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Where to Stay in Prague First Time: Best place to stay in Prague in 2023

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Prague is one of the stunning cities that we have traveled to. I fell in love with Prague even before I visited. The city’s intriguing history and the arrival of Prague spring and how it had transformed into one of the coolest destinations for travelers is a beauty in itself. This guide to where to stay in Prague for first time visitors – will help you to select the best places to stay in Prague for your trip and also explore some of the popular activities. 

So whether it is the stunning Charles Bridge or the Vltava River, the Dancing House, or the John Lennon Wall that you are looking to discover, rest assured in this post you will find the best area to stay in Prague that checks off your travel bucket list and budget!

Where to Stay in Prague First Time – Best Places to Stay in Prague

Where to stay in Prague Czech Republic
Where to stay in Prague? Best hotels in Prague Czech Republic

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BEST HOTEL OUTSIDE OF CITY CENTRE (Main Train Station in Prague 02)Hilton Prague Old Town – Click here to view
BEST HOTEL – LUXURY & ROMANCE 💖Aria Hotel Prague – Click to view (located in the old town’s historic district)
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Where to Stay in Prague for first timers – Best Area to Stay in Prague with neighborhood guide

Prague, the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, is a city steeped in rich history and architectural splendor. Often referred to as the “City of a Hundred Spires,” Prague prides itself in its rich tapestry of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architectural styles, making it a must-visit destination for history buffs and travel enthusiasts alike. 

A key figure in Prague’s history is the Holy Roman Emperor, particularly Charles IV, who reigned during the 14th century. Charles IV is renowned for his contributions to the city’s cultural and architectural development. 

Under his rule, Prague flourished and became the capital of the Holy Roman Empire. Among his most significant contributions is the Charles Bridge, a magnificent stone bridge that continues to stand as a symbol of the city’s historical grandeur. 

Today, the entire city is made up of 22 districts. Some districts are popular, some are uber cool with vintage buildings and history, and some totally ignored and dilapidated. Some of these districts also overlap with each other, especially in the outer regions of Prague. 

Prague is literally numbered, starting from 01 to 22. You will see them written on buildings and street posts as Praha 01 and so on and so forth. 

Prague 01 – Old Town, Little Quarter, and Hradcany

Prague 01 is the first district and as you must have guessed it is the city center or the downtown area of Prague. 

Prague 01 Best Place to stay in Prague
Prague 01 Best Place to stay in Prague

Within Prague 01, there are 3 areas –  Staré Město (Old Town), Malá Strana (Little Quarter or Lesser Town), and Hradcany (Prague Castle district), which are great options in which to stay. 

You will find a hotel to fit every wallet and access to sightseeing and restaurants, taxis or metro is easier and super convenient from here. 

Staré Město (Old Town) in Prague 01 


🖤 Best for – Best Area to stay for tourists, quick access to major sights, central location

The Old Town of Prague is filled with sightseeing attractions and UNESCO heritage sites that you should be visiting, if this is your first trip to Prague. This is where you will find amazing views of the river, great cuisine, traditional Czech pubs, and nightlife! 

Why Stay in Stare Mesto/ Old Town Prague? Pros and Cons

Old Town is the BEST area to stay in Prague for any and all travelers – you will find luxury to budget hotels and hostels here. All the tourist attractions are within walking distance. 

It is also a GREAT area to stay in Prague if you love the hustle and bustle of a city and nightlife. 

Top Attractions in Old Town Prague

  • Astronomical Clock – Located in the old town Prague, the Astronomical Clock attracts thousands of visitors every year. This is a FREE attraction.
  • Jewish Quarters – A historic site to learn about the contribution of Jews and the atrocities of the holocaust. The Pinkas Synagogue and the Old Jewish Cemetery are a must visit.
  • Kinský Palace – Kinský Palace is a former palace of the Kinský noble family. It is an art museum today. 
  • Old Town Square – This bustling center square of Old Town is free to access and is surrounded by historical buildings. The old town hall building is also located here. The square is amazing at any time of the day and night! 
  • Old Town Bridge Tower – Old Town Bridge Tower is a Gothic monument built in the late 14th century. 
Prague Neighborhoods - Where to stay in Prague
Where to stay in Prague

PROS: Staying at Stare Mesto/Old Town

  • Access to sightseeing. ✔️
  • Save on transport expenses as all tourist spots are within walking distance. ✔️
  • Great restaurants and pubs. ✔️

CONS: Staying at Stare Mesto/Old Town

  • If you prefer to see the everyday Czech life, this is not your ideal place. ❌
  • It is crowded and could be noisy at night. ❌

Where to stay in Prague Old Town: Top Hotels

Here are our top hotel picks in Old Town Prague

Luxury Hotel Price Range: $300-500+ USD

  • Four Seasons Hotel Prague – A gorgeous 5 star hotel, TOP Rated in Prague
    • Great location
    • Luxurious vibes and beautiful rooms
    • Hotel amenities include an Italian restaurant, gym centre, and spa on site
  • Grand Hotel Bohemia – A classic 5-star hotel with chic rooms
    • Located in the historical center of Prague, a few steps from the Old Town Square
    • Suites are elegantly decorated and spacious
    • Some of the rooms come with a balcony with Old Town views 
    • You can enjoy dining at their onsite restaurant

Mid Range Hotel Price Range: $120 – 300 USD

  • The Emblem Hotel – A 5 star hotel offering standard to deluxe rooms
    • Great central location, standard hotel rates start at $160 USD+
    • Hotel amenities include an upmarket restaurant, hot tub and outdoor pool
    • Located a few steps away from Staroměstská metro station 
  • Iron Gate Hotel & Suites – 5-star hotel in Old Town (GREAT VALUE)
    • Elegant rooms set in a 14th-century hotel
    • Offers with free breakfast
    • Hotel amenities include a cafe and a courtyard garden
  • MOODS Charles Bridge 4-star hotel with modern décor
    • Located just across the Charles Bridge, and Prague Astronomical Clock is a 6-minute walk from the property
    • An airport shuttle can be arranged

Budget Hotel Price Range: Less than $100

  • Old Prague Hotel – An intimate 3-star Prague city hotel with a great location
    • Traditional rooms offer WiFi, flat-screen TVs, and safe
    • Set in a historic building dating back to 1895
    • Located just a few steps away from Charles Bridge 
  • Clarion Hotel Prague Old Town – Good value, upscale hotel 💖 🐾
    • Great city center location
    • Free breakfast
    • Hotel amenities include a restaurant and bar
    • Popular with couples and pet-friendly

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Malá Strana (Little Quarter) in Prague 01 


🖤 Best for – Central location, surrounded by historical buildings and amazing river views/uphill, upscale area hotels, trendy restaurants 

Mala Strana or the Little Quarter is another best area to stay in Prague if you love historical buildings and wish to stay closer to sightseeing areas. 

Girl in visiting Prague in a day at the Charles Bridge

The streets in this part of the city are on an incline leading up to Castle Hill, so rest assured you will be welcomed with mesmerizing views everywhere. 

Why Stay in Mala Strana/Little Quarter or Lesser Town? Pros and Cons

Little Quarter has tons of sightseeing spots. It is accessible to Old Town to explore the other tourist attractions as described above. 

It is also a GREAT area to stay in Prague if you love river and mountain views and wish to be surrounded by historical buildings. 

Top Activities in Little Quarter

  • Charles Bridge – Probably one of the MOST iconic landmarks of Prague is the Charles Bridge. You can capture amazing shots from the bridge and from any hotel (uphill). Charles Bridge is set up over the Vltava River and it connects the Mala Strana with Old Town. 
  • Vltava River – You can see the Vltava River and take a cruise to explore more of the historic river. 
  • John Lennon Wall – This wall is filled with messages for John Lennon – a symbol of freedom and liberation. This is one of the quirkiest but coolest items to check out in Prague!

PROS: Staying at Mala Strana/Little Quarter

  • Access to sightseeing ✔️
  • Amazing views of the town from uphill✔️
  • Romantic and good for groups and families ✔️

CONS: Staying at Mala Strana/Little Quarter

  • Some areas are not mobility-friendly ❌

Where to stay in Prague Little Quarter: Top Hotels

Image from Mandarin Oriental Prague Hotel
Image from Mandarin Oriental Prague Hotel

Luxury Hotel Price Range: $300 – 500+ USD

  • Mandarin Oriental Prague – Great 5-star hotel in Prague 01 (In-depth review below)
    • Upscale hotel located in a former 1300s monastery
    • Great central location
    • Asian dining, a cocktail lounge, and a spa on-site
  • Aria Hotel Prague – Amazing 5 star hotel in old town. Originally a theatre
    • Close to sightseeing spots like the John Lennon wall, Franz Kafka museum
    • Hotel amenities include fine dining, a rooftop bar, and terrace 
    • Popular with couples 💖
    • Great city and river views of Prague
    • Instagrammable hotel
  • Augustine, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Prague – Luxurious 5 star hotel
    • Popular with couples 💖
    • Set in a group of buildings dating from 1284
    • Located a few steps away from Malostranská metro station

Mid-Range Hotel Price Range: $150 – 300 USD

  • Boutique Hotel Constans – A 4 star boutique style hotel
    • Cozy warm vibes
    • Popular with couples
    • A 5-minute walk from a tram stop, close to tourist spots
    • Free breakfast is offered. Fine dining and bar on-site
  • Hotel Bishop’s House – Boutique style hotel (in-depth review below)
    • Located in a 16th century Bishop’s house
    • Convenient location with free breakfast

Budget Hotel Price Range: Less than $100 USD

Merchant’s Avenue Hotel – Laid-back casual hotel

  • Convenient location
  • Free breakfast and wifi
  • The hotel has a fitness center on site

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Hradčany (Prague Castle district) in Prague 01


🖤 Central location, surrounded by historical buildings and in the heart of the castle district, quiet and romantic neighborhood, amazing river views and city views

So let’s take a look at Hradčany, which is the Prague castle district. Hradcany is also part of District 01. 

Prague Castle is one of the largest castle complexes in the world and the entire area in and around the castle is filled with historical monuments. This area today comprises the Hradcany neighborhood in Prague 01. 

Hradcany makes for amazing romantic stays – the neighborhood is quiet, but bustling with views wherever the eyes can take you. The castle, the entire city beneath you, or the breathtaking Vltava River – it is for you to seize!

The best sightseeing guide for your trip to Prague - a day by day activities guide, with travel tips and experiences for your Prague 2 day Travel Itinerary
Vineyards at the Prague Castle District

Evenings at the Hradcany are low key and laid back. There are Czech restaurants nearby and the castle grounds are open until late at night to welcome you for a stroll!

Top Activities to do in Hradcany 

  • Prague Castle complex – The entire castle complex along with the magnificent castle overlooking the town
  • St. Vitus Cathedral – Gothic cathedral known for its stained-glass windows
  • St. George’s Basilica
  • Old Royal Palace
  • Golden Lane – Tiny houses in the castle district. Also Franz Kafka’s House 22 
  • Vineyards 

PROS: Staying in Hradčany

  • Stay here for amazing views of the city. ✔️
  • Luxury and mid-range accommodation options. ✔️
  • Located in the midst of sightseeing spots. ✔️
  • Other areas of Prague 01 within walk-able distance ✔️

CONS: Staying in Hradčany

  • Not a residential area, could get really very quiet in the evenings when offices close. ❌
  • Located on a hilltop, could be mobility or hiking issues for some travelers.  ❌

Where to stay in Prague Hradčany: Top Hotels

Luxury Hotel Price Range: $300+ USD

  • Hotel Savoy – A 5-star hotel based in a 1900’s historical building
    • The hotel is located in a diplomatic area and is quiet and peaceful in the evenings
    • Cozy Hradčany Restaurant serves Czech dishes as well as international cuisine
    • The hotel has a relaxation centre with a Finnish sauna, a steam bath, a hot tub, and a small gym

Mid Range Hotel Price Range: $100 – 300 USD

  • Hotel Golden Star – A 4-star hotel in an elegant baroque setting
    • Free breakfast and parking
    • Great for business travelers
    • Beautiful room and convenient central location

Budget Hotel Price Range: Less than $100

  • Lindner Hotel Prague Castle – Laid back hotel set in a Medieval monastery
    • Beautiful rooms and a large courtyard
    • Hotel amenities include a traditional Czech restaurant and bar, a spa with a gym and sauna
    • Pet friendly 🐾

Search for more hotels in Prague Hradčany


Prague 02 – New Town/ Nove Mesto


🖤 Chic and upscale area, and trendy restaurants, outside of Old Town but still close to sightseeing areas. Mostly mid-range hotels

Prague 02 is the second district and has the Dancing House – the popular Instagram tourist spot in Prague. This area is outside of the Old Town, but it is still close to the city center or the downtown area. 

New Town is the best place to stay in Prague if you want to stay away from the central area, yet have good accessibility to tourist areas and restaurants. 

Prague’s main railway station is located in this district – Hlavni Nadrazi (from here to Prague old town is a 15-minute train ride).

Why Stay in Nove Mesto/ New Town Prague? Pros and Cons

The New Town Prague is a great location for different reasons than above – the old town. This neighborhood is still vintage like it was built over 700 years ago. 

But what makes it a great option to stay in Prague is that it is close to metros and other transportation means are easily accessible. 

You will also find accommodation to suit every budget type as well as restaurants and cafes to eat in during your stay in Prague. 

Top Activities in New Town Prague

Dancing House
Dancing House
  • Dancing Square: One of the new architectural gems in Prague, quickly becoming an iconic image of the city. 
  • Wenceslas Square: A popular square filled with commercial buildings, Wenceslas Square is a busy space in Prague. It is home to the National Museum, with a statue of Wenceslas riding a horse at its helm. 
  • National Theatre: A symbol of Czech popular culture, the National Theatre is a stunning building/monument worth visiting.

PROS: Staying in Nove Mesto/ New Town

  • Central location. ✔️
  • Accessible to other tourist areas with metro and taxis. ✔️
  • Great restaurants and pubs including beer halls/beer gardens. ✔️

CONS: Staying in Nove Mesto/ New Town

  • It is crowded and busy during the daytime ❌

Where to stay in Prague New Town: Top Hotels

Mid Range Hotel Price Range: $150 – 300 USD

  • Hilton Prague Old Town – I know the name says the old town, but it is in the New Town neighborhood (full review below)
    • Modern rooms and suites
    • Hotel amenities include a great art deco-style restaurant and an indoor pool.
    • This hotel is popular with couples 💖
  • Hotel BoHo – Wonderful 4-star hotel, with chic and stylish interiors
    • Located close to the Wenceslas Square.
    • Hotel amenities include an onsite restaurant and bar. Also includes a spa and outdoor pool.
    • Close to Náměstí Republiky metro station

Budget Hotel Price Range: Less than $100 USD

  • Grandior Hotel Prague –  4 star hotel located in New Town
    • Polished, nice, and clean rooms
    • Good value for the amenities and property 
    • Close to metro tram and subway station
  • Hermitage Hotel Prague – 4-star hotel with a good value
    • Modern rooms and suites set in a 1907 art deco interiors
    • Hotel amenities include a grill restaurant and a rooftop gym
    • Free parking 
    • Pet friendly 🐾

Search for more hotels in Prague New Town


Prague 03 – Vinohrady and Žižkov – The best area to stay in Prague outside of the historic city center

Vinohrady in Prague 03 District – The best place to stay in Prague


🖤 Experiencing everyday Prague life, good restaurants, bars, and parks, and quick access to the metro. Affordable budget accommodation, pretty art deco houses

Vinohrady is in Prague’s 03 district – an elegant residential area. Although it is located further away from the historic center, it is easily accessible through metro lines and cabs to reach the old town. 

Vinohrady is a posh, cool neighborhood where you can find good accommodation and also enjoy everyday Prague living. Vinohrady is occupied by young professionals and families. 

Why stay in Vinohrady Prague? Pros and Cons

Leafy Vinohrady had its origins as a vineyard in the 14th century  (the name Vinohrady means “vineyards”). 

Today this trendy residential neighborhood is characterized by pastel-colored buildings and multi-national cuisines and eateries, hip cafes, and gay nightclubs. 

Vinohrady is also home to Havlickovy Sady, Prague’s second-largest park. 

This is an ideal neighborhood to enjoy and admire the many Neo-Renaissance, Art Nouveau, Pseudo Baroque, and Neo-Gothic buildings located here. 

Top Activities in Vinohrady

  • Riegrovy Sady Park’s beer garden – Enjoy and relax at Riegrovy Sady Park’s beer garden.
  • Peace Square – Or Leafy Náměstí Míru is an outdoor market area. 
  • St Ludmila Church – A neo-Gothic Church in Vinohrady.
  • Havlíčkovy sady – One of Prague’s largest parks with Italian Renaissance-inspired buildings. 
  • Several parks and gardens are scattered around the district.

PROS: Staying in Vinohrady

  • Away from hustle bustle of THE city center ✔️
  • Accessible to other tourist areas with metro and taxis ✔️
  • Great restaurants and pubs including beer halls/beer gardens✔️
  • To experience the elegant and posh side of Prague’s everyday life ✔️
  • Accommodation is inexpensive ✔️

CONS: Staying in Vinohrady

  • Other than the restaurants, the area is pretty quiet ❌

Where to stay in Vinohrady: Top Hotels

Mid Range Hotel Price Range: $100 – $300 USD

  • Hotel Orion – Straightforward hotel located in a residential neighborhood
    • Situated at the Královské Vinohrady, next to Náměstí Míru metro station
    • Great for long-term stays with kitchenettes
    • Pet friendly 🐾

Budget Hotel Price Range: Less than $100 USD

  • Czech Inn – Fuss free accommodation
    • Good value hotel with comfortable amenities
    • Breakfast buffet available
    • Helpful staff and clean/tidy rooms

Search for more hotels in Vinohrady


Žižkov in Prague 03 District – Best area to stay in Prague


🖤 Long-term stay in Prague, budget accommodation, budget food, quick access to the metro 

Žižkov is situated within the Prague 03 district. 

Žižkov is quite diverse and it swings from being a residential – quiet area on one end to being on the edgy side with brothels and strip clubs (on the western end). 

Avoid the western end of the district and stay closer to the metro station – Jiřího z Poděbrad. This area is accessible in terms of commute and you will find good restaurants as well. 

If you are in the mood to try traditional Czech food – this is the area to be in and they are cheap too. 

Why Stay in Zizkov Prague? Pros and Cons

Zizkov is perfect for those staying in town for the long term. Accommodation and food are cheap, you can access the metro anytime. 

The neighborhood is overall safe (even with the edgier past and present). Today it is home to students and young professionals. 

Top Activities in Žižkov

  • Žižkov Tower – This is Prague’s tallest tower – an example of a high-tech tower – this unique and unconventional tower has an observation deck and a hotel at 70 metres high. A good example of communist-era architecture in Central and Eastern Europe. 
  • National Monument – The National Monument is located on top of Vítkov hill. This monument is dedicated to the evolution and development of Czech statehood.
  • Several parks and gardens are scattered around the district. 

PROS: Staying in Žižkov

  • Away from hustle bustle of the city center. ✔️
  • Accessible to other tourist areas with metro and taxis. ✔️
  • Local restaurants and pubs to enjoy authentic Czech cuisine. ✔️
  • To experience Prague’s everyday life. ✔️
  • Accommodation is inexpensive. ✔️
  • Perfect for long term stay in Prague. ✔️

CONS: Staying in Žižkov

  • The area is pretty quiet. ❌

Where to stay in Žižkov: Top Hotels

Mid range Hotel Price Range: 

  • One Room Hotel – One Room Hotel is a stylish, 5-star accommodation close to Zizkov Television Tower.
    • It offers extensive city views. International cuisine restaurant on-site
    • Rooms have a mini bar, free wireless internet access, and a coffee maker. 
    • Close to many bars and restaurants with a range of varied cuisines.

Budget Hotel Price Range: Less than $100 USD

  • Hotel Don Giovanni Prague – Laid back and casual design hotel.
    • Free breakfast
    • Steps away from Želivského metro station and TV tower
    • Hotel amenities include 2 restaurants and a gym on-site
  • Hotel Theatrino – A 4 star hotel (PET FRIENDLY 🐾)
    • The hotel has city views and the Žižkov TV Tower.
    • Refined hotel in an art nouveau building
    • Hotel amenities include a bar and a sauna
    • Free breakfast
  • Hotel Carlton – A 4-star hotel housed in a 19th-century building
    • Warm red interiors
    • The hotel includes an in-house restaurant and lounge bar. 
    • Carlton Hotel Prague is close to shops, dining, and Prague’s nightlife. University of Economics, Vinohrady, and School of International Relations, University of Economics in Prague are each within easy walking distance

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Prague 06 – Dejvice and Václav Havel Airport Prague

Prague 06 is the largest district in the city in terms of size. Most of the city’s administrative offices and buildings are located here. 

Prague 06 comprises the areas of Dejvice and Václav Havel Airport Prague (international airport), which are great areas to stay in as a tourist. So you see there is quite a variety here.

Let’s learn about Dejvice and the Havel Airport area within District 06. 

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Dejvice in Prague 06


🖤 Communist era buildings (best for history buffs), access to decent restaurants and grocery stores, good access to the metro and other public transportation options

In this district, you will not find a lot of tourist spots, but there are historical buildings from the Communist era that are scattered across the district. 

If you are a history buff or if you like learning about the modern history era, then this district especially the area of Dejvice – is an awesome place to stay in Prague.

In Dejvice, you will find a Communist-era hotel – Hotel International – this hotel is recognized and listed as a Czech cultural monument. 

Most of the original hotel interior had been retained after the Communist downfall. This hotel was originally designed as a military hotel and today it is a 4-star luxury hotel. We were fortunate to stay here!


Why stay at Dejvice? Pros and Cons

Being the largest district, metros and bus lines are easily connected to other tourist areas. From Prague 06 to Prague 01 – which is the sightseeing/tourist area will cost you less than 10 euros for a cab ride.

This district also has food and grocery stores and other everyday amenities, easily available.

One unique thing about this area is that Dejvice depicts a place where it is marching towards the future, but it is still gripped by the Communist past. 

If you wander through the lanes, you will find old dilapidated buildings and new or vintage functional buildings side by side – such a contrast. But this really allows you to take a sneak peek into the past. And yes it is very safe.

Activities and things to see at Dejvice

  • Communist buildings (old and functional)

PROS: Staying in Dejvice

  • Stay here to experience the past like the Communist era buildings and the everyday Prague life. ✔️
  • Cheap and budget accommodation option. ✔️
  • Close to metros and other means of transport. ✔️
  • Decent restaurants and grocery stores. ✔️

CONS: Staying in Dejvice

  • No tourist attractions are located in the area. ❌

Where to stay in Prague Dejvice: Top Hotels

Mid Range Hotel Price Range: $100 – 300 USD

  • Hotel DAP – Classy relaxed hotel in a neoclassical-style building

Budget Hotel Price Range: Less than $100 USD

  • Hotel International Prague – A communist era 4- star hotel
    • Located near parks (Sarka-Lysolaje and Wild Sark) and a great residential neighborhood
    • Free breakfast, parking, and near metro station
    • Popular with business travelers 
  • Vienna House Diplomat Hotel – Polished business hotel
    • Located in Prague’s diplomatic district, this polished hotel is a 6-minute walk from a metro line A station. 
    • Free breakfast and wifi
    • The hotel offers a rooftop terrace, spa, 3 restaurants, and 22 meeting rooms on-site

Search for more hotels in Prague Dejvice


Václav Havel Airport Area in Prague 06


🖤 Airport area, commercial and business amenities, good access to metro and other transportation

If you are in town for business and need to be close to the airport, then this is your District 06. The airport area is surrounded by international amenities including Starbucks coffee shops and decently priced bed and breakfast hotels. 

The airport serves flight services from inside and outside of Schengen zone (international flights)

Why stay at Vaclav Havel Airport? Pros and Cons

Staying by the airport is not a bad idea if you have an early morning flight or are in town for commercial reasons. Buses are available to take you from the airport to the city centre in 18 minutes (express) or a 35 minute can ride.

PROS: Staying in Vaclav Havel Airport

  • Stay here for quick access to the airport or if you are traveling to other cities via Prague Airways. ✔️
  • Budget accommodation option. ✔️
  • Close to metros and other means of transport. ✔️
  • International food chains. ✔️ 

CONS: Staying in Vaclav Havel Airport

  • No tourist attractions are located in the area. ❌

Where to stay in Prague Vaclav Havel Airport: Top Hotels

Mid Range Hotel Price Range: $100 – 250+ USD 

  • Courtyard by Marriott Prague Hotel –  This airport hotel is located only 3-minutes (walk) from Vaclav Havel Airport
    • The hotel is close to Terminals 1 and 2 and about 12 km (7.4 miles) from Prazsky hrad castle, dating from 880
    • Pet friendly 🐾
    • Great for business travelers
  • Holiday Inn Prague Airport – Luxurious airport hotel

Search for more hotels in Prague Vaclav Havel Airport


Prague 08 – Karlín


🖤 Everyday Prague life, good (affordable) for long-term stay, good access to the metro and other transportation

Karlin belongs to the 08 district in Prague. This is where you will find the everyday living in Prague. This area is in a way still close to Prague 01, as it is connected by a railway bridge on the east side of town.

But in many ways, we feel this area is still further away from the tourist hustle and bustle.

Why stay in Karlín? Pros and Cons

In Karlin, you will experience how Praguers live and eat. Transportation is accessible by tram lines and you will reach Prague city center in 20-35 minutes. 

There are no major attractions on this side of town, but you will find decent accommodation at a good price for sure.

Because there is not much happening in this district, you will either be venturing outside more for western food or other activities or using tram lines a lot.

Karlin is the best area to stay in Prague if you are in town for a long-term stay, as over time you will learn all the tram routes and have the gift of time to travel to sightseeing locations.

PROS: Staying in Karlin

  • Experience the everyday Prague living. ✔️
  • Far away from the tourist shenanigans and hustle bustle. ✔️
  • Decent accommodation at a good price. ✔️

CONS: Staying in Karlin

  • The daily commute and expenses associated with reaching the city center or commercial areas. ❌
  • Some spots in the neighborhood could be stretchy. ❌

Where to stay in Prague Karlin: Top Hotels

Mid Range Hotel Price Range: $150 – 300 USD

  • Hilton Prague – Hilton considers this hotel a 5-star property
    • Cool and casual hotel located across the Vltava river
    • Good value and it is perfect for long-term stays
    • The hotel has an indoor pool and hot tub
  • Jurys Inn Prague – Trendy hotel with great value
    • The hotel is 2 minute walk away from the metro station
    • Pet friendly 🐾

Search for more hotels in Prague Karlin



Best place to stay in Prague – Top 5 hotels in Prague – Traveler Picks!

Read to find the top 5 traveler picks! 

1. Mandarin Oriental Prague (in Prague 01)

Review by Sara Elizabeth Miller from Journey of Doing

Mandarin Oriental Prague-1 Room


Prague is a beautiful city, but it’s a crowded city.  Located across the Charles Bridge from Old Town, the Mandarin Oriental offers a peaceful respite from all the crowds while allowing you to enjoy all the beauty that Prague has to offer. 

I might argue that Mala Strana, or the “Lesser Quarter” of Prague is one of the most picturesque areas of Prague.  

The Mandarin Oriental is housed in a 14th Century monastery, parts of which are viewable from the on-site spa.  

The hotel itself offers a garden wing a Spa wing, a Renaissance wing, and a Baroque wing with rooms overlooking the city, the garden, or, if you’re really lucky, Prague Castle.  Regardless of wing, the renovated rooms offer their own character.  

We ended up in the garden wing with a first floor deluxe room that had large windows but provided absolute tranquility. 

The interior design elements include a mixture of rich textures and colors, which contribute to an absolutely luxurious stay.  Despite the cold temperatures of winter, the down comforters will keep you warm.  

With heated towel racks, plush robes, and a separate shower and a soaking tub, the bathrooms are designed with relaxation in mind. 

There are dual sinks, Atelier Cologne amenities, and plenty of light for getting ready. You don’t need to visit the spa, but I highly suggest that you do. 

Beyond the rooms, the service at the Mandarin sets it apart.  From the welcome drinks at Spices to the evening turn-down service (complete with Christmas cookies), every part of the Mandarin Oriental experience is designed with the ultimate goal of total relaxation in mind.  

The on-site spa is also committed to this goal. The Oriental Foot Therapy is a great way to end a busy day in Prague, but I can also recommend the Oriental Essence massage.

Cookies at Mandarin Oriental Prague-1
Mandarin Oriental Prague

We had an early flight that required us to leave for the airport before 4:00 AM.  We asked the hotel for assistance the night before our departure. 

They were able to arrange a cab in advance and the car showed up promptly with no additional surcharges. This experience is in sharp contrast to other hotel experiences where the car didn’t show up or the hotel was unable to assist us with booking a cab, and it really shows the Mandarin’s commitment to providing a seamless trip from start to finish.   

We’ve stayed in the New Town, the Old Town, and Mala Strana, and I believe that the Mandarin Oriental is one of the best ways to experience Prague.  

You are a short walk from the Old Town, but the hotel is also convenient to the tramline. 

You can spend your days seeing the main tourist attractions but are able to retreat to a quiet oasis to recharge for the next day. (I suggest booking one of the 3 for 2 deals to maximize your stay as well as your travel budget!)


2. Hilton Prague Old Town

Review by Rand Shoaf from Well Traveled Mile

Prague Hilton Old Town
Prague Hilton Old Town


Prague is a must see European destination for those looking for cultural history, amazing architecture, and fantastic beer. 

Home to famous castles and cathedrals, the capital of the Czech Republic attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year.

If you are planning a visit to Prague and want to stay in a gorgeous hotel in the middle of it all, you should consider staying at the Hilton in Prague Old Town.

This hotel is conveniently located for travelers arriving by both plane and train. Right at the gates to Prague Old Town, it is only a 5-minute walk from the central railway station Praha hlavní nádraží and only a 25-minute drive from the Václav Havel airport.

Thanks to its convenient location, you are within walking distance of shops, restaurants, and attractions in the area, such as Old Town Square, the famous Wenceslas Square, and Charles Bridge.

Don’t let the old-fashioned facade fool you; the inside is modern and beautiful with more amenities than you will likely use.

The rooms are spacious, stylish, and elegant, with Art Deco elements and a fresh color scheme. 

You may choose to stick with a standard room or you may want to upgrade to one of the suites for a bit more space.

Hilton Prague
Image Source: Hilton Prague

The Hilton Prague Old Town staff is there to offer premium services to its guests, from specially selected local wines to themed coffee breaks. 

Plus, the hotel has a great executive lounge if you happen to have Hilton Honors status.

You can also find other amenities in the hotel like a business center, fitness center, swimming pool, fine dining restaurant, and spa.


3. Blue Oak Apart Hotel (Prague 01)

Review by Leigh Wilson from Campfires and Concierges 

Blue Oak Hotel


I’m normally a points traveler who stays at Starwood or Hilton hotels, but I started planning a winter trip to Prague, I asked around on Facebook for hotel recommendations and some friends had just stayed at the Blue Oak Hotel and had good things to say about it. 

When I saw the price ($60 in winter) I couldn’t pass it up.

The winding streets of Prague can be intimidating, so it took me a day to realize how great the location of Blue Oak is. 

The hotel sits about two blocks from the Charles Bridge, on the castle side of the river. I was able to walk all over Prague from the hotel and the only time I used an Uber was to get to the train station at the end of my trip.

I can’t imagine a better location in Prague; everything in walking distance, but tucked down a side street so it was very quiet at night. Read: Prague night tours

It’s actually located in the Embassy District, next door to the British Embassy, so it also felt super safe for a solo female traveler to be out walking after dark.

For about $62 I had a lovely apartment with a fully equipped kitchen, bedroom, dining room table, and private bathroom. 

Everything was of very nice quality and the staff was super helpful, especially with directions and maps when my phone stopped working during my trip.

Most importantly, as a travel blogger, I can say the WiFi at the hotel was great and I had no issues getting work done throughout my stay. 

While I won’t give up my points anytime soon, I loved having a cozy little apartment tucked away in the Mala Strana. I would absolutely stay here again if I’m ever lucky enough to visit Prague again!


4. Rybna 9 Apartments (Location: Prague 09)

Review by Joanne from Sunsets and Roller Coasters

Rybna 9 Prague
Rybna 9 Prague


If you’re looking for a place to stay in Prague that can accommodate up to 8 people, or you’d just like to have a bit more space to relax, Rybna 9 Apartments is the perfect spot for you! 

Rybna 9 Apartments is named after its exact address, Rybna 9. It is located less than a 10-minute walk from Prague’s Old Town Square. It is also 5 minutes to Namesti Republiky where you’ll find wonderful restaurants and a local grocery store. 

Along with being within walking distance of the best things to see and do in Prague, its location makes it easy to drop back to in the middle of the day for a break or in case you’ve forgotten something.

Evening View from Rybna 9 Prague
Evening View from Rybna 9 Prague

The best feature of this apartment is the amazing private balcony. This apartment has a wonderful view of Our Lady of Tyn church and Old Town Square as well as an incredible view of St. Vitus Cathedral in the distance. 

There is a small table and chairs which makes it perfect for having a snack, having a glass, or wine or relaxing in the evenings.


5. Bishops House Hotel (in Prague 01 – Malá Strana)

Review by Jasmine from Life of a Social Butterfly

Bishops House in Prague 01


It’s not often you find a hotel perfectly located to explore all the main tourist attractions, with individual historical features to give a unique stay. 

Bishops House Hotel, located on the Malá Strana side of Prague, is 60m from the Charles Bridge and Vltava River, within 5 minute’s walk of the John Lennon Wall and 10 minutes walk from Prague Castle, as well as, the incredibly beautiful Old Town Square. Find what you can eat in Prague!

So close to the main attractions, it’s ideal for those looking to capture some early morning shots of the cobbled Charles Bridge and enjoy the views before the tourists descend in the afternoon. 

Though, quiet enough, tucked away in a cul-de-sac to enable a peaceful night’s sleep.

This small boutique hotel has a story of its own, being as the name suggests, the former seat of the Bishop, with original features on the main building dating back to the 16th Century. 

The rooms in the Old Gothic Tower are privy to the original features and beautiful ceilings. 

Whether you are staying in the tower or not, all the contemporary rooms are sympathetically designed to blend with the history of the building. 

Eco-boutique toiletries, rainforest shower facilities, and a well-stocked complimentary breakfast buffet are all welcome features to ensure an enjoyable stay.

The best of both worlds, the Bishops House Hotel is well positioned to enjoy Prague’s main attractions but intimate enough to really appreciate all the city has to offer away from the hustle and bustle. 

A gem in the heart of Prague’s fairytale city, the Bishops House Hotel is the perfect choice for a first-time visit to Prague. 


FAQ: Travel tips for the best place to stay in Prague | Where to stay in Prague first time

Here are some important travel tips for Prague Czech Republic,

Where to stay in Prague

Arriving in Prague Czech Republic

You can easily reach Prague via train, bus or flight. Prague is served by Václav Havel Airport Prague. 

Currency used in Prague

The primary currency of Prague is the Czech Koruna. Euros are widely accepted there. Most of the transactions happen in cash. If you pay in Euros, you will get Korunas back for the difference.

Travel Visa documents

The Czech Republic belongs to the Schengen zone of countries. If you do not belong to one of the visa exempt nations, then you will have to apply for the Schengen Visa ahead of time to gain entry to Prague.

Travel Insurance is a must for any international travel. Click here to shop for travel insurance quotes.

Safety in Prague

Prague is a safe country. Even exploring the old town at night, we felt safe.

Other Resources for Prague Czech Republic

Pin: Guide to Where to Stay in Prague for first-time visitors – Best places to stay in Prague

Where to stay in Prague - Best Place to stay in Prague
Where to stay in Prague – Best Place to stay in Prague
Best Place to stay in Prague
Best Place to stay in Prague

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