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15 Best Souvenirs From Porto: Souvenirs for all

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If you are wondering what the best souvenirs from Porto, Portugal are, we have you covered!

In northern Portugal lies an unmistakable treasure, a city brimming with tourist attractions like eccentric galleries, museums, and buzzing streets. Porto, perched on the banks of the magnificent Douro River, is an undisputed drawcard for locals and visitors, not to mention the culture and cuisine. 

Porto Bolhao Market souvenir
Bolhao Market souvenirs in Porto

The city of Porto is the second-largest in the country. This may increase feelings of being overwhelmed when trying to decide where to go and what to do. You might be tossing up Lisbon or Porto, but we have something to help you opt for the latter. 

Beyond the usual focus on ‘what to do in Porto,’ how about a slight shift — looking at everything you could purchase while you’re there? What follows are our top suggestions for 15 of the best Porto souvenirs.

15 Best Souvenirs from Porto | The Classics Porto souvenirs

Best souvenirs to buy from Porto Portugal pin
Best Porto Souvenirs to buy

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Whether planning to spend one day in Porto or just three days in the city, you’ll be captivated by endless sights, sounds, and savors.

Chances are you’ll want to take a sliver of Porto home with you, so we’ve lined up some of the best places to find the perfect souvenir (or two or more).

Where to start? Easy, the Porto souvenir classics.

1. Hand-made Azulejo tiles

Imagine a mesmerizing fusion of art, heritage, and architecture displayed masterfully on gorgeous ceramic tiles. Those are Azulejos.

These famous Portuguese tiles boast delicate hand-crafted patterns, colors, and details capturing the country’s cultural abundance.

Shop at funky souvenir shops, collecting decorative pieces, coasters, and stunning jewelry adorned with designs of traditional Azulejos.

Tile making workshop in Porto
Tile-making workshop in Porto
Tile making workshop in Porto
Tile-making workshop in Porto

You can also book a tile-making workshop, learn to create it, and pack it as a souvenir (like I did). The price for a workshop is around USD 45, and it lasts 2-3 hours. 

Where to buy

  • A Vida Portuguesa — This souvenir store has it all: artistic crafts, home comforts, clothing, collectibles, and edible products.
  • Arte Rústica — Here, you can choose all types of patterns for Portuguese tiles, with multiple designs and tile panels (up to 15).

2. Bottle of Port wine

Layered, rich, flavorful, and enduring in taste: that’s Port wine (or Porto wine). Make wine-tasting excursions a top itinerary feature to sample Douro and Vinho Verde variations.

Port wine in Porto
Port wine in Porto

There are excellent Porto wine shops and cellars in one of Portugal’s alluring wine regions, Vila Nova de Gaia (near the Douro Valley). Consider these Porto wine tours to find stellar Portuguese wines as souvenirs.

Where to buy

  • Vila Nova de Gaia — Just 20 minutes (6.5 miles) away from Porto is Vila Nova de Gaia, the perfect place for wine adventures, shopping, Douro River escapades, and more.

3. Barcelos rooster statue

The rooster of Barcelos is more than a proud national symbol. This bright, multi-colored clay (or ceramic) decorative figure is also a fun and memorable Porto souvenir that’s classic and atypical.

Rooster of Barcelos in a Porto souvenir shop
Rooster of Barcelos in a Porto souvenir shop

Do one better than the Galo de Barcelos figurine alone and snag a few other items sporting the iconic symbol. Get zany with printed T-shirts, fridge magnets, posters, and towels.

Where to buy

  • Paseo de la Ribeira — Plenty of shops in the La Ribeira neighborhood, Porto’s lively historical square, sell excellent souvenirs, gifts, and trinkets — including Barcelos roosters in all sizes.

4. Portuguese ceramics, pottery, and local handicrafts

If there’s one thing Porto local artisans know all too well, it’s how to create, craft, and curate immaculate works of art. You won’t go wrong scouring Porto’s local markets for an array of souvenirs on sale.

Handmade tiles in Porto

There’s something for every traveler, including:

  • Antique gifts and vintage knick-knacks
  • Candles
  • Ceramics and Portuguese pottery (we think the vases, plates, and bowls are unmatched)
  • Decorative objects
  • Notebooks
  • Precious porcelain
  • Signs and ornaments
  • Stationery
  • Statues

Where to buy

  • Mercado de Bolhão — Porto’s beloved legacy market shines brightest for its fabulous goods and the warm, cheery people.

5. Embroidery

Over 400 years of strong artisanal sewing traditions have led to one of Porto’s most phenomenal trades and creative expressions: embroidery.

Splurge on some expertly-produced linens, cloths, or ornate Portuguese tea towels. Or maybe vivid fabrics, embroidered garments, or the adored Portuguese “lover’s handkerchiefs” will tickle your fancy.

While Vila do Conde (30 minutes north of Porto) is where the great shops are, Porto does have its embroidery gems.

Where to buy

  • Casa dos Linhos — This more than 160-year-old store is nestled near Mercado de Bolhão, in the thick of all the Porto central action.

Best souvenirs from Porto | Beverages and food products

Nothing beats delicious treats and specialty drinks to leave you reminiscing for months after a wondrous trip.

So, consider a drink or food item to take home with you for a (literal) taste of Porto well after your European trip.

6. Ginjinha Cherry Liqueur

Liqueur enthusiasts with a sweet tooth will love Ginjinha Cherry Liqueur (or Ginja). This traditional Portuguese beverage is superb for cocktails and social gatherings.

Ginjas (tart cherries) are the star ingredient in this moreish, sweet beverage, with subtle sour or bitter notes. Grab a bottle from the many tourist shops around the city. 

Ginjinha Cherry Liqueur comes in different sizes, so select a luggage-friendly bottle to take home.

Where to buy

  • Port In a Bottle — This liquor store sells premium Porto front-runners, like Port wine, Vinho Verde, Douro, Madeira wine, and, of course, liqueurs.

7. Sweet treats

If cherry liqueur alone won’t cut it, add something sweeter to your souvenir-sampling mission. Arcádia chocolates are divine and make scrumptious gifts (think birthdays, anniversaries, and intimate celebrations).

Sweet treats from Bolhao Market in Porto
Pastel de nata from Fabrica de nata Porto
Pastel de nata from Fabrica de nata Porto

Porto’s well-known Natas (Pastel de Nata) is another outstanding choice; they’re creamy, crunchy bursts of custard pastry goodness.

Where to buy

  • Confeitaria Arcádia — This legendary confectionary store in the city center serves mouth-watering original recipes.
  • Padeirinha Doce — Stock up on a wild selection of sweet nibbles at this small shop in Porto.
  • Confeitaria do Bolhão — Grab a treat and go or sit down for a light meal at Confeitaria do Bolhão. Every item is high-quality and tasty.
  • The Fábrica de Nata — It’s Natas galore at this eatery, an ideal spot for daytime bites between your Porto sightseeing.

8. Piri Piri and olive oil

We like this one for the foodies or chef travelers who want to get home and create sensational Portuguese cuisine inspired by their travels. 

Piri Piri and olive oil in Porto
Piri Piri and olive oil in Porto

Piri Piri sauce is incredible for culinary experiences in Porto and a must-buy souvenir for exciting cooking feats after your trip.

Accompany that with authentic Porto olive oil, and you’ll be ready to dazzle at your next family or friendship gathering. The best way to use Piri Piri is as a condiment or marinade. It’s spicy, garlicky, and lemony — a great souvenir for the foodies.

Where to buy

  • Any grocery store

Best Souvenirs from Porto | Unique Porto Souvenirs

We could never omit a short but punchy tally of those unique Porto finds that are more on the outlandish side of souvenir shopping.

9. Cork products

Portugal takes preservation, repurposing, and recycling to a new level with its marvelous cork products. These are some of the most spectacular purchases to make in Porto.

Cork products in Porto Ribeira

As the world’s leading cork producer, the country is littered with cork artists who craft the most awe-inspiring souvenirs. Take your pick from these different products:

  • Aprons
  • Belts
  • Good quality bags
  • Cork jewelry
  • Eco-friendly accessories
  • Keyrings
  • Notebooks and stationery
  • Tote bags
  • Wallets 
  • Watches

Where to buy

  • You’ll find one good place after another in Paseo de la Ribeira, filled with local shops, stalls, and vendor stands.
  • Airport stores will also have these items

10. Filigree jewelry

For lovers of pretty jewelry and sparkling wearables, don’t miss Filigree jewelry while in Porto. Many stores sell a variety of exquisite styles and patterns, with traditional influences and those showcasing more overt modern touches.

The intricate designs and detailed metalwork make each piece a marvel. Whether you’re in the mood for a new necklace or a set of striking earrings, you’ll be more than satisfied with your Filigree find.

This type of jewelry is classy without being flashy and helps create a trendy look for every outfit you’ll don.

Where to buy

  • Machado Joalheiro — More than 100 years old, this old-world store radiates with sublime Filigree jewelry.
  • Pura Filigrana — Get affordable Filigree pieces here, where the vibey location adds more charm to the souvenir shopping experience.

11. Artisanal soaps

Souvenir shopping should cater to more than what you can eat, drink, and wear. What about those special products you can use, particularly for self-care?

Enter artisanal soaps made with natural ingredients and finished with beautiful packaging, courtesy of traditional methods originating from the Portuguese farmlands. You can source scented soaps, luxury hygiene bars, hand and body creams, and colognes in Porto.

Consider squeezing in fragranced candles if your budget allows. Artisanal soaps are an exceptional buy when you’re a big fan of natural product purchases.

Where to buy

  • Claus Porto — Expect lush products made from high-quality ingredients when you visit Claus Porto. Some local products here feature exclusive fragrances, florals, and spices.

12. Canned sardines, tuna, or codfish

While not for everyone, we encourage you to leave room for a pleasant surprise regarding canned sardines. They come in different flavors and are a great way to be unpredictable with your travels.

Know someone back home who relishes seafood or Portuguese staples? This is a great gift!

Where to buy

  • Loja das Conservas, Casa Oriental
  • You can also grab some from a grocery store (they are cheaper)

13. Portuguese Cheese

Portuguese cheeses are also up for grabs as unique souvenirs.

Compare the following before deciding:

  1. Queijo de Azeitão: soft, creamy, smooth, and salty
  1. Serra da Estrela: rich, creamy, sharp, yet soft
  1. Queijo da Serra: semi-soft, tangy, with deep flavors

Where to buy

  • Casa Oriental — This downtown grocery store brings Africa, the East, and Europe together, making it a great place to get local produce and countless Porto souvenirs.

14. A few good reads

Bookworms, we’ve got you covered, too. Splash a bit of cash on a few good reads while touring Porto. You could even pick up a Portuguese cookbook to add to your kitchen collection for something slightly different.

Souvenir from Livraria Lello

One book wonderland far surpasses all others, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s rated as one of the best Instagram photo spots in Porto. Read more below.

Where to buy

  • Livraria Lello — Grand, charming, and overflowing with fantastic books of all genres. The wholesome experience you get at Livraria Lello cushions the fact that, unfortunately, entry isn’t free.

15. Quirky artworks and Fado music

So, we agree: music is universal; it’s the sound of life, right? Porto is a prime opportunity to lean into the sultry sounds of Fado music.

Fado in Porto

Fado will remind you of your time spent in Portugal and its soulful locals. Purchase a CD or vinyl if you appreciate music and dance worldwide.

You can also opt for a few wacky Fado-inspired artworks for your growing Europe collection.

Where to buy

  • Ó! Galeria on Rua Miguel Bombarda — This colorful gallery has interesting artworks, cartoon-inspired posters, peculiar books, and more, all brought to you by Porto’s talented local artists.

Tips for buying Porto souvenirs

Want some nifty tips for successful Porto shopping campaigns? Use these valuable pointers:

  1. Mix it up with reputable store purchases and lower-stakes sales from Porto’s vibrant markets. Certain items rely heavily on quality, like Portuguese tiles.
  1. Double-check the expiration dates and storage specifications for souvenir food and beverages.
Porto wines from Portugal
Porto wines from Portugal
  1. Do your research beforehand. (i) Check border and travel regulations to accommodate excess baggage and permissible items. (ii) Check operating times where possible. (iii) Get directions to conquer tricky navigations beyond the city center.
  1. Not all souvenirs are truly local (Portuguese-made). Check and compare to ensure you’re spending on authentic Porto purchases.
  1. Carry enough cash (Euros) and work with a souvenir budget to avoid over or underspending.
We lived in Porto for a short term, and loved everything about the city!
  1. Learn the language basics for easier communication with Portuguese people, like these appreciable starter phrases:
  • Hello > Olá
  • How are you? > Como está?
  • Please > Por favor
  • Thank you > Obrigado/a
  • I am looking for… > Estou procurando…
  • How much does it cost? > Quanto custa?
  • I’ll take it > Vou levar
  • I’d like to pay in cash, please > Gostaria de pagar em dinheiro, por favor
  • I am just looking > Estou apenas olhando
  • Goodbye > Adeus

The Best of Porto in Souvenirs | Conclusion

With this neat list of Porto’s best souvenirs, all that remains is when to go and what to pack. As one of the major Portuguese cities, you will have a remarkable time filled with rich cultural heritage on your European holiday.

Visit Porto — Portugal’s gleaming northern star — find the best things at the coolest and quirkiest gift shops, and take a piece of Portuguese culture with you at the end of your trip.

For more inspiration from Portugal, including smaller towns and exotic destinations, explore the best day trips from Porto.

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Best souvenirs to buy from Porto Portugal pin
Best souvenirs to buy from Porto, Portugal

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