Have a Trip…‘Come True

With The Ultimate Europe Trip Planning Guide (eBook)

This 80+ eBook is all you need to know for traveling to Europe!

Ready to travel to Europe but feeling overwhelmed with all the planning that needs to be done? We’ve got you covered!

Our comprehensive eBook has everything you need to know about traveling in Europe – from visas and budgeting to sightseeing and train travel. Plus, we’ve included packing tips so you can hit the ground running when you get there.

With this guide in your hands, you can relax and enjoy your European adventure knowing that you have everything under control.

Your Passport to Clarity


After traveling for years on a medium-high budget, and experiencing over 30+ European countries & microstates, Mayuri and Salil want to hand you a passport…

That makes sure you’re never lost, confused, or out-of-date!

A traveling guide for clarity in Europe

  • Essential details at your fingertips
  • Incredible top suggestions for accommodation, visits, entertainment, sightseeing
  • Social cultures, opinions, and interests
  • Practical document preparation

80+ eBook guide on Europe, and planning a trip there.

The eBook includes 8 chapters and an introduction to European destinations (countries and microstates).

The chapters cover visas, budgeting, sightseeing & route planning tips (train, hiking trails, beaches), safety, packing insights, and more.

Clickable TOC is included for ease of navigation, and you will also find photos from our European adventure in the past years!

You will receive the eBook in PDF format. You can use your Kindle (transfer as a PDF file), iBooks, or any PDF reader to view and read the book. You are welcome to print the file as well (for personal use).

*This is an ebook (digital product). No physical item will be shipped.

Due to the nature of digital files, once purchased you will receive an instant PDF to download that is permanent and therefore no refunds or cancelations can be offered.

They LOVE our Europe travel guides!

A Simple, All-In-One Manual For Traveling to Europe

From London to Lisbon, Paris to Prague…the Ultimate Europe Trip Planning Guide covers ALL! 

Find the best spots to eat, drink, shop and lounge, all the while maintaining your budget.

ETIAS Permit Made Simple

Find out what this mandatory, electronic travel permit can do to make your journey easy. All specificities for travel and transit have been meticulously explained so that even a first-time traveler can understand! There’s no knocking at unnecessary doors or staying up late at night, searching for documents you’ll never really need.

Would You Need The Schengen Visa?

Are you from the visa-exempt countries that can visit the 26 European states in the Schengen Area? Would you need medical and specific coverage to visit these areas? There are way too many questions and one answer: The Ultimate Europe Trip Planning Guide, that’ll spill details right from the horse’s mouth.

Budgeting as Light as a Feather!

Get to know how you can experience the thrill of visiting an ethereal city by spending as low as 8-10 Euros a day! Not only this but the five insane tips for staying on a budget that only expert travelers know have also been disclosed in the trip planning guide.

Awesome Destinations Screaming “Tour-Me-Now!”

Unleash the crystal clear waters, pine forests, and cliffs of Cala Aiguablava, or explore the fine sands of Marina di Pescoluse, touching sensationally shallow waves.  Not just these, get to know the ELEVEN most exquisite beaching sights in all of Europe!

Making Some Extra Space…

Solving the Luggage Mania

The Ultimate Europe Trip Planning Guide is set to provide you with all sorts of extra space, with zero extra charges. 

15-Day Multi-Trip

An itinerary framework that can be used to include any city ALL over Europe

…an extremely handy tool for travel scientists!

Traditional Train Routes

For your ease and convenience, the guide comes with easy-to-navigate train routes to the capitals of Europe, including Paris, Berlin, Rome, and Amsterdam!

20-Day Ideal Trip Route

When in Europe, do as the Europeans do! The guide wants you to know the ultimate travel routes to parts of Europe that are hidden gems, submerged in equally wonderful oysters!

14 Best Hiking Trails

Your adventurous legs will become restless on discovering these amazing hiking spots! Situated in stunning, frame-worthy landscapes, these trails are magnificently bold and daring.

9+ Safety Tips

Feeling safe in a third culture is extremely necessary. The Ultimate Europe Trip Planning Guide ensures that your pockets, luggage, and life remain safe and sound!


There might be questions that you didn’t even think of or answers you never knew you needed. The guide has an inventory that could clear all your doubts with a single read!

What are you waiting for? Get your hands on this pdf that you can download with a single click! 

Print it or scroll it…but do hold it!

They LOVE our Europe travel guides!


My first European vacation was in 2017 to Central Europe, and since then I have explored over 30+ countries and microstates.

After traveling for so many years with a full-time job, and with a strict passport, I have crafted the perfect mantra for planning Europe trip itineraries that have allowed us to maximize our time and money, whilst enjoying our getaways!

We’ve been able to check off our European bucket list from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, to enjoying a gondola ride in Venice, visiting the war tunnels in Sarajevo, soaking in the views of the Swiss Alps, heritage sites hopping in the United Kingdom and enjoying old towns and charming cities! 

Over the years, our travel blog has helped millions of visitors plan their first (second, and many) Europe trips.  We have first-hand experience in creating our own Europe itinerary routes and journeys from train travel, and heritage tours to day trip excursions and beyond!  

Our mission is to help you travel to your dream destinations in Europe without stress and overwhelm! 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you 

  • Have never traveled to Europe, and don’t know where to start 
  • Want an introduction to European destinations to kickstart your trip planning process
  • Want to know the ins and outs of visas, budgeting, safety, and packing for Europe 
  • Are feeling unconfident with the idea of which countries and cities can be explored together (to maximize your vacation time), or routes to take

Then yes, this was made for you! 

Doesn’t matter if you are a first-time visitor to Europe, or a returning traveler you will find this eBook super useful in plotting your next getaway! It is packed with our travel experiences in Europe over the years!

  • 80+ pages of informative and engaging Europe planning content
  • The eBook has an introduction and 8 chapters. Clickable Table of Contents page for ease of navigation
  • Loads of pro-tips and reminders throughout various sections so that you become a Travel-Pro in no time!
  • Tips for preparing for your upcoming Europe trip with additional resources section so that you are ready to rock your vacation!

Yes! Absolutely. As soon as the payment goes through you can download the PDF file via Teachable and start reading and planning.

The Ultimate Europe Trip Planning Guide is an online download – an eBook. You will receive a PDF file to download for personal use.

Don’t wait!

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