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25 Jobs for Travel Lovers: Tips by an HR Professional

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Oh for the love of travel. But distractions ~ bills, jobs, career, relationships, food. And then there are travel jobs that can combine travel and paying bills and a career. Here is the list of 25 jobs for travel lovers to balance travel, career and life!

Why should you listen to me? 

I am an experienced Human Resources Professional (with an MBA and a Registered Professional Recruiter Designation from Canada) and have been working with private and state governments in recruitment, job design, and career consultancy. As a travel blogger, I run 2 sites, with multiple income streams. I have worked remotely as well as in-house for years in various roles. 

Here we have compiled a list of jobs that allows for travel time, along with a career

25 Jobs for Travel Lovers: Combine Career and Passion for travel

Cool Travel Jobs Ideas


Blogging is still one of the lucrative ways to make money and live an independent life. Making money from this job category calls for self-discipline and passion for the subject/s you are writing about. But once you have it, you can start blogging from anywhere and make money through site clicks, guest publications, affiliate marketing, sponsored work, etc.

You can blog about travel, fashion, food, finance, etc. Make sure you research and find a niche that speaks to you. Once you pick a category, hire a mentor/coach or enroll in blogging courses to do it right, in a short period of time. 

Travel jobs earn by blogging
Make money by blogging

Income from blogging ranges from $500 to $10,000 per month (6 months – 3 years to 5+ years of blogging experience). Here are the blogging income streams, and it is important to diversify income for financial stability,

  • Ads: Monetize the traffic you get on your site
  • Affiliate Marketing: Make money by recommending products and services you use or love
  • Brand Partnerships: Creating content or social media posts by promoting the brand’s products or services
  • eBooks: Create ad-free eBooks 
  • Courses: Sell your skills in an online course format (are you good at blogging, photography, social media – create a course and sell it)

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2.Freelance Work

Freelance work can be projects like proofreading dissertations, fixing websites, working on news articles (print or online), make-up/stylists, graphics designing, etc There are websites that can show you available freelance projects which you can pick up and earn.

  • Fiverr – Fiverr is a popular platform to showcase or offer a variety of skills from proofreading, graphic designing, setting with WordPress sites or coding, etc. 
  • FlexJobs – Platform for finding remote, flexible, high-paying jobs
  • Direct Articles for publications like Culture Trip, NerdWallet, Kayak, and Airlines companies. You can offer to work for them and consistently send in articles every month, and get paid consistently (instead of pitching every month)
  • If you are a local or have local expertise, contact Tourism boards and offer content for their blog on a regular basis (as a content writer) 
  • Creative Market – A platform where you can sell pre-designed Photoshop graphics, web themes and fonts, social media templates, etc. 

3. Teach English 

There are thousands of opportunities around the world for TEFL certified English teachers teaching English abroad that pay well and offer exceptional benefits. Countries like South Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Gulf Arab countries offer great facilities to English teachers (these countries pay slightly higher than others for English teachers). Find TEFL jobs

Teach English Online

It is wise to combine a few streams of income to stabilize yourself financially. An average digital nomad combines teaching online, blogging, and freelance work to make a living. In order to have a good work, life balance, ensure you create a schedule that works for you and your wallet. 

4. Instructor of soft skills 

Spread awareness about a local dance/music/instrument or art that you know of or teach others about the same from the comfort of your house. 

  • A colleague of mine who is a trained Odissi dancer (folk dance form from Orissa, India) moved to Virginia, USA and opened a dance studio and started teaching Odissi. 
  • A family member of mine teaches art online
  • Another one teaches nail paint art, online

Any skill you have you can market that and make it a living. A way to market and present it is via courses (like Techable), webinar, or even YouTube videos. Youtube can also be monetized. In today’s world, you can also look into TikTok, Instagram Reels, IGTV or FaceBook Live to cater to your audience and help them. 

Eventually all the videos, tutorials can be transformed into a course with modules. Starting on FBLive, or Instagram will allow you to test and gauge the interest before you build a course. Depending on your popularity you can definitely monetise on online platforms via ads, affiliate products and sponsored work. 


Travel and photography go hand in hand. Why not use that skill to support your travels. Freelance photographers can collaborate with tourism companies or work solo and sell their work online or in-store/in-stall. Museums or cultural fests also use photographers in their events (Medieval Dresses and photos of people). 

Food Photography
Food photography is a very lucrative field.
  • Offer photography/videography services anywhere in the world. Join a wedding or travel for engagement photos
  • Sell prints online on your own blog or ETSY
  • Sell photos on Stock images websites like Getty Images, Abode, Deposit Photos (money is not great from these sites, but everything adds up and this can be a way to diversify freelance income)
  • Travel to teach photography/videography to stunning locations, by organizing a photo tours nearby or overseas

6.Virtual Work 

There are immense possibilities for online or virtual work now-a-days. Thanks to the internet and ‘work-life balance’ concepts at corporate houses.

  • There are online administrative jobs like data entry, conducting interviews/surveys
  • Virtual Assistant Jobs like click to chat options, or contact centers (companies like MarketLinc, Alpine provide online support to companies, and you can work from anywhere across the globe, some restrictions might apply)
  • Human Resources admin work like payroll (check out Upwork.com for online/Freelance HR jobs)
  • Become a Google AdWords Certified Consultant and pick up freelance work all across the globe. (Learn more about Google AdWords Certification here)
  • Work as a VA offering various social media and blog assistance like Pinterest management, email marketing, SEO edits, and content research, etc. 

7.Airlines or Cruise ship Staff 

Working for airlines has its perks, especially for in-flight staff like pilots, flight stewards and air-hostesses. You work, you can fly and also utilize the employee benefits.  

How to claim for delayed flights and cancellations
Airlines Staff

These are the roles to aim for 

  • Commercial Pilot
  • Flight attendant, Air Hostess or Flight Stewards
  • Ground Staff/ Mechanic/Maintenance Crew
  • Support Staff like Human Resources, Finance, IT are also allowed flight benefits (free or discounted flights to travel more) 
  • More information about airlines career here

Traveling and working on a cruise ship is a fun way to see the world. The job eligibility requirements are not super difficult as long as you are over 21 years, have a valid passport, speak English, and clear a criminal and medical examination. 

8.Travel Operators/ Tour Guides 

Travel Operators know and understand the travel. Once upon a time, I worked for a Provincial Tourism Development Corp.) There is immense travel involved, sometimes local or provincial depending on the area/demography covered. 

Travel Operators: Or Travel Consultants work for travel agencies, who help clients book trips (customized) or arrange for pre-packaged trips. Many of these agencies belong to Travel Councils and they organize annual get-togethers in various parts of the world.

They are also privy to destination package sales, so you can travel more in less $$. 

Tour Guides: We have also spoken at length to Tour Directors (from multi-day tour package providers), who lead visitors in a mini-van or bus and take them to various destinations. In case of multi-day tours, remember you will be away from family for weeks in a row. Many operate on a 2 week work, 2 week off set up, depending on the tour package.

As a tour operator/guide you stay close to the travel industry and as such also get opportunities for further travel.

9. Chef  

Culinary is heart and soul for many travelers. And as such chefs and assistants can find jobs or open restaurants/cafes depending on their talents. How about opening a Lebanese restaurant in Dubai ~ cook, serve & travel.

Chef and culinary skills

10. Hotel Industry 

Hotel employees can benefit from working in the industry. For international brands like Hilton, Marriott, Fairmont, BestWestern, etc. you can also seek projects to work in different hotel properties worldwide. 

This is not restricted to direct hotel management roles (like Manager, Chef, Housekeeping), but also open to support staff like HR, accounts, finance, marketing, etc.

It is easy to seek transfer and move to another location or destination (as long as there is an opening or vacancy). Another benefit of working in a global hotel brand is employee discounts on hotel rooms! Imagine employee discounts for hotel stays across the globe. 

11. Seasonal Trainer  

Many companies (and some countries via special work permit) invite special instructors to train people on a certain skill. For example, as a scuba or ski instructor anywhere in the world, you can pick up seasonal projects across the globe. 

Thinking of chasing Northern Lights, as a ski instructor you can offer to assist ski resorts in Whistler, Canada, or Alaska, USA. 

12. Stylists 

Fashionistas (hair/clothes/makeup/nail artists) can work anywhere in the world and make a living offering their services. Hair and make-up artists can tie up with wedding or event planners and travel with the entourage. Fashion capitals like Milan and New York are great places to start small or even a freelance project to support your travels.

13. Modeling/Acting/Singing/Dancing

There are many opportunities in this field from print modelling to advertising to acting (on screen, street-plays, theatre). You can pick up free-lancing projects or assist on shooting sets. You can also do cameo appearances. Non-local models, actors are usually in great demand.

Professional dancers/singers on stage concerts, festivals and events also allow you to travel in troupes. Join an agency or school that offers national or international exposure and don’t shy away from participating and showcasing your talents!

14. Sports

If you are good at sports and can play at national level, great! You can definitely go places. But don’t lose heart, if you are not. There are positions for trainers (learner level and advanced) or sports related services where you can be employed and can travel with the team for play-offs/training!

Sportsmen/women travel with their team for playoffs or tournaments. Younger players are joined by their parents. Add coaches, medical staff, trainers, and other assistance, in the troupe. 

15. Retail 

I am using the Retail industry as an example here, but if you work for a global corporation like Wal-Mart, Ikea, Staples, H&M, Zara, etc you can ask to be transferred to a location of your choice.

Of course, conditions apply like position availability or national talent strategies ~ however, entry-level retail/customer service jobs and skills are needed everywhere in major cities. So why not use that job experience?

It is normal for senior executives to travel overseas to share their insights, and success stories in big MNC’s like Staples, H&M, etc. One of my bosses in Retail (Canada) worked in Amsterdam for 3 years helping them to set up their new line of products. Another friend of mine worked for 6 months as an intern at H&M Spain and returned back to India. 

16. Designing/Creative Field like Architect, Interior, Fashion, Website Designing 

A designer or creative mind of any kind is an institution in itself. Carry your canvas, brush, laptop, whatever you need and you can start working literally anywhere. Depending on your creative zest you can also find employment in studios or agencies.

Interior designing: Jobs for travel lovers
Interior designing
  • Fiverr or UpWork – To showcase and get assignments for website, graphic or interior designing
  • Magazine Contributor – Working as columnist or magazine contributor for Fashion, Interior Designer or Architecture 
  • Find an agency that has a virtual or borderless office in these areas of work. You might have to travel once a while for meetings in-house, but for the most part as long as your project deadlines are met you are free to work from home or remotely 

17. Interpreter 

Language experts are always needed in many forms, including translators and interpreters for important documents. Statistics show that 1 in 5 translators are self-employed and they work from home. How about interpreting legal documents sitting in a cafe in Paris!

18. Volunteer Work/ NGO 

There is immense need in the world for volunteers, whether its Red Cross, Make-A-Wish, Cancer Society, World Vision, etc. You can work as a volunteer and serve people across nations and communities. 

Any volunteer work will add to your resume and build experience. Keep in mind, the salary paid is not very high, but it is enough to pay your monthly bills, but many agencies cover food and accommodation (so you are saving money there)

  • Peace Corps volunteer – You can contribute as a Peace Corps Volunteer and serve humanity. Typically projects last 2 years and can be placed in multitude fields ranging from education, community development, healthcare sector to name a few
  • Red Cross, Make-A-Wish, Cancer Society, World Vision – Various volunteer programs mostly at the provincial/state or national level
  • Find genuine volunteer work at World Packers.com and travel for free

19. International Relations/ Expats/Immigration Expert  

In every country, there is a civil services/government administration that deals with foreign policy and international relations. Why not work for them? You travel, learn about new culture/country and broaden your international exposure.

Roles include,

  • Clearing Civil or Foreign service to work as Ambassadors, Foreign Affairs Intern/Volunteer, Research Analyst
  • International Relations Consultant, working UN, International agencies in a research, policy or consultative role
A list of 25 jobs for travel lovers to balance travel, career, and life, written by a Human Resources professional!

20. Import/Export Consultants 

Customs houses, small-medium businesses need forex or international business consultants to assist them with trade paper-work and general guidance. These fields of work open up opportunities for travel to other lands.

Salil and I both have our educational background in International Business Management. Forex, logistics and supply chain management are also related areas that you can branch into, and you can travel being in these professions. 

Roles to look for,

  • IB & Forex Consultants: Work with agencies, many roles are virtual or have flexibility in travel-work schedule 
  • Import & Export: Work for yourself, or as an employee (for the government or a private company) dealing in import or export of goods. You can travel to trade fairs and festivals to grow and advance the business
  • Supply Chain Management: Travel is involved in coordinating various warehouses or distribution centres. Work involves supply chain/movement of goods and people management
  • Logistics: Movers, drivers, goods carriers 

21. IT Consultants/On-site Projects 

IT companies offer on-site projects for software engineers and programmers. You are paid in local currency as well as your home currency. These are great opportunities to further your career and travel. 

A lot of software companies in India will send their software engineers to places like Peru, San Francisco, London to work for their overseas clients. The employer takes care of travel and visa work as well. What a win-win situation!

Another way to work virtually is to look for support roles in IT (developer, code, technician). These roles/ job profiles can work from anywhere in the world, and you can be location independent – you only need a laptop and good internet.  

22. Professor/Visiting Faculty 

If you are in the field of education, i.e. professors, research assistants you can apply to different universities or institutes across the globe and offer to teach. 

I know a freelance researcher who charged $500 for a 2 hour lecture. There are provisions for visiting or temporary faculty members in various institutes too. You can pick up a 5 week semester course to teach in a country like Thailand, Canada or UAE or whatever your heart desires.

23. Commission Sales Jobs  

There are a plethora of options if you are a sales-pro. Commission jobs are hard to live by, but if you can master sales – you are your own boss and have no limitations to your income. 

There are online companies selling goods (e-commerce or via telecom) and there are local companies (cosmetics to insurance) where you can use your sales skills and plan your lifestyle your way, keeping the travel passion alive. A luxury travel advisor is a new and upcoming sales field. This is a location independent job, and all you need is internet and sales skill to market to clients looking for luxury travel. 

24. Midwives, Nurse, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists 

Any career in health care can be utilized all across the world. Certain licences may be required to practice.

For example, as a Travel Nurse you can work remotely by administering life saving medical assistance in various places. Mobile medical aid (or testing centres like mammography, senior care or vaccination centres/vans) are an option. This position requires a background in health and residency requirements to work remotely. 

Babysitting, midwives, online nutritionists and psychologists are great career options for those who love to travel. In Canada, mental health and wellness related agencies like EFAP or LifeWorks hire virtual nutritionists, therapists and psychologists to help clients. These roles possess a Masters degree and at least 10+ years of experience to work in virtual roles. 

25. Student Exchange Program 

This is how I landed in Canada from a small town in India. I was doing my MBA in International Business Management and I got the opportunity to do my final year in Toronto. There are many schools and institutes that offer student exchange programs. My Indian University also allowed students to travel to the United Kingdom as well. Learn why I chose to move to Canada instead.

Student exchange programs give you an opportunity to see if you like a different culture and travel and live in a foreign country for a specified period of time. This term can range from 6 months to 2 years. While studying you can work part-time, mingle with people from different backgrounds and explore the new country.

So these are some of the coolest travel jobs that you can target to be location independent and earn a living. 

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