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Paris in Autumn: Reasons to visit Paris in the fall

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Planning a trip to Paris in the fall? OMG! You will love Paris in autumn. With crisp weather, fall foliage, slightly fewer crowds, visiting the ‘city of light’ between September to November is a great idea!

Paris in Autumn: Reasons to visit Paris in the fall

Aerial panoramic cityscape view of Paris, France with the Eiffel tower on a fall day
Aerial panoramic cityscape view of Paris, France with the Eiffel tower on a fall day

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‘Paris is always a good idea’, and this travel guide covers all the information and activities for visiting in the fall.

If you are unsure when you should visit – then you may find our guide on the best time to visit Paris useful. This post has a monthly breakdown on temperatures, sightseeing, and tips for you to help you pick the right month for travel!

Paris in Autumn Weather and temperatures | Fall in Paris Months 

Paris experiences all the 4 distinct seasons – spring, fall, summer and winter. The temperature drops are not super drastic, but when you are in the city – you will surely feel the transition and changes. 

We say not drastic because the winters as compared to autumn and spring swiftly changes by a few notches only – you won’t see minus double digits (like – 20 Celsius or lower), but rains, and the wind adds to the cold or chillness in the air. 

Paris autumn months are from September to November. 

Temperatures in Paris in the fall: Graphic
Paris in Autumn temperatures

Fall in Paris weather and temperatures are as follows 


Ave temp: 22° / 13° (C )

Ave temp: 71° / 55° (F)

Rain: 7 days


Ave temp: 17° / 10° (C )

Ave temp: 63° / 50° (F)

Rain: 8 days


Ave temp: 11° / 6° (C )

Ave temp: 52° / 43° (F)

Rain: 9 days

Paris in September and October are still pretty warm, and the weather is nice for walks and sightseeing outdoors. September is busy with tourists, however it is not that crazy as the peak summer months. 

By late October crowds are relatively fewer, and evenings and early mornings are definitely chillier. November is not a popular time to visit Paris – but the good news is you can find cheaper flights to France and accommodation options will be plenty as well.

Based on our research, if traveling from the US or Canada, November and January is the cheapest time to fly to Paris. Although rains and gloomy weather is predicted in November, you will love the festive spirit in the air as markets and stores gear up for Christmas in December. 

(Plus if you live in a North American city with extreme cold weather – hello Alberta! –  Paris will feel like heaven in November!)

Rains are common throughout autumn months in Paris, so we recommend carrying a water resistant trench coat, or poncho to wear. It is important to note that it may not be raining cats and dogs, but overcast skies are possible – which makes the city a bit dull and gloomy in the fall. 

Advantages of visiting Paris in the Fall: 6 Top Reasons

We visited Paris twice in the fall, and we can give 110 reasons why this is the best time to visit Paris, France. But….we will leave you with 6 important ones!

Eiffel Tower in the fall Paris
Eiffel Tower with autumn leaves in Paris, France

Fall is a shoulder season in Paris

As we mentioned Paris and France experience four distinct seasons. Summer is the peak tourist season – this is the time when the city receives a lot of foreign visitors, and schools are closed in France/Europe – so expect restaurants and tourist sites to be packed.

When you compare summer to autumn, the number of tourists are fewer in the months from September to November (very low towards the end of fall season). 

As a low season, you can expect popular museums and gardens to be less crowded, the weather during the day is bearable to stay outside or wait in queue to get to the sites.

Patio restaurants or outdoor cafes are still open for you to enjoy, without massive waiting time. 

Plan a trip to Paris around the holidays in your country

In September, the US and Canada celebrate Labor Day. In October and November, there are other long weekends (Canadian Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day in November in Canada), so this is a perfect time to hop on a plane and visit Paris on a city break (2-4 days).

Read: Our 3 day itinerary to Paris to see it all

Because we work full time jobs, long weekends are amazing for us to book trips. Shoulder season makes it easy in terms of finding accommodation, booking flights and more.

Employers are also likely to approve time-off in September through November for vacation (summers and December are usually a popular time for leave for colleagues with younger children as schools are closed during this time). 

Holidays in France

  • School holidays in Paris/France from late October to early November (about 2 week break)
  • Public Holidays in France: La Toussaint or All Saints Day (November 1) and Armistice WW1 (November 11)

Take advantage of pleasant weather in autumn in Paris

In the early autumn months, Paris is still transitioning into the crisp fall weather, so you can enjoy warm temperatures during the day. Yes, there is time to enjoy a nice walk or a sit-down at the Luxembourg Gardens or city parks. 

Autumn in Paris. Garden Tuileries. Scenic view of the autumn park with fallen leaves
Autumn in Paris. Garden Tuileries. Scenic view of the autumn park with fallen leaves

Come November, the weather is no longer that warm, so be mindful of that when you plan your Paris itinerary.

Great flights and better accommodation deals in fall in Paris 

We travel in the shoulder months for a reason, and flights availability and prices are a big factor. Flights to Paris from Canada are relatively cheaper in the fall, as compared to summer or winter months. Same goes for the USA.

When it comes to accommodation, most of the centrally located hotels (in the 1st or 8th arrondissement) are still pricey, but as you move away to the Marais or 15th arrondissement you can score a nice hotel or an Airbnb for $100 USD (in midrange/standard suite). 

Enjoy festivals in Paris in autumn

Autumn delights Paris locals and visitors with festivals. Here are some of the popular festivals that are worth participating/attending in Paris in the fall. 


Paris in September
Paris in September

Journées du Patrimoine – Journées du Patrimoine aka European Heritage Days is a collaborative effort of the Council of Europe and the European Commission where cultural events are held and promoted. In Paris, Heritage Days provides an opportunity to visit free museums, go on unique guided tours and more. 

Techno parade – Celebrated since 1998, the Techno Parade in Paris promotes electronic music culture. This is a one-day event, where participants take part in the parade through the streets of Paris, with live music!


Paris October

Grape Harvest Festival in Montmartre – Enjoy Fête des vendanges or grape harvest fest that takes place in the historic neighborhood of Montmartre in Paris

Salon Du Chocolat or Chocolate Fair in Paris – Festival for Chocolate lovers, held in October (in Place de la Porte de Versailles)

Nuit Blanche – Nuit Blanche or White Night is an annual festival where on the first Saturday night of October, Paris welcomes guests in museums and art galleries free of costs. It is a night time event, held after hours. The festival agenda/feature changes each season, so do check prior to visiting. 


Paris in November
Paris in November

Beaujolais Nouveau Day – Beaujolais Nouveau Day is marked in France on the third Thursday in November with fireworks, music and festivals across the country. 

As a festival, Beaujolais Nouveau is celebrated to mark the end of harvest season. Historically, wine was released early on the third Thursday in November, and it became “Beaujolais Nouveau Day” with a goal to get bottles of the new wine to the world. 

Major attractions are still open. Visit early morning or late afternoons to beat the rush

September and October welcome visitors with nice weather, and so tourists are still heading to Paris. All the major attractions such as Eiffel Tower Summit, Louvre Museum, Versailles Palace Grounds, etc are open in the fall months.

Louvre Museum in the evening in Paris: Paris in September
Louvre Museum in the evening in Paris: Paris in September

Because the summer crowds are gone, you can enjoy popular sites with fewer crowds. However we still recommend booking tickets and tours ahead of time. 

In early September, we saw a lot of crowds at Versailles on our day trip. But Louvre in the afternoon was quieter, and line-ups at the Eiffel Tower summit was normal (you have to wait, go through security, etc – so it was not crazy wait time).

Hang out at the Luxembourg Gardens while it is still warm

Luxembourg Gardens are stunning in the autumn with fall foliage, and fewer crowds. As the weather is warm you can enjoy the sunshine, and go on long walks.

If you are cold, grab a cafe au lait in the park, and enjoy a stroll to take in the crisp autumn vibes. 

A beautiful alley with yellow trees in Luxembourg Palace gardens during autumn season, Paris, France
A beautiful alley with yellow trees in Luxembourg Palace gardens during autumn season, Paris, France

Other than the Luxembourg Gardens, the Tuileries Gardens, and parks such as Parc Buttes-Chaumont are also great options to consider. 

Book a walking tour or a bike tour to enjoy historic neighbourhoods 

Experience Paris like a local in the autumn by embarking on a fat bike tour. In this tour, the guide will lead you to the top Parisian attractions such as Napoleon’s tomb and Les Invalides, the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower. 

Parisian Lanes in the Fall
Parisian Lanes in the Fall (Montmartre Neighborhood)

Cycling along the banks of the Seine River, with breezy stops at the pretty Tuileries Gardens, Grand Palais, the Orsay Museum and more.

Enjoy this bike tour, and learn about the history of Paris

Photograph fall foliage in Paris 

For those looking to soak in fall foliage plan your trip to Paris in October. This is the best time to capture fall colors for photo opportunities. 

Some of the places worth checking are Seine river banks, Luxembourg Gardens, Palais-Royal Gardens, and you can also go on a day tour to Versailles and Giverny (Monet’s Garden).

Early fall colors in Paris (September)
Early fall colors in Paris (September)

Participate in Paris Fall festivals 

Paris in the fall season welcomes visitors to cool cultural and gastronomic festivals. We have already highlighted some of the top festivals above, and highly recommend adding them to your Paris trip.

Make note of the dates for Les Journées du Patrimoine or Heritage Days held in September, and the Nuit Blanche or Grape harvest festival in October. 

November showcases wine bars in festive spirit with the Beaujolais Nouveau Day, and generally it is a great month to go on a wine tasting tour. From Loire Valley to Montmartre in Paris you will love the wine season here! 

In November there are seasonal events held each year, do check the Paris tourism website for new events updates.

Opt for a cooking class when the temperature drops 

When the temperature drops (or even otherwise) join a culinary class in Paris. Learn how to make macarons, 4-course meals, and eat it too! 

Here are our top picks!

What to wear in Paris in the fall?

It is important to pack well and pack light when you visit Paris in the fall. Here is our tried and tested packing list for Paris!

We always use a carry-on for 1-2 weeks in Europe. Our favorite is Pacsafe Venturesafe backpack which is a 45 L backpack, and it is perfect to use a full-size packing cube and store all of your dresses, pants, and more. 

Pack the following pieces of clothing, and accessories

Paris in the fall (September)
  • Tops: Carry long sleeve shirts, blouses & tops (for her). Wear plain shirts/tops without huge logos, or loud colors. 
  • Bottoms: Jeans (in dark colors), linen pants leggings 
  • Dress: Flowy dresses, knee length dresses (paired with stockings or leggings). Warm sweater dress for November 
  • Scarf: Carry a stylish scarf with you
  • Beret
  • Comfortable walking shoes or boots
  • Lightweight waterproof jacket or trench coat
  • Sunglasses & sunscreen 

For accessories, you must carry a universal adaptor. Europe uses a plug with two round pins (type C), unlike the flat ones in North America. You can buy yours here

Don’t forget your camera. Here are our camera essentials – Sony Mirrorless Camera and Sony A7iii. Carry extra storage cards to back up all the photos you will be taking in Europe. 

Do check the validity of the passport, make sure it is not expired. Apply for a Schengen visa if you require one.

Also secure travel insurance. Get travel insurance quotes for your trip here

Grab your FREE Europe Packing List for all seasons!

Is autumn a good time to go to Paris, France?

Absolutely YES! The best time to visit Paris is from September to October. In these months you get to experience summer like temperatures and daylight hours, minus the peak summer crowds. As you move to the end of October and into November temperatures are colder, and rainier. 

In terms of travel bookings, be confident that you are getting a great deal as compared to the summer months. Also expect significantly shorter lines at attractions during fall in Paris. 

Plus don’t miss the fall foliage, and seasonal festivals in the city of light!

Le Consulat Cafe in Paris in the fall
Le Consulat Cafe in Paris in the fall

Additional Travel Tips: Paris Autumn Travel Guide 

What is autumn like in Paris?

Parisian autumn days are lovely with fall foliage, fewer crowds as compared to the peak summer months. The weather in Paris in the fall ranges from an average high of 22°C (71°F) to a low of 6°C (43°F). September and early October are warmer, but expect rainy days for 7-8 days. 

You will find warm, sunny days in early autumn months, with occasional overcast hours.

Is October a good month to visit Paris?

October is one of the best time to visit Paris. From securing great flight and accommodation deals to experiencing fewer crowds at prime attractions, October is a good month to visit Paris.

Early weeks of October the weather and temperature are also favorable for outdoorsy activities and sightseeing. Fall foliage and change of colors are best explored in Paris in October.

What months are autumn in France?

September, October and November are the autumn months in France.

Is it cold in Paris in October?

October in Paris is chilly. You can expect warmer and clear on certain days (especially at the beginning of the month), but mostly it is unpredictable in the later weeks. Rain is common and usually occurs at least 10 days out of the month, which brings the temperature down.

How is Paris in October?

October in Paris brings in beautiful fall colors in their gardens, parks, and Seine River banks. Summer crowds have dispersed Paris in October, making attractions favorable with fewer crowds at prime attractions.

In the early weeks of October, the weather and temperature is great for sightseeing activities and walks in the parks.

When is spring in Paris?

Paris in spring can be a great time to visit. Spring months are from March to May. March is slightly colder, but April is a great time to visit as the weather warms up.

The month of May is perfect with festivities and flowers! 

Paris in the summer includes the months of June through August. And winter in Paris kicks in December and lasts till February.

We hope you found this post useful in trip planning to the French capital! We have more Paris guides below

Complete guide to visiting during fall in France Paris Guide

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