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59 Paris Gifts: Amazing Paris Themed Gifts for 2023

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Need Paris gifts for someone special in your life? I got you covered. I have been collecting Paris themed gifts for years, and this obsession continues after our visit to the city of love. 

The Eiffel Tower insignia is my absolute favorite. I probably own far too many of them – from small metal tower decor pieces, Paris map magnets, photo holders, soap dispensers, Paris Eiffel Tower necklaces and pendants, keychains to wall art.

I own a lot of the items listed in this Paris Gift Guide, but I still have a few on my wish list as they are newer products.

59 Paris Gifts: Ultimate Paris Themed Gifts to Give in 2023/24

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

I will be sharing options from Amazon and ETSY mostly (except for one). As many of my items were collected over the years many of the sellers/stores have changed. However, the sellers listed here are trustworthy and so are the platforms, namely Amazon and ETSY. 

So, let’s get started!

1. Cute Paris Pullover 

Paris themed pullover
Photo: ETSY

I am so in LOVE with Dreamy Jo’s cute wanderlust and pink/girl collection over at ETSY. Her store has a lot of cool gift items for her from sweatshirts, T-shirts, wall hanging, posters, reusable bags, and coffee mugs!

For the Paris lover in your life, this soft sweatshirt or pullover is the best. You can order one in white or pink, and it comes with the view of a girl looking at the Eiffel Tower from the window – now isn’t that every girl’s dream?

🛒 Click to place an order today from ETSY

2. Personalized Paris Travel Book/Journal

In need of Paris themed gifts for your loved one? Here is an expert guide to amazing Paris gifts for every occasion and budget.   Paris themed Journal
Photo: ETSY

A personalized gift is always special. This travel journal has the skyline of Paris, and you can customize it to add names and dates to celebrate an occasion and give a gift to your loved one.

Inside the journal are 30 pages (can add an additional 15 pages), and can be used for writing or as a photo book (by sticking pictures, tickets, etc.) The pages are acid-free and are 250gsm in plain white. 

It is spiral-bound and comes with a plastic cover. You can select gift box options to make it all pretty and ready for gifting!

🛒 Click here to buy from ETSY

3. LADURÉE Key Chain

This is the only Paris gift item that is not on Amazon or ETSY. I have been wanting to buy a Laduree keychain for years (saw this on a Youtube Channel), and there is no Laduree store where I live in Canada. You can check here to see if it’s available near you!

I still have the box. Isn’t it pretty?

Laduree is a French luxury bakery and sweets house (set up in 1862). The cute stacked macarons are so pretty and you can use them as a keychain or a bag charm. I am using it as a bag charm (it’s too adorable to put keys on lol). 

This keychain is sort of a souvenir item for me. Salil purchased this for me at the Avenue des Champs-Élysées store on our first trip to Paris. I still have the box with me – just LOVE it! 

Laduree keychains and macaroons are wonderful gift items for the Paris lover in your life!

4. Coffee Cup with Spoon

How lovely in this Paris-inspired coffee cup and spoon? And it also has a lovely Eiffel Tower on the cover.

The cup is made of good quality, and the navy blue color is just beautiful!

🛒 Click to buy this cute coffee mug here

5. Spa Gift Baskets for the Paris Lover

A Paris-themed spa gift hamper for the girl in your life! This spa kit comes wrapped in cute Eiffel Tower prints, and inside the hamper are vanilla aromatherapy essentials like shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, bath salt, bath puff, and soap flowers!

🛒 Click to buy now

6. Box of Macarons

When it comes to quintessential Parisian gifts, nothing quite captures the essence of the City of Light like macarons. These delightful, delicate pastries are a hallmark of French culinary craftsmanship.

Each bite will tantalize your taste buds and take you on a delightful journey through the heart of Paris. Macarons come in a variety of enticing flavors, from classics like vanilla, chocolate, and raspberry, to more exotic offerings like rose, pistachio, and even foie gras!

Gifting a box of these vibrant, flavorful treats is like presenting a tiny, edible snapshot of Paris itself. They’re not just a sweet treat, but a true celebration of their culture and tradition, making them the perfect French gift idea.

🛒 Click to check out macarons gift boxes on Amazon

7. Paris Themed Pins

Photo: ETSY

Get these cute Paris-themed pins – they are the perfect stocking stuffer for Paris lovers. They can be used in backpacks, parkas, etc. to add that extra charm. 

These magnets are water-resistant and made locally in Canada.

🛒 Click to buy now

8. Paris Inspired Tea Infuser 

Paris themed tea infuser
Photo: ETSY

One of the coolest Eiffel Tower gifts is this tea infuser! This stainless steel tea infuser is functional, cute, and very charming – it adds a personal touch to the everyday cup of tea. 

This Paris gift item is reasonably priced and makes for a great stocking stuffer!

🛒 Click to purchase from ETSY

9. Eiffel Tower Themed Tea Bags

Photo: ETSY

Want to gift more than a tea infuser? Then opt for these Eiffel Tower-themed tea bags (IT comes in a pack of 5). You can choose the type of flavor you like for the tea bags, and they are ready to be gifted!

🛒 Check out buying options here

10. Paris Themed Cookies

Photo: ETSY

Gift a box of cute and yummy Paris-inspired cookies for your loved one! This is the perfect Paris gift for any occasion – birthday, graduation, anniversaries – you name it!

These cookies are prepared in Canada, and ship as one box of 12 pieces.

🛒 Click to buy here

11. Eiffel Tower Bookmark

Photo: ETSY

For the reader and Paris lover, this bookmark makes for a neat gift idea. The bookmark is handmade, it is all 3″ in height, and is made of copper!

🛒 Click to view the bookmark and buy here

12. Paris Inspired Coasters

How cute are these coasters with the Paris Metro system on them? I mean sip a little wine (or beer), and think of all the amazing times you had in the City of Light.

Photo: ETSY

These coasters are of premium quality, made with white birch and a soft cork backing to protect your table. You will find signs and stops for the Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower, igniting all those lovely memories from Paris! 

It ships from the United States.

🛒 Click to buy now

13. Paris Themed Wallpaper 

Imagine looking outside the Paris hotel window and viewing the Eiffel Tower – every day. These wallpapers come close to it (without taking the flight!). 

Paris wallpaper
Photo: ETSY

This Parisian-themed street mural includes dainty drawings of street buildings coated in pastel tones making you experience the beauty of Paris without leaving your house! 

You can order custom sizes, or choose one of the available material options. They are also easy to apply!

🛒 Buy it here from ETSY

14. Paris Skyline Wallpaper

Photo: ETSY

Love cityscapes like us? Then opt for this Paris Skyline as your wallpaper! Decorate your workspace, living room, or bedroom – endless choices!

🛒 Click to buy now

15. Paris Skyline Necklace 

Photo: ETSY

Wear your love for Paris everywhere, or gift this to the person who loves this romantic city. This necklace is hand made showcases the skyline of Paris on a pendant. Gold color, and looks dainty and cute.

🛒 Click to buy now

16. Paris Skyline Rings 

Prefer something small and discreet, yet something that screens Paris? Then opt for this ring.

Photo: ETSY

This Paris Skyline adjustable ring can be ordered in sterling silver .925, rose gold or shiny gold, or 22k gold plated over silver. With so many choices you can easily find one that fits your recipient’s requirements!

🛒 Click to view the rings here

17. Signed Bookplates

This is one of the unique Paris gifts that can you give! We all know that authors can’t visit every town to autograph books, so an autographed bookplate is a perfect gift idea (easier and cheaper too). 

Photo: ETSY

This set comes with an autographed copy of DEAR PARIS, A PARIS YEAR, or PARIS LETTERS, and it can be personalized with your or the recipient’s name!

🛒 Click to view the products here

18. Le Consulat Cafe of Paris, Blank Watercolour Greeting Card

Photo: ETSY

Have a heart-to-heart message to share? Get this blank greeting card. It has a picture of the popular Le Consulat Cafe of Paris in watercolor!

How pretty!

🛒 Click to view the cards here

19. Paris Skyline Wine Glass 

Paris inspired wine glasses
Photo: ETSY

Serve wine in style in this elegant Paris skyline featured glass. Pour some in, sip in, and reminisce about the French trip.

🛒 Click to view here

20. LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection Paris Building Kit

LEGO’s architecture collection is perfect for the young and the old. Get this building kit, and build the beautiful skyline of Paris with all its famous landmarks and attractions!

🛒 Click to view the product

21. Paris Eiffel Tower Toiletry Hanging Bag

Anyone who loves Paris will adore this lightweight and durable Paris Eiffel Tower Print toiletry bag. It is perfect for the traveler who likes to carry a decent amount of skincare and makeup items, and keep them all organized in style! 

This toiletry bag has transparent or clear pockets, inserts, a zipper bag, and more. It can be easily hung on the wall or can be taken to the beach, gym, and/or camping.

🛒 Click to buy now

22. Paris Perfume Evening Clutch

Looking for a clutch but don’t want to break the bank? Opt for this Paris Perfume inspired crossbody purse. The size is perfect for a night out with friends, a date, or a concert. 

It can keep your phone (not max sizes), keys, and a cardholder. 

🛒 Click to view the bag here

23. Paris Inspired Memory Boxes

How cute is this memory box with the Eiffel Tower? Keep letters, ticket stabs, or any small memorabilia. With a vintage vibe, it looks as if it is handed down from your grandma – so pretty!

🛒 Click to buy here

24. Paris Jewelry Box

Prefer a jewelry box instead? This one should work!

This jewelry box is of a decent size to fit inside a tote bag or sit at the dressing table. The exterior is in black, and interiors have dedicated organization and it comes in pink. 

🛒 Click to view the product

25. CubicFun National Geographic 3D Puzzle for Adults Kids Notre Dame de Paris Model

This NatGeo 3D puzzle is rad! It is one of the coolest Paris-inspired gifts to give (or even have at home). In this kit, you will be building the Notre Dame Cathedral, using 128 pcs. All the pieces are numbered and the kit comes with a step-by-step guide.

Great item to have at the coffee table to keep kids and adults busy for hours!

🛒 Click to view here

26. Paris France Eiffel Tower Snow Globe

If you are looking for a Paris-themed Christmas gift, then give this Eiffel Tower snow globe. 

The globe sits on a gold-painted base that is decorated with other Parisian landmarks and icons.

🛒 Check out prices and buying options

27. Metal Eiffel Tower Bike Love Picture Frame

This metal photo frame flows in Parisian love – an Eiffel Tower, bicycle, and Paris insignia! 

Perfect for the office or small spaces at home, this frame can fit a photo of 3.5″x5″.

🛒 Click to view buying options

28. Sunshine Paris Silver Bottle-opener

This is one of the affordable Paris gifts options on this list. Paris-inspired bottle opener is less than $5 USD and has an image of the Eiffel Tower. It is made of good quality and is durable. 

A great gift that is functional!

🛒 Click to view the product here

29. Paris Inspired Mask

Perfect Paris gift for today’s times! This beautiful face cover with Parisian icons is a nice and functional gift item. 

This face mask is made of polyester and is very easy to wear and breathable. You can adjust the strings to fit your face shape – it comes with a slider to customize the fit. The M-Shaped Nose Clip can be filtered according to the wearer’s face and nose. 

Fill a gift basket with many Paris-inspired items including this mask. 

🛒 Click to buy here

30. Annual Desk Calendar

My boss gifted me an annual desk calendar in 2018 (Christmas) and I love it. It is a Paris Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar, so it is filled with pretty photographs from the city of love – museums, streets, cafes, food, history, and old nuances. 

I also own a ton of Paris-inspired greeting cards – the obsession is real!

I have it on my office desk and it just brings a happy feeling each time I look at it. 

🛒 Click to view on Amazon

31. Eiffel Tower Necklace with initial & birthstone

Photo: ETSY

Gift this cute Eiffel Tower necklace which you can easily customize by adding a birthstone, and an initial. This is one of the Paris themed gift ideas that can be personalized to leave a great impression on your loved one.

🛒 Click to make a purchase here

32. Paris themed mug

How pretty is this Paris Mug from ETSY? I own a plain white mug with the Eiffel Tower icon in black. This one is prettier with colors!

Paris Gifts – beautiful mug. Photo: ETSY

This mug is beautifully made and is available in 11oz or 15oz. The print is bright and gorgeous with the bow. You can also wash it in the dishwasher, and warm your tea/coffee from the mug directly inside the microwave. 

The print is made of high-quality inks so it will never fade or scratch.

🛒 Check out prices here

33. ‘Take me to Paris’ T-shirt

Gift this fun T-shirt to your loved one. A plain white or black shirt with an iconic image is so cool. Wear it with nice blue jeans and a luxury belt to look like a rockstar!

Photo: ETSY

I own a similar T-shirt in black with white icons!

You can also choose one in black color from this ETSY Shop.

🛒 Check out sizes and price

34. Paris Postcard Box

Desmond Freeman captured Paris in more than 50 unique drawings, and it can now be gifted in a nice little postcard box.

Paris postcards
Photo: ETSY

These cards depict Paris’s architecture, culture, and history showcasing glimpses of the Eiffel Tower, its little bistros, cafes, shops, museums, and cobblestone lanes.

Put a bow on it, and it’s ready to be gifted!

🛒 Click to view here

35. Rick Steeves Paris

Have a loved one who wants to travel to Paris or is obsessed with the city? Gift this useful travel guide to Pari by Rick Steeves. This is a hard copy guide, and can be used to adorn someone’s bookcase or office space!

🛒 Click to check it out here

36. Large Paris Wall Art

This larger than life Paris Wall art is a luxurious gift for your loved one! It will feel like you are in Paris when it fills up the living room or any room for that matter.

We recommend the large panoramic style wall art, but you can also opt for smaller sizes. These pieces come in 3 frames and are made of high-quality (350 gr/m2) cotton canvas. The back of the wall art has a 3 cm thick wood frame. 

Take the view of Paris from the comfort of your home (while sipping some wine)!

🛒 Check out prices here

37. Paris Charm – Eiffel Tower

How cute is this Eiffel Tower charm? I own this from Pandora and wear it with a bracelet. You can gift this Paris-inspired item, even if the recipient doesn’t own a Pandora item. 

It is super versatile for wear as a bracelet charm or pendant. The best part is that this is also made of silver .925.

🛒 View the Paris inspired charm here

38. Paris Eiffel Tower Jewelry Dish

You know how I have tons of Paris-themed items, this is my most used. This Eiffel Tower dish is used in my office for little knick-knacks like paper clips, elastic, binder tabs, etc. You can use this for keeping your earrings, rings, etc near your bed or washroom!

Desk – Paris jewelry dish (extreme left), and cute Paris wood tray

This is made of ceramic and is super easy to clean! Check out mine (on the left), as I keep it in my office cubicle. 

🛒 Find similar ones here

39. Paris Party Kit

Planning a birthday, get-together, or any party for the Paris lover? Get this decoration and supplies kit to host a Paris theme party. This kit includes paper plates, cups, napkins, table cloth, and a banner – perfect to host up to 16 guests!

🛒 Click to buy here

40. Paris Notebook

This Paris cover notebook is great for note-taking at work, school, or journaling. It is a spiral-bound notebook with a beautiful sturdy cover, measuring 6×8 in size. 

Oh I love you Paris!

The notebook consists of 120 ruled sheets.  I own many notebooks with Paris covers and they are really a conversation starter in coffee shops!

🛒 Check out notebook options here

41. Paris Pillows

Super cute and pretty in pink pillow covers. They are perfect for the living room or bedroom. You can purchase this on Amazon. 

The pillows come as a set of two covers. The cover measures 18 x 18 inches for 18 x 18-inch pillow inserts. They are made of 100% cotton linen and are of good quality and durable. 

Note that the case cover has an invisible zipper, to keep the inserts in.

🛒 Click to buy here

42. Paris Themed Duvet Cover

Need something more than a pillow cover? Opt for this duvet set. This one is available on Amazon and comes with a 3 piece set – 1 duvet cover and a set of 2 pillowcases.

The cover is filled with beautiful Parisian icons from the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Triumphal Arch, and other sights. The duvet cover has non-slip corner ties and is made of lightweight microfiber. It is stain and wrinkle-resistant too.

Duvet is also breathable and easy to clean in the washing machine at home (no dry cleaning necessary). 

🛒 View options here

43. Metal Replica Eiffel Tower Paris 

Replicas of the Eiffel Tower are scattered all over my house and workplace. You can buy them as souvenirs when you visit Paris, or online on Amazon. My friend created this cute decor piece by gluing the metal tower to this bottle. 

You can check for more Eiffel Tower gift options and prices below

🛒 Check it out here

44. Paris Themed Bath Essentials

Salil will tell you how much I love these home/bath essentials. They will remind you or your recipient about Paris. 

This is a nice housewarming gift too for the Paris city lover. It comes with 4 items – a soap dish and dispenser, a toothbrush holder, and a tumbler.

🛒 Find inspiration here

45. Tiffany Inspired Paris Gift

If your loved one is a shopper and a Paris lover, then this gift is a perfect one!

Photo: ETSY

Inspired by Tiffany’s blue and Paris icons, this beautiful and well-built wall hanging will adorn the living room, bookshelf, or anywhere you place it.

🛒 Click to purchase now

46. Paris Skyline Makeup or Travel Pouch

This handmade Paris Heartbeat Skyline makeup bag is a nice catch-all for bags. Keep make-up, little things for your commute, and more. This pouch is printed on a 100% cotton canvas bag, and is custom printed in the U.S.A.!

Photo: ETSY

The bag measures 10¾x8¼”, and closes with a black zipper. 

When you place an order, you have the option to customize the print or add something more to the pouch.

🛒 Check out the price here

47. Paris City Wall Decor & Souvenir – made of wood

Gift this pretty wooden decor piece highlighting all the prime attractions in Paris. This item is specially handcrafted and made of wood and plywood. It has a hook for you to hang. 

Photo: ETSY

Beautifully carved, engraved, and framed to adorn your or your loved one’s home.

🛒 Find reviews and prices here

48. 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle 

Ravensburger is one of the best selling jigsaw puzzle brands out there. This 1000 piece puzzle set is made for adults and is crafted with premium quality (pictures and material.) 

The pieces are made of an anti-glare surface on an extra-thick cardboard material. Beautifully created and sturdy. 

This is a great Paris gift for a travel-loving family!

🛒 Buy here from Amazon

49. Paris Journal Kit

If your loved one likes to plan and create travel diaries these digital collage sheets will be a great gift. With full sheets, and elements to use on a travel journal (like a DIY package). 

Photo: ETSY

Note that this is a digital product, and you have to print it. This is a perfect last-minute gift idea for the Paris lover! 

🛒 Find options and prices here

50. Paris – Story Books & Travel Guides

For travel lovers, a guidebook is a great gift to help them plan future trips. There are a lot of Paris inspired novels (fiction and nonfiction) that are great gift ideas too!

Check out this Paris: The Novel – this is great for Paris City and history enthusiasts. Learn stories about migrant families and how their lives were changed in the city of lights!

More options are below, (note that these are hardcover books, but Kindle versions may be available as well). If you prefer coloring books, that are included here as well, just click on the image to learn more about them.

51. Paris Photo frame with Eiffel Tower Design

Beautiful 4×4 photo frame, perfect for office, study, or bedroom. This vintage-looking photo frame can showcase one picture, and it comes with a pretty Eiffel Tower insignia on the side.

🛒 View buying options here

52. Paris Inspired Home Decor – Shower Curtains

One may not think of shower curtains as a gift. But hear me out, this is a functional piece and offbeat! 

I have gifted this to one of my friends who moved into a new place and she loves it. I mean – it’s pink and pretty – what’s not to like?

The curtain measures 72×72 and is super durable; and is made of polyester. It is thick to provide privacy, and the front and back of the fabric are treated with a waterproofing material that is quick to repel water.

You can easily clean and maintain it – no worries about rust on rings or deformation. You can also machine wash the curtains. Installation is straightforward and simple. 

🛒 Click to check the price here

53. Paris Soft Silicone Phone Case

Inspired by romance and love in Paris, this phone case is super slim and lightweight! Gift this functional item to your recipient to protect the cell phone against scratches. 

This case is made of soft TPU material. A word of caution – this won’t provide extreme protection like those hard cases nor it is going to be waterproof. This is meant to protect from scratches and is stylish.

I have used this case and paired it with a transparent cover in the front to prevent the glass from breaking, in case I drop it accidentally. The case has easy access to all ports and connectors for charging and headphones. It works well with wireless chargers too.

🛒 Click to check out print options

54. 3D Illusion Lamp

This is a super cool night lamp – with a 3D illusion. You can change the colors of the Eiffel Tower to suit the room vibes (yes it comes with 16 different color options that you can switch by using a remote)!

The lamp is very portable and has a small platform where it is placed. It uses 3AAA batteries or a USB connection. You can use it in your office space too, plug it into the USB port – the LED light is soft and uniform!

🛒 Click to buy here

55. Christmas Ornaments

Gift a Christmas ornament inspired by the cityscape in Paris. This gorgeous Paris gift is made of sustainable alder wood. Each piece is hand-painted and comes with a gold and white string to hang.

Photo: ETSY

Isn’t it pretty?

You can customize it with an engraving, which is available on the back of the ornament as an optional add-on. The piece is 3.75 inches in diameter. 

The Paris Ornament is the perfect gift for the Paris travel lover in your life. 

🛒 Check out what’s available this year

56. Vintage Paris Guide Book (German)

Vintage Paris guide
Photo: ETSY

If you love Paris and everything vintage then you will adore this epic Guide Book that was published in 1900. It comes with a pop-up map, sightseeing details, and local information, as it was in the early 20th century.

This gift is a great conversation starter, and will adore any living room or coffee table!

🛒 Check out availability here

57. Paris Inspired Wall Clock

With a cute Paris-inspired vintage look, this wall clock will adorn any house. It is battery operated and has the numerals in big sizes – so it is easy to tell the time.

🛒 Click to view the clock

58. Saint James Authentic Breton stripe shirt

If you’re looking for a more classic Parisian souvenir, how about an iconic Saint James Authentic Breton stripe shirt? From its origins as the official uniform of French navy sailors in 1858, this timeless design has been adopted by everyone from Pablo Picasso to Jean Paul Gaultier.

This quintessentially French style is equal parts stylish and practical, perfect for those looking to add a bit of Gallic flair to their wardrobe. And the best part? You can find these iconic shirts pretty much everywhere in Paris, from independent boutiques to high-end department stores.

You can surely snag one on sale when in the French capital city.

59. Refrigerator magnets set of 24 Paris Eiffel Tower souvenirs

For the ultimate Paris lover, this set of 24 Paris refrigerator magnets makes for an excellent gift! The set has the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and many other landmarks of Paris that they can show at home, in the University locker, office, and more.

Good value for 24 magnets, plus they are functional as you can use them on magnetic whiteboards in school or office!

🛒Check out the magnets here

I hope you enjoyed my list of Paris-themed gifts. These gifts will remind the recipient of their travels, or inspire them to dream of future trips. 

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