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Venice in November: Everything you need to know

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Visiting Venice in November is a great way to experience the city’s cool weather and festive atmosphere. November is also a good month for shopping, as the city’s stores begin to stock up on winter merchandise. And if you’re looking for a festive atmosphere, Venice’s annual Christmas Market opens in November and runs through December.

So whether you’re looking to enjoy the outdoors or do some holiday shopping, Venice is a great destination in November.

Venice in November: Top reasons to visit, what to avoid & travel tips

Venice november guide
Venice November guide & tips: November things to do and more

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The weather in Venice in November is cool and pleasant, with average temperatures around 10°C or 50 F. During the day it is a great time to explore the city’s many outdoor attractions, including its famous canals and bridges. 

Here is how the temperatures look like in November

Venice weather in November: Average temperatures 

  • Ave temp: 12° / 5° (C )
  • Ave temp: 53.6° / 41° (F)
  • Rain: 6 days

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What is Venice like in November?

November technically is the fall or autumn season in Venice. 

Starting from September, Venice enters the velvet season with the perfect weather and fewer crowds (as compared to the crazy summer crowds or August vacationers). 

Girl at a cafe in Venice in November looking at the canals
Venice in the rain in November

But November in Venice is quite cool, and you can tell that winter is knocking at the door. When you plan to travel to Venice in November, treat it like a crossover month and carry some warm clothing, a scarf, a waterproof jacket, and flowy tops to layer in. 

As you can see above, the average high temperature is about 12°C (or 53 F), and the average low can drop to 5°C (or 41 F). 

Although the weather network says it will rain on an average of 5-6 days, expect cloudy and overcast days, like up to 15 days with slight snow showers here and there.

View of Grand Canal Venice in the rain
View of Grand Canal in November

Rain is not a heavy downpour, it keeps going throughout the day dampening outdoor activities. And cloudy vibes make for dark and gloomy photos. 

But…..if you are adventurers to walk around you will actually find the old town and piazza to yourself, which is a bonus!

But the sun will shine, and you can soak in about 9-10 hours of sunshine and warmer temperatures!  

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Acqua Alta and flooding in Venice in November

Acqua alta is the term used to describe the periodic flooding that occurs in Venice. This is caused by a combination of high tides and strong winds, which can push the water level up several feet in a matter of hours. 

While acqua alta can occur at any time of year, it is most common in November and December. 

Acqua Alta in Venice in November
Flooding in Venice’s main piazza

Venice is prone to flooding in November when the rains come. Be sure to pack your rain gear and rubber boots if you’re visiting during this month! 

The good news is that the floodwaters typically recede after a few days, so you’ll still be able to enjoy all the city has to offer. Just be sure to check the weather forecast before you go.

About Venice flooding history

Venice has struggled with rising water levels since the fifth century. Venice floods approximately 100 times a year, usually from October through late winter, due to natural and human-induced causes (known as acqua alta).

As you know, the city is built on a series of canals and islands, which makes it especially vulnerable to rising water levels. 

Water in front of St Mark’s Basilica

The most devastating flood occurred in 1966 when the water level rose more than six feet in just a few hours (a level of 194 cm above average sea level).

It actually submerged most of the city, caused damage to Venice, and collapsed several bridges. The tide stayed for 22 hours above 110 cm and for around 40 hours above 50 cm.

While such devastating floods are relatively rare, Venice is still prone to periodic flooding, it is especially evident as you explore the main piazza or the San Marco Square. 

You must have seen Venice photos on Instagram from 2019 where people are rushing outside the Piazza San Marco

Advantages of visiting Venice in November: 7 Top Reasons

Fall is a shoulder season in Venice (beat the crowds)

Due to the weather, visiting Venice in November has its advantages. 

The first thing is that it is shoulder season. The off-season is considered the best time to visit Venice, and these are mainly the months of September-October and March-April. 

Venice in November quiet lanes
Quiet narrow alleys in Venice

November is not a popular time to visit Venice, making it a great occasion to hit touristy areas without the crowds. 

Want to experience a romantic moment by the Grand Canal, visit in November. Maybe reserve a table for two by the canals!

If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, consider visiting Venice in November when the city is quieter. 

In November, the weather is usually milder and cooler, and the crowds are smaller than during peak tourist season. However, you’ll need to be prepared for the occasional rain shower. Be sure to pack your rain gear and rubber boots! 

Venice in November, on a warm - no rain type of day
Venice in November, on a warm – no rain type of day

If you’re interested in experiencing the city at its busiest, the peak season is from April to October. During this time, you’ll find the streets and canals packed with tourists from all over the world. 

If you don’t mind the crowds, Venice is a beautiful city to visit during any time of year!

Great flights and better accommodation deals in November in Venice

Due to the low tourist season, November brings in good flight deals to Italy, and even better rates for hotels and accommodation in the city centre of Venice. 

Venice restaurant by the canal
Venice restaurant by the canal

You can also expect restaurants to be less busy and can expect to be seated with little to no wait time. The same goes for tourist attractions like museums, access to churches, and stores. 

When using public transportation you will find trains, and Vaporetto will have fewer crowds (except for the weekends when buses at night could still be packed!)

Plan a trip to Venice to enjoy seasonal festivals in the city

There are festivals that take place in November in Venice, and it is worth planning your trip around it. 

The very first one is All Saints’ Day. It is celebrated the day after Halloween (November 1st). 

The Madonna Della Salute Festival is a popular event that takes place in Venice every November. The festival celebrates the Virgin Mary and includes a procession of boats from St. Mark’s Square to the Church of Santa Maria Della Salute. 

Madonna della Salute view

It is also known as the Santa Maria Della Salute Festival. The festival had its origins in 1630. Venetians were dying by the thousands in a plague epidemic, and the city authorities pleaded for divine aid, promising to construct a church in honor of the Virgin Mary if God would stop the epidemic.

Festa della Salute is celebrated every year on November 21st.

The festival is quite popular, so be sure to arrive early to get a good spot! There is also a mass and a fireworks display.

The Venice Christmas Parade kicks off in late November. It is held in the centre, and parades navigate the city, all the way down to Turin Street. 

Although you might see some Xmas festivities in November in Venice, the actual Christmas boat parade takes place on the first Saturday of December.  

Take advantage of the pleasant weather in Venice 

If you prefer traveling in milder weather without the scorching heat, then you will LOVE Venice in November. 

Warm vibes in Venice
Warm fall vibes: Venice November guide

You will get the pleasant winter temperatures where you can dorn a light jacket and scarf, and still be comfortable walking outside. 

Day temperatures of around 10-12 degrees Celcius are perfect for sightseeing, according to us. And temperatures stay positive all throughout the month. 

‘A walk in the water’ moment

It is said that Venetians walk in the water in the autumn season, particularly from late October to December. 

Venice in November with Acqua Alta experience
Another scene from Venice in November

This includes the acqua alta, or “high water,” which occurs in low-lying areas of the city such as St. Mark’s Square, and during this time you will be wearing colorful rubber rain boots and exploring the city! 

We saw children having fun in the water, and it was such a cool sight. Try it!

Major attractions are still open

Almost all of the Venice attractions are open in November. 

You can enjoy a lovely gondola ride, and visit sites such as the Doge Palace, San Marco Church, and more. Major sites won’t be busy at all in the month of November. 

Venice gondola ride
Venice Gondola ride

Expect to get in without much wait time, or crowds inside. Isn’t it a great feeling?

November is also a great time to explore Venice’s outdoor attractions, including its famous canals and bridges. The cool weather is perfect for a leisurely stroll or boat ride through the city.

Go shopping and enjoy the festive vibes

November is also a good month for shopping, as the city’s stores begin to stock up on winter merchandise. You’ll find great deals on clothing, gifts, and souvenirs.

The annual Venice Christmas Market opens in November and runs through December. This is a great place to find unique gifts and enjoy the festive atmosphere of the city. 

Celebrations in November in Venice
Celebrations in November in Venice

You’ll also find traditional Christmas foods and drinks, as well as live entertainment. Be sure to check out the market when you’re in Venice in November or December!

Venice is a beautiful city any time of year, but it takes on a special charm in November – wander the streets and take in the sights and sounds of the season!

Things to consider when visiting Venice in November

Although we loved being in Venice in November and enjoy the rain generally, we do understand that not everybody is in. 

So here are some travel tips to prepare for your trip in November, 

Weather forecast and rains 

November is a crossover month, where winter is at its door. As temperatures are dropping, you do need to pack warmer clothing and be aware of weather changes. 

Girl with an umbrella in Venice in November
Venice in November

Keep an eye out for acqua alta. Venice is prone to flooding, especially in November when the rains come. 

Be sure to pack your rain gear and rubber boots if you’re visiting this month! You can also buy disposable boots from San Marco Square while you are there. 

Venice can be crowded over the weekends and on days of festivities

Although Venice is not super crowded in November, you have to make note of days when there are festivities or weekends, when it could get busy. 

When we visited Venice in November, it was All Saints Day, and that night all buses were packed!! Remember to take extra care of your belongings when you use public transportation.

Plan to stay at least 2 days (for better weather)

Due to the high possibility of rain, we recommend planning a vacation of at least 2 days in Venice, so that you can experience clear skies for some hours – in case, in case it rains a ton.

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Don’t overspend

Shopping is one of the main attractions in Venice, but it’s easy to overdo it. Keep an eye on your budget and stick to your limits! 

Transport and tickets can also add up, so ensure you buy a savings card and set a budget prior to your visit. 

Don’t forget your rain gear

As mentioned before, Venice is prone to flooding. Be sure to pack your rain gear like waterproof jackets, pants, a poncho or umbrella, and rubber boots if you’re visiting during this month!

6 Things to Do in Venice in November

Experience iconic attractions without any wait time

Check out all the iconic sites in Venice from enjoying a gondola ride, visiting San Marco Church, and Accademia Gallery, joining walking tours, and shopping. 

Burano in November with rains
Burano in November with rains

You can also embark on a day trip to nearby Venetian Islands such as Burano and Murano. 

Here is a suggested 2 to 3 day Venice itinerary (on a rainy day) in November,

Day One: 

  • Start by exploring the canals and bridges of Venice. This is best done on foot or by taking a gondola ride!
  • Next, head to St. Mark’s Square and take in the sights of the Basilica di San Marco, the Doge’s Palace, and the Campanile bell tower.
  • Spend some time wandering around the narrow streets and alleyways of Venice, soaking up the atmosphere of this unique city. Be sure to stop by the Rialto Bridge!
  • In the evening, enjoy a leisurely dinner in one of Venice’s many excellent restaurants.

Day Two:

  • Visit some of Venice’s museums and art galleries, such as the Accademia Gallery or the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.
  • Spend an afternoon shopping for souvenirs and gifts in the city’s many shops and markets.
  • End your time in Venice with a sunset cruise around the canals or a gondola ride through the city.

Day Three: Go on a day trip to the nearby Venetian Islands like Murano and Burano Islands

Grab an umbrella, and wander the city 

Getting lost in Venice is part of the unique experience in Italy! The city’s winding canals and narrow alleyways can be disorienting, but that’s all part of the charm. 

If you’re worried about getting lost, consider purchasing a map or guidebook before your trip. Or, better yet, we say just wander and see where the city takes you! 

Book a Venice Gondola ride (online to save money)

A gondola ride is a must in Venice. Yes, it is touristy, but it is worth it. 

Gondola ride fares are set by the state and it is about 80 euros (for the ride, not per person). You can surely save money if you are traveling with a group or family of 4-5 members. 

Bridge of Sighs and gondolas in Venice Venice guide

So you won’t be able to haggle or request a discount from the piers. 

But GetYourGuide has discounts on shared and some private tours online in the off-season. We recommend checking the website prior to your visit to save money. 

Participate in festivals in Venice

One of the best things about Venice in November is all the festivals that take place throughout the month. 

All Saints Day to the early onset of Christmas markets, don’t miss some of the festivities that take place in Venice!

Christmas Market, a festive highlight in Venice during November

One of the highlights of visiting Venice in November is the city’s annual Christmas Market. This market features stalls selling a variety of traditional Christmas decorations, gifts, and foods. 

It’s the perfect place to do some holiday shopping or simply soak up the festive atmosphere.

Go shopping in Venice in November

Venice is a great place to do some shopping, especially in November when the stores begin to stock up on winter merchandise. You’ll find a wide variety of shops selling everything from clothing and jewelry to art and antiques. 

What to pack for Venice in November?

It is important to pack well and pack light when you visit Venice in November. Here is our tried and tested packing list for Venice!

We always use a carry-on for 1-2 weeks in Europe. Our favorite is the Pacsafe Venturesafe backpack which is a 45 L backpack, and it is perfect to use as a full-size packing cube and for storing all of your dresses, pants, and more. 

Pack the following pieces of clothing, and accessories for Venice

  • Tops: Carry long sleeve shirts, blouses & tops (for her). Avoid wearing clothing with big logos, or loud colors. 
  • Bottoms: Jeans, leggings 
  • Dress: Knee-length dresses (paired with boots) 
  • Scarf: Carry a stylish scarf with you
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Waterproof boots
  • Lightweight waterproof jacket or trench coat
  • Poncho

For accessories, you must carry a universal adaptor. Europe uses a plug with two round pins (type C), unlike the flat ones in North America. You can buy yours here

Don’t forget your camera. Here are our camera essentials – Sony Mirrorless Camera and Sony A7iii.

Carry extra storage cards to back up all the photos you will be captured in Italy. 

Do check the validity of the passport, and make sure it is not expired. Apply for a Schengen visa if you require one.

Also, secure travel insurance. Get travel insurance quotes for your trip here

More Venice Travel Tips for November

Is November a good time to go to Venice?

The ideal season to visit Venice is in the fall. November is a fall month, but it does have nuances of a wintery vacation with cooler temperatures. Despite the chilly temperatures and rains, it’s still worth it due to the decreased hotel rates, and fewer crowds. 

Is Venice flooded in November?

Venice experiences high tides and floods in November, a phenomenon known as Acqua Alta. 
The most recent flooding occurred in the November of 2019, and Venice was inundated with four more exceptional tides (4 feet 7 inches or greater) within six weeks after that.  And it is expected and common to see flooding in certain areas of the city in November.

When should you avoid Venice?

April, May, September, and October are the best months to visit Venice because it is warm but not too hot when the city is dry and pleasant. Avoid visiting in August when temperatures are excessively hot and humid, as many Venetians go on month-long holidays.

Does Venice smell in November?

Even in the most scorching of weather, Venice does not have an unpleasant odor since the water is constantly moving.

Is it rainy in Italy in November? Weather in Italy in November

 November is Italy’s wettest month, with rainfall almost across the peninsula. It’s not always the coldest month on the calendar, but it’s also when wearing a coat and gloves becomes essential (not to mention waterproof shoes).

Venice is a beautiful and unique city that’s worth visiting at any time of year. November is an especially good time to visit due to the cooler weather and lack of crowds. 

So if you’re looking for a relaxed and romantic getaway, then Venice is the perfect destination.

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