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Is Bath Worth Visiting? Reasons to visit Bath

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When it comes to planning a holiday, deciding where to go can be one of the most exciting yet daunting parts. If you have an English city on your mind, you might be wondering – is Bath worth visiting? Well, in this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything that makes Bath the perfect escape – one that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is filled with plenty of stunning sights and activities waiting for you to discover! 

Is Bath worth visiting? Here are our 11 top reasons to visit Bath UK

Why should you visit Bath UK pin
Why should you visit Bath UK

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Bath is a stunning city in the UK that has been welcoming visitors for centuries. It has a rich history and culture, as well as some of the most beautiful architecture in all of England. 

Not to mention its world-famous Roman Baths and many other attractions. 

Girl at the Pulteney Bridge in Bath Uk
Is Bath worth visiting

With plenty of things to do from exploring the Georgian streets, shopping at the iconic Corridor Shopping Centre, or enjoying a traditional cream tea at one of Bath’s many tearooms, it’s an ideal destination for any kind of trip. 

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a cultural exploration, or just a relaxing break, you’ll find something to suit your needs in this delightful city. 

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We planned a trip to Bath for visiting the Roman Baths and the Pulteney Bridge. Little did we know we will love this English city’s ambiance from the Georgian architecture to afternoon tea! We will share our reasons why we love this city so much.

1. Admire the Georgian architecture 

Bath is one of the few cities in Britain where its Georgian architecture still stands tall and proud. It’s no wonder why it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site as these grand buildings are a testament to the city’s rich heritage.

The Royal Crescent, which dates back to 1774, is one of Bath’s most iconic sights. It’s a curved row of 30 Grade I listed terrace houses that offers amazing views of the city. This grand sight is definitely worth admiring and taking some photos for memories.

A row of terraced houses on the Royal Crescent in Bath, Somerset, England
A row of terraced houses on the Royal Crescent in Bath, Somerset, England

It is also located near the beautiful Royal Victoria Park, which is amazing as well. 

The Circus (or the King’s Circus) which was built between 1754-1768, is another impressive example of Georgian architecture in Bath. This roundabout consists of three smaller curved terraces that radiate from a central point and is also Grade I listed.

The Circus designed by architect John Wood the Elder in the 18th century
The Circus was designed by architect John Wood the Elder in the 18th century

The Assembly Rooms on Bennett Street date back to 1771 and are the last of Bath’s must-see Georgian architectural sites. 

It was once used as a social venue for high society during the mid 18th century but now it serves as a museum. This grand building is definitely one to admire and explore on your trip to Bath.

The Fashion Museum is also currently housed in the Assembly Rooms. 

If you love Georgian architecture, then Bath is a must. Its grand buildings offer insight into the city’s history and provide plenty of photo opportunities for those wishing to capture its beauty.

2. Visit the Roman Baths and relax

No trip to Bath is complete without visiting the iconic Roman Baths. Situated at the heart of this World Heritage Site, it’s easy to see why it remains one of the city’s most popular attractions. 

View of the Roman Baths in Bath, UK
View of the Roman Baths in Bath, UK

The baths served as a public bath for both locals and travelers alike. They are preserved in four main sectors: the Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, the Roman Bath House, and a museum – the earliest of the structures dates back to 70 AD, so you get to experience a 2000 year old site. 

You can explore the baths, learn about its history and even take a dip in the naturally heated thermal springs.

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Visiting the Roman Baths is an absolute must for any trip to Bath, but it’s also important to relax and take some time out from exploring. 

There are plenty of ways to unwind in this city, from indulging in one of the many spa treatments available to taking a leisurely stroll around the picturesque Royal Victoria Park. 

3. Enjoy charming cafes + afternoon tea 

Bath is home to some of the most charming tea rooms and cafes. From cute family-run tearooms that serve delicious homemade cakes, to chic coffee shops with outdoor terraces overlooking the city, there are a lot of choices for those who like to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in Bath.

The Abbey Deli in Bath

The Afternoon Tea at No.15 is a favorite among locals and visitors. This quaint cafe serves an array of traditional afternoon tea treats in a cozy, homely atmosphere. 

For those looking for something more special, Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House offers a world-famous bun in one of the oldest houses in Bath. 

Afternoon tea at the Modiste Abbey Deli is also an excellent choice!

If you’re looking for something a little less conventional, The Olive Tree is the place to go. This Michelin Star restaurant offers Mediterranean-inspired dishes and drinks, and it is a great spot for lunches or dinners. 

Whatever your preference, there are plenty of charming tea rooms and cafes in Bath to choose from. 

4. Compact & cultural city of Bath 

Bath is compact and it is easy to walk around, wander, and get lost in this city of culture – filled with plenty of things to do and see. 

Bath Abbey or the House of Prayer greets you, and the iconic Pulteney Bridge over River Avon is almost synonymous with the city! 

Girl at the Bath Abbey
Bath Abbey

From its stunning Georgian architecture to the Roman Baths at its heart, this World Heritage Site boasts an array of fascinating sights that visitors can explore. It’s also home to some amazing cultural attractions such as the vibrant Theatre Royal, which has been entertaining audiences for over 210 years.

The city also has a thriving art and music scene, with galleries, museums, and live music venues offering something for everyone. 

Pulteney Bridge views Bath
Pulteney Bridge views Bath

For those looking to pick up local souvenirs, Bath is home to some fantastic independent stores that sell handmade goods and unique finds.

Whether you’re looking to explore the history and culture of this beautiful city, take in its stunning architecture, soak in at the Thermae Bath Spa, or just relax and enjoy some delicious treats at one of its charming tea rooms, Bath is the perfect getaway destination for couples, and families alike!

5. Go vintage shopping 

If you’re looking for unique finds on your travels, then vintage shopping in Bath is perfect for you. This vibrant city is home to some fantastic independent stores with an array of vintage and second-hand wares.

The Yellow Shop on Walcott Street is the place to go for antiques, collectibles, and jewelry from all eras. It’s the ideal spot for treasure hunting and rummaging through a variety of unique finds. 

Busy shopping day in Milsom Street, Bath
Busy shopping day in Milsom Street, Bath

Vintage lovers should also head to the city centre for an array of chic boutiques selling everything from vintage clothes, and toys to retro home decor, such as Bath Retro Store on Abbey Green.

Those looking for furniture or homeware should visit Quiet Street Antiques store in Bath. This vintage shop is jam-packed with a range of mid-century furniture, retro furnishings, and quirky decorative pieces – all in an affordable price range. And they deliver worldwide!

There are amazing charity pop-up stores all across the city, and Walcot Street’s Julian House showcases pre-loved items like clothing, bags, accessories, books, and more – and all for eradicating homelessness in Bath. 

6. Enjoy a laid-back and creative getaway (cooking class, pottery, etc)

If you’re looking for a unique and creative experience in Bath, then there are plenty of workshops and classes to choose from. From pottery painting to cooking classes, this vibrant city has some of the coolest options!

The Demuths Cookery School is a great spot to learn how to cook like a professional chef. The team at this popular cookery school offers a range of classes, from making pasta, and perfecting the art of patisserie to mastering the delicate flavors of healthy eating! 

For those looking to get creative with pottery, the Sanity Studios is an excellent place to visit. This colorful workshop offers a range of classes from beginners to advanced, as well as hen parties. 

If you’re looking for something unique, then why not try a ceramics class at Kate Marshall? They offer workshops for all levels of expertise and the chance to create beautiful works of art with glass paint.

7. See what inspired Jane Austen 

Bath is a city with a rich literary past, and there is no better place to explore this history than the Jane Austen Centre. 

Located on Gay Street in the heart of Bath, you will find the Jane Austen Centre which is dedicated to the author’s life and work. 

She lived in Bath from 1801 to 1806, and the city inspired her in so many ways which are evident in her novels – ‘Persuasion’ and ‘Northanger Abbey’.

The centre offers visitors an insight into Austen’s time in Bath, with exhibitions and displays exploring her life and works. It also houses a collection of artifacts from the era, such as books and costumes.

You can take part in interactive activities such as dressing up in Regency attire and playing traditional board games from the 19th century.

The centre also hosts a variety of special events throughout the year, including lectures, workshops, and musical performances. 

There’s also a range of literary talks from experts in the field, as well as craft activities for children. It’s a great way to get an appreciation for Austen’s life and works, as well as learn about Bath’s fascinating history.

8. You can see where Netflix’s Bridgerton show was filmed 

Bath is the perfect backdrop for a period drama and it’s no wonder that Netflix chose this city as the location for its hit series Bridgerton

With its elegant Georgian architecture, cobbled streets, and beautiful parks, it provides the ideal setting to recreate 19th century London. 

Beautiful streets of Bath with its typical Georgian architecture
Beautiful streets of Bath with its typical Georgian architecture

The production team transformed Bath into a world of grandeur and romance, with many well-known locations throughout the city featuring prominently in the series. 

Here are some of the places you can visit to get a real Bridgerton experience: 

  • The Royal Crescent is one of Bath’s iconic landmarks and was used extensively as a filming location for Bridgerton. This sweeping crescent of Georgian townhouses provided a stunning backdrop for the series’ ballroom scenes, as well as appeared in many exterior shots. 
  • No 1 Royal Crescent was used as the Featheringtons’ London home.
  • The Abbey Green is a pretty square that was decked up heavily with market stalls for strolls in the Bridgerton series. The Modiste dress shop (aka Abbey Deli), where the characters have their clothing fitted is here.
  • Holburne Museum was used to represent the exterior of Lady Danbury’s townhouse (used in Series 1, Episode 1).
  • The Assembly Rooms is a popular location for filming, and it featured prominently in Bridgerton as the setting for many of the show’s ballroom scenes (Lady Danbury’s ball). 

Bath provided the perfect backdrop for Bridgerton and its many impressive filming locations make it the ideal place to explore this world of romance and drama. 

9. Beautiful landscape surrounding Bath England 

The city of Bath is surrounded by some of England’s most beautiful landscapes. This includes the rolling hills and lush green fields of Somerset in southwest England, which provide a stunning backdrop for outdoor exploration.

There are many opportunities to explore this landscape, from gentle walks along winding rivers to more strenuous hikes up some of the area’s highest peaks from Bath. 

Sightseeing in Bath and beyond

You can even take a boat ride along the River Avon, or explore some of Somerset’s many hidden gems.

Those looking for something more leisurely can take advantage of the area’s beautiful gardens, with plenty of opportunities to admire the colorful flowers and lush greenery that surrounds Bath and Somerset. 

There are also many parks, nature reserves, and historic sites to explore, as well as some of England’s most iconic castles nearby.

10. Perfect base to explore the Cotswolds 

Bath is the perfect base for exploring the stunning Cotswolds, one of England’s most picturesque landscapes.

The Cotswolds are renowned for their rolling hills, meandering rivers, and quaint villages, all providing a visual feast for visitors. Here you’ll find a wealth of attractions to explore, from quaint shops and tea rooms to ancient castles and traditional pubs.

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From Bath, you can easily reach many of the Cotswolds’ most popular destinations. This includes the prettiest villages of Burford and Castle Combe, as well as iconic landmarks such as Blenheim Palace and Stonehenge. You can even take a day trip to Oxford or Stratford-upon-Avon.

11. Great day trip from London UK 

When you are visiting London, you can add a day trip to Bath quite easily. 

There are also various day tours available that cover Stonehenge, Windsor, and Bath. These tours are quite scenic, with plenty of opportunities to admire the rolling hills and lush countryside of England. 

Is Bath really worth visiting?

100% Bath is definitely worth visiting. From its stunning scenery and architectural beauty to its rich culture and history, there are plenty of reasons why it makes for a fantastic destination.

The city of Bath is steeped in history and tradition, with plenty to explore from historic buildings and monuments to museums and galleries! It also offers the perfect relaxation in thermal baths, gardens, and tranquil riverside walks. 

Attractions such as the Roman Baths, Jane Austen Centre, and Georgian buildings to the iconic Avon River and the Pulteney Bridge will surely take your breath away.

Bath is easy to get to, from London, with plenty of opportunities for exploring along the way, making it an ideal day trip. 

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Is Bath worth visiting pin
Is Bath worth visiting

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