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15 of the Best Travel Accessories for Europe

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Are you planning a trip to Europe and wondering what the best travel accessories for Europe are? 

Do you want to know what are the Europe travel essentials are what’s just not necessary?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you are in the right place, as in this guide I’m going to show you not only what you need in your Europe travel kit, but also show you some of the exact items we use.

Very best travel accessories for Europe
Very best travel accessories for Europe

By having all the essentials for traveling in Europe, it will make your trip so much easier. You won’t be inconvenienced by having the wrong adaptor or not being able to charge your mobile or camera during a day of sightseeing. 

Also, having essential Europe travel items will make your trip more comfortable by providing you with some entertainment while on the plane or in transit between cities.

The good thing about most of these Europe travel kit items is you’ll be able to use them again and again for pretty much all your future travels wherever they may be. Some of these essentials for traveling to Europe, you may already have – for others, we take all the guess out of deciding which ones you should buy, and which ones just aren’t necessary.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

15 of the Best Travel Accessories for Europe

Below I’ve listed 15 of the best Europe travel accessories that will ensure your trip is memorable and as comfortable as possible!

Lightweight Mirrorless Camera – Sony A6400

Of course one of the most essential traveling accessories wherever you go is your camera.  When you are traveling, you are also making memories and adding experiences. A photograph can speak a thousand words – how true is this quote? We carry our cell phone and a mirrorless camera to capture our moments abroad.


We cannot tell you enough how much joy it brings us when we re-live those moments; it definitely enriches our everyday lives.  In our view, investing in a good camera is one of the best accessories for travel.

While you no doubt already have a camera at home, if you’re looking to invest in a new camera for your Europe trip, we can highly recommend the Sony A6400.  This is the camera we use, and we just love the picture quality. Plus, it’s super light so that we can carry it all day long on our neck, without the heavyweight. The battery lasts all day and is so COMPACT that it fits in my cross-body purse.

The lenses in the mirrorless camera are powerful and super easy to use. In terms of ease of use, it’s like a point and shoot camera. You can learn complicated tricks to maximize the use of the camera, but even with the regular (out of the box) settings, it works fantastic.

When it comes to must-have traveling accessories – a camera is definitely at the top of the list!

Multi-Port Charging Cables – Chafon 6 in 1 

With all the electronic items that you’re likely to be carrying on your travels, having a range of travel gadgets to keep them charged and up to date is essential. I swear by this multi-port cable, it’s one of the really useful travel accessories I own.  

I was given a sample of these cable years ago when I worked in retail, and it is an AMAZING item to keep forever. It is a charging cable, with multiple ports like for your iPhone, Kindle, camera, or battery back-up. 

As you know, all these devices use different ports like a micro USB, USB, and lightning cable, etc. However, you can charge them all with this cable and all at the same time if you like.

The cable takes up less space and takes out the hassle (and of forgetting) or leaving any of the essential chargers behind.

Give this a try; you will be impressed. (and you won’t be breaking the bank either). I love to carry this charger in my purse as well – as Salil and I use different phones (iPhone and Android).

Travel Adaptor – Sublime Ware Universal Travel Adaptor

Depending on where you are traveling from, one of the travel necessities for Europe is a universal adaptor. 

You will be carrying a range of electronic devices (a phone, camera, tablet or laptop) with you on your travels and so having the best travel adaptor for Europe will help you plug in your device in any power outlet in Europe.

 In terms of the best travel adapter for Europe, this multi-country adaptor has 4 USB ports and can be used in over 150 countries. So definitely one of the top travel accessories not just for Europe but all of your future travels too.  We bought ours when we first started traveling overseas (in 2011 or so), and it is still in good working condition.

A universal travel adaptor is absolutely one of the must-have travel accessories for Europe.

Gadget Accessories Case – UGREEN Electronics Organizer

When it comes to what to bring to Europe to keep all your devices and their various cables, chargers and adapters in, an accessories case is a real essential.  A gadget case is one of the best European travel accessories to keep all your electronic stuff well organized. This UGREEN electronics organizer is an excellent option if you’re after the best electronics accessories travel organizer for Europe as its nice and compact, has mesh pockets, double zippers and plenty of room for all your electronics and cables.

What I really like about the UGREEN organizer is its double-layer giving you even more space for all your gadgets.  

One of these gadget accessory cases will undoubtedly come in handy for keeping all your cool travel accessories well organized.

Wireless Headphones – Bose QuietComfort 35II

If you’re traveling on a long haul flight to Europe, having a pair of good quality headphones are one of the best travel essentials for Europe.  Even if you’re not traveling long haul, just having a great pair of headphones is perfect for traveling around Europe on trains or buses. 

If you’re going to get a new pair of headphones, I also recommend you go wireless.  These days wireless headphones are essential for traveling, as most devices only have one outlet, and so most of the time, you need to use that for keeping your device charged. 

Having wireless headphones means you can listen to your music or movies while traveling and charge your device at the same time. Plus there are no annoying cables to deal with.

One of the most sought after wireless headphones by travelers, are the Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones.  Not only do these headphones provide state of the art audio, but they are also noise-canceling so that you can block out all the sounds around you.  Plus, with up to 20 hours of battery life, you don’t have to worry about them going flat, even on the longest of flights.

The Bose headphones are both wireless and Bluetooth enabled so you can pair them with your device, plus through the Bose app, you can control the sound, level of noise cancellation and more via your phone. They also come in their own case making them perfect for travel.

To pass the time while traveling to Europe or around Europe, a great pair of headphones is undoubtedly one of Europe’s travel necessities.

SIM Card – Orange Holiday Europe

These days it’s pretty much impossible to travel anywhere without having access to the internet.  Whether you use the internet to access Google Maps to get around, book an Uber, check bus and train timetables, use TripAdvisor to find a great nearby restaurant, or check the opening times of the museum – having access is absolutely essential.  

And I didn’t even mention being able to post all your great photos up on social media!

Having access to the internet makes having a prepaid SIM card one of the most essential travel accessories for Europe.  While you can no doubt buy one once you arrive, I highly recommend you grab one beforehand so that as soon as you get off the plane, you are good to start navigating your way around.


This Orange Holiday Europe SIM card makes the best travel SIM for Europe as it comes with a massive 20GB and works in 30 different European countries.  So much better than those crazy international roaming fees or relying on free Wi-Fi as you travel. Plus, you can use it the minute you touch down in Europe.

A prepaid SIM card is definitely one of the essential things you need when traveling to Europe.

Portable Charger – Anker PowerCore Essential 20000

Of course, with all these devices and electronics on your Europe travel list, you’re going to want to ensure you can always keep them charged.  This makes having a quality power bank another one of the essential things to bring to Europe.

Power banks come in a range of sizes, and while many people opt for a small one that can easily slip into their handbag, I recommend going for a heavy-duty one.  With a heavy-duty power bank, you can keep your devices charged during long haul flights, and during those times, when for whatever reason you can’t charge your devices in your hotel room.

A good heavy-duty power bank like this one from Anker will charge your devices multiple times over before it needs to be charged itself.  Plus it has two USB ports so you can charge multiple devices at once.

When it comes to the best travel gear for Europe, without a doubt a good quality portable charger is one of the best travel tech accessories you can bring along.

Anti Theft Travel Purse – Travelon Signature Hobo

One of the most important European travel accessories is a great travel purse to keep all your valuables safe during a day of sightseeing.  While you might have a favorite purse that you use at home, the best travel purse for Europe is an anti-theft purse for that bit of extra peace of mind. The best purse for travel in Europe is one that is big enough to carry just what you need for a day of sightseeing.  I have the Travelon Signature Hobo, which I just love as it’s roomy enough to keep all my travel gear essentials such as my camera, cellphone, travel documents, and even a few cosmetics in it.

Plus being an anti-theft purse, it has a range of great security features such as RFID blocking card slots, slash-resistant body panels, and shoulder straps, locking compartments, and a lockdown strap.

Anti Theft Day Pack – Pacsafe Metrosafe LS450

When it comes to things to take to Europe, a travel backpack is an ESSENTIAL item. You should invest in a sturdy, comfortable backpack which you can carry all day long. The best daypack for Europe travel is an anti-theft backpack, which is what we recommend. Anti-theft backpacks can store your electronics, travel documents (RFID protection), and have comfortable and adjustable straps.

Try to stick to a size of 25-35 L size as a daypack or backpack style. With this optimal size, you can use the backpack as a carry-on and as a day pack to carry all the essential travel items for Europe, when you are out and about exploring. 

The Pacsafe Metrosafe is one of the best travel daypacks for Europe, mainly due to its excellent anti-theft properties (slash-proof, water and tear-resistant).  These Pacsafe backpacks are made up of cut-proof and slash-proof material so that no thief can get access to your belongings.

Plus, you can tie and lock it to an immovable object in a restaurant or overnight trains in Europe, keeping your bag out of reach from evil hands.

Do consider an excellent quality anti-theft day pack for carrying all your valuable things needed for travel to Europe.

Packing Cubes – Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

To keep your clothes, electronics, and things for traveling to Europe well organized, packing cubes are another one of the essential travel items for Europe we recommend.  Whether we’re going just carry-on or checking in a suitcase, we use packing cubes to organize our clothes, cosmetics, and other items. They are really a space saver and helps in staying organized, trust me! 

If you are using a “tube-like single hole” backpack, you need a packing cube. If you are carrying multiple occasion outfits, you need to organize them – you need a packing cube.  Need to separate clean and dirty clothes on your trip, take a packing cube that acts as a laundry bag. Do I need to give more reasons to convince you? 

Get one and try it! Seriously they really are one of the best accessories for international travel – any travel actually.

Like this Eagle Creek set, most packing cubes come in 3 different sizes, and you can store different clothes in each one and organize them by size or trip destination. 

You can find cheaper options on Amazon, but it’s worth investing in good quality packing cubes, as the cheaper ones tend to break or tear mid-trip. These Eagle Creek ones will last you year after year.

Travel Organizer – Zoppen Multi-Purpose Travel Wallet

When traveling overseas, another one of the best international travel accessories to have is a travel organizer.  These organizers or travel wallets are so handy for keeping all your travel documents organized and in one place.  

They are a MUST have to organize and secure your credit cards, printed boarding passes, passport, any quick notes like hotel address, emergency contact information, etc.

I know you might think, in the age of technology, why bother with a printed boarding pass? Trust me; not all airports will accept barcode/digital boarding passes, and what if your phone is frozen and cannot be scanned.

Also, your passports and credit cards are digital, so you will need a wallet with RFID protection (to protect against identity theft). We use a travel organizer for documents even at home, and when we are not traveling, to keep all the travel documents in one place.

Invest in one like this Zoppen travel wallet which is not bulky, yet has enough rooms for passport, credit or ID cards, money, paper, pen, and boarding pass, with RFID protection.

Do consider adding a travel wallet to your list of essential European accessories you need to get for your trip.

Collapsible Water Bottle – Baiji Bottle

No matter where you’re headed – Europe or even on a local trip – a reusable water bottle would have to be among the top 10 travel accessories that every traveler needs.  And what’s even better than a reusable water bottle is this really cool collapsible water bottle. Whether you are hiking or just doing a day of city sightseeing, you SHOULD stay hydrated and carry a water bottle.

In countries where water is expensive, fill it up at the hotel—places where public water is questionable – the same thing. Take filtered, clean water in your bottle. You are doing your bit for the environment and staying fit. Oh yes – drink lots of water, in flight, on the road and drink 8 glasses.

This Baiji collapsible bottle is such a great one to consider for anyone looking for a new water bottle for their trip.  It’s made from food-grade silicone and folds down so compactly, so it takes up barely any room in your luggage when not in use.  Plus, I love the carabiner so you can easily attach it to your bag for easy access throughout the day.

Don’t leave home with you a reusable water bottle – definitely one of the best travel accessories for international travel as well as local trips.

Travel Pillow – MLVOC Memory Foam Pillow

Particularly if you’re traveling long haul, one of the things needed to travel to Europe is a travel pillow.  By having a good quality pillow, you’re more likely to get at least a bit of sleep on the plane. 

There is a stack of different pillow options, but I recommend you get a good quality memory foam pillow like this MLVOC one.  These pillows mold to the shape of your head and neck, which makes it easy for you to get comfortable, and they also have a drawstring cord so you can keep it securely in place.

The other good thing about these pillows is that it comes with its own travel bag and a removable machine washable cover.

If you want to get some sleep on your flight to Europe, a travel pillow is one of the best travel items for Europe!

Eye Mask – Unimi Eye Mask

If you want an even better chance of sleeping on the airplane, then consider investing in an eye mask.  A good quality eye mask like this Unimi one will ensure all the light on the plane is completely blacked out, which will encourage you to hopefully nod off for some shut-eye while on that long haul flight.


This Unimi eye mask is made from super soft memory foam, so feels comfortable on your face, and with the 3D ergonomic design, there is no pressure on your eyes.  The mask comes with a fully adjustable strap too, so you can get an excellent secure fit and avoid it slipping off.

Luggage Scales – AmazonBasics Portable Luggage Scales

Last but least, to avoid any of those nasty excess baggage fees at the airport, I highly recommend investing in some luggage scales.  Particularly if you’re just going with carry-on only luggage, then luggage scales are one of the essential backpacking travel accessories. 

These portable luggage scales can measure up to 50kg (can change to pounds, grams, or ounces), and with the digital screen, it’s easy to read right down to just 90g.

And there you have it our list of all the best accessories and best travel gadgets for Europe.  With the above items, you’re sure to have a smooth and hassle-free trip of a lifetime to Europe.

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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