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Banff in November is perfect for non skiers & here’s why

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Banff is a wonderful place to visit at all times of the year. But Banff in November is special as Santa is in town and he brings with him all the holiday season festivities and snowy chilly weather.  So if you are planning a trip to Banff in November, keep reading for all the winter activities, festivals, shopping, and food that awaits you in our favorite national park.

Banff in November Travel Guide

Banff in November
Banff in November

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Banff in November is like a cross-over month in the Rocky Mountains where the summer activities come to a close, and winter adventures have yet to begin. 

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Temperatures in Banff in November 

Starting in October, Banff begins to experience colder temperatures and occasional snowfall. Come November, it experiences shorter days and more snowfall.


  • High: 1 degree Celsius
  • Low: – 8 degree Celsius (it could get up to – 12 or higher on some days) 
  • Rain: 5 days a month
  • Snow: .5 inches of snow throughout the month. Heavy snowfall towards the end of the November

In our visits to Banff in November over the past 12 years, the weather has been a bit unpredictable. This is especially something to keep in mind if you are driving to the national park from Calgary (nearest Banff airport) or from Edmonton.

The unpredictability of weather means traffic issues on the highway, accidents, and roadblocks due to weather warnings.

Banff November activities in Banff Gondola
Banff November activities

Temperature wise, as you can see from above – it ranges from – 8 degrees (17.6 F) to 1 degree Celsius (33.8 F). So needless to say, wear warm winter clothing. November is not the dead of winter here in Banff, but it can get quite cold at night and early morning hours.

Travel tips for Banff in November 

Banff in November in recent years has been filled with snow, so it is perfect if you wish to experience a white – vanilla like background.

At the beginning of November, the snowfall is lighter, and expect constant flurries and snowfall towards the end of November (November 22-24 onwards). Past 5 -6 years we have celebrated Salil’s birthday in Banff and it’s already Christmas-like, in the city.

Banff Fun

In November, the focus of the town moves more towards indoor activities like food, drink, shopping, and events inside Banff town.

For outdoor lovers, guided winter hiking tours are available but skiing and ice skating opportunities vary each year. For the most part in November in Banff, there is not enough snow in the valleys for snow-shoeing or cross-country skiing in the park. 

Keep in mind, the usual summertime activities are already closed in Banff in November (some of them are unavailable from mid-October actually). So here is what you can’t access in November in Banff National Park and adjoining areas –

  • Moraine Lake Drive and access to the lake will be closed for winter.
  • Peyto Lake is closed as well due to slippery conditions.
  • The Columbia Icefields and the Icefields Explorer are closed for the season.
  • The road from Lake Louise to Jasper is not closed, just the Icefields Parkway attractions are closed. They re-open in mid April. 
  • Jasper Tramway is closed in November, but Banff Gondola is open.  
  • Takakkaw Falls and spiral tunnels viewpoint in Yoho National Park, Field BC is closed. In fact, in October it was impossible to see due to snow this year. 
  • Summer activities like canoeing and kayaking in Lake Louise and Moraine Lake are closed.
  • The camping season is over.
  • Various hiking trails are closed. Check individual trail reports before you start.
  • Occasionally you might find road closures – on a particular day – due to avalanches, heavy snowfall, or just poor road conditions. Refer to the Canada weather website for local warnings and alerts before you start your day in Banff.

Packing tips for Banff in November 

We have written a detailed guide to what to pack for Canadian winters here, and the same applies to Banff National Park.

What to pack for Canada in Winter
Banff Gondola in November – Canada Winters

Here is a quick run-down of items you should pack for Banff National Park in November.

  • Parka or winter jacket up to -25 degrees Celcius (-13 F) – With a temperature of – 8 degrees C (17.6 F) or lower, you have to wear a warm parka or winter jacket. Check out this winter jacket from North Face
  • Winter boots – Because Banff in November is more of a cross-over month, you can expect slippery and slushy grounds depending on the day temperatures. Wear winter boots to keep yourself warm. Ensure your boots are at-least ankle length, waterproof, and have a good grip.  Get these Ugg boots for Banff
  • Warm/woolen socks
  • Gloves 
  • Scarf – I LOVE blanket scarves. They will keep you warm and cozy. Check out this warm plaid scarf here. 
  • Beanie or warm hat – Super important to keep your head and ears warm (and also for cute pictures). We call them ‘toques’. Get your ‘toque’ here ‘eh
  • Thermal pants and tops (or long johns) – Thermal inner tops and pants aka long johns are super handy during Banff winters. Carry a pair or two if you are visiting Banff for a few days. Shop our favorite from Amazon 
  • 1-3 pretty sweaters (depending on the length of stay) 
  • Carry moisturizer with up to 24 hour hydration – Shop my favorite Body Shop Vitamin E moisturizer 
  • You can rent ski equipment in Banff National Park for skiing

Why visit Banff in November?

Due to the unpredictability of weather and temperatures in Banff in November, the town’s focus is on gearing up for the winter, and in a way it is the BEST time to visit if you are looking for some pampering in the mountain town!

Banff in November
Banff in November

Cheaper accommodation and hotels

For one the hotels are reasonably priced and there shouldn’t be a problem in finding accommodation. Read our detailed guide to where to stay in Banff.

In November, we celebrate Remembrance Day all over Canada (which also falls on a Monday). It is observed on the 11th day of the 11th month (November 11).

So if you are heading to Banff around this time, hotel prices might be slightly higher on Sunday of that long weekend. But the rest of the days, finding accommodation is not a problem.

In fact, we say check out the luxury hotels of 4+ stars with hot tubs and ones that offer great views, they should average around $135 CAD+, and during peak seasons, they go up to $300 CAD a night.

If you always fancied staying right in the heart of Banff town and never found a hotel to your liking or were TOO expensive, well no better time than November and you don’t have to warm up your car, just walk down to Banff Town.

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Fairmont Banff Springs – Fairmont Banff Springs is always a delightful place to stay in Banff. Prices during November are a tad cheaper, but they still hover around the $300 CAD+ price range for the night. Check prices for November here

Here are our favorite Banff hotels to book in November (with good prices, reviews, and extra pampering) –

  • Rimrock Resort Hotel – This hotel is located in the heart of Banff town
    • Great rooms, perfect winter stay-cation
    • Has a spa and restaurant & bar on-site
    • Book your stay here
  • Hidden Ridge Resort  – Stay here for the hot tub with amazing Banff mountain views
    • Condo style resort, great for groups and families
    • Ideal for long-term stay – a home away from home 
    • Rooms are equipped with a kitchen. Laundry and pool are on-site
    • Book your stay here
  • Banff Caribou Lodge and Spa – Located in the heart of Banff town
  • Need more Banff Hotels options?View hotels Banff and compare prices here

Wish to stay in Lake Louise? Consider the luxury Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. Staying here means the lake and the views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains will be at your fingertips. 

You can enjoy lovely strolls by the lakeside, dine or opt for an afternoon tea overlooking the gorgeous lake views. Click to check availability here

Banff in November is an off-season

In November in Banff, the hotels and restaurants won’t be overly crowded. It is quite easy to find a café or a restaurant without having to wait for a table.

Local businesses would have already geared up for Christmas and the festive season in November, but the crowds have not hit the market yet. So it is a good time to shop and lay your hands (dips) on winter goodies.

Banff Avenue
Banff Winter Wonderland
Banff Lake Louise Winter Wonderland

November is PERFECT for non-skiers 

November is a perfect time to visit Banff for those who don’t indulge in heavy winter activities like ice skating or skiing.

As the town is warming up for the winter season, Banff becomes heaven for slow travel.

Walking the Banff town – with fewer crowds, getting into a café for hot cocoa and cookie, eating a nice-relaxed meal, getting pampered at a spa or hot tub, watching flurries fall from the hotel window – well, you get it – the perfect-winter-experience-without-the-cold-adrenaline.

Banff Holiday Festivities start in November 

November is also the month that rings in festivities for the holiday season. The national park celebrates the – Banff WinterStart Festival – around November 15th to welcome winter and the holiday season in the mountains, including the opening of the ski resorts. 

Christmas Winterstart in Banff
Christmas Winterstart in Banff

The Santa Claus Parade happens in November in Banff and not on December 25th. This year the Santa Claus Lights Parade is canceled (2022). 

Other festivals include – 

  • Banff Center Mountain Film and Book Festival – October 29 – November 6, 2022
    • Venue: Banff Center for Arts and Creativity.
    • This is an annual 9-day film and book festival in Banff. 
  • Celebrate Remembrance Day in Banff –  November 11, 2022
    • Parade and activities in Banff town and Sunshine Village. 
  • Banff Craft Beer Festival – November 24  to 26 2022
    • Considered the world’s most beautiful beer fest in the most amazing location ever – Cave and Basin Historic Site in Banff
    • Shuttle Service pick-up and drop-off behind Banff Ave Brew Pub (included in the event ticket). Check the events page for this year
  • Banff Christmas Markets – November 18 to 20, November 25 to 27, and December 2 to 4 2022
  • Canmore Artisans Christmas Market – November 19 to 20, 2022

Banff Tours in November

One of the amazing ways to explore Banff in November is to take a guided tour. Tours with a local guide will keep you safe and pamper you in the midst of mountains and snow. Check out some of the finest tours to take in Banff in November this year! 

Things to do in Banff in November Activities and Events

There are tons of things to do in Banff in November. Every year we add something new to our experiences in Banff and as I write this I have also booked a wonderful stay-cation for us in Banff!

1. Santa Parade in Banff  – Ringing the holiday season

Amazing Banff winter activities - Christmas parade & markets, skii, snow-shoeing, hot cocoa, ice festivals & more - Best Things to do in Banff in Winter #banff #banffwinter
Santa Parade, Banff Town

Santa Claus comes to Banff town early – in November.

Banff downtown streets come alive with the magical lights of the Santa Claus parade, wherein locals join the procession with Santa himself. The parade begins at the Banff Avenue and Elk St intersection and continues down Banff Avenue to the Buffalo Street Intersection.

Try to find a spot near a candy store, coffee shop, or mall, so that you can walk in if you are cold. Or grab a warm beverage while waiting for Santa!

2. Walking on frozen Lake Louise

Lake Louise is beautiful in the winter. And in November there is snow already and it covers the mountains and the lake is slowly freezing up, so no more kayaking or summer activities.

But the fun part of visiting Lake Louise in November is that you will find very few people on the lake side. You can have the place to yourself, play, and photograph this winter wonderland. 

Lake Louise in November
Lake Louise in November

Keep in mind that the lake may not be ideal for ice skating at this time of the year. There will be warnings in and around the lake so pay heed to the information before going further into the lake.

When we visited the lake in late November in Banff, we could only walk up to a certain distance and there was a warning of “thin ice”. Lake Louise Tourism

Book this day tour from Banff town to Lake Louise 

3. Dining during the festive season in Banff November 

In the month of November Banff is gearing up with its winter festivities. There will be tons of events around food like the Banff Craft Beer Festival and restaurants will be welcoming guests with special winter decorations and menus. 

Banff Gondola’s Sky Bistro has tons of events for foodies. Also if you wish to experience castle food, then head to Fairmont Banff Springs hotels and take a food tour – explore this tour here.

4. Banff Christmas markets and shopping

If you want to buy something for Christmas celebrations and from Banff locals – November is a great time.

In November, Banff Christmas markets will be open. This year the markets are open from November 20th onwards. There is a Canmore Artisans Market as well, which is about 20 minutes from Banff town (November 18-19th 2023).

Banff Christmas Markets
Banff Christmas Markets

In the heart of Banff town, there is a permanent Christmas store that sells tree ornaments, gifts, and souvenirs at all times of the year as well. 

5. Cozy romantic stay-cation in Hotels Banff November 

November is a great time to run away into the lap of nature and enjoy a staycation in Banff. We have already listed our best November hotel Banff picks above.

Choose a room with great views and because the national park won’t be busy in November, you should be able to find a nice room at an amazing price.

Banff Spa Ideas
Banff Spa Ideas

If your resort has a hot tub, a fireplace, and a restaurant you are golden -to enjoy a romantic stay-cation in Banff. 

6. Experience hot springs and spas in Banff 

Hot springs are a great way to experience winters in Banff. You will be welcomed with mesmerizing mountain views and warm healing waters in a tub. 

Hot springs in Banff are open only during specific times in November. Banff Hot Springs is open all of November (Adult entry is $8.50 CAD). The other closest ones will be Radium Hot Springs in BC. They may be closed for the first 2 weeks in November, but open otherwise. (Adult entry $7.50)

Miette Hot Springs in Jasper National Park is closed in November and reopens in May.

Spa packages are available in Banff from all of the premium resorts including the Fairmont Banff Springs, Rimrock Hotel, Banff Caribou Lodge and Spa, and Lake Louise Fairmont Chateaux. Hidden Ridge Resort has an outdoor pool. 

Kananaskis Nordic Spa can be visited on a day trip from Banff to soak in the wonders of the warm mineral waters.

7. Chase Northern Lights in Lake Vermillion or Minnewanka Lake 

Banff in November is a great time to chase northern lights. And if you are driving into Banff town or leaving for the airport or another city in the early hours you will be lucky to see the green dancing lights in the city.

We have witnessed northern lights while driving out of Banff national park in the early morning hours. For chasing northern lights in Banff town, head to Lake Vermillion or Lake Minnewanka in November.

8. Walk the Banff Avenue

When we stayed in downtown Banff in November, it was such an amazing experience, being surrounded by mountains. We had underground parking at the Banff Caribou Lodge and Spa and just walked down to Banff Avenue for food and drinks.

Banff Avenue in November
Town Banff November at the downtown lanes

Downtown Banff looks amazing with the beautiful lights in the evening and the mountain views – so so stunning!

9. Admire the snow-capped and covered mountains

One of the benefits of visiting Banff in November is to admire the snow-capped mountains and valleys. So whether you are driving into Banff or sipping a cup of hot chocolate take the best seat in the house and absorb those MESMERIZING rocky mountain views!

If you are outdoors, a scenic drive along the Bow Valley Parkway will melt your heart. And those views are priceless. 

10. Take a Gondola ride to Sulphur mountains

November is a great time to visit the Banff gondola. This month kicks off the winter activities, but it’s in the inaugural stage and not super crowded as schools and offices are still open in Canada. 

Banff Gondola Ride in late November
Banff Gondola Ride in late November

Here are the events happening at the Banff Gondola in November

  • Local’s night at Sky Bistro – Banff Gondola 
  • Go dining at Banff Mountain top – Open from Wednesday to Sunday- Sky Bistro at Banff Gondola
  • Mountain Top Christmas – This event starts at the end of November to December and you get to celebrate Christmas with Santa in Sulphur mountains. (open from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm)

10. Watch wildlife on the go in Banff Lake Louise in November

It is very common to see wild animals in Banff in November. You will see them soaking in some sun and uninterrupted in their natural habitat.

Most often you will see elk and bighorn sheep, and November is the last month to see wildlife out in the open before they hibernate for winter. 

Amazing Banff winter activities - Christmas parade & markets, skii, snow-shoeing, hot cocoa, ice festivals & more - Best Things to do in Banff in Winter #banff #banffwinter
Elks in Winter

11. Winter hiking or Ice walking in Banff

Hiking is possible all year round in Banff. However, certain trails won’t be open during winter. We have included the full list in our Banff activities guide for winter.

Johnston Canyon

For a more adventurous time in Banff in  November, why not go ice walking? Johnston Canyon and Grotto Canyon are perfect for that. 

12. Skiing, Ski resorts, Snowshoeing 

Skiing and snowboarding season varies in November in Banff. The SkiBig3 resorts open up in mid-November, gearing up for the next 3-4 months for the snow season. 

Ring in the holiday festivities sooner as Santa comes to Banff in November. Read essential travel tips & activities for Banff & get ready to be pampered!

Banff Sunshine, Lake Louise Ski Resort, and Mt. Norquay are the most popular places to enjoy the ski season.

Although resorts will be open, depending on the amount of snowfall in that year for November you may or may not experience a great skiing season. December on-wards, the snow accumulated in the mountain valley is perfect for ski-related activities.

The same goes for snowshoeing. The Lake Louise Alpine Ski World Cup usually begins in November (not scheduled for 2023). 

Frequently Asked Questions | Visiting Banff Lake Louise in November

Is it a good time to visit Banff in November?

If you prefer to avoid crowds, November is an ideal time to visit Banff. It is a very quiet month, and the summer madness has disappeared. It is cold too. But you can take advantage of better accommodation prices, and the early skiing season with short lift lines.
Plus restaurants in Banff are not super crowded in this month (perfect to celebrate an early Christmas/festive season).

Is Banff too cold in November?

Yes, Banff in November is cold. Towards the end of November, temperatures are even colder, with temperatures dropping below freezing.

Is Lake Louise good in November?

November is when Lake Louise usually freezes over, offering a stunning sight of the snow-covered waters. It also offers a perfect spot for ice skating and ice hockey. The lake is surrounded by awe-inspiring peaks of the Rocky Mountains, making it an ideal destination for adventure lovers. 

Although November is not winter, it feels like it in Lake Louise, as it is often blanketed in snow, offering breathtaking views of nearby mountain ranges.

Is Lake Louise open in November?

Yes, the hamlet of Lake Louise is open all year round, and so is the lakeside area for walks and seasonal activities. However, the Summer Gondola is only operational from mid-May to mid-October, and the Lake Louise Ski Area runs from November to May.

What month does Lake Louise freeze?

Lake Louise freezes in the winter months. Generally, it is covered in snow dust in November and by late November it has a thin layer of ice. In December, it is mostly frozen. To see the lake in its natural turquoise colors, plan to visit in the summer months (July and August).

What is the cheapest month to go to Banff?

November is one of the cheapest months to visit Banff. 

Banff has two off-season periods, which fall between April and May (spring) and from September to November (fall). During these times, you can enjoy lower travel fees, discounts on hotels and resort packages, and less crowded sites. 

Keep in mind, some of the trails and camping sites may be closed during these months due to the weather and seasonal maintenance.

What months are best for Banff?

For sightseeing, late May, June, and September are the best months. These are relatively cheaper months to visit, with fewer crowds and better hotel prices in Banff. You will also get to enjoy warmer weather with little to no snow.

Can you see aurora borealis in Banff?

Yes, it is possible to see northern lights in Banff, Jasper, and nearby areas. Due to sparse traffic and strict restrictions on light pollution, you can enjoy the aurora borealis in places like the Vermillion Lakes (Banff), or Maligne Lake in Jasper.

Are there bears in Banff in November?

Joining a wildlife tour is a good idea to see bears in Banff in November. Bears are generally spotted in the Rockies from early April to November.

Final thoughts on Visiting Banff in November

In November, because of snowfall, you can experience fewer crowds on the streets and the lakes. The hiking trails that are open will be covered in snow (and can be slippery when the temperature warms up during the day).

As we mentioned above, use this time in Banff for pampering yourself in the mountains, relaxing in a spa, soaking in those views minus the crowds, and going on rejuvenating winter hikes and ice walk tours. 

Banff is one of our favorite places to visit. We hope you enjoyed this post on our experiences in Banff in November. 

Here are some additional resources for Canadian Rockies trip planning in general – Canada destination expert! 

Pin: Banff in November Travel Guide

Tips for visiting Banff in November
Banff in November

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  1. Loved reading this! I’m planning to make a visit to Calgary from Toronto in November..hoping you could answer this for me! Would you recommend winter tires for a rental for beginning of November? I’m currently deciding whether to visit mid-Oct or beginning of Nov. I’ve never been to Alberta so roads will be unfamiliar, and combined with unpredictable weather I don’t know if winter tires will be necessary. Thank you sooo much for this guide!

    1. Hi Gloria!

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I am glad you found this guide useful in planning your trip to Banff.

      You won’t need winter tires at the beginning of November, but from mid of the month I do recommend getting them – just in case, you know. Roads are well maintained, and wherever access is closed there will be signage/warnings. A blowing snow advisory could be issued during November – so drive safe, and go slow!

      Happy Planning, I am sure you will LOVE the Rockies in the winter!

  2. Hello,
    I am looking to go to Banff at the beginning of november. I was wondering what you mean by ” Icefields Parkway attractions” ? Does it mean that we can’t stop at any viewpoint ?
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hey Laureen!

      The main attraction along the Icefields Parkway is the Glacier tour and the Skywalk and that is closed (it closes after mid October). But you can stop and visit places like Sunwapta Falls near Jasper – it is beautiful in November!

  3. For our upcoming trip in mid November, I have gone from one site to another, and by far this guide is the most informative I have come across. Literally every question I have is answered! Thank you so much 😊. We are looking forward to sampling just a taste of the beautiful country of Canada. Traveling by The Canadian Rail from Toronto and then 4 days in Banff is certainly exciting for us!

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