Tour Yourself To Fulfilling Adventures

With the Wanderlust Personal Travel Planner

Planning your next vacation can be a lot of work, and it can get overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be!

The Wanderlust Personal Travel Planner is here to help make your life easier. This printable planner has everything you need to organize and visualize your trip, from booking activities and accommodations to tracking your budget. It’s the perfect way to stay organized and enjoy your vacation without any stress.

The Wanderlust Personal Travel Planner


Ease your travel worries, and relax and enjoy every moment of your trip – without worrying about a thing. This is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to have a worry-free vacation.

A planner that is

  • Practical
  • Manageable
  • Straightforward

50+ printable trip planning sheets.

It includes (11) destination inspiration templates, (8) general trip planning sheets plus (10+) budget trackers (for sightseeing, transport, and accommodation-related expenses).

You will also find holiday/annual/daily planning sheets, along with (7) packing lists; (5) seasonal activity research sheets, and general travel notes pages.

You will receive a PDF file to download and print. Print as many times as you wish, for all of your trips to come.

*This is a digital planner. No physical item will be shipped.

Due to the nature of digital files, once purchased you will receive an instant PDF to download that is permanent and therefore no refunds or cancelations can be offered.

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One-Stop Planner that Covers ALL

After years of traveling all over the world, we (Mayuri and Salil – a time and budget-savvy couple) learned that the edge expert travelers have is due to their excellent planning.

To bring you similar expertise, we spun a potion of ease in the untroublesome planning sheets of The Wanderlust Personal Travel Planner.

A planning methodology that saves you from juggling ten different sources, and compiling infinite data! From visualizing your bucket list to scheduling your activities, bookings, accommodation, and luggage, this planner guides you throughout your trip.

Unmissable Features of the Wanderlust Personal Travel Planner

Map Your Bucket-List

Pick your destinations from an aesthetically placed atlas in the planner.

A galaxy of countries awaits your checkmarks! 48 Asian, 54 African, 50 European, 23 North American, 12 South American, and 25 Oceania / Islands are holding your next travel spot.

Pre-Trip Essentials

The Wanderlust Personal Travel Planner gives you a checklist of things to do before planning ANY trip…think of seasonal events, weather updates, etc.

It offers you the freedom of picking your own essential, customizable options! All you have to do is tally your inputs before pack-up!

Your Finance Friendly Spreadsheet

Hassle-free budgeting sheets that hold your accommodations, sightseeing, travel route expenditure, food, and all information regarding your activities.

The layout is specialized in such a way that it can fit to every city and country you visit, separately.

Here’s Your Travel Boarding Ticket

Inside the planner, you get a travel boarding ticket that captures your flight timings, airport, venues, finances, check-ins, emergency notes, etc. so that you never have to miss a flight, train, or bus!

A Reason for Every Season

From beaches and boat trips in summer to visiting cozy libraries and indoor pools in winter, the planner gives you entertainment ideas for every season.

Be Ready when Wanderlust Calls

And the Travel Continues…

Label Your Itinerary Planning Table

Ample space to plan your holiday trips, vacations, and all other personal ventures in the highly customizable table! Whether it’s road trips or flying to opposite corners of the globe, the Wanderlust Personal Travel Planner will do it all.

You’ll Never Doubt That Route!

Getting lost or taking the wrong way is out of the question with the Wanderlust Travel Planner! With dates, take-off times, and location details, you’re always updated, and organized and know everything even before taking the trip.

Your Packing Partner

The perfect packing partner, the Wanderlust Travel Planner will make sure you de-clutter your luggage, check in the essentials (meds, gear, etc.), and add name tags for ease. 

The planner also provides you with an immaculate collection of must-haves for every season.

Calendar and Notes

The planner is for checking in before, during, and after your trip.

Use the summary boxes, notes section, and map space to navigate your trip with ease and precision. Relish in the well-planned sheets that will serve as a nostalgic souvenir after the trip!

Pack Your Journey In A Modernized and Stylishly Oriented Wanderlust Personal Travel Planner

An excellent travel partner for solo and group travels, a partner in crime for thrill seekers, a memory bank for honeymooners, and the right-hand man for families planning an adventure.

A handy pdf that you can print, store and endlessly scroll!

Make Your Travel Quick

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I moved to a new country at the age of 22 – alone, and after having to navigate customs, flight connections, currency exchange, and traveling for the first time I have come up with my own trip planning process.

Since my first overseas trip, I have planned countless vacations in the Americas, Asia, and of course our favorite – Europe! 

My husband and I have checked off over 35 countries together, and with a full-time job.

Over the years, our travel blog has helped millions of visitors plan their vacations with ease.

Our goal is to keep inspiring and helping travel enthusiasts explore more!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you 

  • Have never traveled or planned a trip before
  • Are unsure of what travel destinations are out there, and don’t know where to start
  • Have traveled but need to stay organized with expenses and budget tracking
  • Want a planner that has pre-filled information so that you don’t have to look elsewhere
  • Want to plan a trip with ease without missing any critical information – packing, sightseeing, or bookings

Then yes, this was made for you! 

If you are new to travel, this planner will fuel your wanderlust – in an organized methodical way. You can use our tried and tested way of planning to do the same for yours, and fine-tune it over time!

If you have been traveling for a while, this printable planner will be super handy in your planning process – you won’t miss a step – as these sheets are very detailed! It will help you to stay organized.

The Wanderlust Personal Travel Planner is pretty easy to use. Download the file, print it, and follow along.

Inside the planner, you’ll find maps, bucket list starter pages, and checklists. There are pages with information on different countries to kick start your bucket list. 

Once you have your favorites picked out, the checklist will guide you to look for more resources to plan your trip. Use this information to plan a sightseeing day, road trip route, or track your budget, packing items without second guessing what’s next! The planner has it all laid out. 

Additionally, inside you’ll also find itinerary planners, travel notes pages, and seasonal activities inspiration to help plan your next big getaway.

Yes! Absolutely. As soon as the payment goes through you can download the file via Teachable and start planning.

The Wanderlust Personal Travel Planner is an online download. You will receive a PDF file to download for personal use.