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55 Instagram Pose Ideas: Use these Travel Photo Poses on your next trip

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Travel photo poses are an art form that requires a lot of practice and preparation. Posing for photographs while traveling can be incredibly difficult, especially when you’re trying to capture the perfect vacation moment! Don’t worry, we will share some of the easiest and most creative Instagram pose ideas to help you out. 

We have included photos with posing options with and without props, use of hands, movement, and other travel photography tips!

So, let’s get started. 

Travel Photo Poses + Instagram Pose Ideas: Perfect for Bloggers & Travel Enthusiasts

Travel Photography Poses pin
55 Instagram Photo Poses: Travel Photography Poses

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Use of Props and Travel Photo Poses | Outfits, items & more

Using props regardless of the location is a great way to incorporate wanderlust and life into your photos. These creative poses include using flowers, maps, use of hands (peace sign, clothing, suitcase/luggage), and more. 

You can always move away from the camera and just use the movement of clothing and hands to really express yourself and get creative! 

1. Twirl your skirt or dress

Adding some movement to your travel photos can help create an interesting and unique image. If you’re wearing a skirt or dress, twirling it around in the air is a fun and creative way to show off your outfit while also capturing beautiful motion shots. 

Pose 1: Try standing still and throwing the fabric up toward the sky for a dramatic effect.

Pose 2: Lift the loose fabric gently for a more graceful and romantic look. 

Girl in Zurich to Lauterbrunnen Day Trip Itinerary

2. Cover your face with your camera

Get creative and add easy props to make your travel photos stand out. 

Covering your face with an object such as a camera is a super cute pose as it adds a whimsical and ethereal feel to the shot.

Tip: Try holding a leaf or camera up to your face with one hand while gesturing out towards something else with your other hand. This type of pose can add layers to the shot while also highlighting the features of your environment and creating a connection between you and them. It’s a great way to emphasize the relationship between yourself and the world around you in your photos!

3. Read a guidebook

Use a travel guidebook as a lovely prop to add a feeling of instant wanderlust to your photos. You can show your face or cover it with a guidebook, whichever you prefer. 

Tip: This is a great way to introduce destinations when you are vacationing as well!

4. Hold a map (or travel brochure)

Another option is to use a travel map (or a brochure) and pretend to be reading it or navigating and planning your next adventure.

Girl in 4 days in London itinerary at the Buckingham Palace

You can take a shot by sitting with your head down or looking away.  

5. Play with your hair

Playfully interacting with your hair can add a lot of personality and flair to your travel photos. Whether you’re posing solo or with friends, getting creative with the way you style and move your locks can result in some truly stunning images. 

Pose 1: Try twirling a few tendrils around your fingers, and gently tucking them behind your ears for a natural, romantic look.

Pose 2: Or just swaying works too!!

Palace of Versailles Perfect 4 day Paris Itinerary - Experience the best in sightseeing with things to do in 4 days in Paris, what to eat, where to stay and other travel tips #paris #parisitinerary

Tip: Keep in mind that playing with your hair doesn’t have to involve a lot of styling or time spent in front of the mirror—just a few simple touches can achieve great results. So go ahead and let your hair down, and get creative!

6. Use a hat, or beret (look back and touch your hat)

Using a hat as part of your travel poses can add an extra element of fun and creativity to your photos. 

Pose 1: As a pose, you can show your back and hold your hat.

2 days in PEI Itinerary Prince Edward Island Charlottetown waterfront

Pose 2: Or touch your hat/ beret and look down.

For a timeless look, try wearing a Trilby hat or fedora with some shades for a classic and chic vibe. You can also mix it up with some more eye-catching options, such as berets, or wide-brimmed straw hats. 

Tip: I own hats for every season and berets in various colors! They are not very expensive and you can easily pack them in your carry-on to add a little flair and pop to your photos.

7. Reach for your sunglasses

Pack a pair of sunnies and pose with it. Reaching for your sunglasses is a great pose to add some dynamism and personality to your Instagram photos. This simple yet effective gesture can create an eye-catching silhouette effect, adding depth and movement to your images. 

So you got 3 days in Havana? Make the most of it! Visit the UNESCO Heritage Site of Old Havana, learn about the revolution era, explore the Spanish quarters, wander along the waterfront and drink some daiquiris! Plan your perfect Havana Itinerary right here
Fixing my sunglasses at the Plaza de la Revolution

Try to relax and act naturally as you reach for your sunglasses, allowing your body to move with ease and grace. 

8. Hold a flower and cover your face or just the eyes

Holding a flower and covering your face or eyes is a great way to capture a playful photo. This pose can bring out the beauty of nature while also adding some fun and mystery to your pictures. 

Pose 1: Try holding a wildflower in front of your face, playfully hiding behind it like a mask. 

Pose 2: Or try draping the petals over one eye or half of your face to create a dreamy and romantic look (this is perfect for fall photoshoots as well).

Cover an eye with a flower or leaf

Tip: You can use fallen leaves or flowers, or pack a few artificial ones for the purposes of a photo shoot. 

9. Throw something in the air 

Whether it’s snow, confetti, or leaves, finding interesting objects to throw up in the air can create stunning images with unique textures and colors. 

Fall leaves in the air (side pose)
Pumpkin in the air travel photo poses
Throwing mini pumpkins in the air (front)

When throwing something into the sky, make sure you find an open space where there is plenty of room to move around without any obstructions. Use the ‘live’ photo options on your iPhone, or the burst mode to capture the right moment. 

Experiment with different angles and perspectives to create unexpected and creative looks in your photos. 

10. Road trip vibes (car inside or outside)

Road trips are a great way to capture some amazing memories, and there are plenty of unique poses that you can try for your Instagram photos! 

Pose 1: One fun idea is to take a photo of yourself from the car side mirrors. This angle works really well when you have interesting scenery or landscape, as it gives an unobstructed view while also adding a sense of movement and adventure. 

Beautiful Canadian Rockies Road trip

Pose 2: If you’re feeling daring, try peeking out from the side (or add a victory sign). 

Vancouver to Banff road trips

Pose 3: Another great pose to try is to stand in front of the car with your friends and pretend that you’re about to drive off on an adventure. This can be especially effective if there are some cool backdrops like mountains or sunsets in the background.

11. Play with an umbrella 

Don’t fret when it rains when you are in a new destination. Instead, make use of props like umbrellas or colorful raincoats and strike a pose. 

Pose 1: You can cover yourself with an umbrella and pose. 

Pose 2: You could even incorporate movement shots by lifting the umbrella over the head – at an angle. 

Tip: If you didn’t pack an umbrella and happen to buy it once you arrive at your destination, then you can choose a color to match your outfits or the location. 

12. Use a suitcase, backpack and walk away

An ultimate travel prop is a suitcase or backpack that speaks volumes about wanderlust and exploring! 

Have your subject (or you) hold a suitcase/bag to create a story of their journey. Use an empty road, or the airport as a backdrop for a unique creation!

Outdoor Travel Photography Poses | Landscapes & Landmarks

When capturing outdoor travel photos in a city or a national park, it is important to find a background that really stands out. A bright and colorful location can bring life to your photos, so look for vibrant wall murals or visually stimulating locations when scouting for a backdrop. 

You can always use your lenses and composition skills to frame the subject, add leading lines, depth, etc. 

13. Crossing the Street

Walk or cross the street and take an Instagrammable image! This works in both a busy urban area or a tranquil rural setting and is bound to engage those who view your photograph.

Wandering in downtown in 2 days in Vancouver itinerary

Try shooting from a low angle for an added dramatic effect. 

Tip: Start early in the morning if you are planning to capture a busy city or landmark to avoid crowds in your shot. Additionally, when traveling solo you will be safe with your belongings and feel confident! 



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14. Sit down on a bench 

For a more relaxed and candid pose, try sitting down on a bench or chair. This type of photo works well if you’re looking to capture a more casual atmosphere, as it conveys a sense of comfort and ease. 

Pose 1: Try sitting down sideways with one leg in front of the other.

Pose 2: Or take a shot from behind without a face. Using props such as a hat, a cup of coffee or a book can also add some character to your photos. 

You can also add interest to the shot by incorporating elements around you, like trees, mountains, or buildings in the background. 

15. Show your side profile in a cool backdrop

Showcasing your side profile is a great way to capture a striking and dynamic photo. 

Try standing in front of a dramatic setting such as an expansive view of the mountain or an urban jungle and show your side profile. You can even bring props with you to add some extra flair to your photo, such as wearing large hats, scarves, etc. 

16. Checking your phone (in a busy area)

Sometimes the simplest poses can look really great when done right. If you’re in a busy area, try checking your phone as part of your pose for a more candid and natural look. This type of photo will capture the hustle and bustle of your travels, while still showcasing your personality. 

17. Walk away from the camera

If you’re looking for an Instagram pose that will make your followers stop and take notice, try walking away from the camera. 

Pose 1: Take a few steps away from the camera while keeping your gaze fixed on it—this allows you to connect to the audience. 

Girl in Havana

Pose 2: You can also capture some stunning shots of you wandering off into the horizon or woods, conveying a feeling of curiosity and adventure that will certainly make your photos stand out from the rest! 

18. Sit and enjoy the lovely view

When visiting a new place, one of the best photo poses you can do is simply sit and enjoy the view. 


Find a scenic spot with a beautiful landscape or skyline, then take some time to relax and appreciate your surroundings. This type of pose can be extremely calming and peaceful, so it’s perfect for Instagram posts that evoke a sense of serenity and relaxation.

Urban landscape

Tip: You can also bring something with you to further personalize the photo, such as a cup of tea or coffee, a book, or a bouquet of flowers. 

19. Stand and enjoy the lovely view

You can also stand and admire the view ahead of you! Position yourself in the centre of the frame and then twist a little – if you are wearing a headgear, hold it gently. 

Whether you’re looking out into a beautiful landscape, watching the sunset on the horizon, or just taking in your surroundings, this pose can capture some truly breathtaking photos. 

Tip: Try framing yourself against an epic backdrop like a mountain range or vast body of water for maximum impact. You can also experiment with different angles and perspectives, like standing in the middle of a field or on top of a hill for an elevated view.

20. Throw up a peace sign

Sit or stand and use your hands – show off a victory or a peace sign – enjoying that EPIC trip of a lifetime!

21. Take a photo with your phone or camera 

Take a photo of you taking photos using a phone or camera with a beautiful backdrop. This doesn’t require you to look at the camera, but shows you in your true traveler element! 

Girl taking photos by phone. Travel photo poses. Instagram pose ideas

22. Put your hand on your hip and pose

Putting your hand on your hip and striking a pose can instantly add some pizzazz to any photo. This timeless classic is an especially great pose for travel photos, as it shows off the scenery while also providing a sense of confidence and empowerment.

Girl at St Mark's Piazza in Venice in a day itinerary

With one arm slightly bent at the elbow and your hand resting gracefully on your hip, you’ll look both approachable and stylish in the shot.

23. Pretend to walk (and add movement)

Adding movement to your photos can create an interesting and dynamic effect that is sure to draw the eye of viewers. Pretending to walk is a great way to do this while still keeping the focus on you as the subject. 

Take a step forward and gently move back and forward (or swing) to create that movement. 

24. Frame yourself with something

Framing yourself with nature or other objects can add an interesting twist to your travel photos. Try using the environment around you, such as roads, trees, rivers, and other landmarks as a way to frame your subject. 

Girl in a fall environment

You could also get creative with flowers and foliage, positioning them around your body or face for a beautiful and natural look.

For a more abstract approach, try using interesting shapes or textures like windows and doorways as frames. This can add depth to your images and draw attention to the main subject in an unexpected way. 

Cute Instagram Poses Indoors | Hotels, Cafes & Stores

Now that we covered all the possible outdoor poses and photoshoot ideas, let’s go over a few options for indoor photography. 

28. Sitting on the Stairs

Pose 1: Find a grand staircase (or a plain one), and sit at the edge of the step for an angled look. 

Real Alcazar Garden steps

Pose 2: Or center yourself on top of them for a more composed shot (take the shot from a low level if you wish to capture gorgeous artwork on the handrails). 

Tip: Always sit at an angle rather than looking straight into the camera. Place one foot in front of the other. 

29.  Enjoy a cuppa

When traveling, taking a photo of yourself seated in a cafe can be a great way to capture the feeling of relaxation and vacation. 

Sipping coffee in Vienna

You can capture yourself in the moment of sipping your drink while sitting at one of the tables—this can be a great way to tell stories without using words! 

30. Hold your drink 

Another super easy pose to try at a cafe. 

Pose 1: Try sitting outside with your wine, tea, or coffee cup held near your face, allowing for the natural light to enhance your features and make you glow. 

Pose 2: Alternatively, you could try turning away from the camera for a more candid and relatable shot. 

Travel photography poses: Cafe/restaurant

31. Put one hand/arm up from the balcony

Putting one hand up from a balcony makes for an eye-catching and dramatic photo pose. This simple yet powerful gesture will draw attention to your figure and bring out the beauty of the landscape or the view behind you. 

This pose works especially well if you’re in a high-rise building or balcony overlooking an amazing view. If possible, try capturing the sky in your photos for an even more breathtaking look. 

Whether it’s a sunny day, twilight hour, or nighttime—this pose will make your Instagram feed truly stand out!

32. Snap a Mirror Selfie

Taking close-up selfies is a great way to express yourself and capture memorable moments while traveling.

Selfie in Paris – Trocadero Gardens

Whether it’s a classic selfie with your phone at arm’s length or an intimate portrait with a friend, getting close to the camera will draw attention to your facial expressions and emotions. 

Mirror Selfie
Glass reflections

I like using pretty mirrors or finding glass that reflects, especially when I am outdoors. This type of pose can be powerful when telling stories or highlighting special memories in your favorite destination, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your angles and lighting. 

This is also great for taking outfit photos. With a little experimentation, you can create truly captivating selfies that capture the essence of your travels! 

33. Interact with a Prop (hotel room ideas)

Interacting with a prop in your hotel room can be a great way to add some personality and storytelling to your photos. Whether you’re traveling alone or with friends, try incorporating everyday objects like books, magazines, food, or clothing into your shots for an interesting visual effect.

For example, try reading a book while lying in bed for a cozy and relaxed look. Hold a glass, and say cheers!

Or bring breakfast in bed to create a more intimate and intimate feeling. 

Tip: And of course, don’t forget to use the items in your wardrobe—a bright and colorful outfit can go a long way towards creating an eye-catching photo! 

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34. Admire an artwork or painting (in a museum) 

Admiring a piece of artwork or painting can be a great way to capture the beauty and emotion of your trip in a photo. 

Pose 1: Whether you’re at an art museum or gallery, simply sit to admire the piece of artwork.

Travel photography poses: Indoor

Pose 2: Or standing in front of any large artwork with a contemplative look on your face can make for some stunning photos. 

35. Wake me up look (in a hotel)

The ‘wake me up’ look can be a great way to capture the beauty and comfort of your hotel stay in an Instagram photo. Whether you’re in a five-star resort or a simple inn, getting cozy in bed with some pillows and blankets will make for some beautiful shots. 

Instagram pose ideas: Travel photo poses

You can also try capturing yourself relaxing on the couch, lounging in an armchair, or taking a seat at the mini bar for some creative and interesting poses.

Tip: For extra detail, try adding elements like eye masks, breakfast trays, room service items, and even your suitcase or passport to add more context to your photos. Not only will this create a sense of luxury and relaxation in your images, but it will also give your followers a glimpse into your travels and hotel experiences. 

36. Lean in or Lean out from the balcony 

Leaning out from the balcony can be a great way to add some drama and adventure to your Instagram photos. Wear a flowy dress or a skirt and lean forward (or look out) from the balcony.

Things to do in Basel Switzerland
Instagram pose ideas: Travel photo poses

Budget Travel Tips: Didn’t book a hotel room with a balcony? A rooftop bar or terrace will also work for a similar look. You can also lean against the wall and pose – play with your hair, look out, etc. 

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Look away, lean against the balcony

In-action & Activities: Posing Ideas for Instagram 

You don’t need a Go Pro or any adventure camera for this (bonus if you do, but it’s not a necessity). Now, on to the poses

37. Sit on the floor (swimming pool or poolside)

Adding an extra dose of fun and creativity to your Instagram photos can be as simple as sitting on the floor by a swimming pool. This is a flattering pose as it is perfect for any time of year (plus you can hide your face and tummy). 

Girl at the Blue Lagoon

Try putting one leg on top of the other to create a beautiful shape and symmetry while also adding some dynamic movement to the shot. 

38. Throw snow – snow fight (in the winter)

Throwing snow in the air is one of the easy poses in the winter. 

Try throwing handfuls of snow up towards the sky for an explosive effect, or running around in circles while letting it fly from your hands for some more whimsical shots.

You can also try having a snow fight with friends! Not only will it be fun, but you can create some great memories while also getting some amazing photos. 

Use your hands to make snowballs and aim them at each other while making silly expressions or playfully ducking away from the snow—this will bring an extra layer of fun and energy to the shot. 

39. Pottery class

Taking pictures in a pottery class can be an enjoyable and creative way to capture the beauty of your travels. 

Pose 1: Whether you’re working on a bowl, plate, or vase, simply holding the clay in your hands while taking pictures can make for some interesting photos.

Pose 2: Or have someone take close-up shots of the clay in your hands as you’re working on it, as this can add an extra element of texture and movement to your photos. 

Instagram pose ideas: Travel photo poses in action

You can also try taking pictures of yourself in the middle of a creative process, such as spinning the wheel or shaping the clay with your hands—this will capture the beauty and energy of creating something with your own two hands.

40. Cooking class

Taking pictures in a cooking class can be a great way to document and showcase your culinary adventures. 

Pose 1: Take photos mid-action—like of yourself stirring ingredients, plating up dishes, or cutting vegetables. 

Pose 1
Pose 2

Pose 2: You can also experiment with different angles and take a shot once the items are ready. 

41. Stop for a pose while biking or cycling

While biking or cycling, get down and stop for a pose – you can look away or smile shyly. My husband took this photo right outside the Basel SBB to share taking off from the station! 

Instagram Poses Ideas: Biking

You can also try different poses, such as standing side-by-side with your bike, leaning against the handlebars, or just sitting and enjoying the view.

42. On a hike (with related gear)

Hiking is an amazing way to explore nature and capture beautiful photos while doing it. 

Pose 1: Wear your hiking clothes and shoes and pretend to walk or climb for a photo. 

Pose 2: Try getting creative with your angles when taking pictures – like get your photographer to stand at an elevated level and then take a photo from there — focusing on the views below/around. 

Instagram pose ideas: Hikes

43. Look outside and ponder on a cruise  

If you are vacationing on a cruise, one of the easy ways to take a vacation shot is to look outside (into the ocean) and then take a shot. 

You can also try standing near one of the windows or doors, allowing natural light to illuminate your features and bring out your beauty. 

44. Have fun on a Tuk Tuk ride

Climbing aboard a Tuk Tuk is the perfect way to get some fun shots for your Instagram. Have your driver/operator stop at scenic places along the journey and snap away while enjoying some of the most incredible views around you! 

Stand on the edge of the Tuk Tuk and peek outside (flowy dresses or skirts are nicer). 

45. Look outside from a plane/ car/ train window

Nothing gives a more wanderlust vibe than a mode of transportation – a plane, car, or train window. 

Instagram pose ideas: Travel photo poses

If you’re in an airplane, try taking a shot of the window – with the subject peeking out. Or switch an airplane to a train ride with views – it is one of the natural poses to capture when traveling.

Solo Shots (without you/your face)

These travel photography ideas are perfect if you are traveling solo, or do not wish to show your face. Use your hands, phone, purse, or whatever you have with you to show your presence and take a shot!

I use this technique a lot when I am traveling alone, exploring a busy place, or when I am not ready to show my tired face 🙂

46. The Close Up

Close-up shots are a great way to capture the details of your environment or an object. You can also take portrait shots of yourself. 

Instagram pose ideas: Travel photo poses

If you do not want yourself in the frame, try taking photos of items that you encounter on your travels like souvenirs, street art, or unique architecture

47. Smile at the Camera

Look at the camera and smile – simple as that!

Instagram pose ideas: Travel photo poses

48. Cheers

Don’t want to smile at the camera – say cheers without showing your face. Raise a glass and take a shot!

Beer in Paris. Perfect 4 day Paris Itinerary - Experience the best in sightseeing with things to do in 4 days in Paris, what to eat, where to stay and other travel tips #paris #parisitinerary
Cheers Paris!

49. Use your purse or phone as your signature style in a cafe/destination

Prefer not to show your face? Use your pretty purse or phone as a substitute. 

Instagram pose ideas: Cafe

50. Hold an item – same as the destination

Another option is to hold an item such as a coffee mug, magnet, etc. to introduce a destination you are in!

Instagram pose ideas: Souvenirs

How to Pose for Photos as a Couple or as a Group

51. Sit down together (picnic, cafe, etc)

Sit down in a park, and pose together – enjoying the lovely weather or picnic. 

52. Cheers, hold drinks together

Hold your drinks, look at the camera and say ‘cheers’!

Instagram pose ideas: Cheers

You can also create this photo without faces and with a group!

53. Kiss

Whether a close-up of a couple kissing or capturing a silhouette from a distance with a gorgeous landscape – kissing is simple and makes for amazing couple shots!

54. Look into each other’s eyes

Focus on one subject looking into the eyes of the partner. This is a simple pose and is perfect for engagement photos. 

Instagram pose ideas: Travel photo poses

55. Follow me away style

This is one of the popular Instagrammable shots where a girl is leading and the photographer is holding on and following!

Try to re-create this composition in your next location (or use it when you are buying a new house/ housewarming invites, etc)

Fashion Outfit Ideas | Photoshoot Dress Ideas

Finding the perfect outfit for your photoshoot can be a challenge, but don’t worry—there are so many stylish and timeless looks that you can choose from. 

Flowy Skirt in Rome
Things to do in Chefchaouen
Use of deep yellow color in Chefchaouen
  • Flowy outfits: Flowy dresses or skirts with movement are great options for creating an effortless and romantic feel. They are also very lightweight and easy to pack. 
  • Colors: Choose something in a color that matches the background or makes it pop (without being a distraction)
    • Classic white or pastel tones look amazing against a backdrop of nature. 
    • If the backdrop is busy (like a city/urban landscape), then plain colors without much print work well. 
    • Red, yellow, and white can be used in most compositions (urban or nature)
  • Props: Props are also great for adding another layer to your photoshoot photos. Choose items like hats, scarves, sunglasses, and jewelry that you can play around with. You can also bring along items from home like books or flowers for an added touch of personality.

If I have some room in my luggage, I always add 1-2 shoes for photos, a mini bag, battery-operated lights, fake leaves, etc. You can buy these props/items on Amazon.

Travel Photography Tips

Whether it’s posing solo or with friends, it’s important to think about your angles, expressions, and body positioning before snapping that Instagram-worthy shot. 

Here are some quick tips for travel photography poses that will help you take the perfect vacation photo!

The first tip when taking travel photos is to find a background that really stands out. A bright and colorful location can bring life to your photos, so look for vibrant wall murals or visually stimulating locations when scouting for a backdrop. 

Instagram pose ideas: Travel photo poses

If you’re posing with friends on group trips, it’s also important to find a spot with enough room for everyone to stand comfortably.

The next tip is to keep your body language in mind when posing. A confident posture can make all the difference, so think about how you want to be perceived in the photo. 

If you’re feeling shy, don’t be afraid to give a subtle smile or side glance. 

Looking away from the camera is also a great posing idea. 

If you’re feeling more adventurous, try out playful poses such as handstands or jumping into the air with friends!

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with angles when taking pictures. You can make use of props like benches and tables to get different perspectives for your shots. 

Trying a bird’s-eye view or a low angle can bring out interesting details and shapes in your pictures. 

Plus, don’t forget to play around with the lighting—a great way to add drama and depth to your photos is by using natural light from windows and doorways. 

We hope you enjoyed this round of poses. If you did, follow us on social media –  Instagram here

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Instagram pose ideas: Travel photo poses

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