EuroTrip Planner


Plot your Europe vacation with this kickass 50+ printable EuroTrip Planner!

Do you want to plan a trip to Europe, but don’t know where to start? Are the available options making you overwhelmed and all stressed out? 

We know the feeling! We have traveled to over 30+ European countries and microstates and that’s why we’ve created this EuroTrip Planner to help make your life easier. 

Inside, you’ll find designed templates to track your budget, visa, hotels, sightseeing, and more. You’ll also find packing lists, 4x Europe maps, a list of all the countries and capitals in Europe, and travel notes pages. 

Plus, with our multi-country and city combination suggestions, you can save money and valuable time! Planning your overall sightseeing routes has never been easier.

50+ printable trip planning sheets.

It includes (5) destinations inspiration templates, (4) Europe maps with (9) route & transportation overviews; day-by-day itinerary planners along with (10) budget trackers; (7) packing lists; (5) activity research sheets, and general travel notes and planning

You will receive a PDF file to download and print. Print as many times as you wish, for all of your Europe trips to come.

*This is a digital planner. No physical item will be shipped.

Due to the nature of digital files, once purchased you will receive an instant PDF to download that is permanent and therefore no refunds or cancelations can be offered.

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Steer Your Travel Wheels With

Intensively Organized Travel Planner

To Become A PRO Traveler!

A fun-filled journey of exploration in Europe can pretty soon head south…

From visa failures to forgetting your way around…

Some loopholes turn your dream vacation into a nightmare, such as…

  • Money Madness
    • Bad planning makes you spend more than you can afford. Hence, properly sorting your transportation, lodgings, attractions, food, and shopping expenses prevent you from ripping your wallet.
  • Tourist Trap
    • Bogus visiting dumps suck your time and energy, making your trip a wasted endeavor. When you have limited days of stay and countless options, choosing and planning wisely can save your trip.
  • O’clock Dilemma
    • Managing your hours according to the hefty amount you’ve invested in your trip prevents you from life-lasting regrets, especially when you plan to visit multiple destinations in a short trip. 
  • Nervous Wreck
    • Not knowing what follows next can make you yearn for that stress ball you never packed. Writing your plan down will pave the path for your next step!

The EuroTrip Planner & Travel Organizer

Pre-Trip Planning Tool and Post-Trip Keepsake

Organized Templates & Planning Sheets

Designed templates that help you keep track of your flights, visas, hotels, vaccinations, safety precautions, time zones, and currency conversions

✔ Easy to navigate

Personalized Itinerary Plan

Plan your destinations by choosing from assorted checklists. Make daily, weekly and annual plans to map your travel expedition

Pre-assigned itinerary sections

Souvenirs & Memories

Record your bucket list ventures to relive them wholeheartedly. Make photo albums to record the special moments spent in Europe!

✔ Handy


Spilling its Content

  • Budget and Expanse Tracker: Our Europe travel planner template lets you keep track of your expenses in well-designed sheets for all categories (transit, accommodations, events, museums, activities, etc.)
  • Customize Your Destinations: From 50 countries and 800+ cities, you can choose and note it down, so you don’t miss anything in the limited days of exploring the destination.
  • Route Planner: Plan your overall sightseeing routes using our multi-country and city combinations, maps, and transit options available in the planner by synchronizing with your destinations to save money and valuable time!
  • Activity Planner: Map activities you plan to do throughout the day with allocated time slots for each pursuit. Use the annual planner to enlist monthly details or the national or special holiday section if you’re heading for marked occasions.
  • Packing List for All Seasons: From the basic passport to the essential toiletries, with a vacation planner, you can ensure you have everything packed to prevent inconvenience and save yourself from what-to-pack confusion.
It’s Not Your Average Travel Journal or Planner

It’s a Customized Travel Partner That Allows Planning On the ‘Get-Go’ with Ease

No matter how much you plan, there is always the possibility that things might not happen the way you want. For reasons as such, the EuroTrip Planner allows you to keep multiple options on hand so that, if one door closes, you can walk through another!

  • Photos and Memory Pages: Not only can you create your personalized photo album but also record the context of the places, food, culture, and people you meet!
  • Intriguing and Practical Tips: From planning according to the local weather to researching seasonal events occurring in your chosen spot, the EuroTrip planner provides you with tips and prompts to make your travel journey smoother.
  • Multiple ways to Use the Planner: The EuroTrip Planner can be downloaded in its pdf form with one click. It can then be printed in your desired size for manual usage. You can also use it electronically to punch down your plan with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Calendar to Keep Tabs: Cruising through your trip timeline has been made easy with the EuroTrip Planner. The provided calendar has customizable dating options, with extra space to fill plans for the corresponding date.
  • Pre-Travel Checklist: In the EuroTrip Planner, you’re reminded to cross-check the cultural mannerisms, customs regulations, roaming fees, travel visa requirements and so much more in a calculated checklist!

What Do People Say


My first European vacation was in 2017 to Central Europe, and since then I have explored over 30+ countries and microstates.

After traveling for so many years with a full-time job, and with a strict passport, I have crafted the perfect mantra for planning Europe trip itineraries that have allowed us to maximize our time and money, whilst enjoying our getaways!

We’ve been able to check off our European bucket list from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, to enjoying a gondola ride in Venice, visiting the war tunnels in Sarajevo, soaking in the views of the Swiss Alps, heritage sites hopping in the United Kingdom and enjoying old towns and charming cities! 

Over the years, our travel blog has helped millions of visitors plan their first (second, and many) Europe trips.  We have first-hand experience in creating our own Europe itinerary routes and journeys from train travel, and heritage tours to day trip excursions and beyond!  

Our mission is to help you travel to your dream destinations in Europe without stress and overwhelm! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Absolutely. As soon as the payment goes through you can download the file via Teachable and start planning.

If you 

  • Have never traveled to Europe, and don’t know where to start 
  • Want to plan your Europe trip with ease without missing any critical information – packing, sightseeing, or bookings
  • Are feeling unconfident with the idea of which countries and cities can be explored together (to maximize your vacation time)
  • Need a planner to track your travel budget, and expenses and also create epic memories

Then yes, this was made for you! 

Doesn’t matter if you are a first-time visitor to Europe, or a returning traveler you will find this planner super useful in plotting your next getaway!

EuroTrip Planner is pretty easy to use. Download the file, print it, and follow along. Inside the planner, you’ll find maps, bucket list starter pages, and checklists. There are pages with information on European countries, their capitals, and multi-trip combinations that you can use to kickstart your own Europe adventure.

Use this information to plan a sightseeing day, road trip route, or track your budget, packing items without second guessing what’s next!

Additionally, inside you’ll also find a one-day to multiple days itinerary planner, travel notes pages, and seasonal activities inspiration to help plan your Europe trip. 

EuroTrip Planner includes seasonal activities research and packing tips as well. When you download the planner, scroll to the research section and there you can read popular fall/autumn activities. You can use this space to note down your favorites (along with dates) and then use the Daily Planner to plan it all out. 

An autumn packing list will be handy in ensuring you don’t miss any important items on your trip.

Yes, you can. There are checklists for transportation (overview), and daily itinerary planning sheets as well. These pages include rail and other modes of public transportation and space to enter train arrival/departure times, and also track expenses. 

You also get a general route planner sheet to plot a road trip and coordinate a small group tour or train journey.

The EuroTrip Planner is not just a handy tool for experiencing an ecstatic travel adventure in Europe…

It is a treasure map that ensures your time in Europe is meaningful, inspirational, and adventurous. Not only this, the EuroTrip Planner can be an excellent gift for your friends, family, and anyone in your social circle who’s set their heart on visiting Europe!

You can make the EuroTrip Planner a considerate present for special occasions or give newlyweds their dream come true honeymoon in Europe!