Are you getting ready for your trip but feeling overwhelmed with the travel photoshoot process?

Whether you want to take photos to share with friends and family, or create social media content, making sure you get the perfect shots on your next trip is easy with our Photoshoot Checklist and Planner Duo! 

This dynamic pair will help you plan each step of your shoot, from packing the right gear to finding the best locations and poses. And because they’re reusable, you can keep using them on all your future adventures!

Photoshoot Checklist & Planner (Duo Pack for the price of 1)



  • (1) Photoshoot Checklist, with notes for activities Before the Photoshoot, On the Day of, and After the Photoshoot
  • Includes tips and checklist for the model/subject
  • (1) Photoshoot Planner – this is the BEST part of the pack. It has 20+ pages of planning sheets for content planning, photoshoot inspiration, outfits and itinerary, packing lists, and travel notes 
  • (2) Mood Board/Mind Map
  • (2) Content Planning/Content Inspiration
  • (1) Location Scouting & Inspiration
  • (1) Photoshoot Inspiration
  • (2) Photoshoot Planning (Client + Solo)
  • (2) Itinerary and Outfit Planner
  • (1) Location and Outfit Planner
  • (2) Equipment List (one with the list, one empty to fill)
  • (2) Packing Planner
  • (1) Annual Planner
  • (2) Travel Diary
  • (2) Travel Notes

You will receive a PDF file to download and print. Print as many times as you wish, for all of your photo shoots.

*This is a digital planner. No physical item will be shipped.

Due to the nature of digital files, once purchased you will receive an instant PDF to download that is permanent and therefore no refunds or cancelations can be offered.

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Relive Your Best Moments…

Click Professional Photos for the Ultimate Travel Experience

With the Step-by-Step Photoshoot Checklist and Planner Duo

Girl at St Mark's Piazza in Venice in a day itinerary

If you’re anything like us, you love a good photo op while on vacation.

But let’s face it, sometimes it can be tough to get everything right in the shot and look the best. That’s where our Photoshoot Checklist and Planner Duo come in!

With this handy tool, you’ll be able to plan and execute photoshoots like a pro, resulting in beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. The checklist provides a step-by-step guide to ensure that every detail is accounted for, while the planner allows you to map out the perfect shots ahead of time.

Whether you’re shooting on a smartphone or a fancy camera, this duo is sure to elevate your photos and make your friends and family green with envy.

So go ahead and grab it – your next great adventure awaits!

The Photo-shoot Checklist and Planner Duo Lets You Click Picture Perfect Moments

📷Be inspired

📷Know where to stand

📷Have the right props

📷Have the right props

More details on the Photoshoot Checklist & Planner

Mind Maps & Mood Boards

Capture your surroundings and set them to serve as a classic reminder of your journey.

Use the ample space in the planner to behold the visions, landscapes, people, and places you come across.

Every location will serve your studio, making your trip light up!

Get Inspirational Content That Matters

How do you envision your photos?

Whether you’re taking your capture inspirations from IG, FB, Pinterest, or magazines, the one thing that’ll make your image more robust and exotic is planning the content.

The Photoshoot Planner and Checklist Duo will make sure that your shot composition stays up to mark!

Plan Your Looks | Compose Your Photos

Ever wonder how influencers and models get everything perfect?

It’s all due to the immaculate precision that you can also make use of. 

Composing that pose will be a no-brainer with the Photoshoot Checklist and Planner Duo. 

Gives you prompts to set the right props, location, lighting, hair, equipment, budget, and editing skills.

Itinerary and Outfit Planner

An array of assorted pages and sheets, designed to help you create an inventory of possible outfits, locations, dates, and times of your photo shoots. 

Give a professional edge to your images by keeping tabs on ALL the little details that gear you up for album-worthy images!

Hassle-Free Solo and Group Photo-shoots

Included in this duo package is a checklist that ensures all your must-haves are packed and ready for impact!

From the camera to an extra pair of SD cards, from your hairbrush to the tripod stand, the checklist covers everything.

  • The go-to reminder for professional photographers
  • Expert guide for solo travelers

Showcase Your Thoughts, Happenings, and Encounters with Pictures That Stand Out

Set Your Equipment ‘Commitment’

The Photo-shoot Checklist and Planner Duo package includes an equipment checklist with 12+ indispensable gadgets and crucial items for a seamless session.

You also get the option to make your own list of equipment with 14 customizable add-on grids!

Calendar, Journal and so much more!

With the Photo-shoot Checklist and Planner Duo, you can make your trip a matrix of wonderful experiences captured in memorable photos.

Plan and record your journey with the help of annual calendars. Create your personalized travel memoir to take as a souvenir! 

Stay motivated and organized for all the right moments throughout your trip. Have detailed pre-shoot and post-shoot reminders that help you stay on track!

The Photoshoot Planner and Checklist Duo is the snap guide for excited travelers who wish to bring their journey home…It’s a budding pdf gift for professional photographers, an art gallery for the detail-oriented, a birthday present for photography lovers, and a romantic detour for couples.

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As a new content creator, I struggled with the planning process from choosing the perfect outfits to locations and how to bring everything in. Now it is second nature to me (and my full-time job)!  

After running a successful travel blog and an engaging Instagram account for years, I have crafted the perfect mantra for planning my photo shoots, come rain or shine.

From solo photo sessions (where I am my own photographer) to working in a team with a fellow creator or client I have been able to work with tourism boards, and brands, sell photos and increase social media followers. 

Travel and photography are my passions and I am happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. The pack has 2 downloadable files. The checklist will guide you through the process, and the planner has worksheets – from conception, mind maps, to equipment lists, packing planners, and outfit/itinerary planning, and more. 

You are completely covered in terms of preparation for your client or solo photoshoot!

If you,

  • Want a start-to-finish photoshoot planning process from inspiration, and conception to edits and beyond
  • Are you a model or a photographer and want to prepare yourself for the upcoming shoot
  • Want to plan your trips and outfits without missing any critical information – packing, sightseeing, or location bookings
  • Are feeling overwhelmed with the idea of coordinating multiple-day itineraries and sightseeing 
  • Need a planner to track composition notes, camera & photo checklist, and save travel notes

Then yes, this was made for you! 

The photoshoot checklist and planner will ensure you don’t miss your important camera gear and take good care of it, once the shoot is done. Plus it will guide you through the composition process (where to look for inspiration, packing planner, location scouting and related planning, and more). 

The process of planning a photoshoot for yourself or a client is similar. You can use the planner for both.

Yes! Absolutely. As soon as the payment goes through you can download the file via Teachable and start planning.

Photoshoot Checklist and Planner is an online download. You will receive a PDF file to download for personal use.