Venice | Find more hotels in Venice

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Paphos (Cyprus) – Enjoy mild temperatures on the Mediterranean coast

If you’re looking for the ideal European destination to visit in February, then you absolutely cannot go wrong with Paphos, Cyprus. 

Located on the southwestern coast of the Mediterranean island nation, Paphos is believed to be the mythical birthplace of the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, and has a fascinating history that dates back thousands of years.

Cyprus February Europe travel
Paphos – By Maggie from The World Was Here First

While many people flock to Paphos in the summer months in order to enjoy the warm waters and sandy beaches, visiting in February will find you fewer crowds and mild, pleasant temperatures. In fact, the average high in February will rarely drop below 17°C (62.6 F) and you can also expect plenty of sunshine.

Though it may be too chilly to go swimming in the Mediterranean, there are so many other great things to do in Paphos that you are sure not to miss any potential sunbathing opportunities.

If you’re interested in ancient history, then head to the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park or the Tombs of the Kings, where you can see relics from the Hellenistic period and onward. 

If you’re looking to be more active, go for a hike in the nearby Akamas peninsula or the green Paphos Forest.

There are so many things to keep you occupied in Paphos and, combined with great winter weather, it makes the perfect destination to visit in February.

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Tirana (Albania) – Perfect for Europe February travel for history and city lovers 

The bustling capital city of Albania, Tirana, is the perfect city for a February holiday. Tirana has come leaps and bounds over the past few years with the city becoming a creative haven.

Albania was a communist state for over 40 years so there are a lot of interesting quirks about this European country.

Tirana in Europe February Travel
Tirana in February – By Anita from the travellingbalkans

Visiting Tirana in February is ideal compared to many other European cities. Albania’s weather is mild so you can experience some 20-degree (68 F) days as well as some sunshine.

Also, because it’s not tourist season yet you will get to enjoy the sites without many other tourists around which is lovely!

There are so many great things to do in Tirana, including visiting Bunk art 1 & 2. Bunk art 1 is located just outside the centre and was the bunker for the communist leader.

You can go inside and visit the huge facility and see the rooms. Bunk art 2 is in Skanderbeg square and was the bunker for internal affairs. 

These two museums will give you a great insight into the gloomy time of communism and what it was like for people to live here during that time.

Whilst in Tirana be sure to hang out in Bloku, the trendy part of Tirana. There are many great restaurants including Salt, which has an incredible menu and Oda, which is a restaurant serving traditional Albanian food.

Be sure to try Tave Kosi which is a baked dish of lamb and yogurt, it’s delicious!

If you’re staying in Tirana, make sure you stay at the Plaza. It’s one of the most interesting buildings in Tirana and if you get a high room you can get a beautiful view over Skanderbeg square which is the main square of Tirana.

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Siena (Italy) – Of history, winter sports and pleasant weather in February

February is a wonderful month to visit Siena in Italy. It is winter but the weather is comfortable and the cold bearable.

February is the month when Siena schedules events at venues that are usually closed to the public. These venues include the botanical garden and the crypt of the cathedral.

Siena is also quiet in February. There are fewer tourists and the bars, restaurants, and cafés are open all the time. You can check out the winter sports events at Mount Abetone or have a fun time at the Carnival which is hosted by the town of Viareggio on the Versilia coast.

 Siena Italy Europe February
Siena Italy – By Matt from Its all in Italy

While in Siena, you might want to visit 3 of its most popular tourist destinations:

The Piazza del Campo is at the heart of Sienna – an open square that gives you stunning views of historical architecture and the frenetic pace of a town buzzing with tourist activity.

A leisurely walk to the town’s upper end will take you to the Fonte Gaia, a fountain masterpiece that was created in 1419 by Iácopo della Quercia. You can find the original marble reliefs that were removed in 1868 during the fountain’s restoration at the Museo Civico.

Tourists usually start off their itinerary at the Piazza del Campo because it is a stone’s throw away from other attractions such as the Torre del Mangia, and the Palazzo Publico, and offers a wide variety of cafés, shops, and restaurants.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is also known as Siena Cathedral and is widely regarded as the best representative of Gothic architecture in Italy. It was constructed in the 13th century. Siena Cathedral is also home to a treasure trove of masterpieces in art.

You can find the magnificent works of Nicola, Pisano, Donatello, Bernini, Lorenzo Ghiberti, Giovanni di Turino, and Pinturicchio to name a few.

The cathedral’s ceilings, floors, and walls are adorned by some of Italy’s most amazing renderings of stone and wood carving, paintings, mosaics, and stained glass art.      

The Palazzo Pubblico was built in the late 13th and early 14th centuries. When visiting the iconic Gothic town hall, take note of the Balzana, a black and white escutcheon of Siena which is repeatedly inscribed on the arches of its windows.

Make sure you have enough pictures of the Coat of Arms of the Medici which can be found on the first floor.

The Museo Civico is located on the upper floors and is home to paintings, drawings, and historical manuscripts in the town. You will also see an amazing collection of Renaissance paintings and collections that represent the best of Renaissance and Baroque silver-work.

The Grand Hotel Continental is an ideal place to stay while in Siena. It is located only a few minutes away from the Piazza del Campo and offers its visitors magnificent views of the city, and elegant rooms, and the hotel operates one of the best restaurants in Siena.

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Porto (Portugal) – An off season gem for Europe February Travel 

Porto — known as Portugal’s second city — hugs the edge of the gorgeous Douro River and it stole our hearts. It is laid back, full of medieval architecture, stunning bridges, and cafes, and has something for just about everyone.

You’ll find travel deals during February, which is considered Porto’s low season. But that doesn’t mean the city isn’t still hopping.

Visitors and locals alike flock to the city’s waterfront. We recommend basing yourself at the Porto River Aparthotel, located right along the Cais da Ribeira waterfront. You’re in the heart of the action. And you can snag a river-facing room for $108 USD a night.

Porto Portugal in February
Porto in February – By Phil & Kevin

From your hotel, you can wander the streets along the riverside area and grab dinner with a view. We recommend Jimao for its cozy atmosphere and wide selection of tapas.

You can’t go wrong with the fresh grilled calamari, cheese plate, and spread of homemade bread paired with olives and locally-sourced olive oil.

There is a lot of ground to cover in Porto, and one of the best ways to explore the city is with Gastronomic Porto Bike Tour, at $80 USD per person. Each tour is customized based on your interest — whether you’re into history, current events, or culture.

In total, the tour covers about 18 miles, which made us feel not so guilty about all the delicious food (and Port!) we had along the way.

Porto in February
Porto in February

Next up, you won’t want to miss Livaria Lello, an incredible bookstore that many believe was the inspiration behind Harry Potter. JK Rowling once called Porto home for 2 years teaching  English.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see many of the elements of the grand staircase in Hogwarts Castle. You’ll feel transported to another era as you walk underneath the Gothic arches, down the swirling staircase and red-painted wooden steps. 

Finally, wrap up the night with dinner at Idiota Casa Portuense. We recommend ordering a bottle of the “green wine” called “vinho verde.” Vinho verde isn’t bright green, at least not in the way you might think.

When Portuguese winemakers decided to dub the stuff green wine, they meant green as in “fresh”, “lively” or “young.”

RECOMMENDED HOTEL: Porto River Aparthotel | Find more hotel deals in Porto

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Rome (Italy) – For romantic city breaks in Europe in February 

If you are looking for the perfect city break in Europe in February, then look no further than Rome, Italy. 

February is the tail end of winter in Rome: at this time, the cold slowly starts to lose its grip, springs dress the city up with fragrant blossoms and Rome often flaunts a stunning blue sky, an absolute dream for sightseeing and even more if you love photography!

Rome pantheon in February
Rome in February – By Marta from Learningescapes.net

To top it all, February is a low season in Rome. With fewer crowds, sightseeing is a breeze and travelers can get a glimpse of Rome’s true soul: intimate, messy, and immensely charming.

There are many things to see in Rome both on and off the main tourist track.

Among Rome’s main landmarks, the Colosseum, Roman forum, and the Vatican are worth a visit and the same can be said about the Pantheon and the city’s most famous squares such as Piazza Navona and Campo de’ Fiori.

The best way to visit Rome is to kit yourself up with good walking shoes and slowly go from one site to another. 

Rome’s main landmarks are not far from each other and you can see many of them even with just one day in Rome or limited time in the city.

With a short stroll, you can see ancient Rome, the Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish steps in one afternoon and you can even add a stop at the Campidoglio terrace for stunning views over the city or visit the lesser-known Rome Jewish quarter – a gem!

If you choose a hotel in the city center such as the Hotel Kolbe –  you have all of this at your doorstep. 

If you love food, this is a wonderful time to experience Rome’s warming dishes (think carbonara…) and if you are looking for a romantic escape, you cannot go wrong in Rome.

With cobbled streets, hidden corners and sunset views, Rome is the ultimate romantic destination!

RECOMMENDED HOTEL: Kolbe Hotel Rome | Find more hotels in Rome 

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Interlaken (Switzerland) – Surround yourself with Swiss Alps in February (and a warm cuppa cocoa)

Interlaken is a small but one of the most beautiful towns in Europe. It is located at the heart of the Bernese Alps and surrounded by pristine lakes in central Switzerland.

Interlaken OST Railway Station is just a 2-hour train ride away from Zurich International Airport. You can also reach there by bus and this small town is well connected with other European cities like Rome, Paris, and Munich.

Interlaken & Jungfrau in February
Interlaken & Jungfrau in February – By Trijit from BudgetTravelBuff

You need to reserve 2 days for Interlaken and it can be explored at any time of the year, however, if you are a thrill-seeker and want to experience some winter adventures like skiing, ice skating, sledding and other adrenaline-pumping winter outdoor activities then February is the best time to visit Interlaken. 

The Jungfraujoch is a must-see on your 2 days Interlaken trip. It is probably the most popular and scenic attraction in Interlaken and expensive also.

At the end of the 7 km (4.3 miles) journey, you will reach the top of Jungfraujoch which is the highest train station in Europe at an elevation of 11000 feet. From the top Jungfraujoch offers a stunning view of mountain Jungfrau and Eiger.

Grindelwald is another gem of Interlaken, especially for perfect skiing conditions in winter. Take a cable car ride to reach the top of the Grindelwald-First. It offers a breathtaking view of the rocky slopes, snow-capped peaks, pastures, lakes, and a waterfall.

Grindelwald is also known for great skiing and snowboarding in January -February. You can rent all types of gear that you need at the shop.

We recommend staying in Interlaken at least for 2 nights. You can stay at the Alpenrose Hotel and Gardens, a family-friendly accommodation with a fantastic view of the Jungfrau mountain range.

RECOMMENDED HOTEL: Alpenrose Hotel and Gardens | More hotels in Interlaken

RECOMMENDED ACTIVITIES: Book tours in Interlaken and around

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Iceland – Chase northern lights in February – yes February in Europe

Although Iceland in February can have inconsistent weather filled with mostly snow. February is a good time to visit in order to see the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights are best seen from September through March.

There are many factors that go into seeing the Northern lights. Booking a tour doesn’t guarantee you will see them.

Northern Lights in February
Northern Lights in February – By Kim from Work Hard Travel Well

The tour guides look into the weather and if it will be a dark clear night. It’s best to book the tour early on in your trip so that if the tour does not happen, you can try for another night during your trip.

The Northern lights aren’t guaranteed. It is best to have other things in mind that you want to see during your visit to Iceland.

If you’re looking to have a winter getaway, there are more things to do in Iceland during the winter months. 

You can visit a hot spring/ geothermal pool such as the Blue Lagoon. Don’t let the term pool mislead you.

Although it is cold in Iceland, the temperature in the water at the Blue Lagoon is around 102 F. At the Blue Lagoon, besides relaxing in the water, you can use steam rooms, book an in-pool massage or have a drink at the in-water bar.

Blue Lagoon Iceland
Blue Lagoon Iceland

Most Golden Circle tours include stops at Gulfoss Waterfall, Strokkur geysir and Thingvellir National Park. Thingvellir Park looks different in the Winter but you can see the line that divides the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates.

The Strokkur geyser erupts every 6-10 minutes shooting water upwards of 15-20 meters.

If you’re feeling adventurous you can check out a tour that includes snowmobiling or hiking a glacier and visiting an ice cave.

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Innsbruck (Austria) – Still time for winter magic in the mountains

Innsbruck, the capital of the Austrian Tyrol, is fast becoming one of central Europe’s most popular year-round destinations.

While skiing from Innsbruck would have been the main activity for visitors in February only a few years ago, the city has expanded its winter attractions to include so much more.

Innsbruck in February Europe
Innsbruck in February – By Linda from Travel Tyrol

In 2019, a new SKI plus CITY Pass was introduced which not only a ski pass to thirteen ski resorts but also the Innsbruck Card with free entry to 22 tourist attractions at no additional cost.

Non-skiers will find Innsbruck has a lot to offer in the sightseeing department in February. There’s the beautiful old town with the famous Golden Roof at its centre. Or you can take the Sightseer Bus to Ambras Castle and view the world’s first museum as we know them today.

The Bergisel, a historic hill that is home to an Olympic ski jump and Tyrol’s largest oil painting, is another short ride from the city centre. The Tyrol Panorama by Zeno Diemer is a panoramic 360° painting on a 1,000 m² canvas depicting the famous Third Battle Of Bergisel in 1809.

Lovers of modern art and (or) all things sparkling, will enjoy a visit to the Swarovski Crystal Worlds. This top attraction is in the town of Wattens, a 15-minute drive from Innsbruck, where the first Swarovski factory is to this day.

Explore the inside of the Swarovski Giant before walking around in the park landscape filled with crystal features.

What makes a visit to Innsbruck in February unique, is that you can experience all of this while marveling at snow-capped mountain peaks. And even if you don’t like skiing, you can go sledding, ice-skating, or snow-shoe walking to experience some of the winter magic.

A good hotel to base yourself in while exploring Innsbruck in February is the Goldene Krone. It’s not only close to the train station but in the shadow of the city’s triumphal arch where the pedestrian zone to the old town starts.

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Copenhagen (Denmark) – Celebrate festive city break in February

Copenhagen is a great European destination at any time of the year, even in February. There are so many things to do in Copenhagen in winter, and they don’t end as soon as Christmas is over.

Copenhagen City Hall
Copenhagen in February – By Derek from EverythingCopenhagen

While the Danish capital is a perfect Christmas market destination, it’s really fun after the New Year. That’s because it’s the time of year for Danes to get cozy, hunker down and enjoy the important things in life. They call it “hygge” and February is the middle of Danish hygge-winter.

Copenhagen in February comes with early sunsets, candle-lit pubs, and plenty of fun things to do. This year, Tivoli Gardens is re-opening between the Christmas season and the Summer season and will be operating throughout February.

Tivoli is an urban amusement park in the shadow of Copenhagen City Hall. The grounds are gorgeously landscaped and the rides are fun for kids and adults of all ages. You’ll need a winter jacket but shouldn’t miss Tivoli Gardens for some February fun. 

It’s also a good opportunity to warm up inside Copenhagen’s world-class museums. Check out The Danish National Museum, The Scandinavian Design Museum, and The Carlsberg Gylptotek in February. You’ll find the same amazing exhibits with smaller crowd sizes.

The same is true of Copenhagen’s historic castles like Rosenborg, home of the Danish Crown Jewels, and Amalienborg – the royal residence.

For some fun nightlife in the winter months, Copenhagen offers cozy options like board game cafes. There, visitors can reserve a table and share drinks and snacks inside while playing games with their friends.

Copenhagen beer culture is also fun to explore in February. Arrange a visit to the Carlsberg Brewery for a tour and beer tasting. You can also visit any of the popular craft beer pubs around town.

The two areas that are best to find a hotel in February are near City Hall or close to Nyhavn Canal. The entire city is very easy to navigate via Copenhagen public transport but these two areas give you the best access to attractions and the metro system.

Copenhagen is a very manageable city and easy to explore by foot, bike, and public transit.

February weather is never the same in Copenhagen. When the sun is shining it can be moderate temperature, but cold. If it’s overcast and the wind is blowing, it can feel much colder.

There isn’t usually much snowfall, but the climate is wet and that also makes it feel colder. Dress warm and you’ll still have fun in February.

From museums to amusement parks to pubs and board games, there’s a lot to do and see in Copenhagen in February. Whatever you decide to do when you visit, you’ll enjoy Copenhagen all year!

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London (UK) – For the perfect romantic city break in Europe February travel 

London is one of the best places to visit in Europe any time of the year, whether it is visiting London in December or even in the month of love. But February is special in the City because this is the time when the City begins to shake off the vestiges of winter.

When the grey, miserable slush disappears to be replaced by tiny budding flowers. The first hints of spring.

London, United Kingdom Europe February
London, United Kingdom – By Luliya from Doing Life with Luliya/Vidadeliya

With better weather on the way, that makes the myriad of things available in London so much more enjoyable to see and do.

For one, make sure you visit landmarks such as the House of Parliaments, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, Tower Bridge, and the London Eye.

Walk along the Embankment, maybe even catch a ferry along the river Thames and enjoy the city from the river before hopping off beside Big Ben to continue your sightseeing adventure. 

Cruises in London

Then there is West End. If you are a theatre fan, you will never run out of things to watch. There are limited shows as well as long-standing musicals such as Les Miserable and the Phantom of the Opera that will thrill visitors of all ages.

If you have small children, then bring them to watch the Lion King! It is a sure crowd-pleaser. Most West End shows also offer matinees on specific days so that you can keep your evenings free if you choose. 

In February, you can also join Londoners in celebrating the Chinese New Year in Chinatown. The hundreds of street performers and lion dancers make up a truly atmospheric celebration.

The Orchid Festival also takes place in Kew Garden around February if you are a botanical fan. Nothing better than to spend the day among flowers before heading out for a romantic Valentines Day dinner.

Rather than recommending a specific hotel to stay at, this is my suggestion: look for a place that is located close to the Tube in Zone 1 or 2. Popular areas include Holborn, Piccadilly, Euston and South Kensington. You honestly can’t go wrong in picking one of these places to stay at, depending on your budget.

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Brussels (Belgium) – Get cozy and eat waffles in Europe in February 

February is low season and cozy in Brussels. Touring the city unencumbered by the droves of tourists that flock there during busier times of the year is a real treat.

Brussels in February Europe
Brussels in February – By Rebecca from kwafare.com

The Grand Place, one of the most ornate and exquisitely constructed city squares in Europe, is fantastic without the summer festivities that often obstruct its view. And just around the corner from there is Manneken Pis.

A tiny statue, but a must-see since the locals consider him the veritable mascot for the city. Then, get lost exploring the meandering streets of central Brussels.

Brussels is fabulously walkable and full of fun cafes, restaurants, clothing boutiques, and excellent thrift shops. And not to be missed are the many beer halls where you can sample one of Belgium’s famous imports. Beer is to Belgians what wine is to the French.

February weather in Brussels can be a lot like autumn. But if it’s not, the famous Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert is a gorgeous place to duck in out of the cold.

This beautiful landmark’s window-covered arches pour light onto its shops, cafes, restaurants, and some of Belgium’s most famous chocolatiers.

Galeries Royales Saint Hubert - One day in Brussels Itinerary
Galeries Royales Saint Hubert

When you’re done there, pop over to the fabulous Maison Dandoy Galeries location right next door. Here you can find the famous cookie among others. And this is the best place to try the world-renowned Brussels waffle.

Belgium is where you’ll find some of the world’s most delicious chocolate. So it’s fitting the largest chocolate event in the world is held annually in Brussels, most oftentimes in February.

During Salon du Chocolat visitors can watch a chocolate fashion show, sample the chocolate and even share in making it at chocolate workshops.

Since this country is small and so easy to get around by train, why not see more of it? Leuven, a small city just outside Brussels, is a fantastic place to get a feel for the Flemish side of Belgium.

And the Park Inn by Radisson in Leuven is an excellent choice, as it is literally right above the train station.

From here you can take some lovely day trips all over Belgium and even into nearby Holland. Brussels and beyond is waiting for you in February!

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Lisbon (Portugal) – One of the perfect places to visit in February in Europe

Lisbon is one of the best places to visit in February as it has relatively mild weather and plentiful sunshine. The city is easy to access from most of Europe, making it an ideal winter getaway.

There is plenty to see during a weekend in Lisbon, so make sure to visit the highlights and enjoy some delicious food.

Lisbon in February
Lisbon in February – By Kirsten of Kids Are A Trip

Lisbon has seven hills, providing lovely views from all parts of the city. Head to Castelo de S. Jorgé, the castle perched high upon a hill in the Alfama district.

Or take in the view from the Santa Justa lift which transports riders from the heart of downtown to the Largo do Carmo.

At the top of the lift are the ruins of Carmo Convent, destroyed by an earthquake in 1755, but left as a reminder of the city’s devastation. 

Allow time for exploring the fashionable boutiques and restaurants of Chiado and the Bairro Alto. Don’t miss Time Out Market, which houses dozens of restaurants, bars, and shops. It’s the perfect spot for a meal or late night out and offers food from the best chefs in Portugal.

Views of Alfama

Another area of Lisbon that shouldn’t be missed is Belém, along the Tagus River. The area is famous for its seafood restaurants and custard tarts (pastéis de Belém), so don’t miss either one.

Take a guided tour of Jerónimos Monastery and the Tower of Belém. They are both architectural marvels.

While in Lisbon don’t miss a Fado show, showcasing Portugal’s folk music. There are many restaurants offering performances for tourists, so ask a local where they recommend and join in the fun.

RECOMMENDED HOTEL: Martinhal Chiado | Find more hotels in Lisboa

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Amsterdam (Netherlands) – One of the best places to visit in February in Europe

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities and a great destination to visit no matter what time of the year. It is a city packed with culture, activities, good food and incredible architecture.

Amsterdam in February
Amsterdam in February – By Ivi from postcardsfromivi

Although February is Amsterdam’s coldest month, it is a wonderful time to visit the city because you’ll find fewer crowds at the major tourist attractions and the hotels are cheaper.

In winter the temperatures in the city are between 0º to 5º C (32 to 41 F) and when it snows, Amsterdam becomes a fairytale city.

February is one of the cheapest months to visit Amsterdam. During this time, canals might freeze as well, showcasing a natural ice skating rink as it does in the winter. However, the popular winter lights festival is over by this time.

During 2 days in Amsterdam you can see the city’s main attractions like Dam Square, The Anne Frank House, take a boat tour along the canals, visit the former Heineken brewery and more. To stay warm, you can enter some of the city’s many museums like Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum, or Hermitage Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a small city and most of the tourist activities are in the same area so you can just walk everywhere. Another alternative to get around is to take the tram or rent a bike.

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Amsterdam, we recommend you stay near Amsterdam Centraal station where there are many hotel options and you have all the services close by. 

Amsterdam is one of the most picturesque cities in Europe and a great destination to visit during February because you will enjoy it with fewer tourists, get better prices at the accommodation and have the chance of seeing it covered in snow.

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